American Robin ©Kim Smith 2014A quick post for our Robin friends.

Robins do not eat bird seed. With very little fruit remaining on the branch and the ground once again covered in snow, I made a quick trip to Essex Bird Shop yesterday to pick up a tub of mealworms. Our resident Robins quickly found the little tray we had set out and it was clear that they were very hungry.

Mealyworms for Robins and Bluebirds ©Kim Smith 2014

Oftentimes you’ll see a robin cocking its head, as if it were listening for earthworms. Robins have what is called monocular vision, which means their eyes are on the sides of their heads and that the eyes can work independently of each other. The robin is not hearing the worm, but seeing it! Worms make up about 20 percent of the American Robin’s diet.

American Robin Flock ©Kim Smith 2014American Robin Flock Halibut Point

The Robin is the One

That interrupt the Morn

With hurried — few — express Reports

When March is scarcely on –

The Robin is the One

That overflow the Noon

With her cherubic quantity –

An April but begun –

The Robin is the One

That speechless from her Nest

Submit that Home — and Certainty

And Sanctity, are best            – Emily Dickinson

More about the American Robin:

Birds of Cape Ann: The American Robin and Bird Food!

I Love Sumac!

16 thoughts on “Worms!

  1. Thank you, Kim, for the photos, and the info about the feeding habits of the robin. Here in Seattle they have it good enough that they do not have to go south, but the winter berries here sometimes run out early. Now that I know to put out mealworms, they will come around, along with the flickers, juncoes and hummers we get to feed all year.


  2. Always remember these robins hopping around the law worming it…sit there and watch them all day and thanks for the nice background on them very good 🙂


  3. Very welcome Bill. So wonderful you have hummingbirds all year round in Seattle, and juncoes and flickers! I have read that in areas in the south, around the Gulf states, some hummingbirds stay year round now primarily because of people’s hummingbird feeders and gardens. When you plant (or provide) they will come!


  4. love it Kim, was thinking of your yesterday when my husband Howie and I were in the butterfly exhibit at the Museum of Science, they were awesome.


    1. Oh Patti what a sweet thing to say. Tremendous exhibit there at the Museum of Science. After seeing the Monarchs in Mexico last month, I am longing for warm weather even more so!


    1. So pretty all puffed up!

      Our resident Robins love the fruit of the crabapple at this time of year, which makes me think it doesn’t taste that good as it is always the very last to go.

      How many inches Mary-looks like another jackpot on the news!


      1. This morning my deck measures 8 inches ~ drifting to more or less ~ just started a light snow again. It was beautiful last week ~ went to the spring show at the local nursery ~ my daffodils are 6 inches up and other bulbs popping. However ~ I do love the snow 😉


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