GloucesterCast 11/03/13 With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 11/03/13 With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Gloucester Beach Off Leash Petition, Should Gloucester Offer A Weekly Non Resident Beach Parking Pass?, Chanukah This Year, Jewish Holiday Food, Lou Reed, Visual Pollution, Which Ethnic Foods Can Be Considered A Ten

Bean Curds. Really?

So Kim Smith asks if I’d like her to pick up lunch today.  My cousin Joe Marcantonio a while back suggested I try out the Chinese restaurant on Washington St- Midori.

So wanting to step outside of the box a little I suggest to Kim Smith that she pick up something from Midori but not something deep fried and greasy.

She suggests some veggies with bean curds.

Now I ask you.  Who in the world would make this kind of suggestion outside of the obvious Kim Smith?

Bean curds?  As in some farmer feeds his cows beans and they collect the been laden feces and make it into bean curds?

Uhmmm no thanks Kim.  Think I’ll take a pass on the bean curds and veggies.

Bean curds?

Only commies eat bean curds.  Mark my words.  Next time you hear someone order bean curds in a restaurant you can rest assured they’re a commie.


Actor Bobby Kenny On Main St Gloucester For Olive Kitteridge Filming

Was strolling on Main Street this morning and had a brief conversation with actor Bobby Kenney (was in The Fighter). Snapped a quick picture of him and a few really cool cars I thought I’d share with the rest of Gloucester 🙂

Love your site!! Read it daily!!
Lorna Bird-Hood Do you get it?

Good Morning Gloucester 2013 City of Gloucester Election Poll and Voting Info


Comments on this post are disabled. This is strictly a poll and any comments endorsing one candidate or another on this post will not be posted.

Your votes in our poll are however, greatly appreciated

It will be interesting to see how closely the GMG results track the actual Election results.



List of candidates for the November 5th 2013 Municpal Election:
Candidate list
Specimen Ballots Wards 1 thru 5

The deadline to register to vote for this election is October 16th at 8:00 PM.
Specimen Ballots:

2013 Municpal Election Specimen Ballots Wards 1 thru 5


Rubber Duck Says: Cape Ann Needs Another Boat.

Someone is twisting Rubber Duck’s little rubber wing to post a story about bringing her boat up from Woods Hole to Gloucester.

Woods Hole Yacht Club
Woods Hole Yacht Club. Flares, horn, fire extinguisher, PFDs, VHF radio, Sudafed, check check check.
Up Buzzard’s Bay to the Cape Cod Canal, Wind 7 knots from the west. Familiar territory.
Cape Cod Canal Railroad bridge. Still a train a week. Last time through the canal was 1972. Looks bigger. That bridge is way the hell up there.
Bourne or the Sagamore Bridge, always mix them up. FYI: if you have a head cold and you just took a football sized antihistamine cocktail do not look up at an eighteen wheeler crossing the bridge as your boat squirrels around in the current.
The wind freshened from the WSW to 25 knots so too wet to take photos of Plymouth, Duxbury, Scituate, Cohasset, the Graves lighthouse. From the Graves, aimed at the Salem powerplant stack then picked up the windmills of Gloucester.

Arrived 11:30 AM, 93 miles, four hour trip. Take home: This is an easy trip if you can pick your day. It’s all about the wind. Having VHF and a paid up SeaTow membership (the triple A of the water) helped too. The boat is faded blue. Rubber Duck is christening it “Blue Duck”.

“Blue Duck request opening Blynman Bridge.” Went out for a spin on Saturday up the Annisquam then over to Rockport and Straitsmouth Island. Flat calm tried out the 225HP Suzuki topped out at 30.9 knots, 35 mph. Dialed back to 22 knots, a nice cruising speed.

Photo of Navionics Track


Store Fronts – Seasonal, Weekly and Even Pure Fantasy

So many storefront windows and so many messages! Here are a few designed for the season, a celebration and pure fantasy.


A sneak peak behind the scenes

If you went to The Slide Brothers concert we presented on Saturday, you hopefully had a good time, but had no clue as to last-minute scrambling that went on.  That’s because everyone involved is a pro — and that’s the way it should be.  Today, we’d like to offer a special shout-out to some of the folks whose work made this event happen and let you peek behind the scenes just a bit.

The scrambling began a couple of days before the show when we learned The Slide Brothers were not going to be able to bring a drum kit.  Mike Doyle happened to be at the theatre when we heard this, so he scooted down to Nate’s The Drum Shop North Shore on Rantoul St. and arrived back at the theatre in less than half an hour with a very nice sounding Premier kit in gorgeous white pearl, which you can see in the photo.  Thanks MTD and Nate for making this happen so quickly.

Then, on the day of the show, we discover we need even more gear and everyone in the Michael Thomas Doyle band chipped in to lend The Slide Brothers all that was needed for their stellar performance.  Thanks guys.  You’re real pros.

That performance relied, in good measure, on the expert talents of our sound crew, led by Will Hunt, who spent half of Friday drilling through a brick wall in order to hide the snake.

And on the night of the show, Bill Winn and Bradley Royds gave us absolutely perfect sound — so good that we heard compliments from both performers and fans!

Perhaps the last person ever to get any credit for his hard work is the guy in the light booth, which for this concert — and for Allen Estes, was Inge Berge, whose artistic lighting enhanced both performances.  And when Calvin Cooke (the B.B. King of Slide Guitar) told Inge to raise the house lights for a gospel tune so it would feel more like a church, he obliged gracefully and then returned the theatre to a performance feel with class and style.

You’ll notice that most of these people are from Gloucester and all are from Boston’s North Shore.  We are terribly grateful to live in a place so full of talented professionals!

Maritime Gloucester 2013, 2014 Season

from Maritime Gloucester;

“We had an amazing 2013 season! Our Museum and Aquarium will reopen in late May 2014, but be on the lookout for special winter programs, including maritime lectures and children’s activities.

While we are currently closed to the public, we’re busy visiting Cape Ann’s elementary schools and hosting field trips through our expanded Ocean Explorers program!”


The Gift That Keeps On Giving

PrintIt feels like Christmas every time I receive a GMG comment, email, or Facebook message from GMG’s FOB regarding one of my recipes or post! When I decided to share my recipes and passion for cooking with the public I never realized how my “Gifts Of Gold” would become a gift that keeps on giving. I had hoped to inspire all ages to get into their kitchen and break through their fairs, and unlock the mysteries of cooking, but I had no idea they would turn into gifts of my own. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments, and photos of dishes that you created from my easy Step-by-Step tutorials. They warm my heart and bring a smile to face every day…keep them coming!

Cathy Kelley~ AKA…my incredibly talented book designer and friend, sent in her photo of her Walnut Cups she made this past weekend from the pages of “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen with Sista Felicia”. They look perfect…Nice job Cathy! Thank you for sharing.


Melissa Joy Teixeira~ Resident of Gloucester, and current School Committee member tagged me in this photo on Facebook of her Pork tenderloin with Vidalia Onion Fig Sauce,  Straight from the pages of “Gifts of Gold”…Beautiful presentation! Thank you for sharing.

Melissa Pork

Ellyse Hamlin~ Sent in from CT, One of America’s top teenage USTA Tennis Players, and dear friend of my daughter Amanda sent her beautiful photo of  a recipe posted last week on GMG, “Pumpkin Caramel Cookie Bark”…She made my day…Loved seeing her creative talents on and off the tennis court!

ellyse Hamlin

Lainie Noble~ Eldest Daughter of Steve and Dee Noble owners of Noble Electric, sent me text message at 11:00 pm Saturday evening, whipping up a batch of Grandpa Joe’s Italian Ricotta Donuts as a late night snack for her friends during a sleepover with he BFF’s…Awesome Job Lainie! I heard that they were gone in minutes.

Lainie noble Italian Donuts

Before Passports

From Brenda Grimes Davis: "Fred...Here's a picture of Barney Marnoy who managed Benny Schred's fabric store...which was located where Passports (temporarily Village Pharmacy) is in the 1960s...he's standing just outside the door..I believe Benny was Barney's father-in-law." Notice the Rexall sign on the left. That was the original location of Connors Pharmacy on Main Street.
From Brenda Grimes Davis: “Fred…Here’s a picture of Barney Marnoy who managed Benny Schred’s fabric store…which was located where Passports (temporarily Village Pharmacy) is in the 1960s…he’s standing just outside the door..I believe Benny was Barney’s father-in-law.” Notice the Rexall sign on the left. That was the original location of Connors Pharmacy on Main Street.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy Dress Up Like The Gorton’s Fisherman for Halloween

Katherine von Zweck submits-

Good Morning Joey,

Read your blog every morning…

Look who dressed as the Gorton’s Fisherman for Halloween this year!

More Photos Here-


Community Stuff 11/4/13

Holy Family Parish Christmas Fair

When we think of treasure, we think of something very special.  HOLY FAMILY PARISH will have a fair filled with CHRISTMAS TREASURE!  Come join the parish on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER, 23, 2013 from 9 am to 2 pm in the Parish Hall.  Share some time with your family, friends and parish family.  This is an wonderful opportunity to do some Christmas shopping.  There is something to do for every member of the family. The baked goods table will feature home-made pies for Thanksgiving and of course, who can resist our variety of Italian cookies (get there early for the cookies!).  Take a chance on the Chinese Raffle and give the Wheel of Fortune a spin to win a basket filled with wonderful things.  There will be an ipad, Kindle Fire and money prizes to be raffled as well.  There will be tables with beautiful jewelry, a Christmas Table, White Elephant items, Sugar & Spice Table and hand-knitted items just to name a few.  The children will have an opportunity to visit with Santa as well as have their picture taken with him.  Have lunch at the concession or sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate with a cookies from the Cookie Walk!  Share some time with us enjoying the fellowship and the table of plenty at Holy Family.


There Is a petition to allow dogs to be off lease if under control on the beaches during the months they are allow on the beach. The petitions were signed online and it was just learned the city will not accept them online. The paper ones are available at:

Last Stop Variety 

North Shore Vet

Paws at play

And Cape Ann Vet

Here’s the link for more info:

Thank for any help you can give in getting the word out.