Tour Sargent Gallery at the Sargent House Museum

Tour Sargent Gallery at the Sargent House Museum

Those of you who have attended the Museum of Fine Arts’ exhibit Searching for Sargent, which celebrates the recent gift of John Singer Sargent’s archives to the MFA, may also want to tour the Sargent Gallery at Gloucester’s own Sargent House Museum at 49 Middle Street for a brief tour of Sargent’s art and memorabilia before the Museum closes for the season on September 6, 2015. The Sargent House Museum is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, noon to 4 pm with tours on the hour. The Sargent Gallery tour is available to members free and non-members $6. A full tour of the Sargent House Museum is also available to members free and to non-members $12.  The image below is an example of John Singer Sargent’s art included in the Sargent Gallery tour.


Fitz William Sargent (1826-1889) painted by his son, John Singer Sargent


Did you know that if you become a member of Schooner Adventure, your membership includes TWO FREE SAILS?

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -19 ©Kim Smith 2015At least twelve crew and volunteers are needed to help set sail and passengers are invited to participate. Note GMG contributor and Adventure super volunteer Greg Bover in the foreground.

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -16 ©Kim Smith 2015

Hoisting the Sails

This past week I was invited by FOB Adam Bolonsky to sail the Schooner Adventure to take photos and write a bit for Good Morning Gloucester.Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -14 ©Kim Smith 2015

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -21 ©Kim Smith 2015

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -20  ©Kim Smith 2015

Sailing aboard the Adventure I felt transported to another time and place. Exhilarating, yet peaceful, the ship possesses a splendid grace and steadfastness. What a treasured gift to have had this experience. Thank you, thank you Captain Edick, Adam, and crew for a truly memorable afternoon. I can’t wait to adventure aboard the Adventure again!

Captain Stefan Edick Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -17 ©Kim Smith 2015

With sunny and blue skies above, along with a moderately strong wind, Captain Edick remarked that it was perhaps the best sail of the summer.

Schooner Adventure Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015

Experiential learning is at the core of Adventure’s mission. Volunteer Adam Bolonsky teaches young sailors how to navigate Gloucester Harbor.

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -5 ©Kim Smith 2015

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -3 ©Kim Smith 2015

In June, the Adventure was issued her Passenger Vessel Certificate by the Coast Guard. The member sails have become so popular dates have been added every week in August and early September.

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -8 ©Kim Smith 2015

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -1 ©Kim Smith 2015The Advenutre is poised to be a tremendously positive ambassador for Gloucester. Saturday she participated in the Corinthian Classic Yacht Regatta in Marblehead. The vessel is a floating museum and classroom and there are plans to sail to nearby ports from where the Adventure used to sail as a fishing boat including Boston, New York, New Bedford, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Portland.

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th -23 ©Kim Smith 2015

Support the Adventure by becoming a member or volunteer–opportunities abound. Take advantage of this extraordinarily beautiful gift to Gloucester that is the Adventure! Click here to learn more about becoming a member.

Schooner Adventure Gloucester August 5th City skyline ©Kim Smith 2015

Schooner Adventure Gloucester -4 ©Kim Smith 2015See Lots More Photos Here Continue reading “COME SAIL AWAY ON THE MAGNIFICENT ADVENTURE!”

Beautiful Dark Skies Over Gloucester

Halibut Point State Park Observation Tower, photo by Roger Porter of GAAC with the Milky Way on a typical summer night.

 The Boston Globe reported on July 26 that Gloucester has been awarded $240,000.00 to convert streetlights to LEDs; the move is reportedly expected to save the city $130,000.00 annually on its electric bill. This is great news, but only if we’re careful with the type of LEDs that we wind up with.LEDs are by nature rich in blue light. And shining blue light around at night is a terrible idea.The sky is blue in the daytime because blue light from the sun is scattered in the atmosphere most easily. This is, unfortunately, also true at night — the blue light component of streetlights is scattered in the atmosphere and produces sky glow, which blocks out the stars and causes glare. Glare is bad for drivers, and for birds and other living things that need the dark, and for other natural resources, including the night-time sky.

The more blue light, the fewer stars we can see. We could easily lose one of Cape Ann’s great tourist attractions, our rich night skies, in the transition to the wrong LEDs. Most folks never get to see the Milky Way, but we see it all the time; tourists are often quite surprised at the beauty of our night skies. But once the stars are gone, they’re gone. Go to Boston, for example, and look up.

The good news is that in addition to saving money, we can have more environmentally-friendly lighting by being smart about our choice of LEDs. Here’s how: the amount of blue light produced by streetlights is measured by color temperature. 4000k lighting has a lot of blue light mixed in; this is obvious to the eye. 3000k lighting or lower produces a warmer color and is not just more pleasing to the eye, but better for you, for nocturnal wildlife, and much better for our night time skies.

We encourage readers of GMG to write or call the folks who will be involved in choosing our new LED streetlights, and to ask them to choose lower glare, healthier, and more night-sky friendly 3000k lights over blue-light rich 4000k lighting. 

Northern Lights over Lanes Cove by Roger Porter of GAAC
Northern Lights over Lanes Cove by Roger Porter of GAAC

The undersigned GAAC members, active astronomers in the area, sprinkled all over the North Shore and beyond, consider Cape Ann as the best viewing in New England.  At least once a month we drag our telescopes, large and small, to the north east corner of Cape Ann for the incredible dark sky that we have here. GAAC shows the night sky to hundreds and hundreds of folks from here and away every year, and we’ve seen the night sky disappear in too many other locations. Let’s not let this happen to Cape Ann.

Michael Deneen, Boxford
Patrick Amoroso, Boston
Nanette Benoit, Gloucester
Brendan Desmond, Gloucester
Gage Desmond, Gloucester
Rick Eliot, Rockport
Lisa Hahn, Rockport
Kathleen Henneberry, Peabody
Edward Henneberry, Peabody
Andrea Johnston, Salem
Jim Koerth, Rockport
Karen Koerth, Rockport
Stephen Kolaczkowski, Beverly
Elaine Kolaczkowski, Beverly
Michael Kulick, Manchester
Michele Kulick, Manchester
Greg Lipshutz, Newton
Gregory Lippolis, Newton
Francesco Lucente Stabile, Boston
Dick Luecke, Gloucester
Gary Meehan, Danvers
Paul Morrison & RD, Rockport
Mario Motta, Gloucester
Roger Porter, Gloucester
Virginia Renehan, Gloucester
Christie Wight, Manchester
Allen Winter, Salem
Susannah Wolfe.  Gloucester

Game 1 Intertown Twilight League Championship Manchester-Essex Vs. Rowley

The Manchester Essex Mariners and the Rowley Rams squared off Saturday afternoon in game one of their best of 5 championship series. Manchester-Essex Mariners took control early and won the opener 9-3. Rory Gentile got the win and Mike Cain went deep for the game’s only home run.


Founded in 1929, The Intertown Twilight League is the oldest active amateur baseball league in the country, and is recognized by the National Baseball Hall of Fame as such.


Game 2 of the series is played Sunday at 4:00PM in Rowley with Game 3 on Wednesday at 5:30PM back at Memorial Field in Essex.

August 2015 International Dory Race Eliminations Results

Damon Cummings forwards-

Note: There were two heats in the Senior (open) division. There will be a runoff in that division at 6 pm on Monday at Niles Beach. Since the winners of the two heats had identical times, 10 min 17 seconds, that should be quite a race Monday evening.

Mixed doubles:
1. Lily Jean Sanfilippo and Bill Edmonds 8:16
2. Rachel Cecillio and Larry Ciulla 8:42

1. Thomas Beaton and Tyler Edmonds 8:12

Bye – Amanda Palazzola and Lindsey Rogers

Over 50
1. Alex Thomas and Donny Favaloro 8:31

Seniors Heat 1
1. Brian Sanborn and John Francis 10:17
2. Peter Taomina and Vincent Tarranova 10:25
2. Paul Simon and Janda Ricci Munn 11:04

Seniors Heat 2
1. Glenn Harrington and Erik Dombrowski 10:17  (note tie with heat 1 above)
2. Nick and Vito Giacalone 10:18
3. Mark and Chris Giacalone 10:23