2015 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge

2015 Rocky Neck PlungeSarah Grow for the Open Door Food Pantry

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge ©Kim Smith 2015With below average temperature and wicked wind, the 2015 Rocky Neck Polar Plunge Open Door Food Pantry Fundraiser was a plunge to remember. Dru, pictured above and below, reports that it wasn’t too bad running towards, or even diving in. The worst was running back to the beach against the bitter biting blast that had picked up during the event, and the fact that he couldn’t feel his feet!

Hats Off and Congratulations to All You Brave Polar-Plunging Souls!

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge  Dru Anne Malveaux©Kim Smith 2015

Dru and Anne Malvaux

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge -3©Kim Smith 2015

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge -2 ©Kim Smith 2015

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Emma Duckworht ©Kim Smith 2015Emma Duckworth

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Meadow Michelle Anderson ©Kim Smith 2015Michelle and Meadow Getting Ready to Plunge

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Emma Nicole Jude Duckworth ©Kim Smith 2015Emma, Nicole, and Jude

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Michelle, Chris, Atticus, Meadow ©Kim Smith 2015Michelle, Chris, Atticus, and Meadow

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Donna Ardizonni Pete Lovasco ©Kim Smith 2015Donna and Pete

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Nicole Jude Emma Ben ©Kim Smith 2015Emma, Nicole, Ben, Jude, and David Calvo

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Nicole aand Jude©Kim Smith 2015Nicole and Jude

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Catherine Paul McGeary Karen Ristuben©Kim Smith 2015Karen Ristuben and Catherine and Paul McGeary back at the Cultural Center for hot cocoa and cookies.

2015 Rocky Neck Plunge Is In The Books

Joey writes-

Coldest Plunge In Years!  Crowd Estimated At 65% Less Than Past Years Due To Extreme Cold.

For all the folks that chickened out this year due to the extreme cold.  You can just erase all the past years when it was 50 degrees out.  The people that did the Plunge This Year are The Real Deal!

Congrats And Happy new Year.

*Special Note- Thanks Rabbit For Surprising Me On the Beach Driving All the Way Up From the Q!  Meant A Lot!


Nichole’s Family Picks of the Weekend 1/3/15 and 1/4/15

Happy New Year!

I hope that 2015 proves to be everyone’s best year yet!

It looks like the cold weather is here to stay, but with no snow there’s no chance of sledding, snowshoeing, or cross country skiing anytime soon. There’s still plenty to do!

Pick #1 

Fire and Ice Festival on The Lawn on the D

Check out the link above for the weekend’s schedule of events!  It looks like a great time!  And…as the 1st event of its kind, you can be a part of the history!



The Lawn on D kicks off its winter season with Winter on D’s inaugural event – Boston’s first Fire & Ice Festival!

Enjoy the chilling beauty of this winter season as The Lawn on D is magically frozen into a wonderland of ice. The Fire & Ice Festival offers fun free daytime activities and exciting winter attractions that will keep you happily frolicking in the cold including an ice labyrinth, free daytime and evening activities including kids dance parties.

The Fire & Ice Festival will feature one of the largest ice labyrinths in America that will allow visitors to walk through a glass-like maze built out of nearly 300 giant ice blocks bathed in colorful lights during the evening hours. Guests can also admire photos from world-famous adventure photographer Paul Nicklen whose polar photos of penguins, polar bears and other arctic creatures will be frozen into the ice labyrinth walls.

Watch the finest fire art performers from The Boston Circus Guild manipulate the orange and yellow hues of fire at their will. Feel the heat and watch the flames flicker and dance in the evening sky by skilled performers in an icy winter wonderland.

Got a chill? Kids and adults can warm up under the winter pavilion with a nice warm cup of cocoa! The pavilion will feature a beautifully carved ice bar, serving up seasonal favorites including apple cider and hot cocoa for the little ones, along with wine and beer for adults.

Fire & Ice Festival goers can sit by one of the many fire pits placed around on the lawn to warm their hands and feet after grabbing a bite to eat from one of our food trucks including free samples of Legal Sea Foods’world-famous chowder and good hearty bites from Stoked Pizza, The Taco Truck and Sheherazad.

Music and entertainment will be provided throughout the three day Fire & Ice Festival.

(Please note: Evening fire performances and Legal Sea Foods will not be present on January 4, 2015)






Pick #2 

The Neveland Theatre Presents Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Pick #3

Skating at the outdoor rink at Market Street in Lynnfield, some bowling at Kings and a good meal….some shopping wouldn’t hurt either!


Check out the full list of restaurants and stores here!



Pick #4

As has been mentioned here on GMG before, swimming at the Cape Ann Marina is a total no brainer.  Swimming, food, and drinks, oh my!  For the record, the kids’ meals are $8 and come with a drink, the meal, and even a small vanilla ice cream.


New Year’s Eve, and Thankful



I stayed home today (12/31/14) because I didn’t feel that great. I had a cough at night and a muscle pain in my left leg from physical therapy. When Janet came home from work, we ate a simple dinner of chicken and wild rice, washed down with some bubbly. She went off to a girlfriend’s party, and I’ve been sitting in front of the fire. Soon I’ll be watching CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin report on the Times Square festivities. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine seeing 2015, but I clearly will. Less than 11 months ago, I was in Beverly Hospital with tubes running in and out of my body, saving my life. For two months, I couldn’t roll over in bed without assistance. That’s in the past. I’ve had a year of recovery, loss of friends and family, and many challenges. I’m looking forward to Valentine’s Day. Happy New Year all.

New Years Day January 1st , 2015 Polar Plunge Forecast ..

Oaks Cove Beach 12:00 PM Rocky Rocky Neck Polar Plunge.

Podcast Plunge Update :

Open Door Food Pantry will be there taking donations of canned foods / and cash and check donations .. Help support Open Door ….

Water Temps 41°F

Air Temps 17° Warming To 32° hopefully by Noon Time…

Breezy with mostly sunny conditions winds WSW 15-25 Mph …

Wind Chills : It will feel like temps are in the teens and low 20°s …..

See you all at Oaks Cove Beach , Off Stevens Lane / And Wonson Street .. Dress warm and be fueled up !





SEACOAST NEWS January 2015

Tommy Lattoff submits-

Thank you Friends of Seacoast for your commitment, kindness, generosity and support!

The Friends of Seacoast have provided the Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center with a year worth of wonderful events in 2014 including:
Lunch trips at the Gloucester House, Lobstland and the Village Restaurant.
A Seniors day outing with a luncheon at Suffolk Downs.
Monthly dinner theater with entertainment and foods from local restaurants.
Visits by Barn Babies with Baby Farm Animals.
Weekly concerts with superb entertainers including The Honky Tonk Women, The Sugar Tones and the famous singing State Trooper
Sgt. Dan Clark.

The Friends of Seacoast provided each resident with a gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

We are looking forward to many upcoming events with the support of the Friends of Seacoast in 2015 and we are grateful to all those who contribute to the Friends of Seacoast.

Also many thanks to all the Christmas Carolers who contributed in bringing cheer to the facility this holiday season including the Annisquam Nursery School, Wolf Hill Landscaping, Senior Care, W. Parish School 2nd graders, Eastern Point School , the O’Mally School, The town of Rockport Christmas Tree Committee and the Gloucester Fire Department Christmas Carolers. Thank you!

“Reading is for Everyone” is an upcoming educational opportunity for residents of Seacoast on January 21st at 2:00PM presented by Perkins School for the Blind.