GloucesterCast 10/13/13 With Guest Paulie Walnuts and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast Taped October 13, 2013 With Guest Paulie Walnuts and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


Topics Include: GMG FOB’s lobbying to change the GMG official mascot, anyone want a huge bag of old cassettes, not talking politics, cyclocross, Paul Frontiero Sr. art exhibit at State Of the Art Gallery.

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Eleanor Roosevelt Quote of the Week From Greg Bover

October 10, 2013

“What other people think of me is none of my business”

Eleanor Roosevelt  (1884-1962)


A New Yorker by birth and niece of Theodore Roosevelt, Eleanor lost both parents and a brother before she was eleven. She attended Allenwood Academy in London and was influenced by headmistress Marie Souvestre, an early feminist. She married Franklin Delano Roosevelt, her fifth cousin, in 1904, and supported his forays into politics despite his polio and her discovery of his extra-marital affairs. Wishing to carve out an identity for herself, she became active, first in the New York State Democratic Party when FDR was Governor, and then as the most outspoken of all First Ladies when he was elected President for the first of his four terms in 1932. She was an ardent supporter of the rights of women and minorities, and created much controversy when she opposed some of her husband’s policies, including Japanese-American internment during the Second World War. Following FDR’s death in 1945 she was named one of the first delegates to the United Nations, the founding of which she had strongly supported, and continued her social justice advocacy for the rest of her life, becoming one of the most admired and respected Americans of her era.

Note: This quote is also attributed to Wayne Dyer, Rupaul, Simon Cowell and several others. ER is the earliest author I could find.

How lucky are we here on Cape Ann for our printing

As an amateur photographer, I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful place and the views we have everyday to take photos. Also, if you need your photos on Canvas,  Fine Arts Reproductions, Digital Editing, Postcards, note cards, etc. we have Cape Ann Giclee on Maplewood Avenue, Gloucester, MA: at,  if you need your photos put on pillows, tide clock, coasters, etc. there is Premier Imprints on Main Street, Gloucester, MA .  The customer service is outstanding in both places and it is also a lot of fun to visit these places.

Local Scenes from Manchester and Essex

The view over Winthrop Field towards the farm in Manchester has been taken many times, but does not get old, at least not for me.  In Essex I sat waiting in the Marsh across from Farnham’s for hours to catch the Egret in flight.. Well, actually I picked up Chowda and walked across the street and there he was, ready to take off! Sometimes you just get lucky! Click on images for larger view.

Three Cape Ann-ers are back from two weeks in China

Three Cape Ann-ers are back from  two weeks in China.  Eli Jacobe, James Auditore and Elizabeth Enfield went to Beijing for training in Chinese health and fitness methods, which are called Chi Kung. They joined in with 15 other intrepid Westerners to get woken up at 6:30 AM for  workouts before breakfast. Then there was a daily full schedule of instruction in traditional Chinese healing skills  for oneself and others.  The place was the Beijing  Medical Exchange Center, an institute founded 20 years ago to preserve the traditional approach to Chinese medicine.  The founding president, Professor Wan Su-Jian, M.D. is a four star general in the Chinese army’s medical department.  Several times a year he holds courses for foreigners, providing translators and including some sightseeing in the program.

This coming week here in Gloucester, Eli and James are hosting two Open Houses about Chi Kung at  Center Street Kung Fu Studio at One Center Street, 2nd floor.  It’s directly above Passports restaurant.  The free  Open Houses are Wednesday evening the 16th from 7:00 to 8:30 PM and again Thursday morning the 17th from 9:00 to 10:30 AM.  There’ll be  lessons in Chi Kung movements and meditations.  Plus, on a huge screen, lots of scenic video that Eli shot over there.

Here’s some photos from their expedition.

Happy No Bra Day! 10/13/2013

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month people are coming up with unique ways to celebrate and support the cause, or in this case support the cause without support. today is being deemed by many, “No Bra Day.”

After doing a little research into what could have become my favorite day of the year after my birthday, I found that there is an actual National No Bra Day in on July 9th. That means that this is just some made up day, most likely by a guy who is in need of seeing some breasts covered only by shirts rather than bras and shirts.

People all over social media are buying into it, and it is fine by me… Raise awareness for a good cause, and have a little fun doing it!



Gloucester –CERT — Visible House Numbers and Working Detectors Save Lives

October is Gloucester Fire Prevention Month.  With this in mind, a new safety campaign – Gloucester CERT-Visible House Numbers and Working Detectors Save Lives – is about to begin.  This pilot campaign is a joint effort led by Gloucester CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) in conjunction with Mayor Carolyn Kirk, Gloucester Fire Chief Eric Smith and the City of Gloucester Department of Public Works, who are working with Pathways for Children, the Gloucester TRIAD Council, the Gloucester Council on Aging, and CAARA (Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association).

CERT members will begin door to door daytime visits to homes in the North Gloucester neighborhoods of Bayview, Lanesville and Annisquam on the morning of Saturday, October 19th.  CERT’s campaign mission is to focus citizen awareness on the importance of visible house/building street numbers and to deliver educational safety literature with contact information to homes in the targeted neighborhoods.  While CERT’s pilot campaign is limited to North Gloucester neighborhoods, this effort is intended to expand citywide leading to:  (1) visible identifying numbers on every home and business throughout Gloucester; (2) working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every home and business; and (3) visible street signs on every corner.

Gloucester’s first responders have reported difficulty locating victims because of unnumbered homes and businesses and unreported missing or hidden street signs.  Every minute lost due to difficulty locating an inadequately numbered home can make the difference between life and death and the level of property damage suffered.  You can help emergency responders locate you quickly during an emergency by having your home and business clearly posted with numbers large enough to be seen easily from the street in a contrasting color from the background on which they are posted.  Four-inch fluorescent numerals are recommended for optimum nighttime visibility.

Mayor Carolyn Kirk said:  “This important public safety program has been an ongoing issue and we are delighted that CERT is taking the initiative to once again bring this to the public’s attention.  I urge all residents to take advantage of CERT’s efforts to assist.”

Two Sisters

I love it when I can make people laugh. These two laughed a lot today during their visit to the gallery. On the left is Jamie Maggs of Chelmsford MA, who is a  dental assistant. She's 23 and is babysitting tonight. On the right is older sis' Kelly, a nurse in Amherst NH. 24 and hoping for a date tonight. I'm sure they'll be fine, and they'll be back. I has so happy to host them for a short while.
I love it when I can make people laugh. These two laughed a lot today during their visit to the gallery. On the left is Jamie Maggs of Chelmsford MA, who is a dental assistant. She’s 23 and is babysitting tonight. On the right is older sis’ Kelly, a nurse in Amherst NH. 24 and hoping for a date tonight. I’m sure they’ll be fine, and they’ll be back. I has so happy to host them for a short while.

Community Stuff 10/13/13

Have you felt awkward, frustrated or overwhelmed in a synagogue service? Now is your chance to make yourself at home with the beautiful and inspiring liturgy of the Jewish tradition. Join instructors Rabbi Lewis and Rabbinic Intern Adina Allen to unravel the structure, choreography, and meaning of the Shabbat morning service. No previous background in Hebrew or Jewish education is necessary, just the desire to learn.

These classes will be held at TAA at 6:30 pm on October 22, 29; November 5, 12, and 19. 

The classes are free, but registration is required. Please click here if you’re interested and we will send you the link for registration.