Do Any of Our Readers Know Why the Entire Swan Family at Henry’s Pond Has Disappeared?

Cygnets ©Kim Smith 2014GMG Reader Denise Penta writes in the comment section of a previous GMG post “Exterminate All Swans” by 2015:

June 2, 2014

“In Rockport, MA across from Pebble Beach I enjoyed a male and female mute swan along with their 4 pens. Two days later, I returned to take more photographs and they were gone. I have asked the regular walkers in that area if they have seen them and to my dismay, they disappeared. At the same time, the ducks has 5 babies and now there are only 4. I also noticed many round indentures in the sandy water near the shore and wonder if an animal frolicked about consuming some ducks. I miss the swans terribly. I also drove around the waters where they are found throughout the summer, but to no avail.

Then after reading several articles, including this one, I learned what is occurring more frequently is that of hunting and removal by state and federal wildlife officials. State and Federal wildlife officials are removing Mute Swans and killing them so that they can open new habitats to introduce the larger Trumpeter Swan species which will in the next few years be used as a Trophy Waterfowl for hunting purposes. Wildlife budgets are experiencing huge deficits and now wildlife officials are trying to enhance these budgets by enticing hunters through Trophy Waterfowl which will greatly increase hunting and the cost of hunting permits.

We have been fighting with other entities to stop this killing and have successfully worked with legislators in New York to introduce legislation to stop the killing of Mute Swans in New York until wildlife officials can present true research instead of the false basis for killing the swans that have been perpetuated upon the taxpayer. Yes, the taxpayer is funding this killing and reintroduction of the Trumpeter Swans so that a few of the population can enjoy them by killing them.

I would like to know who in God’s name gave these people permission to plan the killings and replacements? The government does not have an all-rights to nature and without votes from the public, there should be great protests to such an elimination. I would be the first one with a sign if I find the government removed our beloved swans.”

Addendum from Denise: “I apologize, I clicked send before placing quotations from the source that I got the information from, so here is the site link to where I got the information.”

18 thoughts on “Do Any of Our Readers Know Why the Entire Swan Family at Henry’s Pond Has Disappeared?

    1. I am curious as to how the babies are moved by their parents because they can’t yet fly. We’ve all been looking for them all around the area and still no sightings reported as far as I know.


      1. I’ve seen cygnets being carried on a parent’s back, tucked into folded wings. However, when I first read the headline, I thought of coyotes or foxes. Adult swans would put up a heck of a fight, though, and there would be evidence.


        1. That sounds like a beautiful thing to see and I hope so much that is what happened.

          Neighbors in the area of Henry’s Pond told me that after photos of the cygnets were posted on GMG, crowds appeared, which made the adults visibly upset. We can hope the family moved to a quieter location.


  1. Who knows if this is true or not, but I heard the babies are taken by snapping turtles every year, and that the only season the offspring survived is the year they (whoever is in authority to do so) trapped and removed the turtles.


  2. If this is true, it is a crime against nature and a dreadful abuse of the public taxes. How can people be so blind to beauty, so ignorant of Nature’s balance, and so arrogant ? I pray that it is not the case, and that the swans are safe, to enjoy their tranquil life in a peaceful pond .


    1. Solange, here is part of my response to Denise from the original post re hunting the swans:

      Trumpeter Swans were never native to this region, as they were in New York, so I can’t imagine why anyone would try to introduce them to this region. Except for the reason you cited above. Would hunting be allowed in a neighborhood?


    2. The beautiful pair of swans have been nesting on that gorgeous pond since a few years ago. I cannot believe anybody would have any interest in hurting them. They are already an icon of Rockport



    Barbara and Al Boudreau

    6 R Mondello Square

    Gloucester, MA 01930



  4. I saw the swans parents and 4 cignets on Henry’s Pond on May 25th, and all of them were about to cross the road to go to the ocean. They surely are near Front Beach, or surroundings.
    Don’t worry, they must be Ok. I love them too


      1. You’re welcome. Don’t worry, the swans parents are very busy and they keep moving around, I suppose it’s for not giving a chance to predators. I’ll go there soon and should
        I see the swan family at Henry’s Pond, or around Front Beach I’ll let you know.


  5. Sadly, I agree with the snapping turtle hypothesis. The Cobb and Pen are exhausted after so much delay with the cold, nesting, mating, incubating, rearing the cygnets with WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE hovering. They probably flew off to stretch their wings, share their sadness and take a break. The GOOD news is that Pond neighbors neither saw nor heard anything. Also, a neighbor in waders covered the perimeter of the pond and there were absolutely NO SIGNS of any violence–no feathers etc. As to the horrid “environmental police”: they would have to have come in daylight and FOR SURE people who live overlooking the pond would have seen them. Can’t WAIT to see out friends agaon. We check all beaches and ponds daily!


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