Beer Koozies are so 1990s

I’ve heard a rumor that spring is right around the corner.  I don’t necessarily believe it, but just in case, I thought I might start getting ready.  You know, the same way that you might get ready for a blizzard by fighting the crowds at good ol’ MB and stocking up on necessities.

Spring necessities?” you may ask.

Well, sure.  New flip flops for the whole family, some sunglasses for the boys (because inevitably they loose theirs once or twice each summer), some new planters for the front stoop, new cushions and throw pillows for the outdoor furniture, and a beer holster for my husband.

And, we’re good to go.

Red Envelope Leather Beer Holster.  You can even get it monogrammed so it doesn't get mixed up with your neighbor's beer holster!
Red Envelope Leather Beer Holster. You can even get it monogrammed so it doesn’t get mixed up with your neighbor’s beer holster!

Best received gift that I’ve ever given….that has come out of a box anyway. Yet more reason for my husband to be the envy of the neighborhood. (ha ha)

Red Envelope

Or…you could just keep doing this.  That’s fine too.

Don't be this guy.  Your beer deserves better.
Don’t be this guy. Your beer deserves better.

What did I tell you on release day of the iPhone 5c?

iPhone 5c keeps disappointing, almost 3M units in inventory

From digitimes-

We remember the reports that Apple had ceased orders to manufacturers for the iPhone 5c since the end of 2013, though sadly we didn’t know just how bad this was for Apple. As it turns out, new supply chain sources have told Digitimes that Apple is currently holding on to as many as 3 million iPhone 5c units in inventory that it can’t sell. Two million units are currently in the factories and one million units have already been distributed to carriers.

The usual thing is for Apple to not be able to meet demands for customers, and we’ve seen this with the iPhone 5s, but the fact that the iPhone 5c is too expensive, and too small have made it less attractive than Apple expected, and it’s clear that consumers have manifested what they want.

I called this from Day 1.   Apple buyers don’t want plastic cases, they don’t want compromised hardware, they want the best they can get and are willing to pay UP for it.  I also added that releasing a cheaper version of the iPhone was tantamount to Tommy Hilfiger selling it’s stuff at Marshalls.  Once you break that cherry you take a little luster off the elite brand.

What I called for instead (and this was all way before any of it was announced) was a Larger iPhone that could compete with the android offerings like Samsung Galaxy and Note.

It looks like Apple is getting back on track by announcing that they will be releasing a larger iPhone and this failure was probably a great lesson for them.  Apple users don’t want to compromise on hardware, they’ve built a brand on providing the best and charging up for it. To tarnish that reputation is foolish IMO.  They should eliminate the 5c altogether and instead build a super no compromise phone and charge double for it, and make even bigger margins, and I bet there would be people lining up for it, begging Apple to take their money for it.

.Samsung Galaxy s4 vs iPhone size-


Here is my post from release day of the 5c back in September-

iPhone 5s and 5c and What I Would Have Done If I Were Apple

Posted on September 12, 2013 by Joey C

some quotes from the post-

Every product refresh they make they include great enhancements but I think there is one move they have yet to make but I think would be an absolute monster boost to their sales.

A larger iPhone to me would be a monster hit.  As a Samsung Galaxy s3 user I really appreciate the extra screen real estate and I appreciate even more the ability to strap on a cheap aftermarket battery to the back of my s3 which triples the battery life. 

I don’t agree with Apple’s tactic of offering a low cost iPhone either with the 5c and it’s plastic parts.   Apple has always been synonymous with unapologetic top grade hardware and premium pricing.  people were and are willing to pay for it knowing they are getting the best hardware without ever questioning it. 

I equate coming out with a lower grade iPhone to a brand like Tommy Hilfiger who for a brief moment was competing with the likes of Polo/ Ralph Lauren and then went and sold out and buried there products into discounters like Marshalls and TJ Max.  Forever to be equated with a poor man’s Polo and never will they ever be able to command the premium pricing they once did.

I say instead of offering a cheaper iPhone option that they should have offered a larger iPhone option with a mongo battery and charge even MORE for it.  That would have pleased Wall Street I bet.

Fred Rice to Present at the Seaside Garden Club on March 11th at the Manchester Community Center

Kate Wilwerth from the Seaside Garden Club writes,

“Hi Kim – Great to follow your Monarch journey in Mexico. Beautiful photos and accompanying text! The Seaside Garden Club has a great program coming up next week. Fred is a dynamic speaker – should be a great turn out!  Thanks for your continued support!”

The Seaside Garden club is thrilled to have the always entertaining Fred Rice present his new program entitled “The Well Decorated Garden” on Tuesday, March 11th at the Manchester Community Center.  Doors open at 7:00 pm for social time; the program begins promptly at 7:30 pm.  Light refreshments will be served. We are pleased to announce that this program is open to all at no charge, thanks to the generosity of the Manchester Cultural Council.  

Fred describes his new program: An appealing garden is the result of the sum of it’s individual parts, and plant material is only a part of the horticultural equation. The “bones” of the garden provide the form, the plants provide color, texture, and fragrance, but there is another factor that provides a sort of garnish,  a sort of human touch.  The addition of sculpture, furniture, structures, and architecture help to make each garden unique to it’s creator and the possibilities are nearly endless!  “The Well Decorated Garden” explores many of those possibilities.

Fred Rice, former Manchester resident (now residing in Rome, New York), is a well known garden designer, consultant and sought-after horticultural lecturer. He has nearly 30 years experience as a lecturer/public speaker throughout the Eastern United States and in the UK.  His former home at 9 Friend Street in Manchester was open regularly for garden tours and has been featured in many publications, including Country Homes, Country Gardens, The English Garden and Dream Gardens Across America.  In addition, Fred has many stage and screen credits to his name for wig and makeup design.  His resume also includes floral design and consultation and teaching.  Visit Fred’s website for more information:


Fred Rice Photo

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Manchester Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC), a state agency.  Together, MCC and its advocates and partners across the state are working to restore funding for the arts, humanities, and sciences. We have a long way to go, and it remains crucial that we continue to demonstrate the value of arts and culture to the people of Massachusetts. The Manchester Cultural Council has been a generous supporter of the Seaside Garden Club programs.  

About the Seaside Garden Club: We are a group of fun, active, civic-minded and hands-on gardeners.  We welcome all types of gardeners from beginners to experienced… there is always something to learn and share.  We invite you to become a member of our club ($25 annual membership) and enjoy our monthly programs which feature interesting guest speakers and creative workshops.  The Seaside Garden Club meets the second Tuesday of every month (September through June) at 7:00 pm at the Community Center, Manchester-by-the-Sea.  Visit our blog:

Huge Indoor Yard Sale


Friday Night, March 7th 5-8pm (No Early Birds)

1 Lexington Ave

Magnolia Village – Gloucester MA

(Charles Jones Hall in the Magnolia Library)

Yard Sale color(1)


Antiques, collectibles, furniture, books, records, glass, pottery, tools, and much more! Coffee by Glosta Joes – Snacks by East Main St. Baking co.Details at

Friday Evening / Weekend Forecast March 7th , 2014 Cape Ann..

Marine Forecast Friday Night Through Sunday Night….
Tonight: E winds around 5 kt…becoming N after midnight. Seas 2 to 3 ft.

Sat: NW winds 5 to 10 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.

Sat Night: NW winds around 10 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.

Sun: NW winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt. Seas 2 to 4 ft.

Sun Night: NW winds 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 20 kt… Becoming W 5 to 10 kt after midnight. Seas 2 to 4 ft. A chance of snow showers. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.

Video Weekend Forecast

Don’t Forget “Spring Ahead” Saturday Night 1HR!!!



Possible Storminess Wednesday through Thursday Night ! Long Duration event …


Ocean Alliance and Seven Seas Whale Watch form a partnership

From Amy Kerr;       Screen-Shot-2014-02-26-at-9_01_57-AM

I’m working with Heather Lee to get the word out about Ocean Alliance’s new partnership with 7 Seas Whale Watch beginning this spring. The goal is to join forces in educating the public, not only about the humpbacks that 7 Seas knows so well, but also about the ocean pollution we study. We’re all really excited about working together for the first time and wanted to get the word out as the whale watching season approaches. Here is the announcement we posted
We were wondering if you could help us post it on GMG?
Thanks for all your help and support!!

Preparing To Make The St. Joseph Pasta


christmas2011 391

Tomorrow is all about PASTA!  Family and friends of all ages, will gather in my kitchen early tomorrow morning to make “The St. Joseph Pasta.”  By the end of the day tomorrow all 100 Lbs. will be made and hung to dry for next weekends big feast.

The Semolina Flour has been purchased, and my husband, St. Barry is in the process of setting up the pasta drying racks.  Tomorrow we will be live blogging from the kitchen…details will be posted tonight at 8pm

rack 1 rack 2 rack 3

International Women’s Day Celebration ~ Festa Della Donna


womes day logo

The Figli di Trappeto Club is hosting their 7th annunal International Womens Day Celebration ~ “Festa Della Donne” at The Gloucester House this evening.  FOB and one of Gloucester’s most famous and loved reporters Carl Mckay-Stratton will be live blogging for GMG at tonight’s “SOLD OUT” event! 

Jack London’s Sea Wolf?

Last night a friend and I watched "The Sea Wolf." released in 1941. The Warner Bros. black & white film starred Edward G. Robinson and Ida Lupino. The movie is set on the three masted schooner "Ghost", which looks like a schooner photo I have in my collection. After research on Google, I don't think there' a match. Based on a novel by Jack London, I believe the locaton is the Pacific West Coast.
Last night a friend and I watched “The Sea Wolf.” released in 1941. The Warner Bros. black & white film starred Edward G. Robinson and Ida Lupino. The movie is set on the three masted schooner “Ghost”, which looks like a schooner photo I have in my collection. After research on Google, I don’t think there’ a match. Based on a novel by Jack London, I believe the locaton is the Pacific West Coast.

So I’m Going Through The Blogroll in the Right Hand Column and…

So I’m going through the GMG Blogroll (a list of links) in the right hand column of the blog (for those who subscribe and get the email version go to  and you can see what I’m talking about) and I start clicking through the list of links.

I hadn’t gone through the list for a while but what I found was that a huge number of the blogs that I link to in the GMG Blogroll either haven’t been updated in over a year or don’t even exist any more.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter how fantastic the content you create, there are a bazillion other websites out there that you are competing for eyeballs with.  Many people think you can just create a website, register a domain and then magically a million people know about your blog and are anxious to find you.  Well for probably 99.5% of people who start blogs my guess is that after pouring your heart and soul into it for a while and if it doesn’t pick up steam you look at your stats and it could be disheartening and you lose the drive to update it.  Thud.  End of story.

This isn’t to discourage anyone from starting a blog, but rather to celebrate the ones who have been doing it for a while and have kept at it.

This brings me to my buddy Bowsprite who I discovered back in the first months of creating GMG.  How I found her and Marty’s son Brian and Bowsprite’s buddy Tugster was through a search for like minded bloggers who were blogging about industrial boats.  They were all located in NY.

Monkeyfist (seated and facing away) Bowsprite and Tugster Visit Gloucester

Posted on November 17, 2009 by Joey C


Our Marty Luster actually moved here after a two or three day visit to Gloucester with his blogging son Brian (Marty wasn’t a part of GMG yet)  whose blog A Movable Bridge hasn’t been updated in far too long.

But Bowsprite has kept at it.

My dream is to have her up here and take over one of the months at the Goettemann residency on Rocky neck so she could illustrate Gloucester’s industrial ships and share her deep love for Industrial waterfronts with us.  I’ve even written on her behalf to the selection committee but it hasn’t happened yet.  Maybe some day.

Anyway, Kudos To Bowsprite for keeping at it.  You really ought to check out here site, her stories and her illustrations.  She’s one of my favs and an incredibly kind soul.

Check out her waterbog here-

Bowsprite: A New York Harbor Sketchbook


and this from here visit to the dock to take a dip in Gloucester Harbor-

Bowsprite’s November Gloucester Harbor Swim 11/16/09

Posted on November 16, 2009 by Joey C

Bowsprite is an artist and blogger from the sixth borough in NY.  Check out her incredible nautical illustrations by clicking this text

Who drives up from New Yawk to jump in Gloucester’s inner harbor for a leisurely swim in mid-November?  Bowsprite, that’s who.


All It Takes Is One Visit Posted  November 29, 2009 by Joey C

Welcome To Gloucester Marty! Posted on May 14, 2010 by Joey C

Community Stuff 3/7/14

Ever wonder what O’Maley looks like during the day?

Ever wonder what O’Maley looks like during the day? Are you curious about what an Innovation school is? What is the STEM lab?

All those answers and more can be discovered during the O’Maley Innovation Middle School tours. Tours are planned for March 26th, April 16th from 8 – 9 a.m.

The tour begins and ends in the O’Maley library with coffee and pastries with Principal Debra Lucey. Guidance counselors and students will conduct the tours of selected classrooms, the O’Maley STEM suite, cafeteria and auditorium.

If you are interested in attending, please call 978-281-9850 to reserve your space.

photo (15)

The North Shore Players is delighted to let you know about our upcoming production of the acclaimed musical ANYTHING GOES

Starring:  Stephanie Angelini, Mark Angelini, Dan McDuffie,  Alex Mangos and many other talented local players from all over the North Shore

Five performances only!

§ Saturday March 22          7:30 pm

§ Sunday March 23            2:30 pm

§ Friday, March 28             7:30 pm

§ Saturday March 29          7:30 pm

§ Sunday, March 30           2:30 pm

Groups of 10 or more:   Please all for discounted prices

Tickets can be ordered online, by phone or purchased at show time

To order by phone please call: 978-750-4842 or 978-335-5605

To order on line visit

Hogan Regional Center Auditorium

6 Hathorn Circle Danvers, MA 01923

The North Shore Players is a non-profit community theatre group dedicated to the performing arts and is now celebrating its 54th full year!  We have had over 35 years involvement with the Hogan Regional Center in Danvers, MA, including free performances and entertainment for its residents. The North Shore Players is a unique community theater with a deep heritage of high quality, family oriented productions. Established as a non-profit organization in 1975, we welcome all people of all ages who enjoy all phases of community theatre, both in appearing on-stage as well as working behind the scenes. Membership is open to all.

For the past 27 years, the North Shore Players has annually granted the Viola Patten Scholarship for the Performing Arts to a graduating high school senior seeking to continue education in the performing arts (theatre, music, dance), and currently attending Andover, Beverly, Danvers, Georgetown, Hamilton-Wenham Regional, Lynn Classical, Lynn English, Lynnfield, Marblehead, Masconomet, North Andover, Peabody, Reading, Salem or Swampscott High School. We also accept applications from home-schooled students residing in these communities.

Visit us on Facebook at