Gloucester Based Cycling Show- Behind The Barriers

Yeah, why would we want this kind of thing here, right?  The people that rally against the world class event Cyclocross in Gloucester honestly baffle me.  Anyway check out the episode-


From the show site-

Behind THE Barriers heads to Gloucester, Massachusetts, for the Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester, known across the cyclocross community as “New England Worlds!” Jeremy Powers is back in Gloucester after a long swing away from home, and is keen to repeat his winning effort from one year prior. Standing in his way are a tip-top field of riders, including young protegé Stephen Hyde, who makes his Behind THE Barriers debut. Also standing in his way is unseasonably hot, dry and dusty weather; the kind of weather that makes you want to hop in the ocean and go for a swim, a temptations Jeremy nearly succumbs to. Also on site are this season’s next big musical hit, The Sorcerers, who take you on a tour of their unrivaled touring vehicle. Once the racing starts, it’s a duel between a pair of New England’s favorite sons, with Jeremy standing toe-to-toe with Massachusetts legend, Tim Johnson, for top honors. Between racing, eating lobster, and hanging with Jeremy and his family, Behind THE Barriers takes you behind what makes the Great Brewers Gran Prix of Gloucester on of the most highly anticipated races on the calendar.

Catherine Ryan Live Blogging From Harvard Faculty Club

Live blogging from Harvard Faculty Club. Here to learn and share at
GREAT forum on place making hosted by MA Smart Growth Alliance and featuring Fred Kent and other presenters from the outstanding folks of Project for Public Spaces. They are stretching our thinking and our inspiring. They emphasize the need for zealous nuts–and I thought of a certain lobster wholesaler, artist/writer, Gloucester blogging B&R dynamo…!  It’s been fun talking about Gloucester. Many towns represented here such as New Bedford, Quincy, and Somerville. Many ask what’s it like in Gloucester? Also What a great Mayor you have!  Group from Dorchester  told me they’re so excited to have Mayor Kirk come for an invited panel.


Jalapenos Fundraiser Wednesday Night from 4:30 to 10:pm

Dine at Jalapenos and help Linda and Michael  Kelly travel to India with Habitat for Humanity.

The fundraisers sponsored by Jalapenos are a win win for everyone. The customer has a super delicious dinner (with fantastic house margueritas!) and a generous percentage of the night’s earnings goes towards the event. The fundraiser also applies to take out food, although we love going to Jalapenos because the service is always super friendly and efficient and Alex Pardo, the owner, is there nightly to give a warm welcome. Thank you Alex  for all you do to help support myriad Cape Ann causes and events!Jalapenos Kelly funbdraiser

More Pet Selfies (Sort of!)

Thank you Everyone for sending your pet’s selfies! They are all adorable and obviously much loved pets, and very fortunate to have such loving, caring families to look after them.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the last day for posting pet selfies, so please tell your pets to  get off the couch and get their selfie in today!Brenda Davis's Maizy

Brenda Davis’s Maizy
Natalia Carollo's Tofu
Natalia Carollo’s Tofu

Rita Stapulonis sends in La Dolce
Rita Stapulonis sends in La Dolce

Wendy writes, Beans is too lazy to do it himself, but this is one of his favorite nesting places in thehouse.
Wendy writes, “Beans is too lazy to do it himself, but this is one of his favorite nesting places in the house.”

Tracey Conley's Lola
Tracey Conley’s Lola

Lisa Jordan's Rosie
Lisa Jordan’s Rosie


And one more from Tofu
And one more from Tofu

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Pet Selfies from Pepper, Kali, and The Boss

Sequencing, Editing & Direction – Photography Workshop with Nubar Alexanian

nubar alexanian

Sequencing, Editing & Direction

with Nubar Alexanian

Two-Day Photography Workshop, October 26 & 27

10:00am to 5:00pm
Limited to 12 photographers
Tuition: $325 Lunch included
A $100 Refundable Deposit is required (see below)
Apply by contacting
More about Nubar here:

The Workshop will be held at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center – 6 Wonson St. Gloucester, MA

A two-day workshop for intermediate & advanced photographers to build, edit & sequence a strong portfolio or body of work. Whether you’re working on a long-term project, building a portfolio, a book or trying to find a cohesive thread in your work as a whole, each participant’s work will be reviewed with emphasis on how to strengthen their ability to communicate ideas visually.

In this workshop, you’ll gain important perspective on the editing process as you work to refine your own portfolio, and how to look at your work and see what it’s asking for. We’ll also explore how sequencing and context can alter the power and meaning of images. Our goal is for you to leave this workshop with greater insight and confidence in the direction of your own work.


Autumn sites and colors on a perfect day!

Around the City East Main and Eastern Pt Roads

PETER WOLF unplugged at Shalin Liu – November 29th – Don’t Wait to Get your tickets

PETER WOLF unplugged
Get Tickets NOW

Bluesy Rock ‘n’ Roller Peter Wolf is best known for his stretch as the front man with the J. Geils Blues Band, where he was known for his stage antics and quick wit. After seeing the J. Geils Band in concert for the first time, Wolf immediately joined the band where he became not only the leader of the group, but also handled much of the group’s business affairs. The band soon became well known for their vivacious and exciting live performances. After gaining recognition in New England, they caught the attention of Bill Graham, a well-known promoter who continued to book them, helping them gain fans in every city they visited.

After the band parted ways in 1983 due to creative differences, Wolf took on a solo career releasing seven solo albums and collaborating with countless musicians such as Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. His sixth solo album Sleepless was listed as one of the 500 “Greatest Albums of All Time” by Rolling Stonemagazine in 2002, and his most recent release, 2010’s Midnight Souvenirs, won best album at the Boston Music Awards Some of his best solo hits include “Come as You Are”, “Lights Out”, “99 Worlds” and “Nothing But the Wheel”.

Wolf will be joining us at the Shalin Liu Performance Center with a special acoustic show to share some of his new music, old favorites, and that hugely charismatic stage presence for which he is so well known.

Check out all the great music coming to Shalin Liu here

Joan Osborne at Shalin Liu on Friday October 11- Only a Few Seats Left

Get Tickets

Armed with her strong, sultry voice, Joan Osborne’s genre-crossing prowess has garnered accolades as a singer-songwriter, pop hitmaker, and rootsy, bluesy soul singer for almost two decades. Since the
release of her 1995 breakout album Relish and her hit song “One of Us” that catapulted her into super stardom status with seven Grammy nominations, Osborne has waded deeper into the world of blues and R&B, from which her love of singing began. In 2002 she cemented her reputation as a top tier soul singer with the acclaimed documentary Standing in the Shadows of Motown and a tour with legendary Motown band The Funk Brothers. Earning a 2013 Grammy nomination, her latest album Bring It on Home is her first album composed entirely of covers in that genre, featuring songs by Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, Nina Simone, Otis Redding, and more ranging from Slim Harpo’s “Shake Your Hips” to the Bill Withers deep cut “Same Love That Made Me Laugh.”

Check out this video of Joan:


Long Island Middle School Bans Footballs, Other Recreational Items

Concerns About Injuries Prompted Ban, Port Washington Officials Say
October 7, 2013 5:19 PM

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Worries about injuries at a Long Island school have led to a surprising ban.

As CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reported Monday, officials at Weber Middle School in Port Washington are worried that students are getting hurt during recess. Thus, they have instituted a ban on footballs, baseballs, lacrosse balls, or anything that might hurt someone on school grounds.

I honestly don’t know if I’m more sickened by this, sad by this or outraged by this.

Maybe a combination of all three but what stands out right now is the pit in my stomach over this debacle and ruination of our society by idiots who want to protect everyone from themselves at all times and in doing so decimate of the basic rights of passage of our youth.

How in the world do these parents in this community not step in and fire this school administrator immediately?  What is the end game here? 

Revolting.  Disgusting. 

Listen I was the skinny nerdy kid who was the last kid picked for sides on any athletic game in the schoolyard.  It sucked.  But you know what?  By being the last kid picked all the time it motivated me to eat healthier, lift weights, pack on a little mass and get into sports where I could compete.    I’m glad my feelings got hurt.  It motivated me at the gym when I got older.  It made me want to study harder and save money in my 20s so I could show those girls who were attracted to the over developed stud athletes instead of me that I was worthy.  Still awkward looking well into my 40s, doesn’t matter, if you don’t think I don’t carry that feeling of being the last guy picked for the schoolyard teams into my workouts today you’re crazy.

Enough with the coddling FFS.

Pet of the Week-Charlene


Hello!  I heard about the Blessing of the Animals that took place last Sunday in Rockport by The Rev. Karin Wade of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.   I am hoping that next year I will be able to attend with my new family.

I am here at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA), located at the Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter at Four Paws Lane in Gloucester.  I have just finishing raising my seven sweet babies and they all have been placed in forever homes and now I am ready to be adopted and looking for a family to love me like my Cape Ann Animal Aid family is.

If you would like to learn more about the CAAA, please visit: and even see more photos of me.

After raising seven kittens, I need a little rest and relaxation.   Oh, my name is Charlene!  I am hoping I will be adopted by someone who loves to spoils cats!


Happy Reunion Cooper is Home

Happy Endings and Fantastic Update: GREAT NEWS everyone! We got him. Cooper is home. He was in the woods, leash wrapped around a wooden pallet. Thank you to the people who reported the crying to the Animal Control, thank you to our Animal Control, thank you to every single person thinking, looking, listening, and praying. We are SO GRATEFUL for everyone’s good thoughts, and positive energy.

And dear people, he’s on the way to the vet to be checked out, but he’s fine from first appearances.

Bad Day? Nah! Plus I had a Visit from the Elf Child’s Daughter.

I was having a great day until I parked near my gallery on Main Street, put the keys in my pullover fleece jacket, grabbed my backpack, fed the meter, and then realized "OMG, no keys!" They had slipped out of my pocket before I got out of the Jeep. Can this ruin my day? Not if I don't let it. I went next door to Bananas, which keeps a spare key for me. Once inside, I got tied up with people, including a special friend, Bonnie Goodwin, youngest daughter of the Elf Child. She's the minister of the church in Truro, Cape Cod. My car troubles - What troubles? It only gets to you if you let it.
I was having a great day until I parked near my gallery on Main Street, put the keys into my pullover fleece jacket, grabbed my backpack, fed the meter, and then realized “OMG, no keys!” They had slipped out of my pocket before I got out of the Jeep. Can this ruin my day? Not if I don’t let it. I went next door to Bananas, which keeps a spare key for me. Once inside, I got tied up with people, including a special friend, Bonnie Goodwin, youngest daughter of the Elf Child of Gloucester. She’s the minister of the church in Truro, Cape Cod. My car troubles – What troubles? It only gets to you if you let it.
The Solution. Call AAA 800-222-4357. It took the young man from Tallys of Gloucester ( less that 15 seconds to break into my car and hand me the keys, with no damage. I had to shake his hand. Loyal AAA member since 1991. Worth every penny.
The Solution. Call AAA 800-222-4357. It took the young man from Tallys of Gloucester ( less that 15 seconds to break into my car and hand me the keys with a smile, and with no damage. I had to shake his hand and thank him. Loyal AAA member since 1991. Worth every penny.

See, Now These Are The Kind Of Politicians We Need Tackling The Real Issues!


Keeping tabs on beer: Michigan law would require each beer pint to have 16 ounces

By Simon Moya-Smith, Staff Writer, NBC News

Several Michigan lawmakers want to make sure that a pint of beer is really a pint of beer, down to the last drop.

A bill introduced last week would amend the Liquor Control Act to make it an offense to “advertise or sell any glass of beer as a pint in this state unless that glass contains at least 16 ounces of beer.”

Rep. Brandon Dillon, a Grand Rapids Democrat and co-sponsor of the bill, told NBC News that the goal is not to punish dishonest pub and restaurant owners, but to prompt proprietors to sell what they advertise.

Doesn’t matter that Detroit is  a shithole of epic proportions with miles and miles of abandoned properties, gangs and crime rates that routinely place them at the worst in the  country. These MFers right here are tackling the REAL issues.  The ones that affect the average Joe. 

Politicians with their heart in the right place.  Insuring that when you order a pint of beer they aren’t serving you a 14.5 oz glass of beer.

Get me the name of that pol that introduced this bill.  I want to pat him on the back.  That politician should be celebrated around the country and when he dies they should have a special day each year named after him where the whole state of Michigan goes to Irish Pubs and gets crushed on Guinness in honor of the great politician who introduced the “A Pint of Beer should be a Pint of Beer Bill to the legislature”

Goddamn brilliant piece of politicking right there. 


1. The city’s unfunded liabilities top $18 billion.

2. The city owes money to over 100,000 creditors.

3. Nearly 80,000 buildings have been abandoned and many are unsecured.

4. Population of Detroit has fallen from 1.86 million in 1950 to 700,000 today.

5. Some 47 percent of properties are delinquent in paying their taxes.

6. Police take an average of 58 minutes to respond to calls.

7. Only 8.7 percent of violent crimes are solved and Detroit has the highest crime rate in US of large cities.

8. Manufacturing jobs in the city have slid from a peak of 200,000 to just 20,000 today.

9. Only 7 percent of the city’s eighth graders are proficient in reading.

10. The city manager says its retirement system is underfunded by $3.5 billion.

But you can get a Goddamn Proper Pint By Golly!


Thanks to Toby Pett for the inspiration for this post.

Community Photos 10/8/13

Al Bezanson submits Rocky Neck Car Ready For Export-

Maaco was here

Juni Van Dyke submits-

Photo from senior citizens


Tom here. Thanks for posting our flyer last week. A handful of hardy souls showed up with their dogs to party in the rain before the Pats game to help raise funds for MassPAWS. Others came and went or just swung by to donate. 

Although the weather kept most everybody home, those who attended had a blast. We are looking forward to doing it again soon. Thanks again GMG, TD Bank, Petco, Animal Krackers, and Quinn’s Canine Cafe. 




Fall Fest Phtos from Anthony Marks


Community Stuff 10/8/13

Nubar’s Workshop in October at Rock Neck Cultural Center

DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER for this two day workshop for photographers with Nubar Alexanian


Backyard Growers Update:


Backyard Growers is going to win $10,000 with your VOTE!

We are rockin’ the Tom’s of Maine competition to win $10,000 to support Gloucester school gardens! The top 15 organizations with the most votes each win $10K, and Backyard Growers is at #7!!! Please continue to vote once a day until October 15! VOTE HERE = (click on Massachusetts, then vote!)

Application deadline coming up for 2014 growing season

The leaves might be turning, but we’re already thinking ahead to spring! Low- to moderate-income Gloucester residents are invited to apply to the Backyard Growers Program to receive a raised bed garden and other program services. The application deadline is Friday, October 11. Download an application here =

NEW! Get a Garden/Give a Garden Program

Not income-eligible to be in the program, but want a garden? When you purchase a garden through Backyard Growers you are also making it possible for a low-income Gloucester family to receive a garden and grow some of their own food. Contact Lara at 978-317-8025 or for details.