My Hood After Storm East Gloucester #blizzard2015

Smith's Cove East Gloucester Winter Blizzard 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015 A few more snapshots from after the storm, Smith’s Cove and Plum Street, East Gloucester #blizzard2015.

Plum Street East Gloucester Blizzard 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015 Smith's Cove East Gloucester Blizzard 2015 ©kim Smith 2015 The red crane has been parked in this location at Smith’s Cove for several weeks. I don’t recall seeing it there in previous years. Does anyone know the story behind the crane?

Murray DPW Blizzard 2015 Gloucester ©Kim Dmith 2015The DPW tackling the side roads. Thanks Murray!

Storm is over. Time to get out and have some fun!

Lots going on — even in the middle of winter!  Here’s the schedule from for the next few days.  Aren’t you glad you live in a town with a vibrant music scene?

TONIGHT, Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Fly Amero 8:00 pm Listen to Fly Amero FLY AMERO

Dinner with Fly with special guest Ron Schrank
40 Railroad Ave, Gloucester, MA

Phone: 978-283-9732


14 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA

Phone: 978-515-7817

TOMORROW, Thursday, January 29, 2015
Toni Ann Enes 7:00 pm Listen to Toni Ann Enes TONI ANN ENES blues rock jazz

14 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA

Phone: 978-515-7817

Dave Sag's Blues Party 8:30 pm DAVE SAG’S BLUES PARTY blues

40 Railroad Ave, Gloucester, MA

Phone: 978-283-9732

9:00 pm  BRIAN FINES

Open Mic
11 Rogers St., Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: (978) 282-7399

Friday, January 30, 2015

guitarist Jake Pardee, super bassist Joe Cardoza and Boston’s own drummer Brad Conant
8 Washington Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Allen Estes 8:30 pm Listen to Allen Estes ALLEN ESTES

with Mike O’Connell
86 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-283-8228

DJ Vito 9:00 pm DJ VITO rock hip-hop electronic

65 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-281-6565

9:00 pm  TERRAFUNK

25 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-281-0223

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The magnetic tenor Vittorio Grigolo takes on the tortured poet and unwitting adventurer of the
37 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966

Phone: 978-546-7391

Livin' On Luck 6:00 pm LIVIN’ ON LUCK

Playing acoustic classic hits
1 Cathedral Avenue, Rockport, MA 01966

Phone: 978-546-6321

Dan King 6:00 pm DAN KING acoustic folk-rock

40 Railroad Ave, Gloucester, MA

Phone: 978-283-9732


40 Railroad Ave, Gloucester, MA

Phone: 978-283-9732

John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band 8:00 pm JOHN CAFFERTY AND THE BEAVER BROWN BAND

13 Wallis Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: 978-525-9093

Gary Backstrom 8:00 pm GARY BACKSTROM

Opening for John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band
13 Wallis Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: 978-525-9093

8:30 pm  JOE THOMAS

86 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-283-8228


65 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-281-6565

9:00 pm  MO BOUNCE

25 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA 01930

Phone: 978-281-0223


Keeping the Bird Feeders Well-stocked for the Songbirds

Black-capped Chicadee ©Kim Smith 2015The Massachusetts state bird, the Black-capped Chickadee, is well-known at bird feeders. We’ve strategically placed one of our bird feeders adjacent to an iron trellis. The chickadees pop in for a safflower seed and then hop over to the trellis to crack it open against the metal.

Blizzard Update from City Councilor Paul McGeary

unnamedCleanup has begun, but it’s slow going

Dear friends:

The city has been struggling to keep main roads open during this week’s unprecedented snowfall. DPW crews and private contractors have been on the road for 36 hours straight, but they are having trouble keeping up.

This means that cleanup has fallen behind on many smaller roads. Currently there is a substantial list of roads that need attention.

Your patience and keeping cars off the streets will help immeasurably to get the roads open as quickly as possible.

Do be aware that even if your street is impassable, the Fire Department is able to reach people in emergency situations.

Snow Emergency Update

Due to the ongoing storm and blizzard conditions, a snow emergency remains in effect until 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 28. Parking is banned on all City streets until that time. Violators of this ongoing declaration are subject to ticketing and towing at the owner’s expense. Municipal and School lots will remain available to residents until Wednesday, Jan. 28 at 1 p.m. at which time they are to be removed.

Gloucester Public Schools will be closed on Wednesday Jan. 28 and all City offices will be delayed in opening. All City offices will open and resume business at 10 a.m. Wednesday Jan. 28.

The city website is updated regularly with the latest information.

Trash Collection delayed

Due to the blizzard, trash collection for Wednesday Jan. 28, has been cancelled. Collection will resume on Thursday. The schedule is as follows: Wednesday’s pick up will be Thursday, Thursday’s pick up will be Friday, Friday’s pick up will be Saturday. If your regular day is Tuesday we are asking that due to the extenuating circumstances that you please hold onto your trash until next week.

General Snow Emergency Information

Where Can I Park?
Off-street parking areas including:

  • Harbor Parking Lot (near Gloucester House Restaurant)
  • Main Street Parking Lot
  • Manuel F. Lewis Parking Lot
  • Pleasant Street Parking Lot
  • St. Peter’s Square (Town Landing Parking Lot)
  • Fitz Hugh Lane Lot (Roger’s St next to TD Bank)
  • Boynton Way Lot (off Rogers St in between Pilot House lot and House of Mitch)
  • School Parking Lots may also be used for off-street parking

Vehicles parked in parking lots must shovel their cars out of the space.

NOTE: All vehicles must be out of municipal and school lots by 1 p.m. today.

Please be aware that the City of Gloucester is authorized to remove any vehicle that interferes with the removal of snow and ice. Removal costs shall be paid by the owner of the vehicle.

Residents are required to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks in front of their homes/businesses.

Please call the Department of Public Works at 978-281-9785 for information or questions concerning snow and ice removal.

#Blizzard2015 Digging Out!

East Gloucester Blizzard 2015 Colleen digging out ©Kim Smith 2015Colleen Apostolos Digging Out!

Colleen Digging Out Blizzard 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015It’s a Glorious Morning! Although I did crash after only taking ten steps from our door and, not realizing it, got water spots all over my camera’s lens. Every photo had to be de-spotted prior to uploading. I hope I didn’t miss any spots.

Ken Duckworth Blizzard 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015Ken Duckworth Digging Out!

Valerie and Joey Marino Blizzard 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015.JPGValerie and Joey Marino Blizzard 2015 ©Kim Smith 2015Valerie and Joey Marino Digging Out!




Wednesdays with Fly Amero ~ Special guest: Ron Schrank @ The Rhumb Line 8pm 1.28.2015

rllogofly cDinner Specials Every Week!

Wednesday, January 28th
Special Guest:

ron schrank

Ron has developed a serious fan base around here.  Why?
Well, let’s start with a soft, soothing voice.  Then there’s the
eclectic, hand-picked song repertoire.  But, bottom line… just
look at him.  I mean, how can you not love this guy? 🙂 ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Check out Fred’s rockin’ wine menu!

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂



So here’s the rescue I was waiting for! Finally we are getting dug out of here. With drifts as high as 8 feet, there was no access to Kilby St., until now. Sorry for the crappy flying, but it was very gusty up here!

(click the little gear for 1080hd)


Snowpocalypse Hits Rockport

Who remembers when Hollywood turned Rockport into Sitka, Alaska?  Well, this morning kind of reminds me of that.

The salt water encrusted homes on the waterfront look down right creepy and others look as if they have covered in white creamy frosting (Thatcher’s words, not mine).

Some one asked that I post new photos of the houses I photographed yesterday afternoon.  Today they look like ice castles!

Someone had asked about the “house on stilts” and how it handled the storm. Fortunately it appears fine….and it is no longer simply on stilts.

It is gorgeous this morning.  But….I’m ok going quite a while until this all happens again!