Your Daily 2015 SChooner Festival Update For 8/27/15

Carol Thistle From Community Development Forwards-

Hi Joey,

We’ve been trying to get the word out about this! The Gloucester Schooner Festival is recognized both locally and nationally as one of the top 15 Labor Day Destinations!

Orbitz Travel listed the Gloucester Schooner Festival as one of the Top 15 Labor Day Destinations! Also, the Boston Globe selected Gloucester as a top 15 pick!



Len Burgess aboard Al Bezanson’s Green Dragon Schooner submits  ~ 

COLUMBIA-8-27'15_8098Columbia-8-27'15_8200Lannon&Columbia-8-27'15_8140Thomas A. Lannon and Columbia

Ardelle-8-27'15_8182Schooner Ardelle

See More Photos Here Continue reading “GORGEOUS PHOTOS OF SCHOONER COLUMBIA !”

For Fred Bodin

P1000224 copy

This photo reminds me of Fred. Obviously, the hand’s firm grip on the rigging captures Fred’s immense inner strength, determination and fortitude. But beyond that, as the darkness creates a mood of mystery in the photo, I always found a bit of mystery in Fred  Although we spent many hours together, (especially during the last year and a half) Fred didn’t speak much about his life. We mostly talked about cameras and gadgets. We shared our opinions on photography, both as a technical skill to be mastered and as an art form to soothe our souls, inflame our passions and inspire our thoughts. Much of Fred was a mystery to me.

We often talked about the importance of Fred’s work and our moral duty to preserve the past. His collection of ancient glass negatives allow us a visual connection and visceral contact with the past. I told him that what we do on GMG is much in the same vein. The tiny slices of time we post will, I fervently hope, be preserved so that 150 years from now people in Gloucester will have the same opportunity to travel backwards in time and pay us a digital visit.

Finally, this photo hides the subject’s face. In a sense we are all anonymous; we all hide our faces. The strengths, weaknesses and characteristics that shape us; that bundle of quirks and mannerisms, visions and quests that are the mold into which our bodies fit are what we are and are what we will remember when our loved ones pass away.

For the past several years, Fred and I attempted to locate a twelve foot high boulder that appears in one of his historic prints. We were able to piece together the approximate location from visual information in the photos and from handwritten notes that accompanied them. But, by the time we were ready to venture into the woods on foot to further our search, Fred’s declining health intervened and we never found the boulder.

This search was Fred’s idea, his adventure, his attempt to enter the old photo and be at the same place where it was created. It seems just too sad to pursue this exploration and journey without him. But the memory of the excitement it stirred in Fred will always be with me as will his friendship, wisdom and mystery.

Saved by microwave bacon…

When Sista Felicia told me she uses microwave bacon for stuff like a BLT or breakfast for the twins, not gonna lie I snubbed my nose. Really? Microwave bacon?? She swore to me that she wasn’t yankin’ my chain and I agreed to buy it and try it out!

Well now I’m obsessed. No fuss and muss with bacon just for a sandwich and Tyler can make it himself for breakfast!

Microwave bacon has changed a part of my life!




Community Reiki Share September 1st

Cape Ann Wellness News –

Cape Ann Wellness

Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit Promoting Optimal Wellness for Body, Mind & Spirit

September 1st. ‘Community Reiki Share.’ Just back from a Reiki Retreat and Shinpiden (Teacher) Refresher Training, there is much to share with those attending next Tuesday’s Community Reiki Share. Whether a seasoned practitioner or new to Reiki, all are welcomed to attend.

You can come as an observer, join in a meditation, enjoy a Reiki Session, participate in some or all of the evening and enjoy the sense of peace, comfort and calm that Reiki provides. Reiki can best be described by the experience. Physicians participating in an introduction to Reiki at a Boston hospital enjoyed sample sessions and described their experience as “calming,” “interesting” and even “remarkable.” 

‘Community Reiki Share.’ 5:15 pm – 8:15 pm at the Manchester Community Center. 40 Beach St. Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. On the MBTA Train line; wheelchair accessible. Reiki Sessions ‘By Donation.’ $20.00 suggested donation. ($10.00 for Seniors.)

Each month a…

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This Weekend in the Arts

Tonight at Cape Ann Giclée

GMG-banner-AUG2015closePlease join us for the 4 person photography show “by Land, Sea, and Sky” August 6 – 30, 2015. Photographic works by Merlyn Caswell-Mackey, David Fernandes, Law Hamilton, and Ricardo Marnoto will be featured. Check out the facebook event page for more info.

Print20 Maplewood Ave., Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 546-7070 • •

James Eves, owner of Cape Ann Giclée, Fine Art Printing and Gallery, is GMG’s Arts Enthusiast and the Calendar Guy. To submit arts related press releases, photos of arts events or any arts related posts email:
To add an event to the GMG Cape Ann Calendar go here to see how to submit events.


Shaun McNiff: Moments of Solitude

Flatrocks Gallery’s new show features Shaun McNiff: Moments of Solitude, through September 20th.

Reception for the artist on August 29th from 6-8pm.

The gallery is open Thursday- Sunday noon- 5pm and by appointment (978)879-4683 Flatrocks Gallery – 77 Langsford St., Gloucester.

Shaun McNiff is a busy guy. An internationally recognized leader in the arts in therapy, his fourteenth book, Imagination in Action: Secrets for Unleashing Creative Expression, has just been published by Shambhala, he has lectured and taught throughout the world, received various honors and awards, was appointed as Lesley University’s first University Professor in 2002, and he paints….and paints and paints! “Painting is my most consistent discipline of imaginative inquiry and expression,” states McNiff.  He shares with us his newest works, responses to his home here on Cape Ann. They are lush with the earthy tones of sea, sky and woods, quiet and sanctity. Earlier Cape Ann artists Nell Blaine, Stuart Davis, and Marsden Hartley are evoked in his sure brush strokes, the strong sense of identification with his surroundings.  “As we explored a title for this exhibit, I realized that all of the paintings share a feeling of Solitude that permeates much of my art over the years. As I say in my work with the psychology of art, the image is always a step ahead of the reflecting mind and art-making reveals the life we are living and cannot yet see. I need solitude, lots of it. I always thought it was because I spend so much time with people. But it is really about having an opportunity to reflect and to be with the others of life teeming in every space even when we are alone. For me it is the creative space. Rather than being detached or lonely, solitude is an express-way for communion with life through art.”

Gloucester’s Middle Street
An ever evolving neighborhood

Guided walking tour offers historic perspective

The Cape Ann Museum is pleased to present Historic Middle Street, a guided walking tour of one of Gloucester’s many historically rich streets, on Saturday, August 29 at 10:00 a.m. The tour meets at the Cape Ann Museum at 27 Pleasant Street and lasts about 1 1/2 hours. Tours are held rain or shine. Cost is $10 for Museum members; $20 nonmembers (includes Museum admission). Space is limited, reservations required. Email or call (978) 283-0455, x16 for more information or to reserve a spot. Additional walking tours are offered through the end of September – please visit to find out more.

Image credit: The Saunders House, now part of the Sawyer Free Library, in the early 1880s. Photo by Edward Corliss & J. F. Ryan House Photographs, c. 1882-85. 4″ x 6″ cabinet cards. From the collection of the Cape Ann Museum Library and Archives.

Did you know that a resident of Middle Street, Gloucester, saved the town from a British attack by sea during the Revolution? Or that a leading feminist and religious free thinker lived halfway down Middle Street? Or, that the 1764 Saunders House that forms part of the Sawyer Free Library has undergone at least three radical architectural changes including a massive Victorian tower? Four centuries of Gloucester’s social, economic, and architectural history are packed into this one short street in the heart of downtown Gloucester. Join us for a docent-led tour of an ever-evolving neighborhood where you will see surviving evidence of the past and will learn about structures and people now gone.

Our Friend Fred Bodin Has Passed

Fred Fought With Grace, Courage and Humor Throughout His Illness and Will be Incredibly Missed

GloucesterCast 149- The Fred Bodin Rememberance Podcast

Many of Fred Bodin’s Friends Share Stories About Fred Bodin and What He Meant To Us. A Tribute To Fred.

Fred’s wake will be at Greely Funeral Home

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 from 4:00 – 7:00

Listen here-

Kim Smith Group Photo-

Fred Bodin Memorial friends ©Kim Smith 2015


Marty Luster Photo

Information will be posted here as it comes in

For the Birds

Finn’s relationship with seagulls reminds me of Ernie’s relationship with pigeons.  Ernie as in, of course, Ernie and Bert.

So, the other day it came as no surprise when it took 25 minutes to get him away from the gulls hanging out in the St. Peter’s Square parking lot.

With every moment serving as a learning opportunity, Finn has a question for our FOBs.

What’s up with the tags on the seagull in the 1st photo?  Once injured, treated, and released?  Some kind of seagull tracking program?

Not to take away from Finn’s question….but, the 2nd photo leaves me with a very important question.

Just how concerned should I be that Thatcher went on to eat the rest of the ice cream in the cup that the seagull seems to be enjoying in the background of photo #2?  Totally missed that while it was happening and was horrified to notice it later in the evening while downloading pics. Sorry, Thatch.  Gross.

The 3rd photo is simply because it cracks me up to watch Finn waving to seagulls.

To digress….about the pigeons.  That reminds me that I probably owe an apology to the other diners who had dinner with us just prior to our seagull session.  Finn may or may not have thrown a rogue french fry to a pigeon who then attempted to fly away with it…under the cover of Latitude’s newly enclosed outdoor eating area.  Said pigeon may or may not have circled dangerously close to a few heads before flying into the plastic enclosure before circling again and finally finding its way back to open air.  The pigeon was fine, I promise.  The diners…possibly less than amused.  Who could blame them? Bygones.


seagull 2


TheHomieCast9 Is Up

TheHomieCast 9 Taped 8/27/15 With The Boys From @BacklashBeer, @BacklashScotty, @CoachDeWolfe Rick Doucette, Frankie Gwynne, @Eves3, @Craig Shoots and @Joey_C


TheHomieCast 9 Taped 8/27/15 With The Boys From @BacklashBeer, @BacklashScotty, @CoachDeWolfe Rick Doucette, Frankie Gwynne, @Eves3, @Craig Shoots and @Joey_C

Topics Include:Craig Kimberley hosting with Fresh Guacamole, Pico De Gallo, Burgers Grilled up On The @STOKGrills Charcoal Drum, Doug Papows has left Foreign Affairs, Backlash Beer tasting and how the Men from Backlash handle online reviews, explaining The Randall, Alicia Unleashed Podcast Coming Up, Best Advancement in Car Technology In The Past Ten Years, Ultimate Backyard Game, Scrotum, Bucketball, Book Reports, Least Important School Subjects, Craig Took Shipment Of 50 Lbs Of Hatch Green Chilis,Scotty accepts the toiletbowl for ending the 2014 Fantasy Football Season 1-12.

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Community Stuff 8/28/15

Tuesday, September 1st, 4pm-9pm
Community Dinner Night at Passports to benefit Friends of Gloucester Dog Park

  • 3 course dinner – $15
  • 10% of proceeds to benefit the Dog Park
  • Reservations requested – 978.281.3680
  • Doggie-centric raffle

Please join us at Passport’s Restaurant [110 Main Street] on Tuesday,September 1st, for a dinner to benefit the Dog Park. Three courses for $15, with 10% of the proceeds going to the Dog Park to help with general maintenance and solar light installation. We’ll also have a raffle for a basket of dog toys and treats. Come have a great meal and support the Dog Park at the same time!  Please call 978.281.3680 for reservations. CALL NOW as reservations are filling up! 

TridentGallery_LiveArtSeries_Buchanan Cacialano McDermott_flyer_v2