Carl Sandburg Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

“Poetry is an echo asking a shadow to dance.”

Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)


An Illinois native, Sandburg left school at thirteen. He worked as a porter, bricklayer, coal heaver, and a farm laborer before briefly entering, but never finishing, college. He began his writing career at the Chicago Daily News and ultimately won three Pulitzer Prizes, two for his poetry in 1919 and 1951 and one for his widely read multi-volume biography of Lincoln, in 1940. Sandburg’s Rootabaga Stories, for children, and his accessible poetry made him a popular figure in mid-20th century America. It was Sandburg who characterized Chicago as “Hog Butcher for the World …City of Big Shoulders.” His American Songbag, a collection of folksongs, and his Grammy- winning recordings of these songs accompanying himself on solo guitar, did much to advance the folk revival of the 1960’s.

Although often attributed to others, it was Sandburg who said, “Sometime they’ll give a war and no one will come.”

We are still waiting.

Greg Bover

Gregory R Bover

David Cox vs Sports Illustrated

Catherine Ryan Submits-

Hey, Joey,

GMG photographers serve up passion and inspiration daily, so no surprise Joey recognizes local sports and talent on his blog.

Decisive shots by sports photographers freeze and interpret the best of sports moments: elements of beauty, determination, athleticism, emotion. GMG contributor, David Cox, is one hard-working pro photographer, known for just that. FOBs and residents know his shots of local school sports, crowds, events, nature and people.



Both are great photos and deserve high resolution inspection. See the stands in David’s– all the ohs and awes. The second photo is by Damian Strohmeyer on assignment from Sports Illustrated, published in the October 14, 2013 issue, pp 30-31 double page spread. We could do this comparison for the Koji Uehara leap-lift seen round the world, seconds after the Red Sox advanced to the 2013 World Series Game (various angles made it on many “pictures of the year” lists for 2013.) Sports Illustrated, national print media, game on! When Cox has a chance to be in the right seat at the right time, he doesn’t miss.

More David Cox photo examples

Somehow David Cox can shoot a clean background and direct our focus to the main event. Not easy to do. We look exactly where it’s needed, and have the bonus luxury to take our time for any all-over mosaic or atmosphere. 

David Cox, Gloucester’s BBB sports + more photographer. When he’s not crouching and climbing around for careful framing and action shots, he’s a fixture downtown as the proprietor of Main Street Arts and Antiques. You can visit there to see his art while browsing an eclectic mix of consignments. If you know David, his pictures and his store suit him.







We’re Off to See the Wizard!

photo 2 My friend, Briar Fandetti Forsythe, is a not only a fabulous baker, but also a movie buff. In April she is attending the Turner Film Festival, Los Angeles, where a huge celebration is scheduled for the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz (1939). In anticipation of her upcoming trip she’s combined two of her passions, whipping up a batch of cookies for her friends, featuring Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz!

photo 2-1

See Briar’s Virginia Lee Burton Little House cookies here.

WIZARD_OF_OZ_ORIGINAL_POSTER_1939Early Wizard of Oz Poster

As you’ve read here in previous posts, Briar is the proprietor of Willowdale Estate. Several times throughout the year, Willowdale holds fun family nights (free) with screenings of classic movies. It’s a great way to see the Estate, sample Briar’s exquisite cooking, and experience Willowdale’s welcoming hospitality!

Willowdale Estate ©Kim Smith2013Willowdale Estate, Topsfield

Note ~ My daughter Liv read, and reread, L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and the novel’s many sequels. It’s a fabulously captivating series not to be overlooked for your young reader!

Briar Fandetti-Forsythe cookie photos; The Wizard of Oz promotion posters courtesy google image search.

See more The Wizard of Oz original posters, lobby cards, and info about the 75th anniversary screening here: Continue reading “We’re Off to See the Wizard!”

LIVE BLOGGING: Sista’s St.Joseph Pasta Partay!

It’s going down huge here at Sista Felicia’s 50 lbs. of Pasta Throw Down! She has a crew (I should say staff!) of hard working ladies getting it done! Sista, the ring leader

Pat the Queen

Amanda the next generation

The crew

Eleanor the pasta master

Skyler learning the ropes

Barry’s home made pasta bunk bed


The Godmotha having a blast

Ella the pasta runner

Nichole keeps pasta city in order

The Chop Sistas, Andy n Gina

This is not Christine’s first rodeo

Pasta inverted skyline

The Alter

If you want some good laughs, and a great learning experience, you have to watch the live feed from pasta central!!!

Only a few tickets available at the door to see What Time Is It Mr. Fox? tonight at Old Sloop

If you’ve never seen this show, it’s a must, but you’d better get there early because advanced tickets all done.  Show starts at 7:30pm.   You can call ahead
978-546-6638 just to be sure you can get in.  It’s worth it, really!

mr fox old sloop

Let your voice be heard tomorrow

Grammy winners Charles Neville (bowing) & Amadee Castenell (waving) with Henri Smith (in white jacket) New Orleans Friends & Flavours at Larcom Theatre last night – photo: Sheila Roberts Orlando

The crowd was on their feet — and singing.  Last night was the rehearsal.

Tomorrow — at 3pm — Grammy Award winners Charles Neville and Amadee Castenell will be recording their Mardi Gras concert down the road at The Larcom Theatre in Beverly with Henri Smith and his band New Orleans Friends & Flavours for a new live CD and YOU can be in the audience.

All of you who’ve seen Henri before know that he always asks the audience to sing along, and tomorrow will be no exception.  Here’s your chance to be on a recording with multiple Grammy winning artists.  You can say to your kids, “Hear that voice singing perfectly on pitch in the chorus?  That’s me!”

Tickets start at $19 and are still available, but going fast.  Click here to get yours now!

National Geographic Travel Photography Seminar – Hartford

I signed up for this National Geographic Travel photo seminar. It is next Sunday in Hartford. Check the link for the details and if others sign up maybe we can figure a car pool..  It says Fall Series 2013, but don’t believe that. The link takes you to the registration for next Sunday.



Do you believe in the After Life or another dimension?
I believe after a loss of a love one you reach for anything that assures you that they are safe and happy.
After the loss of my son Paul and my Father within two months of each other in 2011, my belief became stronger after experiencing “Signs” of their presence. I guess it helps you get through the shock of losing a loved one.
Here’s something I found on Facebook that’s Fun and Amusing. Give it a try and share your results in the comment section.


Here are some photos of “Orbs” that I took over our pond in the back yard. My Son and Father watching over me? 🙂 I can only believe.

My Son? :)
My Son? 🙂
My Dad with Flare :)
My Dad with Flare 🙂

Seasonal Openings 2014; Part I

I got all tingly just typing that. “Seasonal Openings“. OMG these polar vortexes can kiss my ass this winter is almost over. The forsythia will bloom and next week you can scrape some hard ground and plant some peas on Saint Patrick’s because, well just because. And it’s lucky.

Seasonal Openings! posted on Facebook this morning this photo:bluelobster

Rubber Duck will be visiting Blue Lobster Grille for the first time on Sunday. Dock Square in Rockport. It used to be the Greenery which used to be the only place you could get WiFi in Rockport back in 2008. ( I drove over there and parked out front to read my email on my laptop in the morning.)

Rubber Duck QuickTips to Restaurants on the island: Send in your opening dates. Part II Seasonal Openings will be sent out within a couple of weeks announcing all of the April Fools Day openings. Another quicktip: Update your websites! I do not have a link here to the lovely Blue Lobster Grille website because it still says, “Closed For The Season, Thank you for a wonderful season.  See you in the spring!”. What?  They are not alone. I could list dozens of websites that still say that. Even if you aren’t open yet people are dying for a sign of spring. Post the date you are opening in BIG LETTERS IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR FRONT PAGE! On your website, your facebook page, your forehead. It’s Marketing 101, gin up interest, post entries on your facebook page with a countdown or a sign. I need a sign.

Go check out the Lobsta Land Facebook Page. That’s what I’m talking about.

It is 2014. Even Grandma uses the google, the Facebook, to find a place to eat.

Places to eat on Cape Ann

Caity O’Leary Is Bringing Her Lax Talent To Plymouth State

Caitlin Alice O’Leary, Gloucester (Gloucester, Mass.), attack/midfield
The 5-foot-8 senior has committed to play women’s lacrosse for Plymouth State University. O’Leary also
O’Leary is a three-sport athlete at Gloucester.
O’Leary is a three-sport athlete at Gloucester.
considered Coastal Carolina and plays club lacrosse with Home Grown Lacrosse. O’Leary was named Rookie of the Year in 2011 and has been named one of the Team Captains for the 2014 season. She was an all-star in 2013. In addition to lacrosse, the senior was awarded the Coach’s Award for soccer and indoor track in 2013.
“Loved the beautiful campus and its location, layout of school, athletic facility and plan to expand/update the current fields,” O’Leary said of why she chose Plymouth State. “Also, Coach Tracy and her coaching style, the close bond among my future teammates and Coach Tracy and the many opportunities available to me as a student/athlete.”
To have your commitment featured on Student Sports Lacrosse, fill out
– See more at:



Mary Barker Gets Artistic

Hi Joey,

Most of the photos I have tended to post on GMG are scenic or shots depicting work on the docks and boats around Gloucester.  However, many of the photos I take are more abstract or more narrowly focused, reflecting the beauty I find in interesting shapes, textures and angles.   

The Gloucester Marine Railway is a great place for me to combine these interests with my new love for boats and things nautical.  I always find the docks particularly beautiful during a snow storm.   The guys at GMR think I’m totally crazy as I always show up in the worst weather. 

Fred Bodin, who has been amazingly generous with his support of my photographic efforts, has been encouraging me to post some of my more artistic photos.  So, here are some shots I took during or just after recent snow storms.  These are from my Snow Angles Album (as opposed to snow angels).

Trying to find beauty during the worst of weather helps me get through these long dreary winters a bit more easily.

Thanks so much,

Mary Barker

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Community Stuff 3/8/14


Please join us

for our “Evening Of Excellence”

Wednesday, March 19th from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

in the O’Maley Common area

Students and Staff from all grades will present shining examples of their work in the classroom. There will be preview performances of

“Fame, Jr.”

Refreshments will be served.

A reminder that Elizabeth Reed’s talk and demo Cooking with Winter Vegetables is coming up this Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. at the Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church. A poster PDF is attached, as well as photos of the types of dishes that will be prepared. Yum!


Lung Cancer Screening

Addison Gilbert Hospital and Beverly Radiology Associates are offering a free low-dose chest CT screening to individuals who meet the established National Comprehensive Cancer Network’s (NCCN) high-risk criteria.  Persons between the ages of 50 and 74 who have smoked at least an average of one pack of cigarettes per day for twenty-years, may meet the criteria.  To learn if you meet the criteria, an initial assessment is required and may be taken by calling 1-855-CT- CHEST.

While private insurers and the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) do not currently cover low-dose CT lung screenings, and most hospitals charge a self-pay of at least $350. for this screening, Beverly Hospital is determined to help bring awareness and accessibility of this testing to all people at high-risk at no charge.

The screening does not obligate those who participate to return to a Beverly Hospital facility for any further screenings, for further evaluation of any findings or any other services that Beverly Hospital provides. 

Want to sample That Nutty Redhead gourmet nuts, and meet Victoriana Lady, host of Cape Ann TV’s All Things Victorian, dressed in her garb? Get to The Cave, 44 Main St. Gloucester MA Saturday 3/8 from 12-2 pm. Thanks for supporting small business!



Afternoon Light, Governor's Hill

Jeff Weaver Solo Show Of Works On Paper Opens At Rockport Art
12 Main Street – Rockport 
Sunday, March 16 – March 27, 2014

Gloucester artist Jeff Weaver will open a solo show of works on paper at the Rockport Art Association on Sunday, March 16th, with an artist’s reception from 2:00-4:00 PM.  The show will continue through March 27th in the Association’s Pearson Gallery.

Jeff Weaver has been a familiar figure along the Gloucester waterfront since the 1970’s.  A plein painter, he draws his inspiration from the working waterfront, gritty neighborhoods and architectural diversity of his adopted city, catching the unique and luminous quality of light on Cape Ann.  This show of works on paper will feature drawings in charcoal, pastel, watercolor and oil – some done as sketches or studies for larger works, others as finished pieces in themselves.

Born in Framingham MA, Weaver began drawing and painting early in life, accepting his first portrait commission at age 14.  He was the recipient of numerous awards for drawing and sculpting in high school, after which he went on to study at the Boston Museum School.    He moved to Gloucester in the ‘70’s and supported himself by working the wharves and painting boat commissions and interior and exterior murals, many of which have become iconic images we experience on a daily basis.

In the ‘90’s, he returned to creating fine art.  Weaver says . . . The use of a variety of mediums keeps me taking a fresh approach to seeing and expressing familiar subject matter.  The pastels in particular have a heightened sense of color and immediacy.  Although we are most familiar with Weaver’s oil painting, this show of works on paper will highlight the depth and diversity of this extremely talented artist.

The Association is open Tuesday – Sunday and is always free to the general public.  For information on the Weaver Show or other exhibitions currently on view contact RAA at:  978-546-6604, email at, or visit us at


Maritime Gloucester TALKS continue with weekly presentations from scientists, activists and local students on the theme of Climate Change. 


Mill River Consulting is sponsoring the March series. All presentations are free and open to the public with donations appreciated.  Weekly programs start at 7:00 p.m. on Thursdays in the Gorton’s Seafoods Gallery at Maritime Gloucester, 23 Harbor Loop, Gloucester, MA.  With limited capacity, advance reservations are strongly encouraged or by calling 978 281-0470 or clicking the links below.  In April, Maritime Gloucester will host the UMass Large Pelagic Research Center’s annual speakers series.
March 13
Climate Change and Fisheries, Dr. Jonathan Hare, Director, Narragansett Lab, NOAA Fisheries.  Dr. Hare will discuss changes in climate in the Northeast region and the specific impacts on marine ecosystems and fisheries through engaging graphics and animation. Dr. Hare is the director of the NOAA Narragansett Laboratory and oversees the operational oceanography programs for the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. He is also involved in regional and international ocean observing activities and climate change studies.
March 20
In the Field:  A Showcase of Student Climate Related Projects from around Cape Ann, Liz Duff, Education Director, Mass Audubon and Students and Faculty from Rockport Middle School, Manchester Essex Regional High School and Gloucester High School.  Students in our regional schools are engaged in many important and diverse projects related to climate change.  Come and learn about their contributions to the field of study of climate change.
March 27
Climate Change and its Effects on Local Coastal Geology, Rebecca Haney, Coastal Geologist, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management.  Rebecca will discuss coastal geology of Massachusetts and the effects that climate change is having on the Commonwealth’s vast shoreline.

Seniors & Addiction – Presentation at SeniorCare

Healthy Gloucester Collaborative invite you to:

Seniors & Addiction  to be presented by Sue Hochstedler, R.N., LADC1, Senior Clinician, Discover Program at Addison Gilbert Hospital, on Thursday, March 13 from 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.  The free presentation will be held at SeniorCare, Inc,

49 Blackburn Center, Gloucester.

For questions or to register, please call Stasia Satterfield at or




Hi Joey, this is an event on Sunday afternoon at the Gallery, couple of great local musicians, and a couple of great dancers out from Boston, and free.  If you are inclined, would you please run this on GMG at next opportunity?  Thanks!

Sunday, 9 March 2014, 5pm

Trident Gallery presents “All Over Again”


An evening of music and dance performance heralding the return of spring and marking the beginning of “Persephone’s Return,” the fourth and final phase of the trans-discipline art exhibition Winter Meditations.

Multi-instrumentalist composers Nathan Cohen and Anthony Leva explore sonic geographies and genres.

Dancers Olivier Besson and Chandra Cantor improvise duets with poetic intimacy, striking clarity, and dynamic surprise.

Free, donations appreciated.  We expect a “sellout” so am asking for reservations by calling the gallery 978-491-7785, emailing, or joining the Facebook event at .  There’s a paper flyer at

The Greening of Literature

Reblogged from JoeAnn Hart’s Float ~

JoeAnn Hart writes:

“Last week at the AWP conference in Seattle, I participated in a panel called The Greening of Literature: Eco-Fiction and Poetry to Enlighten and Inspire. The discussion was led by John Yunker of Ashland Creek, an environmentally conscious press in Oregon, (and publisher of Float). I was joined by poet Gretchen Primack, and fiction writers Ann Pancake and Mindy Mejia. We had such a scintillating program, I am moved to share my short talk here, starting with a quote from Ian McEwan’s 2010 novel, Solar:

 “Professor Beard would not have believed it possible that he would be in a room drinking with so many seized by the same particular assumption, that it was art in its highest forms – poetry, sculpture, dance, abstract music, conceptual art – that would lift climate change as a subject, gild it, palpate it, reveal all the horror and lost beauty and awesome threat and inspire the public to take thought, take action, or demand it of others.”

Professor Beard, with his Nobel prize in physics clutched to his chest, is offended by the idea that art might be a better tool for curing a sick planet than his analytical facts. But for all his scientific knowledge, he fails to understand that art has power. Images created by art by-pass the modern cerebral cortex and go straight to our ancient limbic brain which controls memory and emotion, the part of the brain where we process value judgments, judgments that exert a strong influence on our behavior.”


Continue reading here.