GloucesterCast 11/24/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Toby Pett

 GloucesterCast Taped 11/24/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Toby Pett



Topics Include: Coffee From The DR: Cafe Molido,  Sleeping and Caffeine, New Sticky Fingers Bakery, What Would You Do With City of Gloucester Free Cash, New Steps In Front Of The Police Station, Ken Hecht, Dollar Shave Club, Gillette vs Dollar Shave Club, Peppermint Scented Ass Wipes, Vickie Van Ness’ Holiday Fair Guide (post of the week), Thankless People, Seacoast Holiday Fair, Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Harvest Market, Mailtland Farm Spicy Pickles, Duckworth’s Bistrot Pickle Juice Martini, New GMG Technical Jerseys, Dressing For Winter, Thanksgiving Eve at The Rhumb Line, Local Joints Open For Breakfast On Thanksgiving Morning, New Management At Former Catch 22/Fiesta Pub, Trina Fuller, Mexican Touch.

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The Lovely Cookie Ladies At The 2013 Seacoast Holiday Fair


You would not believe how many incredible cookies were made for the fair.  Nice turnout where 100% of the money goes back to the residents.

I happen to know these beautiful women and they’re even sweeter than the cookies.


MACKLEMORE LIVE at Best Buy Theatre

Macklemore Wanz  -2 ©Kim Smith 2013A whirlwind 20 hours in New York City to see the extraordinary Macklemore and Company perform at Best Buy Theatre left me spellbound and so not wanting the concert to be over!

Macklemore Wanz -1 ©Kim Smith 2013 copyWanz singing Thrift Shop

Macklemore Wanz ©Kim Smith 2013I was a guest of my daughter Liv, who is the events manager at Best Buy Theatre. How proud I am of her and the fantastic job she does! I followed her around the theatre and observed as she managed 80 plus employees including 45 security guards, and as many bartenders, waitresses, hatcheck girls, and barbacks. The Xbox event was particularly complex and she had been at the theatre since 6am that morning and wasn’t going to be leaving until 6am the following morning. I had to laugh (with admiration) because if you’ve ever met my daughter, you know she is a petite blonde, and she is managing the likes of hurly burly security guards aptly nicknamaed “House.” Most of the employees are young aspiring actors and actresses, or a bit older with families to support, and everyone was super, super sweet and fun to meet.Ryan Lewis -1 ©Kim Smith 2013jpg copy

macklemore  -3©Kim Smith 2013 jpgI found Macklemore awhile back and by accident one day while googling around looking for interesting and beautiful music videos, which then led to entering their video competition for the song BomBom. Liv knows that I am a huge, huge fan of Macklemores and I was on cloud nine when she asked if I would like to attend the event. Their music and their message are beautiful and delivered with heart and humor.  The concert was fabulous and fun in every way–really simply beyond fabulous!!!

Mary Lambert ©Kim Smith 2013Mary Lambert singing the tender and heartfelt Same Love

macklemore  -1 ©Kim Smith 2013jpg jpgRyan lewis bl-wh ©Kim smith 2013Macklemore  -4 Kim Smith 2013 jpgRyan Lewis ©Kim Smith 2013 copyMacklemore ©Kim Smith 2013I didn’t have my interchangeable lens camera with me, as they are often times not allowed, and had to rely on my iPhone for video. I had never  shot anything longer than a Vine with my iPhone and discovered that the iPhone shoots in 1080p, which is wonderful and ideal for editing.

See my live recording of Macklemore performing “Can’t Hold Us” on my blogs at Kim Smith Designs or Butterfly Films.

Times Square ©Kim Smith 2013Times Square

Liv found a great little hotel in midtown, within walking distance of Penn Station and Best Buy Theatre. The following morning, before heading back to Gloucester (and she to bed for some much needed rest), we walked around Bryant Park in the rain and had a late breakfast at a charming French pâtissier.  ~ Thanks to my darling daughter Liv for the wonderfully fun 20-hour New York City whirlwind!

Carousel Liv Bryant park ©Kim Smith 2013Bryant Park Carousel

See a live recording of Macklemore performing “Can’t Hold Us” on my blogs at Kim Smith Designs or Butterfly Films.

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Same Love Marriage

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Win THREE Awards at the VMAs!!!

BomBom Butterflies Video

Artist Spotlight Series – Jen Moltoni

spotlight_Jen Moltoni

Spotlight on Jen Moltoni

Originally from Maine and now settled in Melrose, Jen Moltoni is a collage artist whose images are created using hand-painted paper and photographs. Jen loves color and the ocean, and is inspired by both. She makes a point of traveling to the North Shore at least once a week to take a walk on one of the many lovely beaches and to find inspiration for her work. Jen is a relatively new member of the Rocky Neck Art Colony, and this will be her first Holiday Art and Fine Craft Festival.

Although never formally trained, Jen has always enjoyed painting, and would create collages for fun when she was in High School. “I remember being obsessed with perfume bottles. I didn’t actually own any fancy perfume, and I didn’t wish that I had some. It was more about the different shapes and colors of the bottles themselves. I would look through magazines, and every time there was a new perfume ad, I would cut out the picture and attach it to one of the walls in my bedroom. By the time I went off to college, I had a space on my wall that was about 3’x3’, and it was covered with tiny pictures of perfume bottles. I loved figuring out how they would fit together best. My rule was that I could not use the same perfume bottle picture twice.”

“I do the same thing with the collages that I do now. The difference is that I don’t start off with a specific shape or color or texture. I figure that out as I go. I also make rules with the photographs that I cut up sometimes, just to make it interesting. For example, if I want to have the ocean in one of my collages, I can’t use cut up pieces of a photograph of the ocean to re-create that. I can use anything –pieces of a sky or tree photo, painted paper, but NOT a picture of the ocean. Silly (sometimes broken) rules. It’s fun.” As a busy mom who works full time at a local university, it can be difficult to carve out time for being creative, but Jen has worked hard to make her artwork a priority. “As a parent I’ve found that it can be difficult to find time for myself. However, once I committed to having certain times during the week that were dedicated to giving myself permission to be creative, I found that overall the quality of my life improved noticeably. Painting and doing collages is something that makes me happy, and being happy is making me a better parent.”

You can follow Jen’s work on her blog:, and look for more of her work at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, East Gloucester during the Rocky Neck Holiday Art & Fine Crafts Festival

Saturdays and Sundays, Noon-4 PM

November 30 – December 29

E.J. Lefavour

Frenchman’s Pier, Days Creek

View of Manchester Harbor from Beach Street overlooking Days Creek. Frenchman’s Pier at Little River, Gloucester

Time to order your 2014 Cape Ann calendars! BY SHARON

sharon lowe Cape Ann calendars make a great gift for those who used to live here, someone in the service, or for friends who would love to live here someday! They can be mailed directly or you can pick them up at Present, 33 Main St here in Gloucester. Here’s where you can order:

These calendars have become favorites for people all over the country! Year after year folks re-order for gift-giving or to keep for themselves. I love the notes I get from those who                                                         have received calendars during the holiday season.

The calendars make great holiday gifts for:

-Your kids’ teachers
-The dog groomer
-Your hairdresser
-Friends who have moved away
-An elderly person
-Mail delivery person
-Your favorite waitress
-Party host(ess)
-Newspaper delivery person
-Your mother-in-law
Just about anybody! (Even your therapist!!)

sharon calendar set up

This calendar comes in a unique cd-type case which flips into a stand for the monthly pages. s 1

Good Harbor Beach desk calendar:

s2 gh-back-front-copy And the 8.5 x11 Cape Ann  wall calendar : cover-copy back-big

Skating on Mill Pond, 1943

This morning I drained the water out of the the deck umbrella base. Tonight's temperatures will drop to 21º, Sunday will only warm up to 30º and drop to 19º at night. Monday's high should reach 32º, and be 28º overnight. I just went on a short errand in my car, and the thermometer read 34º. With the wind, it's pretty brutal out there. I mentioned this to the clerk in the store, and then remarked: "Wait 'till winter gets here." It's time to bring in your potted plants for the winter. I'll bring some of mine to the gallery.
This morning I drained the water out of the the deck umbrella base. Tonight’s temperatures will drop to 21º, Sunday will only warm up to 30º and drop to 19º at night. Monday’s high should reach 32º, and be 28º overnight. I just went on a short errand in my car, and the thermometer read 34º. With the wind, it’s pretty brutal out there. I mentioned this to the clerk in the store, and then remarked: “Wait ’till winter gets here.” It’s time to bring in your potted plants for the winter. I’ll bring some of mine to the gallery.

Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Harvest Festival at The UU Was Packed! (and I scored some of my favorite pickles)

This is a must attend event every year.  Wish it happened every week or every other!

Just another wild weekend in Gloucester with only 50 or so community events happening around town to choose from. 

You know those people who say there’s nothing to do around here? They really ought to be committed to the funny farm.



Community Stuff 11/24/13



The Gloucester Area Astronomy Club is pleased to host two wonderful presentations at the December 13 meeting, one by Steve Kolaczkowski, and another by Dr. Mario Motta. Steve K will open the meeting by showing us what’s in store for us in the winter sky, from planets to galaxies to star clusters and nebulae; Steve will be followed by Dr. Motta’s presentation on the strange journey of one of his giant telescope optics. 

The large mirror, 1/3 the size of the Hubble primary (!), was designed as part of a satellite before it became the primary optic for Mario’s first big telescope. When he made another large telescope for his Gloucester observatory, Mario donated the mirror to a facility in Italy where it is now being used for spectroscopy.

Come on out and enjoy Mario’s remarkable optical saga, Steve’s fun and informative look at what’s up, and the usual (and some not so usual) good things to eat and drink, and great conversation.

The public is warmly invited. There are no dues or fees, and no special knowledge or equipment is needed to have a great time.

GAAC meets on the second Friday of the month at 8:00pm, at the Lanesville Community Center, 8 Vulcan Street, in the Lanesville neighborhood of Gloucester. More info can be found on the club website at and on the club facebook page at or on Twitter, @gaactweet.