GHS Wrestling Team and Coach Kirk’s Special Recognition



I’m sure you get many requests for posts, but I’d love to let people know about the GHS wrestling team. They had their home opener tonight against Salem High School and they crushed it! They won 48 to 24 with 8 pins; an impressive feat for a team that is only in it’s second year!

I’d also love it if Coach Kirk Benson got special recognition.

At tonight’s meet there was a dedication of the new wrestling mat that Coach Kirk Benson and his family bought with money from his parents estate. Kirk’s parents have both passed away, but were very involved in their community and were all about supporting youth in whatever they were interested in whether it be sports, arts, travel etc. 

I’ve attached a picture of the team on the new mat and a picture of Kirk and Carolyn Benson (there is also a non cropped picture of the team on the mat).

Thanks for your consideration!

Neyla Bajoras


Monarchs Eyed for Possible Inclusion Under US Endangered Species Protection

Cape Ann Milkweed and Monarch Habitat, Eastern Point

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is considering adding Monarchs as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. A one-year review is underway to monitor the butterfly’s status. Since the 1990s the population has plummeted from about one billion to approximately 35 million. That may seem like a substantial number, but the Monarchs need stronger numbers to be resilient to other threats such as harsh weather.

The reason for the decline is primarily because of loss of milkweed habitat in the agricultural heartland of the United States. With the development of Monsanto’s Roundup and Roundup Ready (glyphosate resistant) seed, farmers are now able to spray glyphosate directly on their corn, soybean, and sorghum crops. Roundup also destroys milkweed. Secondly, with the push for ethanol, farmers have begun to plant corn on conservation land.

If the Fish and Wildlife Service determines that the Monarchs are threatened, they will set aside land for milkweed.

You can read more about the the Monarch Butterfly Endangered Species Act here:

FAQs on the Monarch Butterfly Endangered Species Act Petition

Monarch Butterfly Wildflower Joe-pye ©Kim Smith 2012Monarch Butterfly Drinking Nectar from Native Wildflower Joe-pye Weed

You can learn more about the Monarch migration and the loss of Monarch habitat from Professor Tom Emmel here ~ 



Register online here or call 978-281-0470

All programs are run on-site in our classroom, 23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA

$10 per session for Non-Members, $5 for Members

PreK – 1st Grade Programs, 10:00-11:30

Parents/Guardians Required

Tuesday, February 17 – Shipwreck Detectives
Our marine science classroom has become the site of a mysterious shipwreck: what can you learn from its artifacts?  Children will become marine detectives as they search for clues and explore our giant shipwreck mat.  What can they discover about the ship and its passengers?  A variety of fun activities will be offered as we learn about marine exploration and shipwrecks in New England.  We’ll fish for facts and learn about boats in Gloucester Harbor through a fun story.           
Wednesday, February 18 – Frozen Crystals: Exploring Ice and Snow
Does this time of year have you thinking of ice and snow?  Explore the science of all things frozen!  Make your own saltwater paintings and watch shimmering crystal patterns appear.  Turn an ordinary sock into a toy seal, walrus, or beluga whale. We’ll learn about coldwater creatures, Arctic and Antarctic exploration, and snowy habitats!                                          
Thursday, February 19 – Submarines and Sea Creatures
Imagine you’re exploring the deep sea in a submarine.  What strange sights and sea creatures do you see?  Children will create their own paper portholes, submarine windows to underwater scenes.  We’ll touch and hold live sea creatures from Gloucester Harbor and then create our own deep sea animals for the portholes.   Through a story about Jacques Cousteau, we’ll learn how scuba divers explore the ocean.       

2nd – 5th Grade Drop-Off Programs, 1:00-2:30
Free Maritime Movies for Participants, 2:30-3:30

Tuesday, February 17 – Shipwrecks and Maritime Archeology
Become a maritime archeologist and search for clues as we explore our giant shipwreck mat!  As you examine each paper artifact, what can you learn about the ship and its passengers?  Where did the ship come from?  When did it sink?  Through a variety of fun activities, we’ll learn about the famous shipwrecks of New England and the tools and techniques for exploring these undersea sites.  Children are encouraged to stay afterwards to watch Ghosts of the Abyss, a documentary about the wreck of the Titanic.
Wednesday, February 18 – Polar Explorers and Icy Experiments
What did explorers find on Arctic and Antarctic expeditions?  What kinds of creatures have adapted to freezing temperatures? Students will learn all about ice through a variety of icy experiments, challenges, and projects.  Using a variety of ice shapes, build an ice tower as high as you can.  Paint a snowy scene with saltwater and watch crystals appear.  Children are encouraged to stay afterwards to watch The Blue Planet: Frozen Seas, a nature documentary about polar sea creatures.                   
Thursday, February 19 – Mapping the Deep
The deep sea is no easy place to explore.  What strange creatures lurk in the depths?  How can we learn about the shape of the seafloor?  Through fun activities, we’ll learn all about the various ways to explore the ocean floor.  We’ll build a deep sea model in a box, complete with creatures and shipwrecks.  Afterwards, we’ll measure ocean depth and surprising seafloor features without even looking in the box!  Children are encouraged to stay afterwards to watch The Blue Planet: The Deep, a nature documentary about deep sea animals.  

My Paris, I’m Relieved and Wounded

It’s not over yet. I look forward to the final resolution of this situation. I hope it’s peaceful and will lead to better communication between the different peoples of France. Although I haven’t spent much time in France, it was a precious time for me, which I’ll never forget. For me, every French casualty hurtsa9345_016. A respectful “hat’s off” to my FB friend Nadia Bodin of France. We may be related, as there is a network of Bodin folks in France. Nadia, please join the conversation, and invite your friends to chime in. Photo: Champs Ellysee, Paris. circa 1915.

Electricity Savings Update 16: Solar Opportunities and A Solar Home Evaluation At Brian O’Connor’s

Home Solar Evaluation At Brian O’Connor’s East Gloucester House
As part of our ongoing series since National Grid went up 37% on Elecricity prices we interviewed Kevin Prickett who came out to East Gloucester to do a Home Solar Evaluation. According to the Kevin, not only do you save money, but if your home qualifies, you actually will get back more than you put in. Watch the video to listen to how it works and if you are interested sign up for a Free Evaluation for yourself. The way he explained it is that Deval Patrick signed something into action that calls for National Grid to have a certain percentage of homes using renewable energy by a certain date. If they don’t reach that quota, they will be fined three times the cost to the Government. Currently from what he says there are less than 2% of households taking advantage of the program so there is this huge pool of money available for the smart people who make the call and take advantage. Our goal is to educate our readership and to get as many of us to be inside of that 2% of the smart people who are getting something back for the money they are putting in.

Update: just got a text from Brian O’Connor who just told me that if his house qualifies, not only would he have no electric bill but he would get a check in the mail.


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Community Stuff1/11/15

Collin Campbell writes in-


I found a red Jawbone on GHB.

red jawbone

Hey Joey, my friend lost her pup… if you find this appropriate, would you post to GMG, Facebook? 

Understand if you can’t.

Thanks for considering. 


Massive SALE at POP Gallery!


We are making room for new inventory for SPRING, but we need some help! Come snag 30% OFF some of our top selling looks and transitional Winter/Spring garments!

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Meet local award-winning, artist, Elaine Caliri Daly, and view her paintings at her reception on Saturday, January 17th, at BankGloucester  at 160 Main Street, Gloucester.

At her reception, you can meet the artist in the bank’s lobby between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, and enjoy light refreshments.

Anita paints portraits, landscapes, and seascapes in watercolour and acrylic. 

Her work will be on display at the Bank until March 1. 2015.


New Year’s Rockport Eve Lottery Calendar

You can still purchase your New Year’s Rockport Eve Lottery Calendar up until February 2, 2015!  A $10 purchase gives you 40 chances to win $2,500 in prizes; either $100 every Sunday & Holiday and $50 for every other day between Dec. 23 & Jan. 31st.  If you win on day, your name goes right back in for a chance to win again for all 40 days. Drawing doesn’t take place until Feb. 2nd so we can sell them right up to this date.  Drawing to take place at the Pigeon Cove Circle, 6 Breakwater Ave, Rockport at 7 PM, open to the public.  For Sale in Rockport: Bean & Leaf Cafe on Bearskin Neck, R3Sons in Dock Square, Rite Aid in Whistlestop Mall or Seaside Pizzeria on Railroad Ave, next to Cumberland Farms. In Gloucester: Sears on Eastern Avenue or Wally’s Blackburn Bistro in Blackburn Industrial Park.  Suggestion: these make wonderful Birthday, Anniversary or Thank You gifts!  Don’t forget the snow shoveling person you may have hired to shovel out your driveway or walkway!  Or the postman you forgot at Christmas, it is never too late to remember him or her!


City Government Update From Councilor Paul McGeary

City government update

City issues warning on unsafe ice

Dear friends:
I have received the following communication from Larry Durkin, the city’s chief environmental engineer.

Despite recent cold temperatures the Gloucester Department of Public Works (DPW) is warning all to stay off Babson, Goose Cove, Dykes, Wallace, and Haskell reservoirs as water levels are fluctuating and any entry onto ice is unsafe.  The DPW is currently operating at the Babson Water Treatment Plant which takes water from Babson and Goose Cove reservoirs, so water levels are constantly changing and ice is shifting.  To refill Dykes Reservoir in West Gloucester the DPW is pumping from Wallace and Haskell Reservoirs, so the ice is not stable or safe for entry on these reservoirs as well.
With recent cold snaps, people can be lulled into thinking ice should be thick and safe to be on, but that is not the case were reservoir water levels are changing.
Please monitor your children’s activities, especially if you live close to these reservoirs. Your safety is important to us!

A personal note

I would just like to thank all of you who took the time to write and otherwise express support for my candidacy to be your interim mayor. In the event, the Council decided that it wanted a level playing field in November, and I respect that decision. Let us all join together to help our new mayor, Sefatia Romeo Theken, succeed as the interim leader of our city government.