GHS Film Club Bowling Tournament 11/7/2013


My name is Shaun Goulart and I am a history teacher at Gloucester High School. Down at the high school a colleague and myself are trying to start a film club with the students and have held two fundraisers to raise money for equipment. Last Thursday November 7th, 80 GHS staff members (14 teams) bowled in the Inaugural Film Club Bowling Tournament. We have many pictures showing the fun of the event and a video as well. The event really shows how close the GHS community is.

I was wondering if this would be a story you guys would be interested in running. Attached is a collage from the event and below is the link to a film we put together from the event…

GHS FCBT 2013 w-text

Thank you for your time,

Shaun Goulart
Social Studies Teacher
Gloucester High School
The mission of Gloucester High School is to produce graduates with integrity, knowledge and skills necessary for productive citizenship.
To achieve these results, instruction is purposeful, engaging, relevant and rigorous. A culture of positive relationship building and personalization within the school and the community encourages and supports self-reliance and problem-solving for success.

Welcome Sefatia’s Baby Granddaughter LiAnna Rose Romeo-Gonzalez!!!

 LiAnna Rose Romeo-GonzalezSefatia’s New Granddaughter ~ 4 pounds, 17 inches

A tiny new baby girl was born to Sefatia’s daughter Melissa. She was six weeks early, but is breathing on her own and doing well–Sefatia writes, “What else from my granddaughter?” Melissa needs our prayers.

Amaryllis Here, There, and Everywhere

Amaryllis hippeastrum ©Kim Smith 2013Readying Home and Garden for the Holidays ~ Its that time of year and with my daughter coming home this weekend for an early Thanksgiving dinner (she has to work on the real Tday), I am scrambling to get the house in holiday mode between work days and final moments of filming, while the warmer temperatures hold.

Liv  was so upset when she told me had to work on her very favorite holiday and said she simply could not bear to not be at home for Thanksgiving. The reason she gave was because of the scents permeating throughout the house, that of yummy food cooking combined with the sweet fragrance of the flowering bulbs that we grow during the winter months. After she expressed those sentiments, how could I not promise to cook two turkey dinners, the first to come next week while she is home.

This weekend I’ll be planting the last of the spring ephemeral bulbs outdoors and indoors, potting up the amaryllis bulbs for winter cheer. I love the flowers of amaryllis so much so that they are grown in all the rooms of the house.

Amaryllis hippeastrum ©Kim Smith 2011 copyAmaryllis in the living room,

Amaryllis hippeastrum Orange sovereign ©Kim Smith 212amaryllis in the kitchen,

Amaryllis hippeastrum ©Kim Smith 2012and even in the bathroom, we grow amaryllis!

How to Grow Amaryllis ~ Excerpt from Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! 

Living in New England the year round, with our tiresomely long winter stretching miles before us, and then a typically late and fugitive, fleeting spring, we can become easily wrapped in those winter-blues. Fortunately for garden-makers, our thoughts give way to winter scapes of bare limbs and berries, Gold Finches and Cardinals, and plant cat- alogues to peruse. If you love to paint and write about flowers as do I, winter is a splendid time of year for both, as there is hardly any time devoted to the garden during colder months. I believe if we cared for a garden very much larger than ours, I would accomplish little of either writing or painting, for maintaining it would require just that much more time and energy.

Coaxing winter blooms is yet another way to circumvent those late winter doldrums. Most of us are familiar with the ease in which amaryllis (Hippeastrum) bulbs will bloom indoors. Placed in a pot with enough soil to come to the halfway point of the bulb, and set on a warm radiator, in several week’s time one will be cheered by the sight of a spring-green, pointed-tipped flower stalk poking through the inner layers of the plump brown bulbs. The emerging scapes provide a welcome promise with their warm-hued blossoms, a striking contrast against the cool light of winter. Perhaps the popularity of the amaryllis is due both to their ease in cultivation and also for their ability to dazzle with colors of sizzling orange, clear reds and apple blossom pink.

Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! sells for only $14.00 on Amazon, which is a 21.00 value off the publisher’s price of 35.00.

Click here to purchase a copy of Oh Garden.

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

Jimmy Santapaola Jr. and his crew of the Amanda Leigh are setting out early this year for monkfish off of New London, CT. Their catch will be sold primarily to the foreign market and presented on tables stuffed whole.

 Monkfish live on the sea floor and can be found about 30 miles offshore this time of year. As the waters warm up in the spring they will go out about 70 miles. The 12″ mesh net used for trapping them will allow the small ground fish to swim through without being caught.




 Photos © Kathy Chapman 2013

Artist Spotlight Series – belle + me


Spotlight on belle + me (Anne Malveaux and Lisa LeVasseur)

Created by Anne Malvaux and Lisa LeVasseur, belle + me is a French-inspired line of cool scarves and cooler jewelry. Their hand-made pendants are one of a kind and they use “repurposed” metal, beads, and fabric when possible. These pendants are designed to be worn on their unique line of scarves, in a multitude of colors and designs.

belle + me’s fall/winter collection is very textural. Anne and Lisa have been working with unique stones, recycled glass, and great fabrics plus a fresh new line of scarves made of “re-used T-Shirts” exclusively made by Ipswich resident, Kate Dwyer.

You can see a great selection of belle + me scarves and jewelry at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, East Gloucester during the Rocky Neck Holiday Art & Fine Crafts Festival

Saturdays and Sundays, Noon-4 PM

November 30 – December 29

E.J. Lefavour

Manchester by the Shop – Mimi

Mimi is an artist driven gift, jewelry and fine art store located at 19 Central Street in Manchester. It was started in Ipswich in the summer of 2007 with locations in Ipswich and a bit later Manchester. Having closed the Ipswich store about three years ago Manchester has become their flagship store.

Co-founders Mia Nehme and her daughter Claudia Bowman say that they search for gifts and fine art that are made or designed by artists, and they feature the work of several local painters and artisan gifts. In addition they carry glassware, silverware, scarfs, by several vendors including Ekelund, Simon Pearce, Le Jaquard Francais, Mariposa and more. Then there is an extensive selection of jewelry.

In the having something for everyone department, Mimi has gifts from $10.oo on up, Yankee Swap gifts to art work and gifts for very special occasions.  For men they have created a “Man Cave” at the back of the store where they sell primarily shaving and smoking items.(Actually the “Cave” is a nice display case).  They have a jewelry selection with pieces from various local artists. Aron Leaman of Gloucester, a artist who works in glass produced a number of glass globes with actual Singing Beach Sand inside. Mia highlights this to say that because they deal directly with many of the artists special orders even with design changes on some items can be requested.

From time to time Mimi holds special events in which their customers are invited to hear from, see and learn about particular vendors or artists work.

Mimi’s website is at, the store is at 19 Central Street just across the street from the Town Hall.  Check them out!

Shalin Liu Performance Center – Great music coming in December

In December, visit the Shalin Liu Performance Center for great music–The Nutopians, led by Rex Fowler of Aztec Two Step & Tom Dean of Devonsquare celebrate the songs of John Lennon on the anniversary of his death. On December 15, hear swing guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli in Swing Xing. A master guitarist who’s known for his work with musical great Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett!  See the full schedule here.

SUBSCRIPTIONS: Purchase 4 or more concerts & receive 10% discount & other benefits! – HINT GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEA!!



Don’t miss Kingsley Flood. Who knows when they will be back this way again @ The Rhumb Line 9:30 This Saturday 11.16.2013



40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

Just a few weeks away from Holidays & Wintertide II. With Chelsea Berry, John Rockwell, Renee Dupuis and Joe Cardoza.

wintertide 2013

Get your tickets today at Last year’s performance sold out a couple of weeks before the show.

single tree music

STOP THE MFing Presses! The Franklin Is About To Go Live With A New Sushi Menu!!!!!!


Franklin Cape Ann

An exclusive sneak peek at our new sushi menu

We are SO excited to announce that we will soon be adding a brand new sushi menu at Franklin Cape Ann!

But before we officially launch the new menu, we wanted to give you the chance to to try it first…

Come in between

November 15th – November 22nd 

and receive a free sushi roll with the purchase of any dinner entree.

Present the coupon to your server. Limit one per party. Cannot be combined with any other offers.

We’re working with our new sushi chef to put together our official sushi menu. Here is the menu for our “sneak peek” celebration!


Tuna, Avocado Topped with tuna sashimi avocado tempura flakes and scallions 


Salmon, Avocado, Mango topped with salmon sashimi, spicy mayo, tempura flakes and fried sweet potato


Crab, Cucumber, Avocado topped with citrus crab and lemon zest


Spicy tuna, cucumber, topped with a sesame tuna tatake’, and a jalapeno salsa  


Take a chance, chefs’ choice of a roll topped with sashimi 


Choice of either salmon or tuna 

What do you think of the new menu? We’d love to hear from you! Email Maria and let her know.

Happy Birthday Lillian LoGrasso!!!!! Don’t Forget To Attend Her Shopping Extravaganza Tonight!

Joey C writes from Sista Felicia’s blog account-


Happy Birthday To the Effervescent Lillian LoGrasso!

Lillian and her daughter Alessia are holding an incredible event tomorrow night at Cruiseport with over 35 vendors for their Girls/Guys Night Out Shopping Extravaganza.

Sista Felicia will be there with selling her cookbooks and will also have the GMG double thick heavyweight super soft Hoodies (I think there are only about 6 left)

Sista Felicia will be donating a signed cookbook and I will be donating a this Is Gloucester DVD to the fundraising effort.


Here’s our buddy Lillian at hosting Sista Felicia’s Gala with Rick Doucette and me this summer-

The deets for the shopping extravaganza-


Torrone Candy

Printtronne candy 4

Chocolate-Almond Torrone featured in “Gifts Of Gold” and Sista Felicia’s Holiday Pistachio Cherrie Torrone featured in the upcoming Cape Ann Magazine’s December issue, will be on sale tonight at the GMG/ Sista Felicia Table. Torrone proceeds will be donated to The GHS Photo Class Fundraiser. Hope to see you tonight !

toronne candy 5

Come Snow or Balmy Weather~Don’t Park in Rockport Overnight

Here's a head's up. Although the weather isn't bad (yet), The Town of Rockport has a winter parking ban in effect after 12 midnight tonight. From the GDT: "Beginning Nov. 15, through April 1, 2014, the annual winter parking ban will be in effect between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. On-street parking is prohibited during this time. Parking will be allowed in these areas: the perimeter of the resident parking lot adjacent to Town Hall, Back Beach at the metered parking spots in front of the restrooms, and T-Wharf. Call the DPW office at 978-546-3525 or the Rockport Police Department at 978-546-1212." This violation will cost you $25.
Here’s a head’s up. Although the weather isn’t bad (yet), The Town of Rockport has a winter parking ban in effect after 12 midnight tonight. From the GDT: “Beginning Nov. 15, through April 1, 2014, the annual winter parking ban will be in effect between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. On-street parking is prohibited during this time. Parking will be allowed in these areas: the perimeter of the resident parking lot adjacent to Town Hall, Back Beach at the metered parking spots in front of the restrooms, and T-Wharf. Call the DPW office at 978-546-3525 or the Rockport Police Department at 978-546-1212.” This parking violation will cost you $25. BTW, this photo is of Main Street in Gloucester.

Day One With The Generic Brand Razor…


I shoulda known better.

Here was the flawed logic from the post yesterday-

So If The Next Time You See me I’m Bleeding Profusely From My Face…

Posted on November 14, 2013 by Joey C

You can blame it on my decision to take a shot on some CVS brand disposable razors.

I ran out of  blades for my Gillette Mach III razor blade shaver about a month ago and finally succumbed to the need to buy new ones.  Went to Target and  couldn’t bring myself to spend $32 for 15 razor blades.  Seems insane to me.  Those dinky little Mach III refills cost over $2 each.

So after another full week of using the dull month and a week old razor blade I finally decided I had to suck it up and buy some new blades.  Went to CVS and saw they had a big sale on razor blades and grabbed this deal-

2 four packs of what looks to be the premium CVS brand disposables.  They were $6.99 per pack and if you bought two packs you got $5 back. Basically $14 minus a $5 rebate for 8 disposable razors comes out to just over a buck a razor.  If I’m found days from now dead,  in a pool of blood from multiple deep inflicted razor cut wounds you’ll know why.

2013-11-13 10.17.11

So there’s your lesson for the day.  When a deal isn’t a deal-  Generic Store Brand Razor Blades.

This ought to make you feel better when you fork over the money for the more expensive brand name razor blades.  I’ll be forking over the money for my old trusty Mach III blades and feel much better about it.  I swear the month and a week old Gillette Mach III blade gave a better shave than this CVS brand one did right out of the package.

Fool me once…