Video: Beautiful Blue Lobster

Beautiful Blue Lobster Landed at Captain Joe and Sons by Captain Dave Jewell of the Lady J, October 11, 2013.

Dave Jewell lands a blue lobster, Joey drives the forklift, and shows us how to tell the difference between a male and female lobster–set to a trio of Bruce Springsteen songs from the Seeger Sessions–just another day at Captain Joe and Sons!

In order of appearance ~

Joey Ciaramitaro
Frankie Ciaramitaro
Captain Dave Jewell

For information about the Lady J fishing charters visit their website at Lady J Fishing Charters.

~ Songs ~

American Land
Bruce Springsteen

Pay Me My Money Down
Bruce Springsteen

Working On A Dream
Bruce Springsteen

American Lobster, Homarus americanusSee GMG links to posts about the beautiful blue lobster:

Blue Lobster Landed At Captain Joe and Sons

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5 POINTZ – Aerosol Art Center

I was in New York for a couple of days and read about the Aerosol Art Center at 45 Davis Street in Long Island City. A mecca for graffiti (Aerosol Art) where the building owner has allowed artists to put their work on the walls of this 200,000 SF property.  Organized through 5Pointz, permits have been awarded to the artists and each work stays for a set time and then is replaced with a new creation. Unfortunately, the property is now scheduled for demolition to make way for a couple of new condo towers, so i headed over to get some pictures before it is gone. If in NYC this is worth checking out! Great artwork and a unique setting!

Additional information at  and

6PM TONIGHT: Live taping of What Time is it Mr Fox at Cape Ann TV

You can be in the audience when we tape What Time is it Mr. Fox as the very special guests on Local Music Seen with Allen Estes.  Taping begins at 6pm at the Cape Ann TV Studios 38 Blackburn Center, Gloucester.  Your beautiful faces won’t appear in the show, but your clapping and cheering will.

Here’s your second chance — don’t blow it

As Fly Amero said (in this post) to all of you who didn’t get tickets to see Allen Estes at the Larcom Theatre on October 5: “too bad for you!”.  But wait … now you’ve got a second chance.  Allen is playing one of Cape Ann’s best listening venues, The Old Sloop Coffeehouse on Saturday, November 2 — and he’s sharing the stage with award-winning singer/songwriter Claudia Nygaard.  So don’t screw this up.  Get tickets now.

poster-131102-for-gmgNot sure?  Watch these 2 videos

What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? The Crowell Chapel Manchester by the Sea, MA ~ Oct 27, 2013 7:00 PM

mr fox
courtesy photo

Baroque pop and soul band, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox? celebrates the season with a night of songs about ghosts, witches, vampires, murder, and love.

According to the Boston Herald “time has come for Mr. Fox” and TimeOutNYC advises, “catch him as his star rises.” Mr. Fox features 3rian King on voice and guitar, Nathan Cohen on violin and trumpet, Mike Leggio on upright bass, Lori Perkins on piano, and background vocals by The Furies.

Acclaimed singer/songwriter/cellist Kristen Miller opens the night.

kristin miller

get tickets here >

Listen to the first release from the upcoming KBMG EP that should be arriving on CD today.

While mixing I always take long rides around Cape Ann to check out the sound in the Van. I also think about lyrics and themes while walking through Ravenswood or stopping at my favorite spots including Little River and Stubby Knowles Landing. This particular track seemed to fit perfectly with the Foliage around the West side of Gloucester as I shot the Album Cover over there a  couple weeks ago and then last week decided that area would make for a great simple video shoot for a Blue Sky Sundown. Hope you enjoy this fun autumn cruise around Cape Ann.

Dan King

btw, features New Orleans Michael Ward-Bergeman on Accordion

Huge Kudos To The Team That Produced The Rockport Harvest Festival

That town was jumpin!

Great job all the way around!  Took the trolley from the Rockport Transfer station- less than 5 minutes of a ride on the cool trolley with a super friendly attendant and driver- total no brainer rather than driving in circles in downtown Rockport trying to find a spot to park.

Thanks for the time and energy you put in to make such a fantastic day- we really appreciated it.


and for anyone that missed it- you really ought to pencil it into your calendar for next year- It’s a must-do event.


-The 2013 Harvestfest poster, designed by the very talented Darren Mason!

Community Stuff 10/21/13

Water Compliance Office
50 Essex Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
TEL (978)281-9792
Gloucester DPW will begin filling the Plum Cove Water Storage Tank in Lanesville midday Wednesday October 23, 2013, then sample it for water quality, and bring the tank into service the following week. During the tank filling Lanesville and Annisquam residents may temporarily experience pressure fluctuations and discolored water. The DPW is currently having the Blackburn Water Tank painted and anticipates bring that tank back into service in early November.
The DPW switched the distribution system disinfectant from chloramine to chlorine on October 7, 2013, when the West Gloucester Water Treatment Plant was brought into operation. Customers may notice a slight chlorine odor. The switch was made to aid in bringing these water storage tanks back into operation most effectively. The DPW anticipates switching the distribution system disinfectant back from chlorine to chloramines in November 2013 after the Blackburn Tank painting, filling, and sampling.
Also the DPW is currently approximately half way through routine fall water distribution piping flushing program fully across the entire city. Flushing may cause a change in the direction of flow in some water mains and may cause temporary discoloration of the water as iron particles in the pipe are stirred up. If you should experience “rusty” water, running a cold water tap for a few minutes will clear your line. We also recommend that you avoid the use of chlorine bleach during this time period to prevent staining of laundry if you are experiencing “rusty” water.
If you experience persistent water quality problems, please contact the DPW at 978-281-9785 or the Office of Water Compliance at 978-281-9792, so that selective flushing can be targeted to problem areas.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Larry Durkin,