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Science All Around Us has raised $31,483.00, with six days left to go. They are in the home stretch. Be a part of the tremendous team of people backing this worthy endeavor (283 so far!). Click here to donate to Science All Around Us with Collin Keagan.

Collin talks about his interest in aviation in this video

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Science All Around Us Has raised Over 18K

Breaking News for Science All Around Us

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Very Important Meetings Regarding Development of Former Olivia’s Restaurant Site at Good Harbor Beach and Retreat House

From Paul McGeary:

There will be two important meetings in Ward 1 this week.

The first will present plans to renovate the Eastern Point Retreat House.

The second will showcase plans to redevelop the former Olivia’s restaurant site.

Details are below.

Former Site of Amelia’s/Olivia’s Restaurant at Good Harbor Beach

The meeting on redevelopment of the former Olivia’s Restaurant will be held on Saturday, Nov. 22, at 10 a.m. at the Olivia’s site at 78 Thatcher Road.

The proposal for a six-unit condominium development by 78 Thatcher Road LLC would require a special City Council permit under the zoning ordinance.

Developer John Flaherty has already received necessary variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals from the city’s height and side lot requirements. This is a chance to get a look at the project as it will go before the Council and to delve into details.

*    *    *

Eastern Point Retreat House

I have received the following communication from Father Dennis Yesalonia, associate vice-president of the New England Province of the Jesuit Order, which owns the Eastern Point Retreat House:

Dear Eastern Point Neighbor:

On Aug. 15, 2013, the Gonzaga Eastern Point Retreat House hosted a meeting to introduce our neighbors to the proposed capital improvements to the Retreat House. At that time, our proposal consistal of:

  1. The demolition and reconstruction of the retreatants wing; and
  2. The reconstruction of a portion of the mansion.

Following that meeting, our development team continued its review of the proposed capital project end came to the conclusion that it could be scaled back significantly, while still accomplishing the desired goal of an enhanced living environment for retreatants.

By this letter, I would like to invite you to joke us at 37 Niles Pond Road at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 20, for a presentation of our revised, scaled-back project. The principal changes to the Retreat House will be:

  1. Demolishing the existing retreatants wing and replacing it with a three-story updated and code-compliant wing, which will be reconstructed on the footprint of the existing retreatants wing. It will also be connected to the mansion at the ground and second floor levels to provide handicap access. The new retreatants wing will accommodate 38 retreatants, down from 40 in the existing retreatants wing. In addition, two suites, which had accommodated Jesuit priests in the existing retreatants wing, will not be included in the reconstructed retreatants wing; and
  2. Interior improvements and minor renovations to the mansion.

I look forward to welcoming you on the 20th.

Dennis Yesalonia S.J.
Associate Vice President

Chelsea Fashion & Film Fest star comes to Beverly on Dec 3 for special homecoming comedy show

Thursday night, MTV’s Sean Lynch is hosting the Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival in New York City and Sean’s film, “Game Night” is the opening the festival.  In two weeks, Sean and Mark Riccadonna (one of Game Night’s stars) will be live on stage at The Larcom Theatre right down the road in Beverly for a very special Homecoming Comedy show (Sean is a native of Lynn, MA).  This will be your only chance to see these two extraordinary talents before they go back to New York and LA to make more films and TV shows.  Don’t miss it.  Get your seats now right here!


Megan McKenzie and Jeff Buckridge have a very special show this Thursday night @ Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant 8-10pm!

This is our first time playing here so please won’t you come out and join us for some margaritas and music this ones for all you out there that have asked for an early show, well here it is! See you Thursday!

megan jeff jal

Reality Check

I had myself a little reality check over the weekend and quite honestly it has rattled me quite a bit.

The reality of the fact that really bad things can happen in literally a second caught up with me and I learned a lesson the hard way.

One of my boys had an accident that, while really bad, could have been much, much worse and any kind of parental pedestal that I might have felt worthy of standing on has been knocked out from beneath me.

I was right there….chatting in the open foyer with another mom who was about to host a play date between her boys and mine.  The boys, over the moon excited to see each other, had already run outside to play with neighborhood kids and announced that they were going to “throw the football around.”  We finished up chatting and I headed out to say “good-bye” to my boys only to see Thatcher running up the hill that collapses down to the end of their very quiet street. Thatcher was pretty close to hysterical saying, “Finn is really hurt…and it is really, really bad.”

And then…there was Finn…with more blood than I ever care to see again…and crying harder than I’ve ever had to endure.  The helpless, sickening feeling that hits you in the moment you realize that you dropped the ball…that you let your child escape your watchful eye just long enough for a horrible accident to happen, is nothing short of debilitating.

“Throwing the football”….just like that…had turned into Finn hopping on a scooter and underestimating the size of a pretty big hill.  While I didn’t witness it, I can only imagine the speed that he reached, prior to falling and hitting the ground. The gash in his forehead…just between his eyes…paints a picture that I’ll never forget.

You can imagine how the rest of the story unfolds.  There was ice, towels, blood, more blood, grabbing of necessary items, a scary ride to the hospital, tears, more tears, the check-in, guilt, more guilt, and finally stitches.   Finn was an utter pillar of amazingness.  I’ve never seen a braver child…and for that I am eternally grateful.

A fews hours later, we were back in our car….and then, just like that, the story, amazingly, got a little bit funny.

Finn, while slurping his fudgsicle, said nonchalantly to Thatcher, “Hey.  I think that doctor, the one who stitched my head, was on Naked and Afraid.”

For those of you who may not know….  Naked and Afraid is a “reality” TV show, on the Discovery Channel, in which they drop a man and a woman (strangers) off in a very remote location and they need to survive…naked…and evidently afraid….for 21 days.  Let the record state, that they blur out any “private parts” and my boys enjoy watching the show with my husband because of the nature and survival aspects of the experience.  While I type those words, I do realize that is sounds similar to “reading Playboy for the articles” but, I really do mean it. Each episode follows two different survivalists.  Sometimes one bails, sometimes they both quit, and sometimes both endure the challenges, and make it to the end.  The next episode then chronicles the experiences of two totally different daring participants.  Meaning, there are no reoccurring characters on the show.

So….when Finn announced that his doctor had been on the show…I of course assumed he was wrong.  This was the same kid who, after all, had thought it wise to take his first ride ever on a scooter down a large hill…just hours before.

Back home in Rockport…dazed, exhausted, and overwhelmed…Finn’s stitches began to bleed.  Drained, I picked up the phone and called the hospital to seek advice.  They talked me through what to do….and then for kicks…I had to ask. Because, upon thinking about it, his doctor was wearing hiking boots.

“My 5 year old son seems to think his doctor appeared on a TV show called Naked and Afraid.”

“Well then, your son is very observant, because she sure did.”

So, good on you, Finn.  In the aftermath of a horrendous spill, your little 5 year-old self, managed to recognize someone from a 60-minute episode of a show, that aired on July 27th, who was naked, dirty, and exhausted as the same woman who was now dressed, in a hospital, calming your mother, and tending to your very bad wound.  You never fail to amaze me!

From Reality television show, to my reality check.

Meet Finn’s doctor.



MAC GM Keith Callahan Named Facility Manager of the Year

Keith Callahan was recently honored as Facility Manager of the Year by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). Callahan is the General Manager and Managing Partner at Blue Sky Holdings, Inc., the parent company that includes Manchester Athletic Club in Manchester by-the-Sea, MA, MAC Fitness in Rowley, MA, and MAC Fitness in Gloucester, MA.  The award was given by the USPTA New England Division at its winter convention held at Chatham Bars Inn Resort and Spa in Chatham, MA November 7-9.

The USPTA’s mission is to raise the standards of the tennis profession and promote greater awareness of the sport. Manchester Athletic Club has consistently followed in that tradition. Under Callahan’s direction, the club has built a new outdoor tennis venue and home to the Boston Lobsters professional tennis team; fostered a longtime relationship with renowned tennis coach, Nick Bollettieri, and hired USPTA-certified coaches who are supported with continuing education and professional development. The club has also been chosen a USTA Regional Training Center of New England and one of 12 Certified Regional training centers in the country. It is home to MAC Tennis Academy, a tournament-training program for high-performance juniors, as well as a nationally-recognized 10-and-under program that has been producing New England’s top players for over a decade. In addition, the club created the MAC Sports Foundation, which provides scholarships to juniors in need as well as grants to community and school programs. 

It’s an honor to receive this award, said Callahan. I’m blessed to be surrounded by a team of tennis professionals at Manchester Athletic Club who love what they do and strive every day to improve their game, their teaching methods and the quality of our program.” Manchester Athletic Club owner, John Donovan, added, “Keith’s commitment to excellence reflects the overall attitude here at the MAC to always improve where we can. In tennis, that means we keep learning, by consistently educating not only our players but our coaches as well.” 

Manchester Athletic Club is a full-service health club and features 12 tennis courts, the Gymazing! Child Center, iXl programs for young teens, a fitness and strength training center staffed with certified professional trainers and nutritionists, indoor aquatics center, multiple group exercise studios, and an outdoor pool with playground.


      Keith Callahan of Manchester Athletic Club, recipient of the USPTA’s Facility Manager of the Year Award.

GMG Good Eggs

The Sargent House is cheering the work of GREAT GOOD EGGS! Two out-of-town teen visitors decided to clean us up just in time for Harvest Festival! 

Angel and Wesly took the train from Boston to visit dear friend Peggy Russell of the fun POP GALLERY. The leaf strewn slippery slopes inspired them to pitch right in and rake out our new fabulous and fragrant Generous Gardner beds and lawn. 

Their reward? Peggy took them to a CACC film and for pizza across the street!   

Pop into POP and thank Peggy for us again!  Let her know how much all of Gloucester appreciates Angel and Wesly’s egg-cellent labor! 

With great appreciation,

The Egg-elegant Sargent House

photo 1photo 2

Community Stuff 11/18/14

Hi Joey! Would you please post this info about my beautiful class? This is my fourth fortunate year doing this work. It’s an amazing hour of art and circle time. This makes a wonderful holiday gift for children and grandchildren! thank you! hope your sweet girls are well. peace, colleen