Daily 2015 #GloucesterMA Schooner Festival Update For 8/27/15 @GlSchoonerFest

For 2015 Gloucester Schooner Festival Information- http://gloucesterschoonerfestival.net/

2015 MHD poster

The Schooner Fest is #1 of http://Boston.com ‘s “15 ways to spend Labor Day in New England” http://fw.to/MQfHqHh #GloucesterMA


Quarky Pants Junior!

Juvenile Black Crowned Night heron ©Kim Smith 2015Allowing me to get a little closer, perhaps one of these days (before he/she’s all grown up), I’ll catch a side-by-side of Black-crowned Night Heron parent and juvenile. Here he is standing on one leg, just as do mom and dad!Great Blue Heron ©Kim Smith 2015

A little ways off was a Great Blue Heron also hunting amongst the reeds. I captured him in fight with my movie camera as he flew to the other side of the pond. Thanks to E.J., who was on a morning walk and pointed out the general vicinity to where he had landed, I was able to get another clip of the heron flying.

I am searching for quiet places to record harbor and shore sounds, away from the roar of the surf, as well as where boat and machine engines don’t muffle or drown out every other sound. Its harder than you may imagine especially because there can be little to no wind. If you know of a quiet place where you especially love to listen to the music of Cape Ann, please answer in the comments section or email me at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com. Thank you! 


Featuring conversations with James Cook, Willie Alexander, Rhonda Falloon, Jay McLauchlan, and Susan Erony. See Joey for a brief moment at 2:39 seconds in.

VIDEO: Aboard Thomas E Lannon to Greet Schooner Columbia

The Schooner COLUMBIA arrived in Gloucester today. COLUMBIA is a 141 foot steel hulled replica of the original fishing and racing schooner that was built in 1923 and called Gloucester its home port. Columbia will be berthed at Maritime Gloucester through the Schooner Festival with runs from September 4 through September 6.


Many thanks to Capt. Tom Ellis, Capt. Heath Ellis, Kay Ellis and the crew of THOMAS E LANNON for their hospitality and warmth.

BIG announcement!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! No, seriously this is HUGE!

Joey is trusting ME with a microphone and coming soon ‘Alicia Unleashed’ Podcast! (yes you read that right)



An all women podcast with special guest’s featuring YOU! We will be inviting women that follow GMG or listen to the podcasts for their views on subject matters!

Get ready ladies! The next guest could be YOU!

Full Moon HEALING SOUND ODYSSEY at Floating Lotus Gloucester


An entrancing and magical experience. Gongs, Singing Bowls, Angelic Voicing, Chimes and more will lead you into deep states of relaxation with ELAINE O’ROURKE.

Elaine utilizes her knowledge of Yoga and Sound to balance the chakras and guide you on a multi-layered journey unlike any other. She is a most talented sound healer, yoga teacher and recording artist.

Please REGISTER in advance as space is limited:
http://www.floatinglotus.net/products/full-moon-sound-healing-odyssey or call 978-546-2367. $25 Suggested donation.

This is taking place at the NEW FLOATING LOTUS store, 169 Main St, GLOUCESTER.

Please BRING your OWN MAT/BLANKETS for comfort.

Dave Sag’s Blues Party Tonight with Scotty Shetler @ The Rhumb Line 8:30-11:30pm 8.27.2015

Dave Saginario

Dave says,

This Thursday I’m really psyched to bring you something new and scrofulous: The Tenor Titan, Mr. Scotty Shetler. We played here in the “old” days and he just slipped through my cracks. Ah, all these years…. You gotta hear this guy play! He just oozes Omphalos! Sings, too. A great front man!

Not only that, but Mr. Pete Henderson,lonely in these parts, is making a rare appearance on catarrh and vocals. Another awesome boost to our flame-throwing lineup.Top it all off with the Atomic Clock, Mr. David Mattacks with me cringing in the background and you’ll be crying “Uncle!”. This could be one of the best shows all summer!

Scott Shetler

courtesy photo



40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732


Poor Minion Never Had A Chance…

Dogs being dogs…

See, this is what happens when dog owners leave the house. Dogs just humping everything in sight. Even the poor Minion gets violated.  Goddamned dog owners, so naive and shit.  Awww isn’t he cute,  he just wants to play.  Awwwww look at the widdle puppy playing with the Minion.  See how nice they play together?

Next thing you know the Minon’s walkin’ around funny with an ice pack strapped to it’s butt.

Hammer time.  By Jesus that dog was relentless.  Cut to next scene- stuffing flying everywhere.

and y’all wonder why I have a healthy fear of canines.

Oh and another thing, listen to the dog owners laughing.  That’s how it always is.  Dogs be humping your leg or jumping all over you with muddy paws or licking you and their owners are laughing the whole time.

Huge Multi-Seller Yard Sale Saturday & Sunday August 29th & 30th 9am-3pm

pirateshiplogotest.1dc01dcHuge Multi-Seller Yard Sale

Saturday & Sunday
August 29th & 30th
209 Essex Ave, Gloucester MA
(The parking lot at Tally’s Auto Sales)

This will be a packed sale with tons of fresh merchandise! There will be antiques, collectibles, vehicles, furniture, tools, art, jewelry, books, records and much more!

This will be a great sale for re-sellers!

Sorry, no time for pictures but don’t worry, there will be PLENTY for sale!

Cape Ann Auction Sponsored Yard Sale

Hooray It’s Tomato Season! Time to Make Sista Felicia’s Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup


Last night I whipped up a delicious “Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup” and batch of “Oven-Dried Tomatoes”, (recipe highlighted on page 62 in my cookbook “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia; Harvest”)  using freshly picked tomatoes, from gardens in the backyard garden that neighbor Deanna and I share!




 To Order Cookbook on line Click link below


To purchase “Gifts Of Gold” Cookbook Locally in Gloucester ; Visit “The Cave Cheese Shop” Located on Maine Street Gloucester Ma.

Click Read More Below For My

 “Roasted Heirloom Tomato Soup Recipe”


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Harvest Moon Music Festival–September 19th

Harvest Moon Music Festival September 19th 2015, at I4C2 Space on Roger Street.

Katarina’s Bar and Grill also sponsoring a Scratch Ticket Raffle.  Al  Proceeds to benefit The Addison Gilbert Hospital Citizens Fund.


IMG_7376       IMG_7379


The Body and Mind Illuminated

Cape Ann Wellness News –

Cape Ann Wellness


A Master’s Course

Friday, August 28; Saturday, August 29; Sunday, August 30 at Wisdom’s Heart, 2 Duncan St., Gloucester

Yoga and meditation together is an incredibly fast path to experiencing huge shifts in consciousness.  There is an ancient saying that inner winds and thoughts work in tandem for achieving total freedom.  During the weekend yoga classes you will be lead through postures in your body while at the same time using very specific thoughts in your mind to quickly move through the stages of awakening.

The Mind Illuminated is a uniquely comprehensive guide to meditation for a Western audience.  It is a clear, concise and in-depth meditation which combines wisdom from the Buddha with the latest research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, providing meditators with step-by-step guidance for every stage of the path – from your very first sit to mastery of the deepest states of peace and insight.

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