“My Cure and Reward.”

I went to see Dr. McIntyre at the AGH Oncology Clinic this morning. I weighed in at 148 lbs, dangerously 100 lbs less than the weight of old Big Fred. After some listening and probing, Dr. Mac looked in my mouth and said: “You’ve got thrush! I’ll prescribe some medication, and it should be gone in a week.”
Oral Thrush is a yeast infection afflicting babies, those with weakened immune systems (me), cancer (me), and the elderly (me?). I took 2 pills today and will swallow one for the next nine days. To revive me, the clinic dripped IV hydration fluid into me for 3.5 hours. While in the chair, I ate 2 Italian ices and eight pop sickles. While still coughing, I’m mightily relieved and thankful that your thoughts and prayers allowed me to dodge yet another bullet on my way to recovery. Fred.

12 thoughts on ““My Cure and Reward.”

  1. Normally I would never say “GREAT NEWS” when learning that someone has Thrush, but in your case I am! What a relief that in hopefully another week’s time you may discover that eating is not so difficult and you may be able to eat some of your favorite foods again! Fingers crossed for you!!!


  2. Nutrition and maintaining weight so very important during treatment. Let me know if I can help in any way Fred, including a ride. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. Thrush !!!! ???? ugh — someone you and I know had thrush and it ain’t no fun. It will pass. May the calendar pages turn quickly so that you can eat again. My prayers and the prayers of many are with you.


  4. Good to know you are being treated and should be able to eat well again soon. You’re traveling a rough road but have the prayers of many friends behind you.


  5. I’m relieved to hear this. I still hope you see a dietitian, so you can pack in some concentrated calories and protein. Ensure, extra calories, is ideal. If you can’t do that try soy milk (coconut milk has no protein) and maybe fortify it with a protein powder and extra calories: carbs- don’t be afraid to add honey, maple syrup or sugar!! (rinse after to avoid more thrush) Get well, Fred!


  6. Stay positive and keep the inner strength your greatest attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference!

    Fred – Check with your doctor on the (probiotics) portion.
    Lessons I learned from my many native friends coming up the path in life: I wrote this one shared to me in a discipline article a few moons ago! I also know they have some tradition items they use I’ll check with

    The American Indians have two very important sayings I would like to share. The elders have the wisdom that we need, but we don’t listen anymore. That’s why we were given two ears and only one mouth. You should not carry wisdom in both hands. Rather, you should carry wisdom with one hand and give away freely what’s in the other. In this way we share and teach the lessons necessary to succeed.

    I am passing these on below with that in mind!

    About Brian D. Lawenda, M.D.I am an integrative oncologist. I trained at Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard Medical School) in radiation oncology and through Stanford-UCLA (Helms Medical Institute) in medical acupuncture. I am the founder of Integrative Oncology-



    Stay Strong Fred and God Bless!

    Dave & Kim


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