maine fog horns getting modernized- folks don’t like it

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Kinda nutty- people complain about fire sirens, but then they complain when quieter, less frequently sounding fog horns get installed! Go figure.

Maine Residents Alarmed as Coast Guard Changes Foghorns


YORK, Maine (AP) — For Tom Bradbury and his neighbors, the town foghorn is more than just a familiar, wistful noise — it represents something greater, like peace itself.

“There’s a sense that someone is on guard, watching over those who are on the water,” Bradbury said. “We find it a very pleasing, comforting sound.”

That’s why Bradbury, of Kennebunkport, and hundreds of New Englanders are sounding the alarm over a Coast Guard plan to convert old-style foghorns to newer technology. The Coast Guard is converting Maine and New Hampshire foghorns that are automated to activate in the presence of fog. It says newer technology activated by mariners via marine radios — which tends to result in fewer of the foghorns’ familiar blasts — is safer and more cost effective.

The move has proved unpopular in some Maine communities, and the Coast Guard will soon start a yearlong campaign to inform the public about the conversions. Coast Guard officials said its plan is for the conversions to eventually leave Maine with no more of the old-time foghorn activation systems.

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Breaking News: Backyard Growers Setting Up New Digs on Main Street!

Lara Lepionka Backyard growers Director ©Kim Smith 2015Executive Director Lara Lepionka

Backyard Growers is moving to their new home at the former site of Present Gloucester, 269 Main Street. They could use help moving furniture from storage in Rockport, unpacking, organizing, and setting up.©Kim Smith 2015JPG Volunteers are needed today, tomorrow, and Sunday, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, with volunteer lunch provided.

Meghan Stratton Backyard Growers ©Kim Smith 2015FoodCorps Service Member Meghan Stratton

Andrew Brousseau Black Earth Compost ©Kim Smith 2015Volunteer Andrew Brousseau from Black Earth Compost

Lara Lepionka Backyard Growers ©Kim Smith 2015

Exciting Immature Snowy Owl Sighting In East Gloucester Today!

Juvenile Snowy Owl  Gloucester Massachusetts. ©Kim Smith 2015

Immature Snowy Owl East Gloucester 

Esme, Meadow, Atticus, Pilar, ©Kim Smith 2015Budding Ornithologists Meadow, Atticus, Frieda, Esme, and Pilar

Snowy Owl East Gloucester Massachusetts ©Kim Smith 2015Thanks so much to my sweet friends Dawn and Michelle for thinking to call me to come see!

Snowy Owl East Gloucester Massachusetts. ©Kim Smith 2015See previous GMG Snowy Owl post: Birds of Cape Ann and the Magic of the Snowy Owl

Loss of the F/V Patriot January 3rd 2009

On January 3, 2009 the F\V Patriot was lost at Sea with both crewmen.

That morning I went to the State Fish Pier to watch the fleet leaving the Harbor and have a cup of coffee. I always have my police scanner tuned to the Marine Channels. I had it on when I heard the Horrible news of them finding debris and a crewman in the water. I followed the drama all day. Here are some of the Photos I took of The Patriot before the sinking and some photos of the USGC Helicopter bringing back a crew member.

The Danielle Marie before the Name Change to the Patriot

The Patriot docked at the State Fish Pier

Matteo Russo Gets ready to Board his Boat The F\V Patriot

F\V Patriot viewed from Gorton’s Wharf 2008

The Patriot gets ready to Dock 2008All above photos by: Paul F. Frontiero Jr.


Here is the story from the Gloucester Daily Times and a few photos I took of the Patriot in 2008.  Also, Joey has some great pictures and video of inside the Patriots wheelhouse and engine room.

From the Gloucester Daily Times;

Mourning the Patriot

Trawler tragedy claims lives of two fishermen

“By Richard Gaines The Gloucester Daily Times Sun Jan 04, 2009, 10:52 PM EST

As president of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association, Angela Sanfilippo has dealt many times with tragedy at sea. It never gets easier.

“This is a shocker,” she said Saturday, referring to the loss of the Patriot and the lives of two local fishermen. “This was the perfect boat. Gloucester has one more time been stricken.”

The two members of a Gloucester fishing family — the husband and father of Josephine Russo — were lost at sea early Saturday when the family-owned Patriot, a modern, 54-foot, steel-hulled trawler fishing alone on Middle Bank, about 15 miles from port, sank after an apparent catastrophic failure.


Here are Links to the USCG Final Action Report and the USCG Timeline chart on the F/V Patriot sinking.

Coast Guard Final Action Memo FV PATRIOT.pdf

Enclosure 3 – FV PATRIOT Timeline Graphic.pdf

Here are the links to Joey’s Videos;

Rockport Rings in the New Year

I can’t even imagine the details that need to go into organizing an event such as New Year’s Rockport Eve.  With 15 incredible venues and 38 performers and/or acts covering the entire downtown area over the course of 6 rockin’ hours, Rockport was the place to be on New Year’s Eve!

Massive kudos to those involved in the planning, execution, volunteering, and entertaining aspects of this event!

My only regret is that we had to limit our fun by only attending 6 of the many, many options.

We traveled in a group of about 6 adults and 7 kids.  Hitting the Shalin Liu for the Cape Ann Big Band was an absolute must and was also our first stop!  Such a tremendous venue and band….it was the absolute best way to kick off our New Year’s Eve celebration!

We then took in a Story teller, some face painting, balloon animal making, The Jolly Rogues and their Seafaring music, Jah Spirit and some awesome reggae music (some mad dancing), and then the one and only Dan King.

We made it back to our friends’ beautiful home in time for some late night drinks and snacks with about 35 minutes to spare before the big midnight moment.

Rockport proved one again, that we are beyond fortunate to call it home.



Coast Guard assists disabled fishing vessel east of Gloucester, Massachusetts

Coast Guard assists disabled fishing vessel east of Gloucester, Massachusetts

Posted: 01 Jan 2015 12:00 PM PST

1st Coast Guard District News
BOSTON — Coast Guard crews assisted a disabled fishing vessel 35 miles east of Gloucester, Massachusetts, on Thursday.

At about 4 p.m., Wednesday, the three person crew of the fishing vessel Kristin and Michael notified watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Boston that their vessel was experiencing engine problems and they had become disabled. Coast Guard Cutter Escanaba was diverted to the scene and took the Kristen and Michael in tow.

The crew of the Escanaba transferred the tow to a Coast Guard Station Gloucester crew, who then safely moored the Kristen and Michael at their homeport in Gloucester Harbor at about 9:30 a.m.

There were no medical concerns on board.

Wine: Bigger Bottle Better?


Sometimes a bigger bottle makes a bigger impression. Valerie Marcley loves Mionetto Prosecco, so Santa delivered a bottle to Janet. The bottle is a whopping 14 inches tall, and the base has a diameter of 4 inches. It’s heavy, impressive in size, and quite good in the taste department. Contents are 1500 ML, which is the same as any large bottle of wine. The Liquor Locker sells Mionetto, and it doesn’t last long in the store. Size doesn’t matter? Well, it does matter in the world of marketing and consumers’ perception of products.

Some Video Highlights Freeze Framed

The Video and then the highlights-
Mike Lindberg’s Video







Jame’s Eves Video-



Marty Luster Video-


Nothing- And I Mean Nothing Came Close To The 3 Hours of Non Stop Laughing We Had Back At The House After Watching BJ’s All Time Classic Melt Down After He Lost His Glasses (Click the bottom right of the video for the all time classic audio)

And Then Diesel Comes Up Big With The Recovery Effort-

Jerry Ackerman’s Photos from New Year’s Day 6th Annual Freshwater Cove Polar Bear Plunge

Freshwater Cove 010115-FFreshwater Cove 010115-H (1)Jerry Ackerman writes: “Denizens of the Freshwater Cove neighborhood marked the turn of the year with their 6th consecutive Polar Bear Plunge…rescheduled, slightly, when the Cove unexpectedly iced up more than usual, with a few folks still coming out of the water with superficial cuts on their legs. Yet again, Alicia Terenzi pulled it altogether (that’s her calling out the countdown and pausing for a portrait).”


Freshwater Cove 010115-AFreshwater Cove 010115-BJerry Ackerman Photos

See More Photos Here Continue reading “Jerry Ackerman’s Photos from New Year’s Day 6th Annual Freshwater Cove Polar Bear Plunge”