Seafood Throwdown is coming back to Cape Ann Farmers Market Thursday, August 20


Seafood Throwdown is coming back to Cape Ann Farmers Market Thursday, August 20 from 4 – 6 p.m. at Stage Fort Park. This unique cooking competition brings local chefs, fisheries advocacy organizations, local food vendors, and food advocates together to talk about why local seafood should matter to us.

This year, the Seafood Throwdown will focus on the current efforts to label genetically modified foods.

The two teams going knife-to-knife at this year’s Seafood Throwdown are Mark Delaney of Common Crow Natural Market and Chef David Gauvin Dining Services Director at Addison Gilbert Hospital.

The Seafood Throwdown is a collaboration between Cape Ann Farmer’s Market, the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA) and the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association and their Community Supported Fishery project Cape Ann Fresh Catch. Seafood Throwdowns started here in 2008 and now spread up to Canada, down the east coast and up the west coast. NAMA partners with local communities to host Seafood Throwdowns in order to promote the ecological and social benefits of locally caught seafood, the impact of local fishing fleet on the local economy, and role of seafood in our food systems.

Cape Ann Farmers Market is held every Thursday from 3 – 6:30 through October 9th. Always plenty of FREE parking right across the street on Market days. Seafood Throwdown is a free event and begins at 4pm.


Black-crowned Night Heron Gloucester -1 ©Kim Smith 2015For the past several months on my filming forays around Niles Pond I have encountered a pair of Black-crowned Night Herons. With a loud quark, at least one flies up into the trees as soon as my presence is detected and I can never get a closeup photo with both in the same shot.Black-crowned Night Heron Gloucester -4 ©Kim Smith 2015

I was wondering if they were a nesting pair or even husband and wife; I mean they could be siblings. Today before daybreak I saw their fledgling, but only for the briefest second.

Black-crowned Night Heron fledgling Gloucester -5 ©Kim Smith 2015Hoping to take a better shot of the fledgling (above) before it gains its adult feathers.

Black-crowned Night Heron Gloucester -2 ©Kim Smith 2015It flew off, along with one of the parents, but one did stay while I was recording daybreak foley.

Black-crowned Night Heron Gloucester -3 ©Kim Smith 2015

Black-crowned Night Heron standing on one leg, a characteristic many birds share, which they do primarily to conserve energy and body heat.

Black-crowned Night Heron Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015A Face Only a Mother Could Love

Sunrise Niles Pond ©Kim Smith 2015

Today’s Niles Pond Sunrise

Third Tuesdays Program Reconnects Older Adults to Art and Their Community

Opening Hidden Doors: The Unifying Power of Art

Third Tuesdays Program Reconnects Older Adults to Art and Their Community

The Cape Ann Museum announces the beginning of a unique new program, CAM Connections Third Tuesdays, which brings Cape Ann art, culture and history to older adults in the local community, and invites individuals with memory challenges and their care partners to be part of the experience. The program offers meaningful engagement with the Museum collection through small group conversation in the galleries on the third Tuesday of each month from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

The heart of the Third Tuesdays program is to create a welcoming space for open-ended discussion, art appreciation and reflection. Art is for everyone. The Third Tuesdays museum experience of slowing down to explore the world of a painting, object or artifact stimulates wonder, and ignites new ideas and discoveries for participants. Looking at art can open the door to express an idea or feeling, find a personal vision, or unlock an instinct. After a recent CAM Connections tour, Pippy Guiliano, museum guide expressed the many ways the experience stimulated ideas and was unifying, “We had another wonder-filled visit. The level of engagement was palpable. Conversation was off and running … progressed easily covering painting techniques and composition, technology, poetry, color effects, people mellowing with age, inner and outer light.… Our souls were soothed and our minds tuned up in the warmth of camaraderie.”

Third Tuesdays promotes active engagement with the arts as a bridge to reduce isolation and offer an enriching art and culture experience. The Cape Ann Museum, a regional center of art, history and culture with a treasured collection, invites the personal and collective history of older adults with ties to the region, past or present, to be part of the Third Tuesdays experience. The role of the Museum as a community center, bringing people back into connection with their own essential history and with others, helps to form new connections in an atmosphere of mutual fun, growth and learning.

If you are interested in learning more about CAM Connections Third Tuesdays tour program, or would like to make a reservation, please call Cara White at (978)283-0455 x24 or email

GMG Tech Talk- The Headphones I use to Record the GloucesterCast and are now half Off On amazon



Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones 50% Off At Amazon Click Here For The Deal

I’ve had a pair for 4 years now.  this model came out over 20 years ago and still tops the charts for audiophiles.  They are so incredibly comfortable.  if you listen to music or a podcast with these instead of earbuds one time, you’ll never want to go back and for 50% off it’s a stupid awesome investment.  I LOOOOOOOVE mine.

Here they are Friday night when we taped episode 8-


Folly Cove at the Annisquam Exchange

  • Folly Cove Designs: Expanded collection on display for sale
  • 20% Red Dot Sale on wide selection of collectibles, antiques,   kitchenware, jewelry and more.

Come over to the Annisquam Exchange at 32 Leonard Street to see the Folly Cove Prints.  They are really beautiful.  If you would like more information on Folly Cove please go to the following link.

August 14, 2015 information

August 14, 2015 beautiful

August 14, 2015 Folly Cove Christmas

August 14, 2015 wonderful design

Local Cellphone Repair Service From Alfonzo Millefoglie Is A No-Brainer

If you’ve ever cracked your cell phone screen and gone to the iPhone store to get it repaired, you’re talking like forever to get that shit fixed.  Orrrrrr, you could call Al or contact him on Facebook here- , he could come to your house or work, and get it done within an hours time and you haven’t blown a day up at the mall when you’ve got a bajillion other better things to do- like go to the beach.

It’s cheaper,  it’s wayyyy more convenient,  it’s local,  and you get a glass screen protector included.


Check Out Al’s Website Here

Here’s Al with a first person webcam performing a repair-

Mystic Aquarium

This is for sure one of my favorite little getaways with the boys ever.  We do lots of one night trips whenever possible and a quick trip to Mystic, CT has been one of our annual overnights.  This year we went for two nights and did much more than usual.  So, lucky you, you get to look forward to a 2nd post all about the Mystic Seaport tomorrow…but, for now…the Mystic Aquarium is a must see for families with young kids.

They simply do everything right.

Call me a hypocrite if you’d like.  I get the whole “wild animals don’t belong in captivity” argument…and what’s more, I typically agree.  I will never take the boys to go see a circus and I will not visit zoos or aquariums that do not have adequate habitats for their animals.  That having been said, if the animals are clearly well-cared for and the habitats are gorgeous…and even more importantly, the facility has a reputation and clear mission for conservation and animal aid, then I am ok.

In my humble opinion, the Mystic Aquarium does all of that and more.  It is a fantastic place for young children to learn and laugh and is an incredible facility on many levels.

Please read all about it HERE!  MYSTIC AQUARIUM

One of the boys’ favorite things to do is help feed the critters.  Finn, in particular, always seems to bond on a whole new level.

Community Stuff 8/17/15

Hi Joey,
You may have covered this, but if not, I think it would make a great story: I always assumed that the Ben Smith playground, opposite Zeke’s, was maintained by the city. It is always in excellent condition, great for little kids. One day recently I was there with my grandchildren and saw a little old lady come in with her watering can and her weeding and pruning tools. She gave the place a once-over. She told me that, in fact, the city does not maintain the playground; she and her husband do. He comes by with his lawn mower once a week; she takes care of the plants. Sadly, I did not get her name.
What I did get is that people can make contributions to cover the costs of materials through The Gloucester Fund.
I think it would be a nice story if you interviewed this couple.
Miriam Weinstein
67 Eastern Point Blvld.

Joe’s note:  Yep Miriam check out their Facebook page and tributes to the great people who have devoted so much time taking care of that park-

Paul Bruce Talks About Community Involvement At Benjamin Smith Playground

Rugby flyer

Good morning!
I saw this post about lost glasses found and wondered if there is a lost and found at Good Harbor Beach?
My daughter lost a bracelet possibly in the parking lot ( sentimental value) and I wondered how I could help her search or contact anyone who may have found it!
Thanks for your help or info!
Kathy Garey

Maritime Gloucester Diving Locker Event

11903968_1595538014031016_8969991712498727270_nTo commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Mark V diving helmet, on Saturday, August 22, The Diving Locker is planning to demonstrate a dive using a Mark V diving suit. The museum and the event are free all day long. For more information, visit The Diving Locker facebook page here.


CATA Student Bus Passes are scheduled to be sold in the Gloucester High  School Atrium on Wednesday, August 26Thursday, August 27 and Friday, August 28 from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.; Monday, August 31  from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. andTuesday, September 1 through Thursday,  September 3 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. in the Gloucester High School Atrium. Passes will not be sold at the CATA office during this time period.

The Pass Plus, Unlimited Semester (Fall or Spring) Pass and Unlimited Annual Pass will be on sale. The Unlimited Semester (Fall or Spring) Pass and Unlimited Annual Pass are photo IDs and the student must be present at the time of purchase. The cost for the Unlimited Annual Pass is $200.00; the cost for theUnlimited Semester (Fall or Spring) Pass  is $100.00 and the cost for the Pass Plus is $25.00. All Passes are payable by cash or check. For further information, call the CATA office at 978-283-7916.