Got A Handful Of GMG Stonewashed Caps and Golf Style Micromesh Caps In

Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You To Order Yours Before They Run Out Like Last Time.  Very Limited Amount.



$20 for local pick up.  $25 if it needs to be shipped.

Click on the hat you want if you’d like to order one or just swing down the dock to pick yours up.

95 East Main St Gloucester MA

Nichole Scrafft Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey,
What would we do without Good Morning Gloucester?  I took my mother and my boys to watch the Manchester-By-The-Sea Cardboard Boat Regatta today (SOO fun btw!!) and then went to the Studio in Rocky Neck with a friend this evening for a couple of drinks.  I am 100% certain I would not have known to do either if it weren’t for Good Morning Gloucester!!  Thanks for all you and your contributors do to help keep us informed…and amused!!!  Now, if you could only make the Sox win.

Reminder: “The Pollinator Garden” at the Beverly Public Library

On Tuesday evening, October 15th, at 7 pm, I will be giving my program, “The Pollinator Garden,” at the Beverly Public Library. Following the rhythm of the seasons, I present a slide show (with over 100 photos!) and lecture demonstrating how to create a welcoming haven for bees, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Native plants and examples of organic and architectural features will be discussed based on their value to particular vertebrates and invertebrates. I hope you’ll come join me!

Sunflower Helianthus annuus ©Kim Smith 2013Helianthus annuus

Fifth Annual Manchester by the Sea Cardboard Boat Regatta

22 boats were entered for the fifth running of the Cardboard Boat Regatta in Manchester on Sunday October 13, 2013.  Awards were presented for fastest racers and, based on votes cast during the event, the People’s Choice Awards.

Race Results

  1. John Hodges, Baby Cow, 39.36 Sec.
  2. Chris Thomas, Hunter Killer, 1.00.4 Sec.
  3. Chelsea Berry, Ding Dong Raaar, 1.21.2 Sec.
  4. Becci Sollosy, Nacho Boat, 1.29.8 Sec.
  5. Captain Mara, Tora Tora Tora, 1.34 Sec

Kids Division

  1. Michael Rowse
  2. Leilani Brown

People’s Choice Awards:

  • Best Design – Manchester’s Littlest Bar, Tamy Jones, Prides Crossing
  • Best Sinker – Pocket Rocket, Brian Sollosy, Manchester By the Sea
  • Best Costume – Breaking Boat – Dan Miller, Washington, DC
  • Most Unconventional – Bubble Boat, Leilani Brown Manchester By the Sea

Another Discount FOB’s hear about FIRST!

Slide_SmallPosterYou’ve just got to hear these guys to believe it!  The Slide Brothers’ only New England performance this year is Saturday, November 2 at Beverly’s Larcom Theatre, that Fly Amero describes as “a fully restored, gorgeous facility with hand-painted tin, beautifully designed curtains, world-class stage lighting and, well… the list could go on and on … The sound (under the direction of Will Hunt) was nothing shy of spectacular…” (see full post).

Best of all, it’s right next door — about 20 minutes away — in downtown Beverly.  And you can now get Premium Seats to the next 2 concerts for less than the cost of Standard Seats if you click on this link now.  Premium seats sell out first, so we’re telling you before we tell the rest of the world.  You know you want tickets to both concerts, so get them now!

The Slide Brothers only New England date this year
Saturday, November 2, 2013
7:30 PM (doors open 7pm)
Gloucester Virtuoso Michael Thomas Doyle opens

Henri Smith New Orleans Christmas featuring Grammy-Award Winner Amadee Castenell
and other Special Guests TBA
Saturday, December 14, 2013
7:30 PM (doors open 7pm)

The Seconds are Ticking Away!

The Seconds are Ticking Away!

Ever wonder when you will; Bite the dust, kick the can, take the dirt nap, etc.

Below are my results. I’m sure there are people who want no part of knowing when they will pass. I have no problem with knowing. I think it’s a good idea to get a heads up. This way you know when to Max out your Credit cards.

I can live with 72 but 80 would be better. I guess I will have to quit smoking those little cigars, stop eating pop tarts, stop drinking coffee, etc…


My results below:


Podcast 10/13/13 Behind the scenes

Podcast 10/13/13 Behind the scenes



New GloucesterCast Taped October 13, 2013 With Guest Paulie Walnuts and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: GMG FOB’s lobbying to change the GMG official mascot, anyone want a huge bag of old cassettes, not talking politics, cyclocross, Paul Frontiero Sr. art exhibit at State Of the Art Gallery.

Click to play the latest GloucesterCast podcast

Dogtown, 1923

This is the "Old Pearce Cellar" in 1923. Dogtown was an open landscape and abandoned at that time. Now it's a jungle, and I advise visitors not to go there late in the day, never alone, and always with a charged up cell phone. I've been to Dogtown 50 times, and I always get lost. People will cry and panic when they're lost there. But you can hear the car traffic not too far away. Bushwhack your way out. That's never easy or comfortable with the swamps and pricker bushes.
This is the “Old Pearce Cellar” in 1923. Dogtown was an open landscape and abandoned at that time. Now it’s a jungle, and I advise visitors not to go there late in the day, never alone, and always with a charged up cell phone. I’ve been to Dogtown 50 times, and I always get lost. People will cry and panic when they’re lost there. But you can hear the car traffic not too far away. Bushwhack your way out. That’s never easy or comfortable with the swamps and pricker bushes. But it can be done.

Classic – Lobstering on a SUP


Hi Joey,

I was looking through some lobstering images on the web and came across these images of someone lobstering on a SUP.  I was really surprised to see that these were taken off of Cape Ann, when I clicked through and read the post!

His comment: “This is harder in winter.”

Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid
Where North Shore Parents and Resources Connect

centennial closing all of today

good morning, perhaps it would be nice to have an alert that today the entire length of Centennial from the light to the bridge will be closed 7 – 5pm for repaving. I’m betting many will fail to get their cars out for this event.

and Yes I’m up early for this, I work at Varian. they seem to be starting at the light end near the high school. 

Alasandra McClellan

Community Photos 10/14/13

In the Village at West Gloucester most units are sold with much of the construction winding down.  Turkeys and deer apparently now feel comfortable returning.  Saturday morning behind a unit on Curlew Court a young deer and a turkey were looking for their own space.

Carl Gustin


Bass Rocks Golf Club Michelle Polito

Wild Sunset Friday Night From Len Burgess


Community Stuff 10/14/13

Martin Del Vecchio submits-

The Stop & Shop A+ Rewards program is one of the best ways for local schools to raise money.  Each year, local schools raise thousands of dollars for enrichment programs, classroom materials, etc.

Once you register your card to benefit a school, the school receives money for each A+ item you buy.  It costs you nothing, and it doesn’t even affect your gas points.

It’s free money for schools; who could have a problem with that?

To register:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your 13-digit Stop & Shop card number, plus the first three letters of your last name
  3. Click the Continue to listings button.
  4. In the Express: Already know your desired school’s ID? box, enter one of the codes below.

Following are the codes for the schools in Gloucester:

06169  Beeman Memorial Elementary

07891  East Gloucester Elementary

07543  Eastern Point Day School

06922  Faith Christian School

08343  Ralph B. O’Maley Innovation Middle School

06541  Plum Cove School

06555  Veterans Memorial School

06439  West Parish School

You must register your card each year, so if you haven’t done so for this school year, please do it now.



Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum, October 29, 2013 7:30 pm

Presents:  The Essex Coastal Byway:  Learn about this exciting new trail through Essex County with Joel Brown. 

Program will be held on Tuesday, October 29th at 7:30 pm at the Waterline Center, Essex Shipbuilding Museum 66 Main Street in Essex.  Admission is $8 for members and $10 for non-members.

Joel Brown has written more than 400 articles for the Boston Globe, many of them on North Shore treasures, including the launch of the Ardelle, the restoration of the Adventure and the rebuilding of the Lane’s Cove Fish Shack. His book, THE ESSEX COASTAL BYWAY GUIDE, follows the new Essex Heritage route along the shore from Lynn to Newburyport, exploring the unique historic, cultural and natural resources along the way. Joel Brown will share how he came to write the BYWAY GUIDE, why the North Shore is different from other tourist destinations and how its future is changing. A Massachusetts native, Brown has lived in Newburyport for 15 years.

For more information call (978) 768-7541 or go to the web site


Join Alchemy Café and Bistro Tuesday October 15th, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. as the Alchemy Art Gala presents Evie Gariepy, a local artist. Born in Massachusetts in 1984, Evelynn moved around a lot as a child, spending most of her time between Virginia and New Hampshire. She was exposed to many artists early on, including studying under a professional photographer for 6 months in high school.  She went on to study photography and metal working at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA and has hung numerous paintings in various shows over the years.  Currently she is working on a set of paintings for the next hanging, putting together a class on sketchbooks as part of the art process and working on her art blog,