GloucesterCast 102: The Estrogen Episode- Four Broads and A Neanderthal #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast 102: The Estrogen Episode- Four Broads and A Neanderthal

Topics Include: 2014 Halloween Observations, The East Gloucester Hard Core Liberal Gang, Hartz Street Halloween Central, Electric Razors Are Gross, Jude Duckworth Should Be A Garden Gnome For Halloween, Outrage Over Poop Costume, Who Has Not Read The Children’s Book Everybody Poops?, Trick Or Treating At Fenway, Nichole Defends The Red Sox Ownership, Asking Nichole To Start A Thursday Pick Of The Week For Grade School Kid Weekend Family Activities, Clay Imaginations, Glazed Re-Opening Up At The Hive,  Words With Friends No Ad Upgrade Is $9.99, Who Knew The Term “Duckface”, Woman Walking Around NYC For 10 Hours Video, The Attractive Kid Giving A Girl Flowers vs The Nerdy Kid Giving Flowers, The Store Between Friendlies and China Port, Valentinos and Sebastians and Blacky, Rhumb Line Road Rally, Congratulations To Ryan Cox and Tracey Gansenberg From The Farm Bar and Grille Who Got Engaged Yesterday, Thanks Kim For My Second Bonavita Coffee Maker, While Recognizing The Convenience Of Keurig Coffee Makers I’ve Yet To Have A Completely Satisfying Cup Of Coffee From A Keurig Coffee Maker, Orange Coriander UFO Wheat Beer, Butternut Squash Soup, Kim Fails With Not Enough Salt On Her Pumpkin Seeds, Thank You Erin Rulli For The Chocolates, Italian Sugar Doesn’t Count, Irish Chocolate, Local Movie Theater Props, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, 32 Oz Movie Sodas Are Just Plain Wrong.

Joey Nicole Donna ©Kim Smith 2014

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The Move…

I can’t begin to thank Capt Pete Mondello enough for his recommendation for the cryovaced (spelling?) frozen 8 oz portions of tuna at Market Basket for $6.50 per lb.  Also available at Stop and Shop.  Get the little container of real wasabi too.

So you get a portion, leave it out for a couple hours to thaw, cut open the package carve off a slice, spread on a little wasabi and drizzle soy sauce.  I stuffed myself with about 6.5 ounces.  Straight lean protein.  Delicious.  No Brainer city.


The lime tree, although protected from the wind, tipped over and some of the limes fell off. It needed culling anyway since it is now indoors for the winter. I’ll probably pick another dozen limes next weekend. Gin and Tonics and Pad Thai! I stuffed these in my pullover and now I smell like a fragrant lime. Just add gin. Oh wait, Pats in one hour, just in time.

If you missed Jon Butcher this morning, catch him tonight

If you missed Gloucester’s Jon Butcher on Aurelia Nelson’s 104.9 radio show “Curtain Up” this morning, you can catch him on Carmelita’s Bay State Rock tonight at 11:30 on WAAF!  Plus you’ll hear brand new songs from his upcoming CD, which you can get SIGNED on Saturday when he debuts the music LIVE @ the Larcom, just down the road in Beverly (tix still available here).

Here’s a song you won’t likely hear tonight, but you WILL on Saturday:


Stillwater Shot In Gloucester Now Playing At Cape Ann Community Cinema

Joey, we just finished a short film that was shot in Gloucester. Lead actor is based in Montreal but he maintains a summer home here. The film played on Thursday night as an Official Selection of the Cape Ann Film Festival ( Festival runs through Nov 16. Not sure if you post these sort of things to your site but if so then the information and link are below (film poster is attached):

Official Selection of the 2014 Cape Ann Film Festival

Synopsis: A man returns home after 20 years to find out what happened to the girl he loved and the money he lost.
Directed by Jon Halverson and Richard Notkin
Starring: Richard Notkin, Patrick Halverson, Kevin Noonan, Kristine Halverson, Mark Stafford and Constance Ross
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 13 minutes, 32 seconds



Cat Ryan submits-

Main Street’s best-dressed list:

Fred Bodin’s masterclass in pirate chic layering, shopping super local over time from his longstanding retail neighbor, Bananas.

Just One Look…


Yesterday, as I was doing some framing in the gallery, I saw a great picture across the street. I went outside with my rollator and yelled: “Hey skeleton dog!” Jen Greeke of Gloucester and her dog Mona crossed the street and we took a photo. Jen has started her own fashion design company: Sometimes it only takes one look, and I know there’s a good photo to be captured.


Opening reception for photographic exhibit by Sarah Rydgren of Salem to be held Sunday, Nov. 2 12-2 p.m. at Stetson Gallery in Marblehead

From The Salem Patch:

November at the Stetson Gallery in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Marblehead will feature the photographs of Sarah Rydgren of Salem. Rydgren’s exhibit, ‘home,” will be celebrated at an opening reception on Sunday, November 2, from 12-2 p.m. at the Gallery, located at 28 Mugford St., Marblehead.

Sarah Rydgren, a 28 year native of Salem, has always had an interest

in the outdoors, nature, travel and photography. She briefly studied

film photography at Montserrat College of Art, however, she is

completely self-taught in digital photography, specializing in Nikon

DSLR Cameras and Adobe Photoshop. Sarah is now pursuing a

Bachelor’s Degree in environmental biology and geology at Salem State

University and works as a Ranger in Ipswich for the Trustees of

Reservations. She recently moved back to her hometown of Salem with

her 6 year old son, Maverick, and her two cats. You can often see

Sarah spending her free time hiking and photographing the North Shore.

She has been influenced by such photographers as Ansel Adams, Darren

Jew, Paul Nicklen and Paul Souders.

Rydgren calls this exhibit “home” because, she says, “Home is where you feel comfort, and most of my work displayed in this show was taken during the last year, while I was healing from my father’s death.

For the entire article click here

From Global Climate Crisis to Local Action: What Next?

Waterfront Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2014Concerned about climate change? Be among the first to envision a solution!

The Green Committee of the Gloucester UU church, in cooperation with the Cape Ann Forum and Gloucester’s Clean Energy Commission, will present a panel discussion on the rise of carbon pollution causing climate change, and what we can do to stop or reverse the damages. Seven panelists from a broad range of organizations will discuss how to develop a plan for Gloucester to become fossil fuel-free or carbon neutral in a decade.

This event will be held Sunday evening beginning at 7pm at the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church and is free and open to the public. The panel discussion will be followed by a question and answer period, concluding at 8:45. All are invited to stay for a reception concluding at 9:45. This event is sponsored by the Superior Nut Company.

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