Another Local Lobster Trap Tag Shows Up On Perranporth Beach Cornwall England!

Dear Joe,

I wrote to you in November 2012 about a fishing tag from the Net Profit, from when it was owned by the late Joe Ciaramitaro.

Last Thursday I found a tag from F/V Endeavour. When I looked it up on Google it looks as though it comes from your area, so I thought that you might be interested. I don’t find many of the rectangular tags, all the ones that I have found are mounted on a board on my garage wall. I thought that you might know some of their owners or where they come from.

As you will see from the photo we do find quite a lot of lobster trap tags. Here in Perranporth  Cornwall most of the them are from Newfoundland and Labrador. We have had a lot of storms this winter & unusually high tides for the last three months. This has resulted in large quantities of plastic being washed up – some from across the Atlantic & a lot from more local places.

Best Wishes,

Chris Easton


Here’s the post from November 9, 2012-

Joe Ciaramitaro Lobster Trap Tag Found on Cornwall Beach in The UK

Posted on November 9, 2012 by Joey C

Chris Easton writes- Dear Joey, Earlier this year I found a fishing tag which I think may be yours. It reads F/V NET PROFIT 7918 JOE CIARAMITARO along the bottom. I enjoy walking along the strand line on my local … Continue reading →

And the Pussification of American Continues : MIAA Tourney Director Grabs The Microphone, Scolds Westport Student Section For Turning Their Backs When Cardinal Spellman Starting Lineup Is Announced And Forces Them To Turn Back Around Barstool Sports : Boston

And the Pussification of American Continues : MIAA Tourney Director Grabs The Microphone, Scolds Westport Student Section For Turning Their Backs When Cardinal Spellman Starting Lineup Is Announced And Forces Them To Turn Back Around Barstool Sports : Boston

HeraldNews – Last Saturday’s Division 3 South boys’ basketball final between Westport and Cardinal Spellman at UMass Boston might be best remembered for a most conspicuous incident which occurred before the teams even tipped off. Just after public address announcer Joe Rocha had started to introduce the Spellman starters, South tourney director Karen McDonald completed a quick march to the scorer’s table, grabbed the microphone, and spoke directly to some of the younger Westport fans in the bleachers directly behind the Wildcat bench. These fans had, when the Spellman intro started, turned their backs to the court, one of those orchestrated moves (like holding up newspapers) fans do. McDonald obviously saw it as a violation of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association’s fan sportsmanship policy, one that is read over the PA before games. In what seemed like an order in the guise of a request, McDonald asked the fans to turn back around.

photo.jpg Joey C shared with you:
I was a terrible terrible athlete in High School. Like bottom 10% terrible. Like-last guy picked on the pick up teams terrible.But what I lived for was rooting for my buddies in High School and College. I was the guy organizing the parties and getting bus loads of students to travel to our College Basketball tournament games (with kegs in the rooms for breakfast and kegs on the buses).

One of my favorite memories is when we went to Merrimack. We started drinking in our dorm room meant for 2 people at 7AM and had 50 or so coeds getting fired up for the Tournament Basketball game. We ripped the sheet my bed and spray painted “Merrimack Sucks” on it. We took the busses up to Merrimack and me and my buddy George Iocano walked the perimeter of the basketball court holding the MERRIMACK SUCKS sign around the court as the teams were doing their warm ups. George got arrested or fled out the door and I took off my super thick geek glasses and sweater and mixed into the crowd, thankfully unarrested.  Crowd went nuts.

Gloucester High in the early eighties hockey games when they’d throw fish out on the ice.   Or the chants, Oh My Lord What Fun.  That’s what made it so crazy and fun.

Those we’re good times. Great times. Times you talk about when you get old with your buddies. That’s what makes high school and college athletics great. The insanity when your team makes the Tournament.

For this school administrator to try to squelch this school spirit is ludicrous. Guy had to be a total dweeb in High School. No other way to explain it.  Guaranteed this school admin was the guy getting wedgied on a daily basis.

Sfinci di San Giuseppe Rounds off a Trio of Traditional Saint Joseph Treats from Maria Cracchiolo and Family at Caffe Sicilia

Sfinci Caffe Sicilia ©Kim Smith 2014Sfinci di San Giuseppe

For non-Sicilians, like myself, you may be wondering what exactly are Sfinci di San Giuseppe? The way Maria, Nina, and Domenic make them, Sfinci are amazing creamy puffs, fried to golden-brown perfection, and filled with Caffe Sicilia’s heavenly light and fluffy sweetened ricotta, or the same ricotta, with mini-chocolate chips added.

Inside the beautiful box of Zepplole that Maria sent me home with after filming, were two Sfinci’s made moments earlier, fillled with ricotta, and garnished with candied orange peel and cherry. I hope my husband and son never read this post because after eating the first Sfinci di San Giuseppe, it was so fabulously delicious that I never gave anyone else a chance to try one and ate the second (although managing to save them each a Zeppole)! Habit-forming!

Sfinci have been a part of Sicilian cuisine for centuries. Traditionally they were served for dessert on Saint Joseph’s Day. Today they are a specialty of Palermo and are served all year round. Both Maria’s parents, Nina and Domenic Damico, were born outside of Palermo and spent their early childhoods there. I imagine that is one reason why the family knows how to create this sumptuously yummy treat!!! Sfinci is a wonderfully fun word to say and is pronounced something like this: sah-fin-chee, only you say the sah-fin syllables very quickly together.

Caffe Sicilia’s Sfinci di San Giuseppe are available, as are their Zeppole, through Easter. Because their Sfinci fly out the door as quickly as their Zeppole, place your orders for both ahead of time and call (978) 283-2345.

Filming Continues on Gloucester’s Feast of Saint Joseph Film Project, Today at Caffe Sicilia!

Caffe Sicilia’s St. Joseph Zeppole or, in Other Words, A Cloud of Sweetness Sent from the Heavens!

Local Artist Naomi Lee displays her work at Addison Gilbert Hospital Gallery from March 10th to 28th, 2014


Retired art teacher Naomi Lee has rediscovered her love for the arts over the past few years through painting. Naomi was an art teacher for over 20 years, specializing in pottery. She took an unconventional approach to teaching by really giving her students the freedom to create their own individual pieces.

Naomi resides in Gloucester, MA. She finds her inspiration in the beauty that nature creates and the local nautical surroundings. She believes in the calm of the moon, the warmth of the sun, the strength of the wind and the power of the sea. Her work mostly consists of seascape paintings.

Naomi is a member of The Beverly Guild of Artists, The Salem Art Association, The Magnolia Art Association, and takes part in The Marblehead Festival of Arts. She also offers greeting cards and some prints of her paintings for sale. Naomi can be contacted at 781-710-1080.

By Jamie Panarello

Naomi’s painting’s and reproductions are on display at:

Addidson Gilbert Hospital

298 Washington St

Phone number(978) 283-4000


Ricky King Russell, Mario Perrett and Ed Sheer to join The Dave Sag’s Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line tonight 8-11

dave s

Dave says,

I’m psyched this week cuz my favorite gaggle of comedic cats are showing up for another roast. It’s been a long time so let’s welcome back Mr. Ricky “King” Russell. Ricky had a terrible accident a while ago at CERN when a stray Higgs boson collided with one of his guitar licks,splitting several atoms and his pants. His tailor has pronounced him fit to play.


Next, there’s “Mr.Ed” Scheer, equine vocalist and world’s foremost Diaperene® expert, on drums. Ed is always laughing at anything I say, even when it’s not funny. Go figure.
Then, girls, there’s “Super Mario” Perrett, former rockstar and Hai Karate© spokesmodel, on tenor sax. Gawd, he is so handsome! See for yourself.
And finally, there’s me, but you know that. But seriously, folks, I love these guys; they all play and sing so well, and laugh so loud. I nearly choked to death on my fifth drink last time. You will, too. Come early and stay late! We hit at 8 P.M.

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Live Destruction!! Finally!!!!

You’ve cussed, cursed, and scorned at it. You’ve prayed, pleaded, and preached about it. So cue the Etta James classic “At Last” because the suck-sore that was at the corner of Mansfield St. and Washington has fallen!
That’s right folks, the burnt siding, the blue tarp, and the embarrassment that greets all locals and tourists alike has come to an end. That only took 3 years.

Now please clean up that pile of rubble before next spring!

Throw Back Thursday. St Joesph Day 1986

St. Josephs Day 1986

Paul the 3rd with Norna Ciolino.

Norna would always have her altar up, drying pasta all over the house, ST. Josephs Pasta cooking. She would always have Homade Zugu made from the tomato’s she grew in her Garden for the one’s who didn’t like the st joe’s pasta which included me. Good Memories.

paul at st. joes day grandma ciolino

Sista Felicia’s Homemade St Joseph Semolina Pasta Recipe


pasta dry 8

Every Sicilian family makes their homemade St. Joseph Pasta slightly different. Some use eggs, some use white flour, some use semolina , and others use a combination of both.  The combination of ingredients and  the pasta’s thickness really determines both the  taste, and  texture of the final traditional pasta dish. The St. Joseph “Goranza”  is traditionally made with Cauliflower fava beans, chic peas, and fennel frauns.  Some Sicilian families  add several kinds of beans and some add the stalks and bulb of the anise.  Like all Italian and Sicilian recipes ….each family has their own twist.  Many make this pasta  extremely thick and heavy, I do not.   Over the years I have developed this pasta recipe and mastered the technique of making it.  If your looking for a pasta recipe that’s tender and delicious this is the recipe to follow….Even The Godmother of Gloucester  “Sefatia”  gave it the 2 thumbs up.  She loved it so much she took 5 lbs. home after last years feast celebration.  

 This year we made 130 lbs. of Pasta, for our St. Joseph Feast, which we will be celebrating this Saturday. 130 lbs. of pasta may sound like a lot but, part of the tradition for me to keep alive is the tradition of  send family and friends home with  a container of St. Joseph Pasta.  I can vividly remember a long line of people waiting with containers in hand during my Uncle Mike and Aunt Vincie’s St. Joseph Feast Day.  A line from her stove in the kitchen, went through the house, out the front door and down the street 2 city blocks.  People waited hours to get a potion of blessed pasta.  For the past few years I decided to take that tradition one step further, and send my family and guest home with a bag of dried pasta, and  small container of St. Joseph Goranza, so they can prepare and enjoy it one more time at home.  It has become the grand finally of our feast day.  Everyone  waits in line for their opportunity to digs into the giant containers of stored pasta.  Each fills a plastic bag up with homemade dried pasta,  and heads to the kitchen to pick up their container of Goranza by the stove top.  This new tradition is another Gift Of Gold  that I hope to pass on to the next generation!  

pasta in boxes

For St Joseph Semolina Pasta Dough Recipe and  Step-by-Step instruction Continue reading “Sista Felicia’s Homemade St Joseph Semolina Pasta Recipe”

Thursday March 13th, 2014 Cape Ann Forecast…

Marine …
Gale Warning!
Thu: NW winds 25 to 30 kt with gusts up to 35 kt. Seas 8 to 13 ft. Light freezing spray. Snow.

Thu Night: NW winds 25 to 30 kt…diminishing to 20 to 25 kt after midnight. Seas 6 to 9 ft. Light freezing spray. A chance of snow showers. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.
Sunrise 6:55AM Sunset 6:48PM
High Tide 9:58AM / 8.8 / 10:27PM / 8.3
Low Tide 3:35AM / 1.3 / 4:08PM / 0.8

Waxing gibbous
Visible: 91% ↑

Flash Freeze conditions , with light to moderate snows… Am commute will have some icy roads, travel slow with caution .Temps will stay in 20’s all day . Windchill values in the single digits! Snows should diminish by noontime with left over snow showers possible ..winds the big story very gusty out of the north and north west 25-30 mph with a few gusts past 45mph! Thursday night FRIGID teens..gusty north west winds over 25mph…

Total snow fall I’m expecting for Cape Ann is 2-3″..Not a lot but enough to make it very slippery and dangerous driving …drive slow be cautious ..

Hourly forecast ….

Extended Forecast ….



Next week looks wintery with cold bouts and snow ! Ugh. I’m trying people I really am . Soon enough will be at the beach baking in the sun 🙂
Thanks for viewing ..
Peter Lovasco