Making a Better Gloucester – Help erect the new playground at the Oval.

Steve Winslow writes-


Volunteers are still needed to help erect the new play equipment at the Oval / Palazola Field this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  The Oval is off of Centennial Avenue – near Harvard Street.

Work will start rain or shine Thursday morning November 6th at 8 AM..  If you can turn a wrench – we can use you..(we’ have the wrenches) Bring a wheel barrel if you can. Lunch provided.

Online volunteer registration is available at

Community members can also contact Councilor Steve LeBlanc at or Senior Project Manager Stephen Winslow at (978-282-8007). 

Thanks for helping to spread the word.

Stephen Winslow

Mass in Motion – Cape Ann

3 Pond Road

Gloucester MA 01930


Madhouse Today…

I swear you couldn’t dream up this scene to paint it just the way it was at that very moment when I snapped the shot in between offloading boats.

You couldn’t have dreamed up the clouds or the sun breaking through at just the right angle to lead straight down the harbor to our dock. You couldn’t have dreamed up the lobster boats waiting to offload at just the right perpendicular locations to frame the shot on either side of the lobster boat’s mast that was tied up at the dock. Picture perfect.

Sometimes amid the madness you don’t really have time to take it all in because you’re ass deep in work but that one capture you managed to fire off brings it all back and reminds you that yes indeed, it wasn’t a dream.

It’s Coming . . .

2014 holiday show poster2 copy

If you came to last season’s first Rocky Neck Holiday Art & Crafts Show, you know it is an event not to be missed.  This year promises to be even better.  Five weekends of great parties and a unique local holiday shopping experience on beautiful Rocky Neck.  The Center is now wheelchair accessible.

Miss Jon Butcher on the radio on Sunday? Listen to the podcast right here on GMG

In this excellent interview with host Aurelia Nelson on her North Shore 104.9FM show “Curtain Up”, Jon reveals secrets about his new CD, his new film project and his CD Release Concert on Saturday right down the road at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre.

Tickets still available here.

Best seats are in the Balcony here.


Pet of the Week-Sasha

Oh boy do I love toys!  Playing with balls and stuffed toys is in the top two on my list of fun things to do.  Hanging out with you comes in at first place of course!

sasha 2

Did you hear that the Cape Ann Animal Aid is going to be doing a Santa Paws photo event at Ace Hardware in Rockport?  Yup, on November 22nd from 11am to 2 pm Santa is going to be there taking Holiday wishes from and cute pictures of all sorts of lucky pooches.

sasha 1

If I am still here at the shelter I hope one of the volunteers brings me to Ace Hardware so Santa can grant my wish, a family to call my own!  For more information on adoptable pets and upcoming events please visit

Well, Lookie Lookie

Donna, this one is for you.  There was much discussion last week about the “Duck Face” thanks to Joey’s post.  There was also a ton of talk about the video of the young lady who walked through Manhattan and was subjected to some shady comments being directed her way, as well as, a good deal of what could easily be called harassment.

So, during Sunday’s podcast (The Estrogen Episode), we brought both topics up.

The Duck Face post

10 Hours of Walking in NYC video

Hear the podcast here

The one and only Donna Ardizonni commented that the girl in NYC “wasn’t necessarily Gina Lollobrigida.”  Crickets.  Some of us didn’t necessarily get the reference at first.  What she meant was that she was no super model…she was just your average young lady.  Nor was she acting all “look at me” like some of the girls who take selfies all day long of their Duck Face and then smack them all over social media.

So, curious, having heard the name, I wanted to refresh my memory of who exactly Gina Lollobrigida was.

And lookie what I found.

Gina herself doing the Duck Face!  Well, kind of.


Julianna Frontiero’s Fight Against Friedreich’s Ataxia Disease



A Childhood and family friend of Joey and I needs your help…

Tony & Debbie Frontiero write:

Dear friends and family and new friends we haven’t yet met.

On September 22, 2014, our daughter Julianna was diagnosed with a progressive degeneration disease called Friedreich’s Ataxia (Also known as FA, FRDA and the sister disease to ALS). I’m sure most of you are saying, What’s Friedreich’s Ataxia?  So did we.

FA is a very rare debilitating, life-shortening, degenerative neuro-muscular disorder. Currently only 20,000 people in the entire world have been diagnosed with FA. FA is progressive and will affect more and more parts of Julianna’s body over time. It’s affected her balance, so she can’t always walk well and sometimes falls, her hands will shake and she can’t easily coordinated things like putting pegs into a peg board. It’s causing scoliosis in her spine and is already affecting her heart and this is just the beginning. It causes un-coordination of limbs and as time progresses it will affect her ability to speak, see and possibly hear it is known to cause diabetes. Because FA is an inherited disease, once one family member is diagnosed any other siblings has a 1:4 chance to inherit the disease as well. This means our other daughter is now at risk. Worse yet, FA currently has no cure and no effective treatments.

How do you process this kind of news about your child? Our hearts are constantly breaking with fear and the possibility that we may lose our little girl long before she ever gets the chance to experience life. We watch her suffer in pain and cry about her body not working and kids teasing her about the way she walks and it’s killing us.

When we received the diagnosis, Julianna had just turned 11 only 2 weeks before. Our little girl has her whole life ahead of her. As a parent, you begin to ask yourself a million questions starting with – Why? Why my baby? Why not me instead? How can this be happening? To her? To our family?  The answers to the questions never come… Instead, your whole world collapses as you try to process what’s going on. Your life has just changed forever and as a parent you are helpless, you cannot do those things parents do everyday, make the pain go away, tell your child don’t worry everything will be okay. Unfortunately, we can’t stop the pain and we can’t stop this debilitating disease from taking over her life – our life.

Every day for Julianna is different – she has good days and bad but our job as parents is to keep it together so that her life can continue as ordinarily as possible. One day she’s running around playing with the other kids, giggling, laughing and bursting with energy – and other days she barely has the energy or strength to stand up. Julianna is aware of the fact that one day she will have to be in a wheelchair. When she asked me that question, I remember thinking I have to be honest. When I told her yes that she would most likely be in a wheelchair at some point, I remember the look on her face…….. devastation. I swear I couldn’t breathe. She starting sobbing hysterically and as we cried together I thought to myself, how can I ask my child to deal with and understand the very things that I myself cannot comprehend and am unwilling to accept?

Although there is no cure for FA, there are clinical trials, stem cell options and new studies that continually emerge. The medical community has found some success in slowing down the progression of the heart damage but nothing yet to slow down the progression of the many other symptoms associated with the disease.

We want to do everything possible to try to help Julianna but we are overwhelmed at the thought of the expenses that are to come – the travel costs to other countries for new clinical trials, medicine, medical bills, modification of our home and car to accommodate her future wheelchair needs… The list goes on and on… But it is scarier to think about what Julianna’s fate might be if we do not prepare ourselves for the expenses she will inevitably require as time goes on.

We can’t get through this difficult time alone. We need help, and, as humbling as it is to say, we need your help. Any contribution you can make to help Julianna would be greatly appreciated – whether it is a monetary donation or simply sharing this link with your friends and family.

We are not at 501(c)3 organization so any contributions that are given are considered gift donations and are not tax deductible.

(For those of you who do not like to donate on-line you can donate at your local TD Bank, to Julianna A. Frontiero)

We appreciate all of you for taking the time to read this.

Thank you,
Tony and Debbie Frontiero

To help Support this family Click link below


 A night of fundraising has planned by family and friends of Tony & Debbie Frontiero at Captains Carlos on Saturday November 22 @ 7pm

see below for ticket information and details

debi 7


deb 4 deb 3 deb 2

debi 6



Voting at the Magnolia Library

It was great to see so many citizens voting this morning. The Magnolia Library is the voting spot for Ward 5. West Parish School voters are voting at the Library as well.
The boy scouts are selling popcorn, the West Parish School has a great raffle and the Library is collecting donations for the fire victims.
November 4, 2014 Boy Scouts selling popcorn

November 4, 2014 West Parish Raffle

USS AGH Rehab Rebels

HalloweenPumpkinAGH5082wmTrue Story: At Addison Gilbert Hospital, dressed as pirate Captain Fred for an injection, I had a little time before the Dial-A Ride bus ride home. The costumed Witch and Thing 1 in Oncology suggested I see the pumpkin carving contest display in the cafeteria. Not having my glasses on, I looked at the entrees. I picked my favorite. It happened to be the AGH Rehab Rebels, where I go for my PT now. I gave them my vote. Today I went to see them, and (brace yourself), free-walked 80 feet. My medical professionals and friends are helping me so much, and I’m trying to do everything right.

Sports Media Is The Worst (Except For Tony Kornheiser)

Manning Mannng Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning.
Oh we haven’t blown enough smoke up the Manning’s Asses yet?

Let us correct that-
Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Manning Oh and yeah, Manning.

Peyton, Eli, it doesn’t matter, they just can’t help themselves. Before the Pats/Denver Game it’s all about how Payton Manning is the best QB of all time despite Brady owning him on 95% of the statistics including the most important ones- Superbowl Wins and Head to Head.

Last Night’s Monday Night Football was 80% pre-game talk about the Giants and Eli Manning with an occasional blurb about the Colts.

Results: Pats Smoke Denver and Indy Crushes The Giants.

Go make another commercial Peyton.
photo- Barstool Sprorts