Day Two With The CVS Brand Razor Blades

Took a half hour to stop the bleeding

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I will chronicle my experience in my quest for the best shaving solution in light of the insane cost of Gillette razor blades and complete brutality inflicted with generic store brand razor blades.

Based on many recommendations I signed up for dollarsharve club.  The premise sounds outstanding  and if it works half as good as Chris DeWolfe and Rick Doucette claim it does I’ll be psyched.

I ordered the middle of the line razors-


From the site-
How it Works
Are you ready to join the ranks of our enlightened membership?

Dollar Shave Club couldn’t be simpler. Select one of our great razors, pay one low monthly fee, and we send ‘em right to your door. No more over-paying for fancy brand name shave tech.  No more forgetting to buy your blades.

‘Don’t Yuck on My Yum’: A Mantra for the Table, and Beyond From John Sarrouf

John Sarrouf


Don’t Yuck on My Yum’: A Mantra for the Table, and Beyond

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by John


To make dinner as nag-free as we can, my family follows few rules at our table. But one rule I insist upon is something I learned from a fourth grader as part of the Family Dinner Project’s lunch mentors program with the Lynn, Massachusetts Public Schools.

Don’t Yuck on my Yum.

For the entire blog post click here

Viva Verdi! at the Crowell Chapel in Manchester

The concert venue, Crowell Memorial Chapel, was built in 1903. Its naturally vibrant acoustics and classic interior have made it a popular venue for musical performances, appreciated by both artists and patrons. The Crowell Chapel Concert Series–sponsored by the Historic Manchester Trust, a not-for-profit Massachusetts 180 Corporation–is one avenue for helping the Town fund the long-term preservation of recently restored historic structures like Crowell Chapel and Tuck’s Point.
Tickets for $25 general, and $15 students and children under 12, can be purchased online by visiting; on the Crowell Chapel Facebook page or calling Woody Kelly at 617-755-9299. Free street parking and free parking at the high school. Parking directions are on the website:

Artist Spotlight Series – Susan Hershey

spotlight_susan hershey

Artist Spotlight on Susan Hershey

Susan’s wood kiln is fired several times a year. Firings take anywhere from 15 to 25 hours to complete and require constant feeding of the fireboxes. A group of potters work together, and the firings are joyous events that can last late into the night or early morning. Before it can be opened, the kiln must cool for at least as long as it’s been hot. Some of the markings on the pots are a result of the ash and flames that swirl around inside during the firing.

Ben Ryterband, Susan’s first teacher at Mass College of Art & Design, introduced her to Japanese glazes. She feels very fortunate to have taken workshops and classes with Rockport potter/teacher, Cynthia Curtis, as well as Lanesville’s own potter par excellence Anni Melançon, Welsh potter Phil Rogers, Minnesota potter Linda Christainson, the Shino Warrior Malcolm Davis, North Carolina potter Michael Kline, wood fire guru Jack Troy, Tim Rowan, hand builder extraordinaire Hayne Bayless, Robert Briscoe, Ken Matsuzaki, Shoji Hamada’s grandson Tomoo Hamada, living legend Warren Mackenzie and New Hampshire wonder potter Karen Orsillo.

As Susan says: “Pots that look as though they’ve been dug up from the earth touch my soul; the Japanese aesthetic influences my work, as well as the powerful and beautiful ocean and granite that make living on Cape Ann so special and spiritual. I produce useful vessels and ceramics to please the eye and the heart in the belief that we all must give to the world love, honesty and beauty.”

You can see more of Susan’s work at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, East Gloucester during the Rocky Neck Holiday Art & Fine Crafts Festival

Saturdays and Sundays, Noon-4 PM

November 30 – December 29

E.J. Lefavour

Manchester by the Shop – Central Street Gallery

Located at 11 Central Street in Manchester, the Central Street Gallery is an artists cooperative. Gallery Director Alison Rowell says that they have about 14 members who each rent wall space in the gallery which starts off at a width of approximately 73″. The artists can hang as many paintings as are practical.

The focus of the gallery is a traditional Plein Aire style with the paintings set in gold frames. There are some deviations on the theme providing  some different styles though the general style for paintings is still life and landscapes.

Each member of the Gallery agrees to rent space and also to paint 5-6 new paintings every two months which they deliver framed and ready for hanging. The Gallery presents six shows each year so the collection of paintings is changing every two months. To give each artist equal opportunity to the better display areas on the walls, every two months each artist rotates their space three wall spaces, guaranteeing each artist equal time in the front window.

Central Street Gallery is celebrating their fifth year at 11 Central Street and will be starting their next show with an opening night reception on December 7th. This show will focus on smaller works from the artists.

In addition to the Gallery there is a website (www.central street where more of each artist’s works are shown.

The artists are generally local with a number living in Manchester and Gloucester. Central Street Gallery is a great place to support local artists and is clearly a place to check out.

Hydrogen plays Phish at THE FARM Bar & Grille ~ 233 Western Ave Essex, Essex MA.


PHISH party TONIGHT at THE FARM Bar & Grille! Come on out (after enjoying the beautiful weather of course!). Fresh off the cape ann “tour”, which includes a very successful night celebrating Steve Rich‘s 40th bash at The Shalin Liu Performing Arts Center. Hope to see some phriendly phaces!

Better rest up this weekend to get ready for Tuesday!

When did Tuesday become the big night of the week?  Here is the schedule:


Vegetarian Thanksgiving Challenge

Location: Alchemy
Date: November 19, 2013
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: $25
MC: Peter Van Ness
To keep with the season of giving, bring a canned good with you to the event for The Open Door, and we will match your donation can for can. 

Are you [or someone close to you] a vegetarian who feels a little left out during the Thanksgiving season? Do pilgrim sandwich specials and Pinterest boards devoted to Thanksgiving leftovers bum you out? Then, Alchemy has the chef throw down for you!


Ted Reinstein Flyer
And of course live music happening around:

Check online for latest information
Check online for latest information

Rick Doucette Just Turned Me On To The Dollar Shave Club

In light of my recent shaving disaster I’m taking my boy Rick Doucette’ (among other people’s) advice.  Literally 7 different people emailed me today telling me how much they dig the dollar saving club service.

Rick Says These Razors Are Great and They Ship You 4 New Blades Each Month for $6 Including Shipping and Handling.


What a handsome son of a gun the Rick Doucette is.

So for $72 a year I’ll get 48 Blades.  Way Less Than Gillette razors for the same quality shave.  I get to toss the blades once a week and use a fresshie.  They give you a free handle and if you don’t like the razors you simply quit without any obligation.  No Brainer city baby.

I ordered the middle of the line razors-


From the site-

How it Works

Are you ready to join the ranks of our enlightened membership?

Dollar Shave Club couldn’t be simpler. Select one of our great
razors, pay one low monthly fee, and we send ’em right to your
door. No more over-paying for fancy brand name shave tech.
No more forgetting to buy your blades.

Don’t be the dope like me that goes for the cheapo generic brand ones and cut the heck out of your face-


It’s $6 including shipping and handling.  Cheaper than any package of Gillette razors you can buy.  The Gillette comparable blades cost over $3 per blade.  I don’t see much risk in trying it out especially with the recommendation from Rick Doucette.

So if you want to try it out like me here’s the website-

Dollar Shave Club


FWIW I’m trying the wipes too. Nothing but the best for my butthole is what I always say.

Public Auction – November 19th-6pm, Inspection 4-6. 1 Lexington Ave, Magnolia

auction walt 11 19

Without a doubt, this is our best auction of the year! The phrase something for everyone is often overused, but with this auction, it definitely rings true! If you like historical antiques we have hand signed presidential documents: Is fine art more your thing? We’ve got a great selection. How about antique furniture? Yep! Jewelry? Ditto! Glassware & China? Check!

Pictures and details available at

Linda rae Shares A Gloucester Moment

Good morning, Joey, we are back in town for one last take on the area (and the food, yeah!!) until the Spring.  We can’t help but remember our time here last year.


Remembering a delightful walk in Annisquam with EJ exactly a year ago yesterday.  A bit chilly but we were walking rapidly so we didn’t feel it until the sun began to set.  To chill us more, we…Rob and I who live on a river which isn’t tidal, watched as these walkers began to lose the ground underneath them.  Oy!  The last photo reminded us how quickly the tide can rise as we watched in great tension, two people on the other side who ended up shoulder deep in very cold water.  Oh my goodness!  And it is only one year ago yesterday, imagine!  Burrrrr!

Blessings, Linda rae

Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

PrintPerfect appetizer for Sunday Football, and holiday gatherings!


Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers


1 package 8 oz. cream cheese, soften

1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese

6 bacon strips, cooked and chopped into small bite-size pieces

2 scallions, cut into ⅛ inch pieces

¼ teaspoon garlic powder

¼ teaspoon chili powder

¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper

12 medium jalapeno peppers, cut into halves lengthwise; remove and discard seeds

½ cup Sicilian Style Breadcrumbs (recipe on page 201 in my newly released cookbook “Gifts of Gold”)


1  In a large mixing bowl combine first 7 ingredients; using hand mixer, blend ingredients on medium/low speed 1-2 minutes until evenly mixed

2  Fill each pepper half with 1 heaping tablespoon of cheese mixture

jalapeano 1

3  Dip each filled pepper into Sicilian Breadcrumbs; arrange on foil lined baking dish

jal 10

jal 2

4  Bake in preheated 350 degree oven uncovered 20-25 minutes until tops are golden; Cool 5 minutes before serving

To purchase copies of my newly released cookbook “Gifts of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest” click link below

Don’t forget to send your Sista Felicia Recipe photos in to GMG and join the GMG FOB Cooks club! I will personally post them once per week.