Why is This Mouse’s Tail Bright Orange?

Mouse orange tail ©KIm Smith 2014JPGBecause my dear husband loves to trap mice, but does not have the heart to kill them. After capturing, he lets the mouse go. I asked, how can he be sure he is not catching the same mouse. He decided to conduct an experiment, painting the tail of any captured mouse with brilliant orange non-washable paint. None have showed up back at our home, but if you happen upon a cute orange-tailed mouse, please let us know!

Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team Update

Busy weekend.

Really had a cool snake show at Lynn Woods on Saturday for Earth Fest. Great job by: Nancy Gilberg, Colleen Anderson, Caitlyn Heathman, John Gallagher and Leslie Coutemanche.

On Sunday we had a very nice vernal pond/snake display at the Essex County Greenbelt. Thanks to Sam and Diane Bevins, Mariah Lowe, Jacob and Bryn Lord, Suzanne Selig, Denise Clinton and Jared and Aidan Wood.

Meanwhile, we also had a lovely vernal pond display at the Gloucester Pride Stride at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester by Colleen Anderson and Nicci Cataldo.

I did the field work for three more vernal ponds today to add to the nine we (Nick Taomina, Matt Burne and me) did last Friday.

In the whether-you-know-it-or-not department the Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team and our sister organization, Kestrel Educational Adventures are moving to a new location on Main Street in Gloucester right across the street from the Police Station (I forget the number). Kestrel has really taken the lead on this and we are tagging along. It will be called the Get Outside Center and there is a:
Get Outside Kickoff Party
Thursday may 1, 2014 7:30pm at the
Cape Ann Community Cinema, Main St., Gloucester

Should be fun. See you there.

we only have one earth, save it

Celebrate the Life & Legacy of Unitarian Universalist Pete Seeger – Sunday May 4


Festive Sunday Morning Service
May 4, 2014 at 10 :00 am in the Sanctuary
Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church
Corner of Middle and Church Streets, on the green
Accessible Entrance at 10 Church Street
All are Welcome – Free Will offering gratefully accepted
Refreshments following the service
Additional Information at www.gloucesteruu.org

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SAFETY has a show on 04/30/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Cruiseport Gloucester in Gloucester, MA



Mother’s Day Symphony Concert


Yoichi Udagawa, Music Director


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Wednesdays with Fly Amero @ The Rhumb Line. 8-11 April 30, 2014


Wednesdays Only:
Surf & Turf
Steak Tips w/garlic shrimp skewer, $12.95!

Wednesday, April 30th
Special Guest: 

Remember this girl?  I (and about thirty other guys from
Gloucester High) remember this girl very well.  She is still
among us, and she’s as beautiful and talented as ever she
was.  It will truly be my thrill to introduce Toni Ann Enes
to the Rhumb Line stage this coming Wednesday. ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Steak Tips w/garlic shrimp skewer, $12.95
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus – Check out Fred’s rockin’ new wine menu!
5/7 – Sasquatch
image (38)
Coming soon…
Allen Estes
image (39)
Jon Butcher
image (40)

Visit: http://www.therhumbline.com/
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  🙂 ~ Fly


DO YOU KNOW… The Difference Between Margarine and Butter?



Last night after reading my Uncle Frank Ciaramitaro’s post (below) about the difference between margarine and butter on his personal Facebook wall, originally written and shared on Eva Boese Peter’s Facebook page, I thought of my grandmother Felicia’s famous words to others when talking about cooking and ingredients.  Growing up cooking in the kitchen with my grandmother, I lost track of the number of times she preached,  “always use the freshest ingredients available.  NEVER EVER use the “fake stuff,” like Cool Whip, Margarine, and artificial sweetener’s, and if your on a diet, eat smaller potions using real ingredients.”  Grandma Felicia was a smart women , who always questioned the content used to manufacture the “fake stuff”,  and the effects it would have on the human body after years of consumption.  She even questioned and refused to own a microwave, when they hit the market, cooking everything she made using her cooktop, wall ovens, or BBQ grill.   I continue to follow her advice when cooking, and consciously try to avoid using microwaves, artificial sweeteners or products containing them.  I am  grateful for her wise advice, and happy to report that only a few recipe in my collection, call for the use of margarine.  

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Donald Sterling: What say you?

Can’t you just smell the hate coming off him? (Danny Moloshok/AP)


One of these things is not like the other….The smile of a slave owner. (wikicommons)

If you haven’t heard his name by now, especially living in the greatest sports region in the world, you’re detached from the planet. And if you really don’t know, GTSF (google that shit fool!). Now, we all know the scoop. This guy is a massive pig, and a professional D-Bag by trade. While billions struggle to eat, survive, and contribute to society, the gods have found a way to reward this asshole. I’m sure he “worked” hard for his money, but who cares at this point. So, he’s apparently banned for life from the NBA, and I’m not sure how that will pan out. To tell an attorney, and a two fold BILLIONAIRE, that he can’t do something, and expect him to go quietly, should be a shit-show for sure. I realize fining a gazillionaire 2.5 million is like stealing his bubble gum, so that’s no punishment. At the end of this, his 12 million dollar investment will garner him about a BILLION. So, looks like no punishment there either folks. And as far as being in the public-eye goes, he can just buy an island, stock it with his “girlfriends” all Heff style, and live happily ever after. So there is no real punishment for this loser. Should he be banned? Yes, he should. But, as you may have thought by now, isn’t all of this unsettling to you? Is it right in America? Has something crossed a line here? Now before you start seeing a side picked here, don’t. This guy makes me sick.

But, again, what if it was you in some aspect?

What if, in your moment of great success and admiration, someone comes up with a tape of some insanely ignorant shit you said… days, years or even decades ago? Would you fight to save your reputation? Could you actually explain yourself? Could you argue about the tape’s release or the person who recorded the conversation’s intent? I’ve added a few polls here to gauge what the people are thinking. Since it’s anonymous, don’t be shy, so please take a moment and be honest. Also, what are your thoughts on his girlfriend releasing these conversations? I’m curious to see what people really think, so by all means post up some comments as well.

Fred, the Pet Groundhog

There's not a lot of wildlife in Rockport, except for coyotes. This afternoon I saw a large rodent peek out from the alleyway between the Kohl generator and utility building. A Google search to ID the animal led me to this: "This is my pet groundhog, Fred. Ok, he's not my pet. Fred just looks adorable, lives on my property and eats all the food growing in my garden. Come to think of it, Fred sounds like my kids! Fred has the most luxurious coat - deep rich brown, underlayed with soft black and highlighted with a silver grey. He reminds me of a couple of beautiful fabrics from Norbar." Photo and text from: http://thefocusondesign.blogspot.com/2010/07/color-series-this-is-fred.html
There’s not a lot of wildlife in Rockport, except for coyotes. This afternoon I saw a large rodent peek out from the alleyway between the Kohl generator and utility building. A Google search to ID the animal led me to this: “This is my pet groundhog, Fred. Ok, he’s not my pet. Fred just looks adorable, lives on my property and eats all the food growing in my garden. Come to think of it, Fred sounds like my kids!
Fred has the most luxurious coat – deep rich brown, underlayed with soft black and highlighted with a silver grey. He reminds me of a couple of beautiful fabrics from Norbar.” Photo and text from: http://thefocusondesign.blogspot.com/2010/07/color-series-this-is-fred.html

Pet of the Week- Ash


Hi!  My name is Ash, on the left, and my sister Ashley.  We are three-month-old Retriever/mix pups.

We are always giving kisses and having fun.   We love toys, treats and playing with all the other puppies.   We might have a little Hound, Shepherd or Terrier mix, too – just imagine, four dog types in one dog!  If you are up to the challenge of a puppy and all the joy it can bring, please stop by and visit us soon.  We are at the Cape Ann Animal Aid, (CapeAnnAnimalAid.com) located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter, Four Paws Lane, Gloucester.

I can’t wait for you to meet my siblings and me, Ash!

The Schooner Adventure Welcomes Her New Captain, Stefan Edick

Mary Barker Submits-

Hi Joey,

The Schooner Adventure welcomes her new captain, Stefan Edick (on the right in the blue cap), shown here planning for pipe installation with ship keeper, Geoff Deckebach.


The Adventure has a newly constructed temporary cover over the stern to allow her crew and volunteers to do caulking on deck.   April 22, 2014 had John Miles, Sarah Tuvim,

Anders von Ashwege, Richard Smith and Tony Finnociarro removing the old and installing new caulking on deck.   Prepping for a fresh coat of paint has also been started.

Meanwhile below deck, Capt. Stefan Edick, Geoff Deckebach,and engineer Bill Whitney collaborated on the location for some new plumbing for re-installation of the fore head.     

Geoff assures me that anyone who would like to volunteer to help with some of the upkeep of the Adventure would be very welcome.  There is plenty of work available for people

of any skill level.

Mary Barker

Wednesday April 30th , 2014 Cape Ann Weather..

Marine Forecast …
Wed E winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt. Seas 6 to 9 ft. A chance of rain.
Wed Night SE winds 15 to 20 kt with gusts up to 30 kt. Seas 6 to 9 ft. Rain likely. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Wednesday Forecast :
Mostly Cloudy with a chance of rain late morning .. Highs in the 40’s winds east at 10-20mph ! Rain gets heavier later in the afternoon winds increasing to 25-30 mph from the east south east .. Wednesday night rain heavy at times early then tapering off to showers / drizzle late lows in the 40’s continued breezy east winds 10-20 mph .. Thursday Rain in the morning temps milder into the 50’s ! Winds becoming south 10-20mph and gusty late afternoon ….

Hourly Forecast …

Extended Forecast…

Thanks for viewing … 🙂

Community Stuff 4/30/14

Movie about Whitey Bulger is looking for background extras.


I’ve seen a few older cars rolling around Gloucester, they might want to cash in.


Spring Greetings Joey!

Below is a release highlighting fun and easy spring things-to-do with The Trustees of Reservations on the North Shore, including best first hikes, great picnic spots, gardens in bloom, and more! We’d love it if you would consider using this (or parts of it!) as a spring/early summer story. Many thanks and please give me a ring with any questions.


Holly Hannaway

Fun and Easy (and Wallet-Friendly!)

Spring Things to Do with The Trustees of Reservations


This spring The Trustees of Reservations (The Trustees) offer a slew of fun (and affordable) ideas for people of all ages to get out and enjoy their 112 properties – from Stockbridge to Boston. Their reservations offer something for everyone, encompassing thousands of acres of wide open spaces that include woodlands trails, historic homes, community farms, gorges and waterfalls, miles of coastline, and formal gardens.

Whether you’re looking to take a breather from a hectic day or itching to spend the afternoon enjoying your favorite outdoor activity, you can easily find a Trustees property near you to unplug with family or friends. Check out these properties below for a few ideas, as well as The Trustees website for fun programs and events for all ages this spring: www.thetrustees.org/things-to-do/.

PACK A PICNIC…No reservations required!

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, Ipswich
The rolling half-mile-long Grand Allée with sweeping ocean views makes a wonderful spot for spreading a blanket. Pack your favorite lunch or, beginning in May, grab a delicious sandwich or salad from our Castle Hill Café. Take a historic house or landscape tour or throw a Frisbee or fly a kite. While you’re there, check out our “preservation in action” project on the rolling front “lawn” of this National Historic Landmark.

Coolidge Reservation, Manchester-by-the-Sea
For the perfect mix of views and picnic-friendly terrain, this ocean side property on the North Shore is hard to beat. Follow the pathway that leads to the Ocean Lawn and stop. This broad expanse of green is matched only by the blue waters of Massachusetts Bay spreading before you.

FIRST HIKES…It’s a walk in the park, literally!

Appleton Farms and Grass Rides, Hamilton and Ipswich

Explore the farmstead and surrounding fields and woodlands of a 350-year-old working farm. With more than 12 miles of flat or gently rolling trails that are either grass and gravel, the farm is the a perfect spot for a first hiker or stroller. If you have more time, stop by and say hi to the animals on the farm, pick up some fresh farm milk or cheese in the Dairy Store and learn about the many programs offered throughout the spring and summer at this special place.

Ravenswood Park, Gloucester

With 10 miles of carriage paths and trails that meander through the park, there are plenty of options for exploring. Children love the Ledge Hill Trail – a two-mile round-trip walk among magical-looking, fern-covered boulders. Use the Cape Ann Discovery Center as your jumping-off point – check out the Investigation Station and borrow a Discovery Detective Backpack for your outdoor exploration.

GARDENS IN BLOOM…Stop and smell the roses!

The Stevens-Coolidge Place, North Andover
Soak up history and horticulture as you explore the gardens behind this renowned country house. Highlights include a perennial garden, a rose garden, the greenhouse complex, and a potager garden (or French vegetable garden) with a brick serpentine wall. Intermingling with the formal gardens are rustic elements, including hay fields, an orchard, and woodlands.

Long Hill, Beverly MA
Explore cultivated gardens, an extraordinary woody plant collection, an apple orchard and meadow, a network of woodland trails – even a children’s garden and organic farm!

QUESTING…Learn and discover as you go!

Exploring a Trustees property is easy and fun with a Quest, or outdoor scavenger hunt. Follow the series of clues that lead to you a hidden box. Local Quests include:Hermit’s Haven at Ravenswood Park and Pinnacle Quest at Appleton Farms Grass Rides. For a complete list of participating properties visit: thetrustees.org/quest. You can find the Quest maps at the parking lot bulletin board of participating properties. Kids can also download a special Quest Detective booklet online (thetrustees.org/detective) and stamp their “passport” when they complete a Quest. 

HISTORY BUFFS…Find your Home Sweet Home!

In celebration of Massachusetts heritage and preservation month, tour one of the many Trustees historic homes across the state during their FREE Home Sweet Home Open House Day on May 31st. Participating Northeast & Greater Boston homes include: The Great House at Castle Hill, The Old House at Appleton Farms, The Paine House at Greenwood Farm, The Stevens-Coolidge Place in North Andover, and The Old Manse in Concord. Visit: thetrustees.org/homesweethome for all the details.

ATANK (OR FERRY) AWAY…Grab a friend and go!

Why not pick a Trustees property you’ve never seen and go? Check out thetrustees.org for a full list of their reservations.  A few great ideas include Dunes Edge campground in Provincetown and several “hidden gems” and beaches on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

The Trustees of Reservations (The Trustees) “hold in trust” and care for properties, or “reservations,” of scenic, cultural, and natural significance for the general public to enjoy. Founded by open space visionary Charles Eliot in 1891, The Trustees are the nation’s oldest, statewide land trust, one of Massachusetts’ largest conservation organizations and an established leader in the conservation and preservation movement nationally and internationally. Supported by more than 100,000 members, donors, and thousands of volunteers, The Trustees own and manage 112 spectacular reservations – including working farms, historic homesteads and gardens, community parks, barrier beaches and mountain vistas – located on more than 26,000 acres. In addition, The Trustees work closely with permanent affiliates including Boston Natural Areas Network and the Hilltown Land Trust as well as hundreds of community partners to preserve and protect special places and provide year-round programs for all ages. Visit www.thetrustees.org.


Burnham’s Field groundbreaking this Saturday


GoodMorningGloucester has done a great job covering the improvements to Burnham’s Field over the last four years so just wanted to share this news below — the official groundbreaking of the Burnham’s Field renovation project! It’s a good day for open space in the heart of Gloucester.

Thanks for all you do,

John McElhenny  

Burnham’s Field groundbreaking this Saturday

After four years of planning and community meetings, the renovation of Burnham’s Field, the largest open space and playground in central Gloucester, is set to begin with an official groundbreaking this Saturday, May 3, at 10 a.m.

Mayor Carolyn Kirk, City Councilor Melissa Cox and the Friends of Burnham’s Field invite friends, neighbors and anyone who cares about Burnham’s Field to attend the groundbreaking. All are welcome and invited.

The renovation is the first major upgrade to Burnham’s Field in more than 30 years. The renovation will include new playground equipment, swings, walking loop, lighting, fences, resurfaced basketball courts, a spray fountain for kids, trees and new bathroom.

Burnham’s Field is located on Pleasant Street across from St. Ann’s Church. Plans call for the work to be completed in time for the opening of the West Parish School at the former St. Ann’s School in late August so the kids will have a newly renovated Burnham’s Field to play on. For more information, contact John McElhenny at jmcelhenny@gmail.com

Fun Video of Mega-Crowds Gathered to See First Sighting Ever Recorded of an AMERICAN ROBIN in the NETHERLANDS!!!

An American Robin (Tudus migratorius), or a Roodborstlijster, as it is called in Dutch, was first spotted on sand dunes before moving inland. I love the video of the crowd of birders waiting to catch a glimpse. It reminds me of the backshore, times ten, whenever a rare bird is seen on our shores!

Both videos were originally posted on Dear Kitty. Some Blog: American Robin in the Netherlands. Dear Kitty often reblogs my posts, sending new readers to GMG. Thank you Dear Kitty!

I feel a little sad for the lonesome fella and can only hope another was carried off course, too.

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