IDRC Eliminations tomorrow

— August Eliminations —
Saturday, August 8th at 9:00 AM the International Dory Racing Committee will host their August Eliminations to determine which crews will represent the US in our annual trip to Lunenburg, NS Canada. 
Rowers who plan to compete must sign up tonight at 6:00 PM at St. Peter’s Square in Gloucester or via email prior to 6:00.  Remember, you must have a partner to compete and a passport to make the expense paid trip to Canada aboard the Nova Star.
All others are encouraged to come down to Niles Beach tomorrow morning and see some exciting races!


Butterfly Days are Here!

Monarch Butterfly Female -2 ©Kim Smith 2015Female Monarch Butterfly Necating at Red Clover, Waring Field, Rockport

I am looking for Monarch eggs and will travel! Monarch eggs are found on the upper leaves of milkweed plants. The eggs are tiny and dome-shaped, only as large as a pinhead, and are a pale golden yellow color.

Monarch Butterfly Egg ©Kim Smith 2015

Monarch Butterfly Egg

Waring Field supports myriad species of pollinators and is simply a fantastic place to explore. Although I didn’t find any eggs on my search on the leaves at the Common Milkweed patch at Waring this morning, I did see four adult Monarchs, three male and one female, along with fritillaries, a Common Ringlet, a bevy of Pearly Cresentspots, Blue Azures, and Yellow Sulphurs. The Monarchs, Ringlet, and Sulphurs were nectaring at the great field of Red Clover and the Pearl Crescents at the milkweed.

Pearl Crescent  Butterfly Female Milkweed ©Kim Smith 2015

Female Pearl Crescent Nectaring at Marsh Milkweed

Common Ringlet Butterfly Waring Field Rockport ©Kim Smith 2015Common Ringlet

Monarch Butterfly Female -3 ©Kim Smith 2015Newly Emerged Female Monarch Butterfly

Please email me at or leave a comment in the comment section if you have Monarch eggs you’d like to share. Thank you!

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Emerging from the woods onto the sunny lower field, I startled a small herd of White-tailed Deer foraging. If you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see the male deer antlers are covered in velvet. Antlers are true bone structures and are an extension of the skull. The velvet provides blood flow that supplies nutrients and oxygen.

Waring Field Deer ©Kim Smith 2015

White-tailed Deer

Flatrocks Gallery will be “Takin’ it to the Streets” on Sunday

Mural by Danny Diamond
Mural by Danny Diamond
Hip Hop Dancers
Hip Hop Dancers

Flatrocks Gallery will be “Takin’ it to the Streets” Sunday, August 9th 3-6pm – with art, music and dance in the garden!  Come watch graffiti artist Danny Diamond create a large scale mural, street drumming by Jesse Kessler; a hip hop dance by McKenzie Plaza, Alanna Main, and Erica Vetereand, and music by The Poor Sports. Come support these young Gloucester artists. Admission is free. Voluntary donations ($10 suggested) compensate the artists. There will be some refreshments, but feel free to bring your own along with a blanket or chair.

This event is sponsored in part by Cape Ann Brewing Co. and Mastercraft Marketing.

Upcoming North Shore Arts Association workshops: 

Susan Guest-Macphail, Mixed Media,

Studio, August 8 and 9.

The workshop is designed to help you loosen up and ‘paint’ with paper.  The first session will be devoted to creating interesting colored papers using a variety of techniques including gelatin printmaking.  During the second session students will cut them up, and glue them down to create either realistic or abstract works.  You will use simplified collage as a method to create your choice of real or imagined creations.

Caleb Stone, Oil and Watercolor

Outdoors on Monhegan Island, August 15, 16 and 17.

Paint on beautiful Monhegan Island!  Each day will begin with a meeting at the Trailing Yew Inn front yard then going to a location.   Mr. Stone will demonstrate how to capture a strong composition and strong design.  He will demonstrate how to make good value and color choices necessary to capture the feeling of light and atmosphere.  Students will begin their painting with an assist from Mr. Stone in order to answer any questions.  At the end of each day there will be a group critique to help participants improve and learn.

 Mark Shasha, Oil

Outdoors, August 29 & 30.

Capturing the Living Landscape.  Painting in oils outside is tricky enough, clouds, wind and sea refuse to stand still for the artist. During this two day workshop, award winning artist Mark Shasha will help you tackle the problems and share his insights from 30 years of experience.  Mark will discuss composition, traditional materials, and methods to help you conquer the challenges and reap the rewards of capturing the natural color, light and mood of a landscape.

The North Shore Arts Association’s galleries are open, free to the public, Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Noon to 5 p.m. More information on all North Shore Arts Association events is available by visiting  their website at, and by email at

A Must Purchase For Cheese Lovers @”The Cave Cheese Shop” While Shopping Today’s Sidewalk Bazaar 


 Last Night I whipped up a Mushroom Cheese Sauce Made with this Delucious Creamy Wedge of Heaven and this morning I prepared a Grilled Steak Sandwich with Roasted Red Pepper and a generouse smear of  left over Fromage Garlic & Herb Cheese for St. Barry to enjoy for lunch today! 



Community Stuff 8/7/15





Hi Joey,

I’m wondering if you could help spread the word that the Cape Ann Center for Dance will have a fundraiser at Jalapenos on Monday August 10.

We are raising money to help fund students who wish to participate in dance competitions throughout the region.

Margaritas for a good cause- what could be better?

Jill Buchanan


Reason 5,765,432 Why I’m Not a Wildlife Guy And Never Will Be…

Just a bunch a chickens doing chicken stuff and the goddamn fox comes in and tries to murder em all. A room at a nice hotel or pitching a tent near a lake- Give me the room in the City with some posh bedding a bazillion times out of a bazillion.

Foxes- not too far off from dogs in the whole evolution chain. I’m just sayin…
Frickin wildlife.

Bip- secure the chickens, STAT!

James Taylor Live at Fenway

The concert line-up is pretty strong at Fenway Park this summer!

Here are some photos and a video clip of last night’s James Taylor concert…with special guest Bonnie Raitt!

Angels of Fenway was written for the Boston fans…watch the video below.

Here are some pics!  I will say that, while the EMC club is fantastic for a ball game, the stage is not super close when taking in a concert.  Bygones.  A great show nonetheless. And…to boot, there is no better venue if you ask me than the iconic Fenway Park. As always, I was giddy just to be in the ballpark.

IMG_3556 IMG_3558 IMG_3574 IMG_3585 IMG_3596 IMG_3597

TRIDENT GALLERY EVENT: TLAS 13 – Vincent Cacialano (UK) Alan McDermott(UK) My Brother Daniel (Rockport)

11144441_925229410870434_5457494383474000610_oSaturday, August 29th at 7:30 pm.

My Brother Daniel – Live electronic Music Set

Alan McDermott/Vincent Cacialano – Dance Film “Animation Project”

Vincent Cacialano with Sarah Slifer Swift- Dance performance “Crescendo”

My Brother Daniel is the live and improvised moniker of Scott D Buchanan aka Radio Scotvoid. His original music is heavily influenced by chiptune, ambient electronica and noise; however you may hear trickles of freeform jazz, funk and even punk rock within his style. Scott will bring his knowledge of dj-ing, controller-ism and improvisation to the table for this special one-off live set made especially for Trident.

Animation Project is a collaboration between Film Artist/Animator Alan McDermott and choreographer Vincent Cacialano. The short clips demonstrate a trial and error process of ideas and techniques using animated stills with the intention to explore the energy of motion and it’s trajectory in space beyond the body.

Crescendo- Magnet is a movement performance choreographed through mind/body states and motivation, and a connection to sound and space. Concept by Vincent Cacialano, performed by Cacialano and TLAS Director Sarah Slifer Swift.

Admission is free. Voluntary donations ($10 suggested) compensate the artists. The free experience of art at Trident Gallery is made possible by those guests who support the arts through purchases of fine art and donations to performing artists.

Seating is limited. Guests may reserve seats by visiting the gallery, by calling +1 (978) 491-7785, by sending e-mail to, or by joining this Facebook event (please do not respond “Maybe”). Trident staff will respond promptly to confirm seat reservations or else to advise regarding standing room, floor seating, or waiting list status.

Trident Gallery will close at 6:30pm to prepare for the performance.

House doors open at 7:15pm, 15 minutes before the event (earlier if possible). At fully reserved events, guests without reservations will be invited to occupy empty seats promptly at the scheduled start time.

If unforeseen circumstances require postponement or cancellation of this event, notices will be posted here and on the gallery web site,

The Trident Live Art Series presents performances by seasoned professionals showing experimental and collaborative work in the intimate salon setting of the gallery. Performances of 20–40 minutes are followed by refreshments and informal conversation.

Founding support for the Live Art Series is provided by Trident Gallery. Supplementary fiscal support in 2015 is provided by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Community Stuff 8/7/15

The Whalemobile returns to Maritime Gloucester!

The Whalemobile will be making an appearance during our next Maritime Community Day on August 22!  Join us under our tent and check out Nile the life-sized humpback whale as you learn all about marine mammals.  Kids can even crawl inside Nile and learn about whale anatomy!  Ages 6-13, parent/guardian required.  Sessions run 15-20 minutes, so click a time below or call 978-281-0470 to register for this free event.  

~ 10:30 ~ 10:50 ~ 11:10 ~ 11:30 ~ 11:50 ~ 12:10

Sponsored by the Schooner Ardelle, the Schooner Adventure, and Maritime Gloucester.  This outdoor event may be canceled should strong winds occur.   


Hi Joey!

First of all congratulations on your success!! Your website and blog have become a great resource for everyone, local or not!! We’ve just opened a new business in town dedicated to fire safety, including fire extinguishers, maintenance, repair , and inspection. Additionally we offer classes in the use of fire extinguishers and  safety inspections of homes and businesses. We are two retired firefighters with over 50 years experience in fire safety and are very excited and proud to offer a very important service to our home town. Our company name reflects our home town pride; GLOUCESTER FIRE EXTINGUISHER ! Attached is our logo, can’t wait to hear from you!


Neighborhood Meeting
Lanesville Community Center
Tuesday, August 11, 7-9 p.m.

anesville again has problems with the quarries: trash, illegal parking, swimming in the water supply, vandalism, long-term parking in front of downtown businesses.  A neighborhood meeting will be held to discuss those problems, as well as any other community concerns.
The goal is to create a list of issues that will be presented to candidates running for elected office this fall, especially the Ward 4 councilor position.
Lanesville residents need to speak as a community to their next elected officials, and they need strong, supportive officials to whom they can speak.
Please be part of the discussion.
Please be registered to vote.