GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

GloucesterCast 104 Featuring Guests Kim Smith, Donna Ardizzoni and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 11/16/14

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Update 3: Electricity Prices

Update #3

GMG FOB Art Bevilacqua Educates Us Further:

Art writes-

In our market (post deregulation in 1998) there is an auction each day where the companies running generators bid to provide their output into the grid. Each generator has different costs, fuel, operating and maintenance, etc., so their prices can be all different from each other.

 ISO-NE receives these bids and each afternoon at about 4pm they run a model that uses a load forecast for the following day. Next they go to the “stack” of available generators and turn them on in the model, starting with the least expensive and turning them on until they have met the load forecast for the each hour of the day.

 The price of the last generator turned on sets the price for that hour.

 There are some other constraints in the background – for example they might have to “turn on” generators whose price is not the next most expensive, such as wind or solar that they are forced to buy even though their costs are extremely high.

 After the model has run, they issue the plan for the following day, essentially purchasing all of the day’s power by about 6pm.

 Finally, as the actual day progresses, things happen – a generator might become unavailable, or the actual load in an hour might be higher or lower than what was expected. When these things happen ISO has to dip further into the stack of generators, of retreat from the stack, and this causes the real-time price to wiggle from what was expected. These real-time calculations happen every five minutes.

 The bottom line is that the actual electricity cost varies every five minutes, and thus each and every average hour.

 Go to and click on “more real time data” in the upper box to see this happening.

 On a grander scale, if we have a stretch of very cold weather, some fuels might become constrained, or less available (and thus higher cost) than expected. This can lead to periods of time where the cost of energy will run high, and this is what happened last year. If a plant is located in an area with weak gas supply, such as Providence RI, then that plant might be forced to back down and/or will suffer very high fuel costs.

 Also, because your meter is only read once a month, your bill has to be based on projections of monthly energy costs, which can change quite a bit. The delivery part of the bill is based on keeping the transmission and distribution equipment running and that is very stable.

 NGrid and the other suppliers try to stabilize the energy costs by asking for longer term contracts from generators, and that is what the chart shows – they are projecting out a number of months based on projections of the future as well as past history (last year’s winter). This is all a gamble because the weather people can’t even tell what will happen two days from now, let alone three months from now.

 All of the suppliers are faced with this problem – if they are in a low cost time period (the spring for example) they can offer average rates that are lower, but probably only for a short time. They couldn’t lock you in at 9 cents for a year because they know prices they pay will rise the following winter, but they might do that for a few months. The quoted prices and lock lengths will vary based on the suppliers power in the market, their trading skills, their luck, etc.

 There is some more explanation of this at:

 Also, see this:


Update #2.  I just spoke to a rep for one of these companies and asked if we get a bunch of people to sign up together if it is possible to get a better rate than what is advertised and he said yes but they would call back on Monday.  Who would like to join in and hear what they have to offer?  No obligation, but I floated the idea that 5 or more of us would sign up and he said they definitely could get the rate down more.  So email me at if you want to look into it with me.  Whoever that signs up for cheaper electricity would reduce all of our rates including our own by the same amount that we could negotiate by doing it in numbers.

With electricity prices set to jump over 30% does anyone have any advice on which company they are locking in with or if it’s a bad idea to lock in?  Seems crazy how much they’re jacking the prices overnight.


UPDATED 11/14/14

In the comment section of this post  someone named Jon recommended a website which compares a bunch of different rates-

For Commercial rates this is what they list- 12.99 per kWc for 24 months being the cheapest rate.

Screen shot of Choose Energy’s rates this morning


The Supplier that we currently use, Think Energy is quoting less on all counts than anything listed on Choose Energy’s website.

Screen shot of Think Energy’s rates this morning-

11.2cents per kWh is much cheaper for 24 months and even it’s 12 month rate is cheaper than the best rate on Choose Energy for 24 month.


Are any other business owners out there interested in forming a group to negotiate a cheaper rate for all of us if we all agree to sign up together?  We can request a group discount and send out rate bids.  Let me know by email

Check Out Rainforest Publications

Rainforest Publications recently licensed one of my Monarch photos, which was shot on Eastern Point, for the cover of their newest pocket field guide, Butterflies of Mexico. You can get a preview of the new field guide by clicking here; look towards the bottom of the page.


I requested their field guide on Mexican Flowers, which Larry, the publisher, kindly sent along. I love it–the guide is beautifully illustrated, and well, just so pocketable! I wished I had it on my trip last winter to Agangueo to film the Monarchs and especially appreciate how the guide is organized by plant family as opposed to alphabetically.

If any of our world traveling GMG readers are planning a trip to Costa Rica, Mexico, Florida, Hawaii, Panama, Peru, California, Nicaragua, Belize, or the Pacific Northwest I recommend checking out their website, Rainforest Publications. Specific to each region, they offer field guides on marine animals, birds, orchids, wildflowers, butterflies, trees, reptiles, amphibians, and more. They even have a field guide for marine mammals of the North Atlantic. At only $5.95. I think this would be ideal for whale watchers (and for whale watching companies like Seven Seas to carry the guides).

First Parish Burial Ground and Clark Cemetery

On Saturday Clean Gloucester and The One Hour at a Time Gang went to clean the cemeteries off Centennial Avenue.  What an amazing piece of history we discovered.  The years on the Tombstones go back to before the revolutionary war, soldiers from the Continental Army and Civil War Veterans were put to rest in this sacred ground.  Late on Saturday afternoon had to go back and take some photos.  We as a community need to preserve these cemeteries clean and respected.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Bruce Tobey Gives Vice President Biden An Unopened Cast/Crew Perfect Storm Cap

Hi Joey,
Hey, thought you might get a kick out of the attached photo – I met the Vice President after a Seth Moulton event in Lynn two weeks ago and wanted to give him a gift so Gloucester might be on his mind.  Here’s the story.
In my office I still had in an unopened bag a cast/crew “Perfect Storm” cap I had gotten as Mayor from the movie’s producers back in 1999 when they were shooting in Gloucester.  I brought it with me and gave it to him, wishing him good luck as he faced the inevitable storms of his next couple of years.

He immediately pulled it out of the bag, ripped off the tags, put it on, and began to talk about the storm, the hardships Gloucester’s fishermen face, and his gratitude for the gift. Mission accomplished!



VP and bt

Tree House Winter Jam Sessions #2 Today 5:30pm – 8:30pm @ The Dog Bar. 65 Main St Rear (20 Rogers St), Gloucester, Ma.




Hey – we are back again this month at the Dog Bar in Gloucester, MA for our second installment of the Winter Sessions Tree House Jams! The first time was a blast, and we hope to continue the trend… and this time, we are donating all of our earnings to the Science All Around Us with Collin Keegan Kickstarter Project! Check out the details of this awesome idea here:
It seems that Collin Keegan plays a pretty mean Viola. It also sounds like he will be joining the Tree House Charlatans for this up coming show at the Dog Bar this Sunday!
Hope to see you there!!

Good Eggs Clean Up Clark cemetary

We would like to send a great thank you to Clean Gloucester for coming to help clean up Clark Cemetery.  It was a very cold 28 degrees when we started at 8 am.  These awesome people came out anyway.  In a flurry of activity trash was picked up, brush was hauled away, a fire pit was dismantled and new community connections were made.  This could not have been a better or more fun end to our season.  Thank you again and we look forward to working with everyone again after the winter!


Erecting The 2014 Kent Circle Christmas Tree – photo from Anthony Marks

Hi Joey
Ringo Tarr and crew got got busy this weekend erecting the Kent
Circle Chstmas tree.
Best Anthony

Community Stuff 11/16/14


POP Gallery presents BARBARELLA!

Come party with the divas of POP Gallery! November 16th at the CAPE ANN COMMUNITY CINEMA @ 6:30 pm. Price of admission is $7.50 + one drink ticket and FREE SWAG BAG to early birds!


It’s going to be EPIC. Don’t miss it!




Tricia O’Neill celebrates the formal public presentation of her Vincent Ferrini mural on Saturday, November 8.  From left: Tricia’s husband
Steve Brettler, Trica, seARTS Board Member Tony Sapienza and Henry Ferrini, Vincent’s nephew and co-founder and board president of the
Gloucester Writers Center.

Harbortown group photo



     As you probably know I’m an author with several titles available.  You’ve been kind enough in the past to make announcements when I have a new release.  I will now provide you with the dialogue for the new release.

Gloucester native and author Barry Stacks has a new book for your reading pleasure.  The Black Flag is the third book in the Tucker Norman series.  Once again, the setting for the story is Gloucester, Mass., which is the author’s hometown. The title of the book is taken from a tradition of flying a black flag on a commercial fishing boat when someone has died at sea. In this mystery novel, several fishing boats return to Gloucester flying a black flag. Once again Tucker Norman and Associates are asked by local law enforcement to investigate this unusual situation.  The investigation delivers the reader through a maze of complicated evidence and into a quagmire filled with strange characters, who appear to have a secondary motive for their activities. The reader, as is always the case, is dragged around Cape Ann as our sleuth tries to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.  Also, the reader will find themselves dumped in that pot of boiling water known around the world as Haiti.  This is another thrilling adventure/mystery written especially for the citizens of Cape Ann to enjoy.  In 2015 there will be three more Tucker Norman novels.  Look for Rosie Crud, Johnny Hansom and Floyd in the early Spring of 2015.  Following that release look for Partly Aged Rosemary…And Time around mid-summer 2015.  Finally, around this time next year look for the release of The Boogeyman.  All Barry’s books are available on-line and at your local book store.  Also, if you have trouble finding any of Barry’s books he extends to you an open invitation to contact him via

     Barry wants to thank all his supporters for their years of dedication.

final black flag back coverFINAL COVER BLACK FLAG














The Unitarian Universalist Society of Rockport Holiday Fair will be help on Friday, December 5 from 4 till 9 p.m. and
Saturday, December 6 from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. at the church, 4 Cleaves Street, Rockport. Offerings will include furniture,
books, vintage jewelry and watches, the works of local artists, holiday crafts, themed gift baskets, vintage decorations, a
bake sale, and complimentary cider. There will also be a raffle for a 40-inch flat-screen TV. The drawing will be on
Saturday afternoon and winners need not be present to claim the set.


here’s an article from the Globe about the recent tragedy in management of the fishing industry