img_4947img_4937Thank you to Dawn and John Sarrouf for sharing their milkweed planting photos. They are visiting their friend Camilla at her family home in Small Point Maine, which sounds like, from Dawn’s description, a gorgeously beautiful location, and ideal Monarch habitat. There are fields of wildflowers, and Seaside Goldenrod grows just as easily in the rocky outcroppings there as it does on Eastern Point. After looking at maps, it appears as if you could draw a virtual straight line from Small Point to Eastern Point. Dawn and friends spotted about ten butterflies yesterday. Perhaps we’ll be the next stop (after the predicted rainfall).

img_4946Camilla collected milkweed seed pods and enlisted the Sarroufs to help plant.



Created by Martin Del Vecchio for Amanda Cook’s birthday and starring Jess Wall Gallagher, Michele Cremin Del Vecchio, Jane Cunningham, Tad Cunningham, Kelly West Figueroa-Ray, Tony Goddess, Samantha Porter Giddings, AnnMarie Shimanoski, , Amber Gaumnitz, Camilla MacFadyen, Lara Lepionka, Stevens Brosnihan, John Sarrouf, James Dowd, Sharon Bo Abrams, James Cook, Amanda Babson, Kimberly Buckley, Dennis Monagle, Joe Cardoza, KT Beans, and more!!

Happy Luau on Niles Beach!

Niles Beach Luau ©Kim Smith 2014With ukelelists, singing, leis, grass skirts, hula-hoops, an island-style feast, and a fleet of wa’a kaukahis (kids in kayaks)–this was a Niles Beach Sunday not to be missed!Ukelists Niles Beach ©Kim Smith 2014JPG

Niles Beach kid kayakers ©kim Smith 2014

Happy Birthday Esme!!!Esme ©Kim Smith 2014

Dawn and Michelle ©Kim Smith 2014Dawn Sarrouf and Michelle Anderson

Thank you to Dawn and Michelle for inviting me to stay and have a bite of Esme’s wonderful luau birthday feast. John and Dawn prepared the most yummy pulled pork, served on Mandy’s homemade potato rolls, and guests contributed super delicious accompaniments, including the best bean salad, homemade, crunchy coleslaw, and Nicole Duckworth’s to-die-for death-by-chocolate cake.

cupcakes ©Kim Smith 2014Cupcakes decorated by EsmeJohn and Dawn Sarrouf ©Kim Smith 2014John and Dawn Sarrouf

Jude and Ken Duckworth ©kim Smith 2014Jude and Ken Duckworth

Niles Beach Esme's bday ©Kim Smith 2014Nicole and Jude Duckworth ©Kim Smith 2014Nicole and Jude Duckworth

Friendships, Family, Food, and Pure Fun~ what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

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The Family Dinner Project From Gloucester Guy John Sarrouf


A start-up grassroots movement
of food, fun and conversation
about things that matter.

Hi Joey,

I just wanted to share the newest project I have been working on around family meals.  This is a collaboration I did with Cheerios to support families eating breakfast together.

You can check out the website at:

‘Don’t Yuck on My Yum’: A Mantra for the Table, and Beyond From John Sarrouf

John Sarrouf


Don’t Yuck on My Yum’: A Mantra for the Table, and Beyond

Posted on: November 8th, 2013 by John


To make dinner as nag-free as we can, my family follows few rules at our table. But one rule I insist upon is something I learned from a fourth grader as part of the Family Dinner Project’s lunch mentors program with the Lynn, Massachusetts Public Schools.

Don’t Yuck on my Yum.

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GloucesterCast Sept 29, 2013 With Guest John Sarrouf and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast Sept 29, 2013 With Guest John Sarrouf and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include Gloucester Conversations, Fuller School Dialogue, Best Sub Joint In Gloucester,Favorite Gloucester Cultural Events, Favorite Restaurants and More

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Kids and food… good stuff

Jason Grow Forwards this story from East Gloucester resident John Sarrouf-

If You Let Them Cook It, They Will Come

posted by Elijah and John

One way we try to inspire our six- and three-year-old kids to spend time at dinner is by letting them make it.  I cook at an island in my kitchen where the kids can sit and cook with me.  The trick is to find things appropriate for them to do.  That challenge inspired us to create this series called “Cooking with a Six-Year-Old,” though the age is not important – the theory holds true for any age.

Here is the first installment starring my son, Elijah, making hummus.  Please write to him to ask questions, tell him what you think or let him know if you changed anything to make the recipe better – he would love hearing from you!

For the recipe and more click here for the rest