How many of y’all recognize and try to practice having good posture?

I’m guilty of having terrible posture often but have been trying to remind myself to stand up straight. I guess it’s a sign of getting old. When we are young and invincible you don’t think about this stuff but as we get older everything we can do to help our joints and muscles counts.

5 thoughts on “How many of y’all recognize and try to practice having good posture?

  1. Great post. I have been actively trying to improve my posture recently. Spending so much time on the computer doesn’t help at all, and getting older and gravity taking its toll is a definite problem. My mother always said: “Stand up straight”, but when you are young, you don’t listen. When you get older, it is a conscious effort, and sometimes really hard. Margi Green would be a great one to emulate.


  2. Capt Joe – EJ, I plead guilty to this one big time!!! EJ mom said the same to us, but as you know kids (speaking for myself of course) use the two ear’s to the fullest extent, one in and one out. If I could, I would blame it on the old school desks, but then I would not telling the truth they actually were quite still in the back support area a little hard on ye butt, but not back!

    “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

    🙂 Dave :-O


  3. I have had the same problem for years but there was a time when you could buy a decent pair of shoes, not the disposable Made in China (like everything you and I are wearing now) but something with the proper support. My feet are as flat as low tide on a mud flat, flat, but there are corrective measures by prescription. Not the Doc Scholes stuff. A visit to a feet doctor establishment might do you good. They have computerized machines that measure your foot out and make up a support on the spot. Actually the Veterans Administration made up mine but I’m sure it’s not classified equipment. Just a thought, best of luck.


  4. It’s important for all ages. I’m managing the Relax the Back store in the Wayside Plaza in Burlington and I’ve learned a LOT about the importance of good posture. We have lots of things to help keep your back fit and to get you into neutral posture – the most healthful resting posture there is. Come visit and I’ll show show you what I’m talking about!


  5. I want to echo E.J.’s shout out to Margi Green. Margi not only has good posture, she also teaches a class, Relax and Lengthen, which both my husband and I love. I’ve actually gained a half inch in height since I started taking her class. She teaches at 222 Eastern Ave., and her website is


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