GloucesterCast 11/17/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Toby Pett


GloucesterCast Taped 11/17/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Toby Pett

Topics Include:

Power Outage In East Gloucester, Square Reader, Live Blogging Butt Wipes and The Dollar Shave Club, Butternut- Comes From A Tree Or a Bush?, J Pace and Sons, Thai Choice, Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito Hazing, Was John Farrell Robbed Of The MLB Manager of The Year Award By The Major League Baseball Sports Writers?



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Anyone Know Of a Mass Save Energy Program That Advises On Lighting For Industrial Spaces?

A lot of our lobstermen have been switching over to LED lighting and I know it’s uses less energy and the initial costs for the lighting fixtures are  more but I wonder if there are programs out there where you get credits toward the project for using energy saving fixtures.

Basically the dock here is like a big barn that needs to be lit up inside.  The old lighting fixtures just aren’t cutting it.

On the boats that have switched over to LED there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the light that they throw off.  Across the harbor you can see on the decks of their boats much better.

I think when we changed our cooler fans over to a more efficient system we got a credit.  I wonder if they do the same for lighting.

2013-11-13 15.42.41

New Video: Sefatia and Friends Cooking for a Cause!

City Councilor At-large Sefatia Romeo Thekn and friends help raise funds to support Megan Cole’s participation in the Boston Marathon to benefit the Hoyt Foundation. She and her commares cook breakfast and lunch for Jack Ventola and his employees at National Fish & Seafood.

Congressman John Tierney, Mayor Carolyn Kirk, and State Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante join Sefatia and friends. Wicked Tuna Captain Dave Carraro and First Mate Paul Hebert stop by to share lunch.

~ Starring ~ Sefatia Rome Thekan

~ Featuring ~ Megan Cole, Congressman John Tierney, Jack Ventola, Mayor Carolyn Kirk, Ann-Margaret Ferrante, Dave Carraro, Paul Hebert

~ Commares ~ Giovanna Margiotta, Gus Margiotta, Liz Margiotta, Rosalia Favazza, Pietra Locontro, Maria Cannavo, Rosaria Floyd, Lia Romeo Oliver, Tonianne Enes, Domenic Enes, Megan Cole, Mark Cole, Jane Fonzo, Frances Ferrante, Jennifer Arson, National Fish Employees

~ Music During the Event by Torianne Enes

~ Pastries and Bread Donated by Jim’s Bagel and Bake Shoppe, Sclafani Italian Bakery, Cafe Sicilia

Opening Credit Music: “Fritto Misto;” Closing Credit “Music: Don Pietro.”

A note about the song “Fritto Misto” ~ Searching for fun lively music for the video, I came across the song “Fritto Misto.” Google search led to many recipes for Fritto Misto, which loosely translated means ‘fried seafood and vegetable medley’–how perfect for this little film about cooking seafood with Sefatia and friends!

Filmed at National Fish and Seafood, March 25, 2013.

Artist Spotlight Series – Jenny Rangan

spotlight_jenny rangan

Spotlight on Jenny Rangan

Jenny grew up in Northern New Mexico in an adobe house with a woodstove, an outhouse, and a well for water, so her first experience of clay was living in it, with all its colors and curves and glorious decay.

Jenny officially fell in love with clay in college and earned a degree in Fine Art from UNM with an emphasis on Ceramics. Following graduation she created outdoor sculpture from adobe, apprenticed with Avra Leodas (current owner of Santa Fe Clay) in Santa Fe, NM, and made pit-fired pots from micaceous clay with Felipe Ortega in La Madera, NM. She then spent 20 years as a Bodyworker and Counselor, barely touching clay.

Inspired by classes at Cynthia Curtis’ Studio in Rockport, she has re-emerged over the last four years with full passion. Jenny loves to work sculpturally, combining thrown and handbuilt elements, aspiring to a combination of spontaneity and grace. Currently she enjoys creating functional art that can bring beauty, pleasure and meaning to everyday life.

This past August Jenny co-created and co-curated the first Cape Ann Ceramics Festival with Susan Hershey and Seyrel Williams at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, an amazing and very successful event.

Over the holidays her work will be in the Rocky Neck Holiday Art and Fine Crafts Festival 11/30-12/29, in Feast at Flatrocks in Lanesville through 12/29, in the Wearable Art and Home Décor Show and Sale at the Sawyer Free Library 12/14-15, and at Cynthia Curtis Student and Studio Pottery Show 12/13-12/22. Jenny’s work can also be seen at Artitudes in West Newton, MA

E.J. Lefavour

Man Supports the Arts With Statement to His Ex…

Amazing lengths some people will go to.. Perhaps this guy should have moved on long ago, but no. He buys a house next-door to his Ex and  installs a work of art for her to admire.. A very expensive hand gesture. Click the article to read more! Jeez, can you believe this?

Saturday, November 16, 2013 is for lighthouses

Eastern Point Lighthouse, current structure built 1890
Thacher Island Twin Lights, current structures built 1861

nb. Click photos to embiggen. The Twin Lights show the flaw of shooting with a tiny lens in the iPhone 5. I can straighten the horizon but the towers are leaning towards each other. Larger cameras, more glass in the lens, and shooting with the camera straight on and not pointing up can eliminate most of this convergence. Last ditch there is always Photoshop to straighten out structures leaning in.

Holiday Boutique Winthrop School Hamilton, MA Saturday, December 7, 2013 9am-3pm

This festive event features over 47 local vendors selling holiday gifts. Stock up on cookies at the Cookie Walk, bid on great Silent Auction items, pick up great gifts at the Scholastic Book Fair, and enjoy a tasty breakfast or lunch at the Winthrop Café.

Children will delight in doing their own holiday shopping with the help of friendly elves. All gifts in this Children’s Secret Shop cost $5 or less.
And, of course, Santa will be on site!

For more information, contact Barbara Vanderwilden at:

Admission: $2.00 Adults $1.00 Children & Seniors

A view from the Star

As Rick and I were coming back from breakfast, saw the beautiful Christmas tree at Kent Circle. Talked to Ringo Tarr and Joe N. and they asked me if I would like to go to the top to take some photos, of course I said yes even though I do not like height. This tree is 38 feet. Thank you Ringo and Joe.

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

PrintThe GHS Photography Class Fundraiser hosted by Lillian LoGrasso and her daughter Alessia on Friday evening was a smashing success. The Cruisport Gloucester ballroom was bustling with shoppers and dancers all night!  Lillian writes,”I don’t have the grand total yet because money keeps coming in…. but I can tell you that each kid will get a nice dent in their trip due to all of YOU!

Today I thought I share a personal highlight from Friday evening’s event. My daughter Amanda, and mother Pat were  busy handing out samples of  my Caramelized Onion and Goat Cheese Dip recipe from my cookbook  to shoppers, while I personally signed copies of my newly released “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia, Harvest.” A handsome man sporting a hat very similar in style to one my grandfather once wore(Cappedu hat) caught my eye while waiting in line at the GMG/Sista Felicia Table….I was experiencing a moment when someone looks familiar, but you just can’t put a name to the face at that very second. He stepped up to the table, picked up a copy of the cookbook, and asked to see page 86 & 87. My daughter Amanda assisted him in finding the page, and he pointed to a gentlemen’s photo on page 86 and said “That’s me!”  I couldn’t get around the table fast enough to give him a big hug. I asked him if he knew my grandfathers,  he chuckled and replied “my name is Sam LoGrasso, and I know all your family and your father Libby too.” Fighting back tears, I asked if he would be willing to take a photo together. He kindly agreed. Thank you Sammy, you made my night!

Italian man photo thats in the cookbook

Now You See It, Now you Don’t.

July 24, 2013. This is the Cape Ann Tool Company in Pigeon Cove, Rockport. The defunct industrial site will be made into single family housing and incorporate a public harbor walk.
July 24, 2013. This is the Cape Ann Tool Company in Pigeon Cove, Rockport. The defunct industrial site will be made into single family housing and incorporate a public harbor walk.
Photo taken November 16, 2013. It took months for workers to jackhammer the tower down to a height within reach of the excavator (foreground), which finished the job in short order.
Photo taken November 16, 2013. It took months for workers to jackhammer the tower down to a height within reach of the excavator (foreground), which finished the job in short order.

Community Photos 11/17/13

Hi Joey,

I am new to Gloucester and your website is a wonderful way to get to know the town. Thank you!

Here is a photo I took off Rust Island a week ago after a storm. What a beautiful place!

Brianne Caso


Linda rae submits-

The views on Cape Ann can be so spectacular, no wonder there are so many great photographers around.  That’s probably why they moved here.


Hi Joey,

The light today was glorious on Cape Ann.  Here are a miss mash of shots from 11.14.13.    Gloucester Marine Railway sites and then a wonderful sunset and moonrise.   Cheers!   Mary Barker

Mary Barker Photos-

Community Stuff 11/17/13


Dear Joey at Good Morning Gloucester,

I’m writing on behalf of the ANNISQUAM SEWING CIRCLE to ask if you would kindly help us promote our CHRISTMAS FAIR on Saturday, December 7, 2013.  Our members work very hard to produce an excellent event and raise money that goes directly to Gloucester schools and Gloucester non-profits, such as the Open Door.


Please shop us first!


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7 ~ 8:30 am – Noon


A delicious LUNCHEON will be served at 12:30 pm!

The Christmas Fair features fresh holiday greens, centerpieces, wreaths and plants; exceptional handicrafts, and a glittering display of costume jewelry.  The Sewing Circle is proud of the lovely presentation and wrapping of home-baked, gourmet foods and preserves prepared by our members. Delightful hostess baskets are always popular items at the sale. The Circle of Recipes cookbook, filled with cherished family recipes and historical commentaries from Sewing Circle members, will be available as a perfect Christmas gift!

The festive and delicious three-course luncheon will be served at 12:30 and tickets are $15.00. Reservations are recommended.
Please call 978-283-2247.

Founded in 1837, the Annisquam Sewing Circle is one of the oldest, continuous, independent societies of women in the United States. The Sewing Circle contributes the proceeds of their Christmas Fair and other fundraisers to the needs of many of Cape Ann’s community programs.

The Village Hall in Annisquam, Gloucester, is located on Leonard Street off Rt. 127A. Watch for the signs at Gran Circle and the Annisquam Village Church!




Cape Ann Wildlife’s plight from Pam Mansfield

Hi Joey – I was wondering if I could ask to spread the word about Cape Ann Wildlife’s plight?  Here’s the story…if you can either use it or do a piece on Jodi Swenson’s situation! We could get pictures to you, or maybe you have already done a story on her in the past…..


Pam Mansfield

Where do the wild things go? Who comes to their aid when they are injured and helpless? I never knew the answer until I learned of Cape Ann Wildlife and Jodi Swenson, the North Shore’s state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator. When I first met her she had a room full of eager little baby birds brought to her by caring people who’d found them in need. There were nestlings without parents, like the 7 baby flickers (beautiful woodpecker-like birds), a mockingbird with a broken leg, a cardinal getting over an injury, a chipping sparrow, a robin with a taped broken wing, a crow (soon to be joined by another who a friend was bringing from Tufts University, who works with Jodi), a screech owl who’d been hit by a car, and a pigeon.  They were all cared for until they could be released back to the wild in good health and able to fend for themselves.

So when one busy weekend this summer I drove past a beautiful young hawk who was hopping around in the road dodging cars, I knew something was wrong, but I could try to help.  I gently picked him up when he flopped over in submission, and carried him to a box I had in my car. Jodi was waiting for me when I arrived. The Broad-wing Hawk didn’t seem to have anything wrong, but was unable to fly – perhaps he’d been hit by a car? She found he weighed only half of what he should have and needed medication for parasites, thanks to an examination by Dr. Ray Cahill of Seaport Vet.  Two weeks later he was at his fighting weight and ready to rejoin his flock.  Not long after I found the hawk, a friend became concerned about a crow that hadn’t left the same spot in her yard for a couple of days. Jodi knew right away the bird had West Nile Virus, and immediately administered treatment, but as is sometimes the case she was too late to save him.  She gives her rescue crows the vaccine to ensure they won’t get the virus once released.

By the end of the summer 2013, Cape Ann Wildlife had rescued over 300 birds – more than half of them babies –  and released most of them successfully, including seagulls and a large owl who had been found trapped and caught in a soccer net.

Now, as Thanksgiving approaches, I’m learning that despite all that she does for our wild birds, she is going to find herself out in the cold. The very modest home she rents is for sale, she is unable to buy it, so when it’s sold she will have to leave and currently has no idea where she can go to continue her bird rescue and her business, which is restoration of fine antique china.  It’s one of those situations where networking might help – does anyone reading this know of a place for rent or have any ideas?  Or looking to buy the property and rent to her? Have a look at www. or her Facebook page to learn more about her work, and to offer ideas. We are so fortunate to have a place to bring the helpless wildlife we might encounter, instead of watching them suffer or wondering if they ever made it.  She’s the only federally and state licensed wildlife rehabilitator in our area, and she’s been here in Gloucester since 2005.  There is one other in Hamilton who specializes in raptors and birds of prey.

Pamela Mansfield, Gloucester