M. June Opper- Goldenblatt Asks About Wolfs- Anyone Wanna Chime In On This?

Hi Joey. 

I just happen to stumble on your website while I was looking for some information on the grey wolf.

My husband and I moved into our new house four years ago. 

We are fortunate to have many wild animals around us. 

We live at the end of a short cull de sac with a small amount of woods behind us. 

We have seen fox, ( the babies playing hide and seek with one another) 

deer, turtles, rabbits, coyote, mice, ground, hogs wild turkey ducks and now geese.

BUT we have also seen something that no one believes.

I was glad my husband was with me at the time, otherwise I would have thought I was nuts.

(well I am  but not because of this. HA!) .

We have a rather large green lawn ( it was once planned to be a pool area)

and one afternoon sitting right in the exact middle of the yard was a large grey Wolf.

At first I just looked at it and felt confused. Was it a huge dog? A coyote? 

I called in my husband and we just stood there at the window overlooking the whole scene completely mesmerized. 

The Wolf sat proud and high like a NAI. Then, along come two beautiful young fox who merrily danced around the wolf. 

It was amazing and neither of us could move to get the camera for fear we might miss something.

This seemed to go on for a very long time. Or maybe I was hoping it would never end. 

Eventually the fox skipped into the woods on one side and the wolf went to the edge of the woods and urinated. 

Then disappeared in the trees. A couple of nights later I heard him howling (and the dog down the street whimpering). 

I have been looking for info for at least two years after this happened. And looking for the wolf since he marked his existence in our yard.

Every one we tell the story to always say we could never have seen it because grey wolves are extinct here. ( Stow, MA)

And they laugh at the part about the red foxes). Actually I found an article saying that there was a grey wolf siting a while ago in Stow.

And another saying a wold my travel with a fox but that doesn’t add up in other fact articles. They are not friendly.

A couple of nights ago we were trying to decide what movie to watch ( we watch movies when we are not watching wolves ect.) and I said out of the blue 

Let’s watch Dances With Wolves. I don’t know why I thought of it and I have never seen it on TV. BUT the next night it came on!! 

So of course now I am thinking about the wolf that people either don’t believe we saw and wishing for its return.

I was writing you to see if you had ever heard anything like that before. Or heard of grey fox sitings in the Massachusetts area. 

And, if you are still reading this, thanks for your time and thoughts , if any.

Best wishes, 

M. June Opper- Goldenblatt

It’s a Wrap ~ Viva San Giuseppe!

Saint Joseph Feast ©Kim Smith 2014 -2Nina and Frank Groppo

Yesterday, March 19th, The Feast of San Giuseppe was celebrated in Siciliain-American homes throughout Gloucester. Filming concluded last night for Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Community Film Project at the home of Nina and Frank Groppo.

Saint Joseph Feast ©kim Smith 2014

I arrived shortly after 9:00 am to the Groppo home, already packed full of friends and family prepping and cooking and organizing the house to accomadate the multitudes expected. For fear of missing any wonderful moments, I was sorry to leave even briefly, but I needed to pick up the exquisite Sicilian cassata cake created by Maria, Nina, and Domenic at Caffe Sicilia.

Sicilian cassata cake ©Kim Smith 2014.Sicilian Cassata Cake

Saint Joseph Feast -©Kim Smith 2014. -6 JPGReturning to the Groppos ~ After days of preparation, cooking was in high gear, with enormous pots of Saint Joseph sauce simmering, vats of oil bubbling, and everyone working at their jobs. One of the most amazing aspects of the Groppo feast preparations is that no one person is giving orders; everybody just knows what to do and does their job perfectly!

At 11:30 guests began to arrive, and arrive they did! Literally hundreds of friends and family poured through the Groppo’s welcoming  doors throughout the day.

Saint Joseph Pasta ©Kim Smith 2014After the extraordinary feast–extraordinary for the variety of, and deliciousness of, traditional Sicilian dishes, a feast for several hundred guests, I should add–many stayed for the afternoon; for conversation, coffee, desert, more wine, and tidyng the house for the next wave of family and friends, which began to arrive at 4:30.

The most beautiful of all prayer services was held at 5:00, where at the conclusion everyone stood shoulder to shoulder, holding hands, singing, and praying. Nina gave a most heartfelt speech of thanksgiving and then everyone embraced. The loving spirit of Saint Joseph, and the love and kindness of family and friends sharing a tradition together, was felt by all. And then we ate again, the second feast of the day!

Saint Joseph Feast  -2©Kim Smith 2014.

Filming at the Groppo Family’s Saint Joseph Feast was simply beyond wonderful and I have a trunk full of memories I will treasure all my life. My most heartfelt thanks to Nina and Frank Groppo, and to their their extended Family and Friends for more than just allowing filming during their cherished Feast of Saint Joseph preparations, novena, and feast day, but for for making me feel welcome and completely at home! The thing is, they make everyone feel that way. Many come to the Groppo’s Feast straight away from work, fisherman and marine railway workers eat alongside businessmen in suits, and all are welcome at the Groppo table.

Words cannot accurately express my gratitude and appreciation to all the families that participated in the filming of Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph community film project. My sincerest hope is that the film will hold stories and moments for all to treasure.

Saint Joseph Feast ©Kim Smith 2014-5I think the most challenging part of the upcoming editing is going to be in following the documentary’s screenplay, which I wrote several years ago, about the history and significance of the traditions, while weaving together everyone’s stories, and including all the priceless, spontaneous moments captured on film.

This post is a little hurried and I would like to write more, but it is my son’s 21st Birthday celebration tonight. Time for birthday dinner cooking to get underway. Viva San Giuseppe!!!

Saint Joseph Feast Pasta ©Kim Smith 2014.

Updates will be added periodically to the film’s website: Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Film Project

Making Saint Joseph Altar Bread

Saint Joseph Altar Bread ©Kim Smith 2014Saint Joseph Altar Bread

Spring is Here and Cape Ann is Coming ALIVE – Check out this weekends live music!

As always check online for the lastest updates:

TOMORROW, Friday, March 21, 2014

Linda Amero 7:00 pm LINDA AMERO
Menage a Trio with special guest Jack Senier (piano) & & Mark Pucci (bass)

118 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-283-7888
Giuseppe’s Ristorante and Piano Bar
2 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-879-4622

The Runaround Sound 9:00 pm THE RUNAROUND SOUND
Dog Bar
65 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-281-6565

Soul Rebel Project 9:00 pm Listen to Soul Rebel Project SOUL REBEL PROJECT
Roots Rock Reggae!

Minglewood Tavern
25 Rogers Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
Phone: 978-281-0223

The Bandit Kings 9:30 pm Listen to The Bandit Kings THE BANDIT KINGS
One of the last shows ~ Don’t Miss

40 Railroad Ave, Gloucester, MA
Phone: 978-283-9732
Don't Miss a Night of Roots American @ Shalin Liu on 4/6

An Evening of Roots Americana with Annalivia And Ari & Mia
Annalivia is a New England-based string-band drawing from tradition & today to create their own brand of new acoustic folk music, alive with new energy & innovation. Members:Liz Simmons, Flynn Cohen, & Emerald Rae are all masterful players of bluegrass to Irish, Scottish & Old Time Appalachian music
Don’t Miss a Night of Roots American @ Shalin Liu on 4/6

Continue reading “Spring is Here and Cape Ann is Coming ALIVE – Check out this weekends live music!”

Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight with Brian Templeton, Billy Loosigian & Dave Mattacks on drum 8-11at The Rhumb Line

DSC09424 (1)

Dave says,

  The Happy Ending Social Club is proud to present Mr. Brian Templeton to our stage this week. Last time he was here, the joint had to be repainted. Mr. B., nasty harpist and vocallist that he is, will have you on the floor with his myriad vocal keenings and  harmonica sorties.DSC09412

Backing his play on Qatar will be Mr. Billy Loosigian, real estate mogul and cosmetic mutilation expert. Dive-bombing from behind will be our atomic clock, Mr. David Mattacks. And me, too. We hit at 8 P.M. Don’t be a cube, rube; go ape!

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732


For the Love of Eggs Benny! Mamie’s & Two Sisters

I have a passion for food. And I have an even greater passion for breakfast food. Wether it’s prepping, making sauces, waffles, pancakes, fried eggs, scrambled, home fries, green chili covered breakfast burritos, bacon, and biscuits…I LOVE IT ALL!
Then there’s Eggs Benedict, no first meal has a sense of class and sophistication like Eggs Benny. So I offer to you my first two masterful examples fashioned by two of our finest local King’s of the Cooktop. First up: Linguica Eggs Benedict by Chris DeWolfe.

Sweet baby Jesus, just look at that!
Pure Portuguese porky perfection lies just below soft egg pillows draped with the hollandaise of the gods!

If your yolk doesn’t ooze out like a river of gold, you’ve been betrayed and bamboozled! And if you don’t like an oozing yolk, you have failed as a human.

Next up is Two Sisters, home of some very impressive breakfast masterpieces. Most of the time you will be pampered by great food and tons of laughs with this young man, Aaron Poole, and I mean tons of laughs!

Aaron has prepared perhaps the greatest combo in Eggs Benny history. May I present to you, Eggs Benedict Surf and Turf!

What’s under there you ask? The “Surf” comes by way of the Fisherman’s Benny Fish Cake, and the “Turf” travels to your plate from the Emerald Island of Ireland, the Homemade Corned-beef hash! That right there is what dreams are made of folks, dreams.

I should mention the masterful home fries, but I think you can smell them from where your at. Now go, venture out, eat well, and report back your findings of true love.

Pet of the Week- Zoe

Zoe is still looking for her furever home!


My name is Zoe, I am a senior lady looking for a forever home.   My family moved and was not able to bring along – they felt badly and thought if I were placed at the beautiful Cape Ann Animal Aid, located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, I would have a good change to find a family that loved me as much as they did.   I am affectionate and mellow girl.

I love going for walks and riding in the car.  I am not a big fan on being at home alone – I would like to join you at work if that is possible and if you are retired, that means we can spend lots of time together.    I have shared a home with cats in the past.

I am not too bothered by the other pups here at the shelter and I love all the staff and volunteers!

I hope you might give me a chance and plan to stop by and visit me soon.  I am so excited about having a family to love me again, I could cry!   Please learn more about me and the shelter by visiting:


Joey C. Approved Pani Cunsatu




Are you wondering what to do with your St. Joseph Bread rolls?….This is a MUST TRY recipe! Joe Pace sells fresh Ricotta Cheese brought in from New York twice per week…Trust me it’s worth the trip to their store in Saugus Ma. to purchase this amazing cheese!

Pani Cunsatu


1  St. Joseph Italian Bead  Roll or 1 whole  Italian Bread cut into  3 inch wide wedge

1/4 cup Fresh Ricotta Cheese

1-2 tablespoons Pesto (recipe featured in Gifts of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia;Harvest on page #37)

2-3 Red Roasted Pepper strips

1/2 teaspoon Olive Oil

1/8 teaspoon freshly ground pepper


1 slice bread in half

2 spread Fresh Ricotta Cheese over bottom half

3  spread Pesto over ricotta and top with Red Roasted Peppers

pane consutu

4 drizzle olive oil and season with freshly ground pepper; fix top bread half; serve

Joe Pace and Sons is located @ 190 Main Street Saugus Ma 01906 #781-231-9599…don’t forget to tell them Sista Felicia from GMG sent you!

Watching Black and White Birds

I saw two large black birds in a nearby tree, too large to be crows. Today, a big seagull was perched on the peak of a roof. The bird had an injured leg, just like me. For the homie, it''s do or die time. I balance my laptop while in bed, trying to not bend my legs and cause pain. Homie flew away, and I write this and wait for my physical therapy.
I saw two large black birds in a nearby tree, too large to be crows. Today, a big seagull perched on the peak of a roof. The bird had an injured leg, just like me. For the homie, it”s do or die (fly) time. I balance my laptop while in bed, bending my legs and causing pain. Homie flew away, as I write this and wait for physical therapy. These are the hands we have been dealt.

Oh, Well Hello There!

Today, being the first day of spring, I’ve been getting all giddy about the fun that is dangling like a dandelion in front of our noses.  I’m not a winter person.  Honestly, I kind of hate it.  Summer is without a doubt our first round draft pick in the seasonal line-up.  But spring is at least, thank goodness, the gateway to summer.  So, I’ll take it!

Bring on the sunshine!   Bring on the fun afternoons after school rather than the dreary drive home in the dark for yet more cooped up cuckoo-crazies in our far-too-small bungalow by the beach.

Bike rides, roller blading, baseball, runs with the dog, ice cream, driving ranges, quick round of mini death golf.  Bring. It. On!  I can’t even stand how excited I am.

Here is a perfect example of how the Schraffts roll when spring’s earthly goodness finally graces us!  Just after spring’s long awaited arrival this time last year, we left school with that “the world is our oyster”+ “no one can get in our way” slap happiness that can only come with the sunshine.  When given a choice of spring-esque activities the boys chose to head to Richardson’s Dairy in Middleton for a little ice cream therapy.  While there, we checked out the cows in maternity row (I kid you not) and saw a big mommy looking like she was ready to blow.  Indeed she was!  Within minutes she (and we) welcomed her little calf into the world.  Although, by the “Oh, well hello there” look upon her face, she hardly seemed to notice.  Must be nice.  Behold spring and all of its warm fuzzies!!!

Check out Richardson’s Dairy here! 

Is it Spring yet ???

Today at 6:20 AM


The arrival of Spring — the Vernal Equinox — will cross our threshold TODAY, Thursday, March 20th at 12:57pm. After this challenging Winter — we sure could use it. Let nature’s renewal commence!!!

Wishing you warmth & sunshine & glowing health & peace. 

Tom Philbrook


Thursday March 20th Cape Ann Weather..

Marine Forecast…
Small Craft Advisory
Thu S winds 10 to 15 kt…becoming W in the afternoon. Gusts up to 20 kt. Seas 3 to 5 ft. Rain likely. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.
Thu Night W winds 10 to 15 kt…increasing to 15 to 20 kt after midnight. Gusts up to 25 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.

Morning showers with clouds / late day sunshine highs 55-60 degrees!
Thursday Night temps in upper 30’s to lower 40s….
K folks that’s all I got …  .. Catch ya later … Have a great Thursday ….



Thanks for viewing …
Peter Lovasco

Community Stuff 3/20/14

Capt. Mike Parisi former owner of Three Lanterns Marine ,picked up some nice Dolphin fishing off Palm Beach Florida.Looking forward to come back to Gloucester to fish my charter boat F/V Amanda Marie, tight lines all

photo (67)

CATV’s “Lunch and Learn” Series 3/25 12pm

Hello Friends of Cape Ann TV,

We invite you to join us for a very special “Lunch and Learn” presentation on Tuesday, March 25th at noon. Our guest speaker will be Kevin Roy of Green Banana SEO. 

Kevin brings to the table more than 15 years of Internet development experience. During that period, he developed an online marketing expertise concentrated on analytics and conversion. Kevin’s focus on Search Engine Optimization prompted him to found Green Banana SEO, a company specializing in SEO for local businesses. Since the firm’s founding in 2009, Green Banana has experienced growth of over 400%.

Kevin will be discussing the benefits and challenges of SEO and Pay Per Click. He will cover keywords, creating content, building links, and ways to make sure your business is visible to search engines.  

If you have been wondering how to get your business onto page one of search results then you can’t afford to miss this presentation. 

Please join us for this informative presentation, pizza, and a Q&A with Kevin.

Feel free to invite friends and colleagues. RSVPs to erich@capeanntv.org.

Erich Archer
Executive Director
Cape Ann TV