GloucesterCast With Guest Linn Parisi From Discover Gloucester and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/24/14


GloucesterCast With Guest Linn Parisi From Discover Gloucester and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 3/24/14

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The Jeans Debate Rages On

Continuing the debate from the podcast Joey and I taped yesterday, which you can hear on Good Morning Gloucester Community Group, and also by clicking the Podcast tab in the menu above, where you can find all podcasts ~

keds-audrey-hepburn-two-for-the-roadAudrey Hepburn in High Waisted Jeans and Keds

My response as to why I think high-waisted jeans aren’t all that bad:

As a matter of fact, after taking Joeys challenge and looking for photos of women in high waisted jeans, I think I may purchase a pair and taylor them to get this very look!

I think it all depends on the total, pulled together outfit. What do you think?

Joey says, “For every 1 picture of Marilyn wearing high waisted jeans where she looks OK I could come up with a hundred of her looking 100 times better in something else.”

Yes, I agree, perhaps you could find 100 photos of her looking 100 times better, but you could say that just as easily about skinny jeans, too.

I’ve tried to show several figure types, both full, soft curves and also very slender-hipped women. What I love about the high waisted jeans from the 50s and early 60s is that they were designed for work and play–Elizabeth Taylor washing her dog, Bridgette Bardot riding a bike, Marilyn as farmhand in the River of No Return, and Jean Seberg sitting cross legged in her jeans are just a few examples.

tumblr_m6g3ryAu6z1qkmctto1_r2_500costumetestachives-2009062821822-RONRtest1-originalCostume Tests for River of No Return

e39ad7fabb3f6a90401dfdb29c5faf75Elizabeth Taylor  

jean_seberg_1965_981509459_north_545xJean Seberg

kate_moss2_550889184_north_545xKate Moss

Brigitte Bardot on the filming of A Very Private Affair in 1961.Brigitte Bardot

claudia_schiffer_pour_guess_29352922_north_545xClaudia Schiffer


The word ‘jeans’ comes from the French phrase ‘bleu de Genes’ meaning ‘the blue of Genoa’. The denim fabric originated in the French town of Nimes and owes its name to the location, which was quickly known as ‘denim’ abroad.

Spunky Genoese Navy sailors first strutted around in denim back in the 1500’s but it wasn’t until the 1870’s in the gold rush boom that denim took off. This was when Levi Strauss – a name now synonymous with denim – created a strong style of workers pants with rivets that was quickly adopted by Californian coal miners. Originally made from uncomfortable hemp, Strauss eventually discovered and started using the twilled cotton cloth that originated from the French town of Nimes and denim, as we know it, was born.

~  From the website JeansWest

What a Shitty Thing to Happen

what a shitty thing

Just how windy does it have to be to blow over a porta potty?  Bet Joey’s glad this isn’t his john at the dock, especially if it was being used at the time of blow over.  This one at the Cultural Center appears to be freshly cleaned out and only some of the disinfecting blue water spilled.  You can see I didn’t have to go far from home to cover this breaking news (thanks Wayne and Karen for pointing it out).

E.J. Lefavour

More Spinning

Faster Fido Faster!
If you see me on a beach this weekend with a stick, an iPhone, and my dog Stella, it will be because I am trying to replicate this gif. I may even attach Rubber Duck to the end of the stick but I might have to wrap the end with some ham or roast beef. If Stella does not cooperate I will then attach Cheetos and try to get some Homies in on the act. If you think you can do better, go for it. Nichole could go out on the Blackburn Rotary and circle a few times but she should let a passenger handle the stick and meat products. If you have read this whole thing the dog has gone around at least six times. Are you dizzy yet? Doesn’t it look like Good Harbor Beach? I promise to pick up after my dog. –Paul Morrison and Rubber Duck


BREAKING NEWS: Local Rock Star, Jon Butcher, to appear with SOLD OUT “Experience Hendrix” show TOMORROW – Catch him on camera and WIN!

Jon Butcher

Do you have tickets to tomorrow’s sold out Experience Hendrix show at Hampton Beach Casino?  If so, we’ve got a job for you.  Our friend Jon Butcher (who moved to Cape Ann a year or so ago) has been asked to join Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Dweezil Zappa, Billy Cox (from Band of Gypsys & Jimi Hendrix Experience) and numerous other stars on stage at tomorrow’s show and we want YOUR photos of him.

So, if you’re there, shoot a photo of Jon Butcher on stage and put that photo (or a link to it) in a comment to this post.  We’ll select the best photo and give the photographer 2 tickets to The Jon Butcher Axis: Celebrating the Music of Jimi Hendrix show down the road at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre one month from today (Sat, April 26).  Of course, this show will sell out too, so if you can’t shoot Jon Butcher tomorrow, get your tickets today!

Here’s a taste of what you can expect at the Jon Butcher Axis show on April 26:



Megan Burtt is Back

Every year or so, Megan Burtt comes to Gloucester to visit her good friend and Berklee chum, Chelsea Berry — and to treat us to her thoughtful, moving, gorgeous music at local venues.  This time she’s at Old Sloop next Saturday, April 5th with Boston singer/songwriter Danielle Miraglia.  This will be an excellent show!


In celebration of Megan’s return, we’re reprising her show on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes this week starting tomorrow (WED) at 6:30 and again on Friday at 1:30pm and Sunday at 6pm on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  Here’s a taste of  that show:

Whats Coming Up at Shalin Liu for April – May


 Sunday, April 6, 5 PM
An Evening of Roots Americana with Annalivia and Ari & Mia
Come hear an amazing double bill featuring two of New England’s most buzzed about folk/Americana acts, Annalivia and Ari & Mia. It will be an evening of fiddles, mandolins, banjos, warm harmonies and spirited songs from the Appalachian and Celtic traditions. Learn More



Friday, April 11, 8 PM
Glen Phillips (of Toad The Wet Sprocket)
Opening Act: Natalia Zukerman
Best known as the singer and frontman for the chart-topping 90’s alt-rock band Toad the Wet Sprocket, Glen Phillips has had himself quite a second career as a solo artist. Mixing his uncanny gift for melody with thoughtful, introspective lyrics, Phillips’ sound has remained as infectious as ever. Learn More


Deborah Henson Conant2

Saturday, April 12, 8 PM
Deborah Henson-Conant
Forget everything you think you know about the harp. Deborah Henson-Conant barrels through every stereotype with her free-wheeling take on the instrument. Instead of the sedentary stillness enforced on most harpists, Deborah infuses the stage with dynamic movement and a dazzling range of styles. Learn More



Thursday, April 17, 8 PM
An Evening With Jon Anderson—The Voice Of YES
The former lead singer and creative force behind the group YES, Jon Anderson stands as one of the most recognizable voices in progressive rock. His distinctive high tenor remained a fixture on mainstream rock radio for decades, fronting the band’s biggest hits throughout the 70’s and 80’s. Learn More



Guest Presentation
Thursday, May 8, 8 PM*
Friday, May 9, 8 PM
Presented by Randa Records
Miranda Russell
Miranda Russell and her extraordinary band have delighted packed audiences at the Shalin Liu Performance Center for the past three years. A powerful and moving vocalist, Miranda’s performance centers on nuanced treatments of a wide range of favorites from Joni Mitchell to Cole Porter. Learn More   *Private event, tickets unavailable for Thursday show



Saturday, May 10, 8 PM
Suzy Bogguss
One of the most successful country singers of the 90’s, Suzy Bogguss successfully straddled the line between mainstream Nashville pop and classic honky-tonk for years. After a string of hits like “Drive South” and “Letting Go,” the Illinois-raised singer-songwriter has broadened her range in more recent years with diversions into swing and folk. Learn More



Thursday, May 15, 8 PM (Newly Added Show!)
Friday, May 16, 8 PM
1964: The Tribute
1964: The Tribute takes their audiences on a musical journey to a nostalgic era in rock history. In an authentic and endearing tribute, the group recreates early live Beatles concerts from 1964, with period clothing, hairstyles, and onstage banter. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ historic Carnegie Hall appearance. Learn More



Saturday, May 17, 8 PM
Cheryl Wheeler & Melissa Ferrick
Trailblazers in today’s New England folk music scene, Cheryl Wheeler and Melissa Ferrick are two artists whose mesmerizing voices and delicate poetry have captured stories of the past, present, and future. Wheeler’s songwriting style ranges from heart-wrenching to humorous, often within the same song. Ferrick, a North Shore native, was among the new wave of female alt rock songwriters to burst into the mainstream in the mid 90’s, and has since created a passionately loyal following. Learn More



Friday, May 30, 8 PM
Ottmar Liebert
With Luna Negra

Guitarist and composer Ottmar Liebert has become one of the most successful instrumentalists of the past decade, blending flamenco guitar with South American percussion, rock, jazz, and pop influences to create “nouveau flamenco.” Learn More


Dave Sag’s Blues Party . Mike O’Connell . George McCann . Benny Benson . The Rhumb Line. Thursday 8-11 March 27, 2014

Hold on to your hats!

Dave says,

Mikey, long known as a silver-tongued crooner and water-slide glitarist, wrecked the joint last time around. We’re aiming for a repeat performance as he drags in his long time buddy George McCann, on Qatar, kicking and screaming. Seems these two cats had a hot band once, but now are satisfied feeding me kielbasa and listening to my bad jokes. Even Benny Benson, our Irish Ace of Pace and agitator par excellance is motivated to skim the froth and get down to the nitty gritty. So, come early and stay late. Bring a date and dine by the whites of her eyes!

mike george benny
40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

John Rockwell and Robert Brown @ MinglewoodAtLat43 7-9 Tonight 3.26.2014

jr rb mw poster


Tonight from 7-9pm at Minglewoodtavern Atlat in Gloucester John is pleased to have his long-time, high harmonizing friend Robert Brown joining him. He hope’s you’ll consider giving them a listen; they’ve got a good thing going. He’s the Paul to his John, the Phil to his Don, the Peaches to his Herb.

He says, let’s shake a collective fist at this last blast of wintry weather, and get all cozy at Minglewood. The food is wonderful, the beer list expansive.

“Asinine” is Clearly Missing an Important Letter “s”

If anyone happens to be looking for further proof that “asinine” should really be spelled “assinine” take a few spins around Blackburn or Grant Circle.  It’s fun.   I, for the record, will continue to spell “assinine” incorrectly, no matter how many times spell-check tells me I’m wrong, because, honestly, if there is a word that begs for a more appropriate spelling, “assinine” is it!

Today’s proof that “assinine” is missing an “s” is dedicated to the donkey who thought that even though he was on the inside of the circle, and even though I was on the outside of the circle and clearly exiting the rotary to head home to Rockport, he should feel free to speed up, slice his way in front of me with a couple of inches to spare, and then throw his hands up in disgust…indicating that he believed I was in the wrong.  ASSinine.  See my point?

I’ve been commuting from Rockport/Gloucester to Beverly for 20 years now….5 days a week, if not more.  To and from.  Many, many go rounds those roundy-rounds.    I’m not going to lie, I kind of do it on autopilot because it seems somewhat obvious which lane you should be in…depending on where you are planning on exiting the rotary.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve learned to not overestimate anyone’s common sense, and I am always on the look-out for assinine moves by other drivers, but yet, it still amazes me.  Now, I know what many of you are thinking.  “Lay off.  Rotaries can be tricky.  The poor guy was probably from out of state.”  NO…GO.   Rockport sticker proudly displayed.  Rotary savy, my friends…let’s get on board.

So, as a mere public service message (not at all a sarcastic rant) I am posting the RMV’s rules for operating a motor vehicle on a rotary here in the state of Massachusetts.  Possibly “said driver”, and other assinine drivers, may want to take a gander.  And then, for your viewing pleasure, see how Chevy Chase handled it.

Mass RMV tells us how to drive on rotaries
Mass RMV tells us how to drive on rotaries




Tina Ketchopolos Responds To Her Best GMG PR Person Of The Year Award

Dear Joey:

I want you to know how honored I am to be selected PR Person of the Year!

You know that GMG is my favorite blog – it is not only entertaining, but informative and educational! I appreciate the many health programs and screenings you post for us.

I feel like I have the best job in City.  I work at a wonderful hospital with amazing employees.  On Friday,

Cindy Cafasso Donaldson and her assistant, Deb Sacco, who I enjoy working with so much, told me to check GMG and that is when I saw the announcement.  What a way to begin your day! 

The co-workers I work with are incredible.  We have excellent doctors, nurses and support staff.

They are skilled and professional – but in addition, they are compassionate and caring and this is equally

important.  I feel honored to call these individuals my co-workers and  friends.  I wish I could name every department and

every employee as they deserve recognition as well.  Addison Gilbert Hospital is striving because of their good care and work.

So it is always a pleasure to share with you programming that our staff are conducting.

My job also allows me to work with so many agencies and other non-profits within the City – I have met so many wonderful people at meetings and working on projects together – this is one of the highlights of my job.

My boss Gerald MacKillop is from Gloucester and of course I told him I was bringing you to my next review!  I told him that when he called to congratulate me.

Please know that you made my day by your kindness and this wonderful honor; I am extremely grateful.

I have to go now, I have about four more notices to send you!

Gratefully and in friendship,



GMG PR Person Of The Year- Tina Ketchopolos

Posted on March 21, 2014 by Joey C

The members of the Pigeon Cove Circle in Rockport would also like to express our appreciation to Tina Ketchopolos for all the excellent work she does as the Press Releasewriter for our organization .

   She not only writes and submits the press notices for our meetings and events, she has taken on the responsibility for arranging the speakers for our monthly pot luck suppers.

   We are grateful for everything she does to promote the Circle and are very proud of her recognition as this years GMG press release writer.


           Carolyn Rask           


            Pigeon Cove Circle

Wednesday March 26th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather…

Marine Forecast
Storm Warning
Hurricane Force Wind Warning much further off shore !
Wed N winds 25 to 35 kt…becoming NW 30 to 35 kt in the afternoon. Gusts up to 55 kt. Seas 8 to 13 ft. Areas of blowing snow. Snow. Vsby 1 nm or less.
Wed Night NW winds 30 to 35 kt with gusts up to 50 kt… Diminishing to 25 to 30 kt with gusts up to 40 kt after midnight. Seas 9 to 12 ft. Light freezing spray likely.

Major Powerful Nor’Easter just missing us by 100 miles … For the worsts impacts …that Being said some light snow showers will occur with 1-2″ possible . North east winds 25-35 with gusts over 50-55mph expected highs in the 30’s… Winds turn North late day 20-30 mph with gusts to 50-55mph..
Wednesday Night clearing temps drop down into the 20’s busy NW winds gusting to 35-40 mph…

So we missed the big one ! But that’s a good thing , because this would of been very damaging had it gotten closer to us .. we warm up Friday close to 60 degrees .. And looks like a wet cool raw weekend … More later have a great day .. Thanks for viewing …
Peter Lovasco




Community Stuff 3/26/14

Hello Joey,

The Large Pelagics Research Center, UMass Amherst is hosting its fourth annual Gloucester Fish and Fisheries Public Seminar Series.  The talks will take place on Thursdays at 7pm, from April 3rd  through April 24th, at Maritime Gloucester.  The series is sponsored this year by Boston Sword & Tuna, Gorton’s Inc., Angelica Fisheries, City of Gloucester, & The Gloucester Fisheries Commission. I have attached our poster for the event that lists the speakers and their titles. Would you post the announcement on Good Morning Gloucester?

Thank you,

Emily Chandler

Program Manager

Large Pelagics Research Center



Meet and welcome Adam Curcuru, the new Director of Gloucester Office of Veterans’ Services.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Major Fred W. Ritvo Veterans Center, 12 Emerson Avenue

11:00 A.M. ~ 7:00 P.M.

Please post and pass on….

Hope to see you!


EVENT: First Annual Bark in the Park Day – Limited Edition Pet Portraits

DATE: Saturday, April 12 from 7:00am – 12:00pm

Reservations Required – Oasis Rockport at 978-290-3184

Eastern Point Day School Open House on Wednesday, April 2nd from 9:30 am –11:30 am

New Lower Tuition = More School Choice

Interested parents, guardians and their children are invited to visit Eastern Point Day School on Wednesday, April 2nd from 9:30 am –11:30 am to meet the dedicated faculty and students that make Eastern Point Day School a unique and enriching community for children to thrive.

Eastern Point Day School is an independent school, Pre-K to 8th grade, focused on thematic teaching with an emphasis on curriculum integration and academic excellence, delivered in a nurturing, creative, and dynamic environment.

Tuition rates have been reduced to support EPDS’s mission to provide an exceptional education to our Cape Ann communities.

EPDS offers rolling admission, options to augment homeschool learning, scholarships and financial aid.  For more information, please or email at

LOCATION: Millbrook Meadow Park (weather permitting)

In case of inclement weather, photos will be indoors at Oasis Rockport Lifestyle Photography setting or on      Sunday, April 13.

FEE: $45 per Session with portrait packages starting at $99

* A portion of proceeds will be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid Shelter ($5 for limited session, 10% for package)

Oasis Rockport Lifestyle Photography and Good Dog Gallery are holding the First Annual Bark In The Park Day on April 12 from 7am-12pm to celebrate Spring with our four legged friends. Join Angela Cook of Oasis Rockport at Millbrook Meadow Park for Bark in the Park Limited Edition pet portraits and enjoy special treats for you and your dog from Good Dog Gallery.

The newly renovated Millbrook Meadow Park provides some incredible backdrops for memorable photos of your favorite four-legged friend. Limited Edition pricing will be in effect, with a session fee of only $45 and packages starting at $99. Limited Edition Sessions are fun-themed sessions full of joy!

A portion of session fees will be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid, along with 10% of all portrait packages purchased, and when you pick up your completed portraits from Good Dog Gallery, 49 Bearskin Neck, you will receive a special gift!

Call 978-290-3184 to reserve a time. Sessions will be held on April 12th, and only a limited number of session times will be available. In case of inclement weather, you will have a choice of an indoor session at Oasis Rockport Portrait Studio at Whistlestop Mall on April 12th or a session on April 13th.