Caffe Sicilia’s St. Joseph Zeppole or, in Other Words, A Cloud of Sweetness Sent from the Heavens!

Maria Cracchiolo Zeppole ©Kim Smith 2014 copyFrom the first moment I sampled Maria and Nina’s Zeppole, I thought I had died and gone to food-lovers heaven! And I am not the only one in my family who felt the same. After spending the morning filming at Caffe Sicilia where Maria, Nina, and Domenic graciously demonstrated making the special Saint Joseph bread and Zeppole, they very sweetly sent me home with a treasure box full of freshly made Zeppole. My husband and son generally prefer savory to sweet, but now I see I will have to make frequent stops at Caffe Sicilia to pick up Zeppole during Saint Joseph’s feast time!

Maria Cracchiolo Zeppole pastry ©Kim Smith 2014 copyMaria’s Zeppole pastry is airy and tender and makes a perfect nest for one of three different fillings offered at Caffe Sicilia; a light and fluffy perfectly sweetened ricotta filling, the same ricotta filling, but with tiny chocolate chips added, and the third filling is yellow cream. Honestly, I have never been a tremendous yellow cream filling fan, but that is because I never had Maria’s yellow cream. Hers is neither gluey nor gloppy, but rather a pale buttery yellow sweet and smooth-textured filling of creamy yumminess. Not only were the fillings mouth watering delicious, she also sandwiches a very generous helping of beautiful Amarena cherries between the layers of pastry and filling. Amarena cherries are a favorite of my husband’s and I think that too may be another reason why he fell in love with Maria’s Zeppole.

RUN, don’t walk, to Caffe Sicilia to sample their Zeppole! Although a traditional Saint Joe desert, Maria makes the Zeppole through Easter time as many have given up sweets for Lent. Because the Zeppole fly out the door as quickly as they are made, having the opportunity to try the dessert is rather hit or miss. I strongly advise that you place your order for Zeppole ahead of time. The Zeppole are conveniently available in a large and a smaller size. Call (978) 283-2345 to place your orders.

End Note ~ Amarena cherries are made from a small, bitter dark colored cherry, the amara cherry, which is grown in the Modena and Bologna regions of Italy. Gennaro Fabbri from Bologna developed the Amarena combination of cherries with syrup and it is still a family-owned business that produces a variety of cherry based products, including syrups, beverages, and pastries. Amarena cherries are often used to decorate chocolate desserts.

I typically find Amarena cherries in the pretty blue and white Fabbri jars at William Sonoma, but after looking up the spelling for this post, they are also readily available online.

Amarenca opaline 600

Happy Birthday Lola!


Joe Ciarametaro writes in…

“The girl is my grand daughter Claire Ciarametaro and her pet dog Lola. It is Lols’s third
Birthday, and Claire wrote a card, and is reading it to Lola.”



Happy Birthday Lola! You’re very lucky to have a special friend like Claire.


Bring on the 37,400 bums!

In just over 3 weeks these seats will be full with 37,400 Fenway Faithful! I had a bit of a seat fetish during the years I spent photographing the inside of Fenway Park….and still do.  Even after two World Series, two rolling rally parades, and two ring ceremonies, some of my favorite photos are still of the empty seats.  It isn’t too much of a stretch to say that I’ve photographed every inch of that ballpark, and I’m not sure why…but the empty seats speak to me. I always find myself thinking about how many people have sat in each seat and enjoyed an amazing afternoon with friends or family within the sacred grounds of undoubtedly one of my favorite places on earth.  One of the many random things that gives me the warm fuzzies.

Boston Red Sox 2014 Schedule

You put what on my burger??? Stones Pub Perfection

I was a bit skeptical about this one folks. I love me a proper burger, and nobody fire grills one in this town better than Stones Pub….but Dayum! May I introduce to you, The Peanut Butter Bacon Burger from heaven!!

At first glance, it appears to be a fine example of a perfect bacon-cheese burger. No silly stack of off-season tomatoes and tired lettuce here, just bun, bacon, cheese, and burger..Right?

But with closer observation, a powerful and mysterious ingredient melts it’s way around the pile of swine. What is that oozing down that perfectly grilled mound of meat? Is it mayo? Mustard? Special Sauce? That red stuff southerners put on dogs?? Nope, it’s peanut butter! And if you love your momma, and this country, you better get your ass down to Stones and show that you have a pair!

Once you start, it’s on! Your mouth, and your soul, cannot believe what’s happening at this moment!! You are now part of a love affair you swore you would never be a part of, ever. Soon you will realize it’s True Love.
Now, if you can’t find it on the menu, or specials menu, just ask! Stones Pub and Eatery, dear Geezuz, it’s a life changer! If you dare to dabble, please let me know what you think of your first peanut butter bacon burger experience!

Late Night St. Joseph Bread Making With “Godmother Sefatia”


group bread photo

Last night “The Godmother of Gloucester Sefatia Giambanco Romeo Theken,”,  and her cumnares, Giovanna Margiotta, Maria Cannavo, Pierina Locontro, came over to my house to make the decorative St. Joseph breads for our altar, at 10:30 after  Maria Cannavo, and I  both finished hosting our nightly our St. Joseph novena prayer service and coffee time.


Maria Cannavo hand crafting the ” Viva San Giuseppe”


We even found some time to sing a few rosary songs while the bread baked in the oven



Shaping the bread is a true art, but Continue reading “Late Night St. Joseph Bread Making With “Godmother Sefatia””

Register Today for Upcoming Sessions at Gloucester U

Gloucester U is an exciting and engaging after school experience. Gloucester U has been made possible by the 21st Century Community Learning Center Federal Grant. It is a completely free program for students and includes courses such as cooking, technology, service learning, and more. News Graphic - 3.10.14


Our Friend Marty, Special in Many Ways!

It's always good to see Marty and his wife Barbara. We are former New Yorkers, born and raised in the Manhattan area, lived in upstate NY, and ended up here in paradiise: Cape Ann. But a love of photography is the the glue of the friendship between Marty and I. Every day ar 5 pm, I eagerly view his posts on Good Morning Gloucester.
It’s always good to see Marty Luster and his wife Barbara. We are former New Yorkers, born and raised in the Manhattan area, lived in upstate NY, and ended up here in paradiise: Cape Ann. But a love of photography is the the glue of the friendship between Marty and I. Every day ar 5 pm, I eagerly view his posts on Good Morning Gloucester.

Wednesday March 12th , 2014 Cape Ann Forecast..

Marine Forecast …..
Gale Watch!
Wed: E winds around 5 kt…becoming SE in the afternoon. Seas around 2 ft. Rain likely.

Wed Night: E winds 5 to 10 kt…becoming NW 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 25 kt after midnight. Seas 2 to 4 ft. Rain with freezing rain likely. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.
Sunrise 6:56AM Sunset 6:47PM
High Tide 9:09AM / 8.5 / 9:43PM / 8.0
Low Tide 2:44AM / 1.6 / 3:24PM / 1.0
Moon Waxing gibbous
Visible: 77% ↑…
Quick Storm Analysis ..

We have a storm coming for later this morning into Thursday morning. How ever it’s looking more wet then white .. Cloudy with light rain / snow early changing to a heavy rain after 1-2pm .. Highs 35-45 degrees with a increasing east wind 15-20mph .. Wednesday Night overcast rain heavy at times lows in the mid to upper 30’s . Winds east becoming north 20-25mph with a few gusts to 35mph … Late Wednesday night cold air drains down from Maine as our storm system heads into the Gulf Of Maine … Flash freeze possible Thursday am with rain changing over to snow .. Light accumulations possible on the order of 1-2″ maybe 3″ if were lucky . Temps falling through the 20’s don’t be surprised if we hover around 19 or 20 degrees at lunch time … Backlash snows end around midday or so then overcast / break in clouds to allow for a few sunny glimpse’s . Thursday night very cold teens / to lower 20’s gusty north west winds ..
Friday Sunny highs in the 30’s..
Saturday partly sunny in the upper 40’s..
Sunday mostly sunny 40..
Perhaps some storminess of sorts Monday / Tuesday .. But let’s get through this week first .. Thanks For viewing .
Peter Lovasco





Making a new mast for the “Story”.

Making a new mast for the “Story”.

Making a new main mast for the Essex Shipbuilding Museum flagship schooner L. H. Story.

Saturday, March 8th, shipwrights and volunteers were very busy in the Waterline Center at the museum preparing and glueing together large planks for a new main mast.
Check out the process with these photos by Len Burgess and Jim Dietrich…

Dusky Leadership Cgallenge

Since its founding, Addison Gilbert Hospital has benefited from a tradition of community partnership and generous philanthropic support, which has kept our hospital thriving and the Cape Ann community safe and healthy. Lives are saved and bodies are healed there every day.

As part of Addison Gilbert’s future planning, the hospital intends to invest in new equipment, technologies and programs that will help to keep pace with a rapidly changing healthcare landscape that offers dramatic improvements in medicine. For those of us who consider Cape Ann home, whether year round or for part of the year, this translates into better care and better outcomes.

To support these goals and the overall health of the community, the Dusky Foundation has announced the $350,000 Dusky Leadership Challenge. We invite you to join us and others by becoming a member of the Addison Gilbert Society, a select group of community leaders who care deeply about our hospital. Membership in this society means you are making a difference for those whose lives depend on the availability of top notch care, right here in our community.

We hope you will consider joining us today as a member of the Addison Gilbert Society by meeting the Dusky Leadership Challenge with a gift of your own. Your contribution, along with $350,000 from the Dusky Foundation could realize as much as $700,000 in vital support for Addison Gilbert Hospital.

Already this year, funds from the Addison Gilbert Society supported the purchase of a new CT scanner, an essential diagnostic tool that has enabled us to provide free lung cancer screenings for individuals who fit a high risk profile. We can do so much more.

To learn more about the Dusky Leadership Challenge, please call 978-236-1624.

Linzee Coolidge, Trustee, Dusky Foundation

Cynthia Cafasso Donaldson, Vice President, Addison Gilbert Hospital

Seacoast Nursing Home Alzheimer’s Unit

“Scenes of Cape Ann”

In collaboration with Cape Ann Giclee and the donations from local artists, Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, is looking to bring the residents of the memory impaired unit back home through a program entitled “Scenes of Cape Ann”
We are looking for images of familiar places and events on Cape Ann to bring memories and comfort to the seniors on the Alzheimer’s unit.

We are looking for 30 photographs which will be enlarged on canvas, and displayed on the unit. Should additional images be donated they will also be displayed as we plan to develop a DVD of “Scenes of Cape Ann” to be shown for the residents on the memory impaired unit.

An open house art show “Scenes of Cape Ann” will be held on Saturday, May 17th 2-3PM at Seacoast exhibiting the canvases by Cape Ann Giclee. A DVD of all the donated images will be shown for the residents, their families and the community. All contributors will be welcome to attend.

Plaques will be developed with the donor Artists names.
Any Artists interested in participating in this project please submit your photographs to by March 21st to allow time for image selection and canvassing. When submitting images please 1.- do not send more than 10 images – if you have more than 10 and have a website with your images you can send us a link 2. – send only low res images files for now – if we select you we will ask you for the high res file at that time and 3.- make sure that the images sent have a high res file available and can be printed at a large size – approximately 20” x 30”.

For additional information contact:
Alison Cox, Activity Director, Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation Center @ 978-283-0300
Or Cape Ann Giclee @ 978-546-7070

Seacoast Nursing and Rehabilitation 292 Washington Street
Gloucester MA 01930
Located on the campus of Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester, offering a friendly and elegant setting with an extensive program of short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing and long-term care. Our 142-bed rehabilitation and 24 hour nursing care program also offers compassionate care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory disorders, provided by a certified staff in a secure and therapeutic environment. Our professional skilled clinicians are dedicated to ensure comfort, dignity and the well-being and health of our residents.