American Robin ©Kim Smith 2014A quick post for our Robin friends.

Robins do not eat bird seed. With very little fruit remaining on the branch and the ground once again covered in snow, I made a quick trip to Essex Bird Shop yesterday to pick up a tub of mealworms. Our resident Robins quickly found the little tray we had set out and it was clear that they were very hungry.

Mealyworms for Robins and Bluebirds ©Kim Smith 2014

Oftentimes you’ll see a robin cocking its head, as if it were listening for earthworms. Robins have what is called monocular vision, which means their eyes are on the sides of their heads and that the eyes can work independently of each other. The robin is not hearing the worm, but seeing it! Worms make up about 20 percent of the American Robin’s diet.

American Robin Flock ©Kim Smith 2014American Robin Flock Halibut Point

The Robin is the One

That interrupt the Morn

With hurried — few — express Reports

When March is scarcely on –

The Robin is the One

That overflow the Noon

With her cherubic quantity –

An April but begun –

The Robin is the One

That speechless from her Nest

Submit that Home — and Certainty

And Sanctity, are best            – Emily Dickinson

More about the American Robin:

Birds of Cape Ann: The American Robin and Bird Food!

I Love Sumac!

WTF! Crocodile on Wingaersheek Beach!

brendas crocodile

Breaking News!  Brenda Malloy was walking on Wingaersheek Beach around noon today and discovered this partially eaten crocodile (or alligator) carcass.  She estimates its length to have been at least 8′ long, as more than 4-1/2′ of it still remains.  What do you folks out there see – crocodile, alligator, baby sea serpent, and where did it come from?  It was right above the high tide mark, so if you want to see it, get out there before dark.  It is located on the beach in front of the stucco mansion with the red roof.

E.J. Lefavour

Pharaoh’s Daughter @ Shalin Liu on March 23

World View! A Benefit Concert for Temple Ahavat Achim honoring Amy and Mark Adrian Farber for their 40 years of service!

Featuring “Pharaoh’s Daughter


Sunday, March 23rd at 4 pm at the breathtaking Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport, MA!

Tickets are almost sold out – get yours NOW! General admission is $50/per person.

We look forward to seeing you at this fabulous event!!

Can you Smell The Hot Italian Bread Baking in Sista’s Kitchen ?



This morning my new comare Maria Cannavo  came over to help me make the St. Joseph bread for tomorrow feast. In less then 3 hours we sampled our first batch of hot Italian bread… Heavenly….. OMG …..Delicious!  Monday we plan to meet again to make the bread for Next Tuesday nights S.t Joseph Trolley Festivities! Thank you Maria I’t always fun baking with you!  XO Muah  



Morning Sun

It must be warm being in the sun and between the window and the shade. As is said sometimes, these shots were “offense by accident”, I saw this guy out of the corner of my eye driving through Magnolia. Turned around and he waited for me…

A Moment in the Sun
A Moment in the Sun
A Profile in the Sun
A Profile in the Sun


Make Sista Felicia’s Orange and Finochio (fennel) Salad

Orange and Finochio (fennel) Salad

all photos and recipe from Sista Felicia

5 Finochio (fennel bulbs)
8 oranges
1/2 cup fresh mint leaves
¼ cup fresh oregano leaves
1 medium onion
Juice of 2 lemons
½ cup pitted black olives
¾ cup olive oil
1 tablespoon Masala wine
1 teaspoon sugar
½ teaspoon kosher salt
½ teaspoon fresh ground pepper
¼ cup fresh squeezed orange juice


Step 1: using a sharp knife cut both ends of orange, off and discards ends


Step 2: place flat side of orange on a cutting board and place the blade of the knife under the pith of orange and guide the knife in a downward direction removing the skin


Step 3: repeat steps 1 & 2 with remaining oranges

Step 4: place one skinless orange in your hand and insert a paring knife into both sides of orange sections membrane’s to remove skinless orange slices and reserve in a bowl



Step 5: reserve fresh orange juices in a small bowl by squeezing juices from reaming sectioned orange membranes


Step 6: remove the long stems and any outer damaged skins from the fennel bulbs and discard


Step 7: Using a mandolin slice onion very thin and reserve


Step 8: using mandolin slice fennel bulbs very thin and reserve


Step 9: Juice lemons over a small strainer to capture any seeds and pulp


Step 10: chop fresh mint


Step 11: Chop fresh oregano


Step 12: layer ½ Finochio (fennel) slices onto a large platter


Step 13: top Finochio (fennel) slices with 1/2 of the orange slices


Step 14:  layer ½ the onion slices over the orange layer


Step 15 Repeat steps 12, 13, and 14


Step 16: Sprinkle chopped mint and orange over the top layer


Step 17: scatter black olives over the top of the salad


Step 18: add reserved orange juice, olive oil, masala wine, sugar, salt and pepper to the lemon juice pulse until dressing ingredients become evenly incorporated

Step 19: pour evenly over the entire salad and finish with a dusting of fresh ground pepper, serve at room temperature or chill in the refrigerator for one hour before serving



Stupid is as Stupid Does

Effff.  Again.  What the hell is my problem?

I need spring to hurry up and get here, like yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday…

Yesterday, I grabbed my keys and phone, threw on my coat, realized I had a second to actually pee alone, took the opportunity to multitask by simultaneously going over my mental to-do list, and then heard voices.  I actually took a second to look in the toilet….cause, you know, its possible that the voice was coming from there….and then dismissed it, flushed, zipped, washed my hands (honestly), and ran out the door.  I took my phone out of my pocket to check the time….and realized where the voice was coming from.  Efff.  Pocket dialed mid pee.  Left a message of the whole damn thing.

Flash forward just a few short hours.  Got home, unpacked backpacks, hung up coats, unpacked lunch boxes, chucked filthy snow pants + jackets into the laundry, jumped into shower….with…my…socks…on…again.  Yes, again.  Because, unbelievably, I did that once last year too.

What the hell?!  Mid march madness in my mommy brain?  Seasonal distressed disorder causing disorder to my order?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to be busier than anyone else…maybe just stupider.  (see what i did there)     😉

But not this stupid, yet.


Community Photos 3/14/14

Gloucester Railway,Rocky Neck photo From Anthony Marks

Gloucester Railway Rocky Neck

The burned out hulk of a house at the corner of Washington st. and
Mansfield st is finely being demolished after two and a half years. In
its place will be a new building with retail space on the first floor
and townhouses on the upper floors.


Woodpeckers from Gail Byrnes

Friday March 14th , 2014 Cape Ann Forecast..

Marine Forecast…
Fri: W winds 10 to 15 kt…becoming SW in the afternoon. Gusts up to 25 kt. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Fri Night: SW winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 30 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.
Sunrise 6:53AM Sunset 6:49PM
High Tide10:42am / 9.0 / 11:07PM / 8.7
Low Tide 4:20AM / 0.9 / 4:48PM / 0.5
Waxing gibbous
Visible: 91% ↑
Age: 12 Days

Video Cast …..

Possible scenario for Monday ! Stay tuned .. To early to tell …

Hourly Forecast ….




Thanks for viewing …
Peter Lovasco
Weatherman AKA “Lovascometer “

Community Stuff 3/14/14

Hey there Joey! Backyard Growers and Burnham’s Field Community Garden are co-hosting our first annual seed swap – here’s the info! Thank you for your awesomeness!


Join Backyard Growers and Burnham’s Field Community Garden

for our first annual SEED SWAP event!

Come for new seeds, bring your own from last year to trade with friends and neighbors, and get some support perusing this year’s seed catalogues and dreaming of the harvest you will reap from your vegetable garden.

We’ll also be offering a couple demonstrations: seed starting basics and how to make a plastic bottle sub-irrigation system.

WHO: All folks associated with Backyard Growers and Burnham’s Field 

PLUS any and all local gardeners who would like to join us!

WHERE: City Hall Auditorium

WHEN: Tuesday, April 1 from 6:30-8 PM

BRING: The event is free, but please make sure you bring seeds to swap! 

QUESTIONS: Contact Lara atlara@backyardgrowers.org

or Courtney atburnhamfieldcommunitygarden@gmail.com

RSVP on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/BackyardGrowersProgram/posts/795394827156520

For more info on Backyard Growers: www.backyardgrowers.org

For more info on Burnham’s Field Community Garden: www.burnhamsfield.org/community-garden

Gloucester Police Department, Healthy Gloucester Collaborative, and Gloucester U at Gloucester High School have partnered to bring a brand new course to the Gloucester U after-school program!
Students will work hands on with GPD and other instructors from the field, travel to various exciting locations, and even have the opportunity to earn 1 academic credit!
Click the link below to Register for the Course!  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/175dEHKu5mb3oyFkKRXAHcGlHI8XDlKqwL9BZSs9Whns/viewform

For more information got to Go to http://gloucesteru.weebly.com/new-course-offerings-session-2.html or Contact:

Samantha Whitney 

Lead Program Coordinator
Gloucester High School Library 



A Reading & Discussion from David Abel about Poet Edward Marshall

Gloucester, MA – On March 28, the Gloucester Writers Center presents a reading by David Abel from his own work and a discussion about his ongoing research into the work of poet Edward Marshall at the Gloucester Writers Center, 126 E Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930 from 7:30-9pm.

            Poet, editor, and bookseller David Abel is the author most recently of Float (Chax Press), Tether (Barebone Books), andCarrier (c_L Books). A founding member of the Spare Room reading series, entering its thirteenth year, with Sam Lohmann he publishes the Airfoil poetry chapbook series. He is the proprietor of Passages Bookshop, and was an inaugural Research Fellow of the Center for Art + Environment of the Nevada Museum of Art. Recently he curated the exhibitions Chax Press: Publishing Poetics for Pacific NW College of Art and Object Poems for 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

The Gloucester Writers Center was founded in 2010 to save the late poet Vincent Ferrini’s home and turn it into a working writer’s center. Its mission is to preserve, promote, and celebrate Cape Ann’s rich literary legacy and to encourage writing and the belief that all voices count.

If you would like more information about what the Gloucester Writers Center does or any of the recent events, workshops and classes visit gloucesterwriters.org

“The Gloucester Writers Center is a working writer’s center in a working town.“