Homiecast Episode 8 Taped 8/14/15 At casa Du DeWolfe Featuring @Eves3 , Mike DeWolfe, Rick Doucette, @CoachDewolfe , @Craig Shoots and @Joey_C

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Topics Include: HomieCast 8 Feast Rundown With Chris DeWolfe, Rib Cooking Strategy, Are New England Fans looking at The Goodell/Brady Hearing with Skewed Expectations?, Patriots Standings Predictions,  The Cameron’s Development Plan was Not Hard To Figure Out That It Was Just A Placeholder for Scale Was It?, What Life Lessons Should Every Man Teach His Kids?,  This Is Not my First_____, What is A Courtesy Flush, How Does a Curmudgeon Get To Be A Curmudgeon?,  Can You Tell Your Kids The Truth 100% Of The Time?,  Remake Cannonball Run, A Promise From Molly Ringwald,  Craig’s Latest Campaigns.



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Video: Gloucester Mayoral Arts and Culture Debate Online!

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Gloucester Mayoral Arts and Culture Debate ©Kim Smith 2015Gloucester Mayoral Arts and Culture Debate -2  ©Kim Smith 2015The Cultural Center was packed, with an overflow of attendees viewing from a live feed in the basement of the Center.

Karen Ristuben Gloucester Mayoral Arts and Culture Debate ©Kim Smith 2015Karen Ristuben



Green Dragon Sprung a Leak

green dragon on the rails

Al and Phyllis Bezanson at the Railways with Green Dragon who sprung a leak after a race in Marblehead last weekend.  Al looks a little disconcerted, as he would much rather be out sailing her now than seeing her on dry land.  Hopefully she will be seaworthy and back out sailing soon – the Schooner Festival is just around the corner.

E.J. Lefavour

Cape Ann Community Band “A Night In Italy” concert on Sunday, August 16, 7pm at the Antonio Gentile Band Stand

Cape Ann Community Band “A Night In Italy”

Sunday, August 16, 7pm
Antonio Gentile Band Stand, Stage Fort Park, Gloucester.CommConcertFBSlideFeatured vocalists Kathleen Adams and Michael Pallazola singing Italian songs.

See Program Here

Live Blogging Our St Louis Style Rib Smoke at www.thehomiecast.com

For the updates throughout the day check www.thehomiecast.com

Here’s the start-

8/14/15 9:07AM Update: Toby trimmed and applied the rub today – image The Big reveal- Toby Unveils The Trimmed and Rubbed St Louis Style Ribs

Update 6:25AM Toby dropped off the ribs and I set up the smoker using the minion method where you place your wood around the bottom and fill the charcoal basket level. Then you take the Charcoal out if the center, start it in the chimney and then place it back in the center so the coals will slowly burn from the center outwards. Note I foiled the waterpan. On YouTube a video made this suggestion to save a tough clean up from the drippings. Made sense so there’s that… image image

6:45AM the ribs go on. The smoker is holding steady at 225. I’m looking to keep it between 200-250 for three hours and then foil them and cook for another two. We’ll see how it goes. image image

djjessie1 Yearns For The Gull Chowder

Ok, so I’ve been visiting Gloucester for nearly 15 years now for my yearly vacation.  I fell in love with the place on my first trip, and can’t help but continue to return year after year 🙂  The first years I visited we stayed at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort, and loved the convenience as Yankee Fleet was docked right there and the Gull Restaurant was right there.  Unfortunately, the Gull is no more….but even in all my years of visiting I have yet to find another restaurant with seafood chowder like at the Gull.  I can’t even make anything myself near as good…..my local fishmonger makes one similar but it’s just not the same.   So….any suggestions for restaurants I may have missed who have kick ass seafood chowder reminiscent of the Gull?  We’ll be visiting for the Schooner Festival so we’re hoping to also score some awesome chowder and I know if ANYONE knows, it would be your subscribers.  Thanks in advance!  P.S. Look for me in my Good Morning Gloucester hat September 4-12 — I’m sure I’ll hit Sugar Mags at least once 🙂

Schoner Adventure Concert Under Sail With Marina Evans and Bernardo Baglioni

11845101_10153220549729585_1111632168866124104_oJoin us Sunday afternoon, August 23, at 3:00pm for an afternoon of acoustic folk under sail aboard the historic Schooner Adventure, with a pair of Cape Ann’s most acclaimed young musicians. Tickets are $60 General Admission, and $45 for members! For more information and to make your reservation, call our office at 978-281-8079. For more information about Marina and Bernardo, visit http://www.marinaevansmusic.com/, or her FB page: http://facebook.com/marinaevansmusic. See you there!