Define: Crumpled

You know what I don’t get about this crash?
It was as if the bike guy never let up at all and was asleep at the wheel or something. Like if he didn’t smash into that car he was heading into the woods for sure, no?

5 thoughts on “Define: Crumpled

  1. Yep that guy was already in trouble the second he entered the frame – looks like he was trying to brake even then. If the car did not stop him, he would have crashed into the people watching from the side of the road! Assuming he is okay, the crash was everyone’s best case scenario. 😨


    1. I with you here! EJ – Bingo never introduce both into a race – these broken bones can puncture lungs and heart or other vital internal organs not to mention internal bleeding unseen. Should have some radios and flags to warn of upcoming accidents and slow the approaching bikes. We have a shopping mall that is supposed to be pedestrian only our way (NOT) mopeds and Motorcycles even in no delivery hours. Keep in mind there are bars and clubs and blinds spots they step right out into this I have seen man and vehicle interface very bad results. One was fatal! Why lack of enforcement rules!

      Dave 😦


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