10 Hours of Walking New York City as a Woman

This afternoon I had the chance to catch up and watch the controversial video about the woman walking the streets of New York that we also discussed in the podcast. During the podcast I didn’t much want to comment on a piece I had not yet seen. After viewing my initial reaction is where are all the white men? Its hard to imagine that if she walked through every neighborhood of Manhattan, not a single white man catcalled or made a comment? The editing feels contrived, not entirely candid.

Perhaps I am inured to that type of harassment from years spent living in the city, and from when my daughter lived in the city too, and the constant worry about much worse events happening. I was mugged four times when we lived in Boston, twice at knife point, and two of the incidences were by women. Additionally, my children were with me during two of the muggings. Relatively speaking, catcalling and comments are easy to shrug off and ignore. The man who followed her for five minutes was truly perverse, but what would you do in a similar situation? In reality, you would never let it get that far. If I were alone without a cameraman present, I would have been very frightened and after about twenty seconds would have ducked into one of the many stores that were passed along the way.

What are your impressions after viewing the video?

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Sista Felicia’s Fall Twist On The Traditional Christmas Cucciadatta Cookie



IMG_4935Some say it’s bad luck to break family tradition…but there is always an exception to breaking tradition when the reason truly makes sense, right?  I think the “Fall Theme” sprinkle adornments justifies these traditional Christmas Cookie Delights early appearance on any sweet table this fall! After all, we did officially have our first snow fall yesterday making it feel more like we should be preparing for Christmas rather then Thanksgiving!  


Fall Cucciadatta Cookies

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Global Climate Crisis to Local Action and How YOU Can Help Affect Change in Our City

Gloucester's First Wind Turbine-Gloucester Harbor ©Kim Smith 2012Gloucester’s First Wind Turbine

Sunday night I was able to attend only very briefly the discussion that was held at Gloucester’s UU Church, about how our city can become fossil fuel-free, or carbon neutral, in ten years. An ambitious and daunting goal you might think. Yes it is, but other cities have accomplished this truly extraordinary feat. Over the next several months, the organizers will be seeking community-wide input. I sincerely hope that more of these these panel discussions will be held throughout our city to help inform fellow citizens about the possibilities that we can be achieved when we all work together. Global and national initiatives are slow to implement. By working together and by including all facets of our community it is possible to develop initiatives and provide solutions that can be accomplished much more in pace with our changing climate.

I am looking forward to learning more about the solutions that are available to us today. While briefly attending the discussion, I thought about another innovative project that I had been reading about, which is also taking place on the local level at many cities across the country, the Mayors Innovation Project, and specifically how we can learn from this successful program on how to obtain consensus to achieve solutions that will benefit every one of our citizens.

“The Mayors Innovation Project is a learning network among American mayors committed to “high road” policy and governance: shared prosperity, environmental sustainability, and efficient democratic government. Around the country, mayors are taking the lead on pressing social issues—climate change, infrastructure, economic revitalization, health care, prison reentry, and more. We support and encourage this innovation by providing cutting-edge thinking and concrete examples that your city can use right away. Building high road cities and metropolitan regions is both good for citizens and a key way to move the country to the high road nationally. Cities have enormous untapped assets and political strengths that can be organized better now. The Mayors Innovation Project exists to help its member participants lead by example, share their experiences with peers, and make this argument for cities nationally.”

Read more about the panel, the moderator, and the discussion here.

Climate crisis panel ©Kim Smith 2014

Breaking News: Present Gloucester is Setting Up Shop!

Amanda Cook Brittan Davis Present Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2014Brittan Davis (left) and Amanda Cook were setting up Present Gloucester at their charming new holiday space, located at 269 Main Street. I heard through the grapevine that their grand opening is this coming Saturday night. Updates to follow!

To catch a glimpse of just some of their gorgeous hand made treasures that they have created, visit the Present Gloucester facebook page here.

Honoring Gloucester Poet Laureate, Peter Todd. Thursday, November 6, Cape Ann Cinema

Honoring Gloucester Poet Laureate, Peter Todd. Thursday, November 6, Cape Ann Cinema

Gloucester Poet Laureate, cab-driver by day, Peter Albert Todd has been stricken with pancreatic cancer and the prognosis is “guarded.” A miracle might happen and we are praying for one, but pancreatic cancer can spread quickly. In the meantime, Peter’s family is being heavily burdened by the effort plus medical and travel expenses of going to Boston almost every day.

Rufus Collinson, John Ronan [both previous Poet Laureates], City Councilor Melissa Cox and other community members will read a few of Peter’s poems this week at a community event. Peter hopes to read some too. Many of Peter’s poems celebrate everyday life, especially in Gloucester. Peter has given us a small but powerful sample of his many poems. These are ones he is especially proud of, as they commemorate fishermen, veterans, sunrises, etc. and warn against evils such as drunk driving — ironic as Peter’s nephew was hit by an intoxicated driver on Friday and now has a severe brain injury.

To commemorate Peter, his life and his work, we are hosting a poetry, pizza and movie event with and for Peter at Cape Ann Cinema from 7:30pm, this Thursday, November 6. We will have pizza donated by local restaurants and have a platter of vegan appetizers too. Admission is free, although donations are welcomed and encouraged. All donations will go to Peter and his family to help them with their huge expenses. At the event, Rufus and others will read some of Peter’s poems, he will read some, attendees can read their own poems, if they want to, and we’ll reminisce with Peter about his life in Gloucester. Around 8:00 or 8:15 Rob Newton, head of Cape Ann Cinema, will show a movie “The Source” about the Beat Poets [which the licensor has donated because our event is a fund-raiser].

We hope you can join us and other Gloucester supporters for this event honoring Peter Todd. Please forward this email to other people you think could be interested; despite the short notice, we hope to pack the theater. Thanks very much.


Lucinda Seigel with Kirstin Martin and Rufus Collinson

One more Sunday storm photo

Andrews Point with no rubber duck
My Google Plus account takes all my iPhone photos and sticks them into my G+ account. I don’t even know how to turn it off. If I take a bunch of photos of the same thing it tries to “AutoAwesome” them usually making a GIF image that makes you seasick. Like this. Andrews Point Sunday morning looking east. I can’t look north because the snow would sting my face.

I have been asked by viewers (have to be off Cape) if the granite is moving because of the waves.

Answer, yes and no. The movement in the GIF is completely caused by the patching together of the photos. I was hand holding the camera so there is a bit of wiggle. The autoawesome feature selects things that do not move when patching together. In this case it made some of the granite shift around.

But in a storm like that, some of the granite does move. Huge slabs weighing many multiple tons are being slammed by the waves. When the wind calms down one can hear the grinding of the granite. You can feel it in the ground.

Community Stuff 11/3/14

Mews From Cape Ann Animal Aid


Woohoo! Because of your support and belief in our mission, we were able to find homes for 58 dogs and 31 cats this month! These are some of the many faces that send their thanks to you!


lynderellaLady Jane

Upcoming Events

Saturday, November 15th
11am-3pm @ Shaw’s on Eastern Ave., Gloucester

We’ll be a the Shaw’s Supermarket on Eastern Ave collecting items from our Wish List. Stop by to do some shopping and visit with shelter pups!

Saturday, November 22nd
11am-3pm @ Rockport Ace Hardware

Get your pup’s photo taken with Santa for a donation of $10. Perfect for holiday cards!

Saturday, December 6th, 11am-3pm
Join us for some holiday shopping and visit with shelter animals at our Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter. 

Friday, February 6th, 7pm-11pm
Save the date for our Annual Fundraising Gala at Cruiseport Gloucester featuring dinner, dancing, raffles, silent and live auctions. Tickets will be on sale in January.


Elisa Pearmain, award-winning author and professional story teller  to be the guest speaker at the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church   on Sunday, November 9, 2014. 

Special Guest at Sunday Morning Service

November 9, 2014 at 10:00am in the Sanctuary

Gloucester Unitarian Unitarian Church

Corner of Middle and Church Street, on the green

Accessible Entrance at #10 Church Street

Additional Information at www.gloucesteruu.org


The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church is pleased to announce award-winning author and professional story teller,  Elisa Pearmain will lead a Sunday service.  It will be held in the sanctuary of the historic 1806 Meetinghouse, Gloucester’s oldest standing church, home of America’s first Universalist Society founded by Rev. John Murray in 1779.

Elisa Pearmain, MA, LMHC, has been telling stories professionally  to audiences of all ages for nearly thirty years.  She is the award-winning author of two books including Doorways to the Soul:  52 Wisdom Tales from around the World (1998).  She is a  Tapestry of  Faith co-author.  In 2013 Elisa recorded a double CD of stories and commentary on Forgiveness called, Forgiveness:  Telling our Stories in New Ways.  Elisa is also a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Concord MA

The church invites everyone in the community at large to come to this special service  The Gloucester UU Church is a welcoming congregation that meet in Gloucester’s Meetinghouse, whose lantern steeple has guided generations of mariners into port as its people fought for the abolition of slavery, equal rights for women and the separation of church & state as a cornerstone of our democracy.



Special Event at Temple Ahavat Achim (86 Middle St., Gloucester)

Sunday, November 23rd from 1 pm to 2:30 pm

Sigmund Freud was one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century. His discoveries of the make-up of the human psyche, were, in their time, world-shaking.

The animal self, the id, (or, more correctly, the “it”) lives together with a controlling instinct, the super-ego, (or “over I”), which develops as the child develops as is not complete until we mature, and the ego, (or the “I”) the conscious self, which is the human as he knows himself, must work together in the person, to provide a rational, but emotional self. From this knowledge Freud fashioned the science of psychoanalysis.

There are those who choose to view Freud as an atheist. However, Freud himself wrote in his autobiographical sketch “…my parents were Jews, and I have remained a Jew.”

While he was dying of cancer, Freud rushed into print his facit on Judaism, “Moses and Monotheism”. It was to be the last of his many essays. In it he applies the tools of psychoanalysis and the mind of a scientist to theorize about the origins and the monotheistic basis of his Jewish faith, and the Christian faith which followed.

Significantly, Sigmund Freud chose to die, as assisted suicide, on Yom Kippur, 1939. This year is the seventy-fifth anniversary of his death, and we are marking that anniversary by holding a discussion of the radical thoughts contained in “Moses and Monotheism”, albeit two months after the actual anniversary.

The panel discussing the essay, in which the public is encouraged to participate, will consist of Philip Cutter, M.D., a retired psychiatrist, Vincent Panetta, Ph. D., a professor of psychoanalysis, and supervising analyst, and Seth Yorra, Dr. jur., a lawyer and dramatist, who has also received an M.A. as a psychoanalytical counselor.


Selections from “Moses and Monotheism” to read in preparation for this selection are available for download or at the TAA office from Natalia, (978) 281-0739.

Phyllis A. Marine Association

Scrap Steel Drive

Bring down any scrap metal you’re looking to get rid of and raise money to restore the Phyllis A.
November 8, 2014
8am to 4pm Foster’s Parking Lot (the Irving station)
107 Eastern Avenue Gloucester, MA
*Vehicles can be donated by appointment. Call 978-381-3901

Phyllis A Website


Community Photos 11/3/14

Happy Halloween – photos from Anthony Marks

Autumn On The Annisquam – photos from Anthony Marks

Home Is the Sailor From peter Digre

Home is the sailor



Croissant At Sticky Fingers

image (2)image

Monday November 3rd , 2014 Cape Ann Weather…

Marine Forecast :
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Gale Warning :
Today W winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 30 kt. Seas 3 to 5 ft.
Tonight W winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 25 kt… Diminishing to 5 to 10 kt after midnight. Seas around 2 ft.

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