O’Maley Innovation Middle School 2nd Annual Day of Service Friday, October 25, 2013

Celebrating Service
O’Maley Innovation Middle School 2nd Annual Day of Service
Friday, October 25, 2013

In their own words…
Student reflections on Day of Service:

“It felt so good seeing everyone helping each other out, and seeing everyone participating and having fun- while cleaning! When we came back, we watched The Giving Tree. That got me thinking how awesome it is to help other people out without them asking. I had a lot of fun getting to go outside with my friends and help the school out.”
Pharah Donlan, gr 6

“I helped organize the school store. I folded the clothes, I brought all the emergency bags into all the classes and grades. I felt good about myself, just like the boy in the Giving Tree.”
Samantha Sullivan, gr 6

“Just like in the Giving Tree, we asked and received (rakes!), and then we gave- to help clean the outside. It was very cold – to keep warm, we huddled in a group hug when we had filled 4 large trash bags.”
Sam Ciolino, gr 6

“Today, we cleaned up our school, the Ralph B. O’Maley Middle School. We did not do it for recognition or publicity, we did it because it made us feel good. We did it because it made our hearts feel good. You know that feeling when you do something for the community or even another person without someone even asking you, that’s why we did it.
Drew Bouchie, gr 6

“At O’Maley, we have a school acronym, S.A.I.L.S., which stands for service, acceptance, integrity, leadership and success. I definitely think our school did all that today. And we also made a memory that I believe we will have throughout this year.”
Asha Egmont, gr 6

“We eventually all joined together to pick up pinecones, trash, etc. up on the hill. I think we all did a great job together, and I hope we do it again.”
Silas Emerson, gr 6

“The connection I made between the Giving Tree and our service project was that just like the tree, the Earth has given us EVERYTHING we need. Now, like the boy, we need to give back, like picking up trash and depolluting.”
Justin Bushfield, gr 6

“I felt like I understood the story because it was cold and I was tired but I still helped. It was very hard work, just as when the tree was giving away things for the boy. But overall, it does pay off.”
Issac Aiello, gr 6

“My class helped today by picking up trash and raking leaves. And in the story, the tree helped by giving the boy not exactly what he wanted, but what he needs. So, both in the story and in real life, there was help included.”
Thiago Ferreira, gr 6

“In the Giving Tree”, the boy took and never gave back. I try to give back to the environment, because I take a lot from it. O’Maley S.A.I.L.S. program is about helping others and making good choices. To make life better for everyone, we should take care of the environment and stick to S.A.I.L.S.
Sophia Hogan-Lopez, gr 6

“Today, the whole O’Maley School went to help clean the city of Gloucester. The 6th grade stayed at the school and cleaned there. The 7th graders went to elderly peoples’ homes to help them out, and the 8th grade went all over the place. And we all had so much fun.”
Briana Bruni, gr 7

“To be honest, I really didn’t want to come out today, but after I was done, I felt really good. Maya Angelou’s advice is very true- we can’t just take or receive, we also need to give back. Today, we had a chance to do this.”
Aiden Cunha, gr 7

“Today I put my time into my community. And now I’m thinking back on my service. Looking back on it, I felt really good. Even though I didn’t get a physical reward, I got a really good feeling in my heart. Maya Angelou’s words mean that you can’t just keep on taking and taking. You have to give back- which we did today.”
Rodney Nyborg, gr 7

“I am really proud of myself and my classmates. It’s like the quote, because the community helps us, so we need to find ways to give back. J S.A.I.L.S.”
Ruby Melvin, gr 7

“I was extremely cold and my gloves were ripped. I was cold, but it felt really good. What I did felt great. Today, I took off the other catcher’s mitt and threw back.”
Noah Schott, gr 7

“I have been in my car and seen elderly people raking leaves, pulling up roots in the cold. So I felt that what I did today helped somebody that was not capable of doing what we did for them.”
Joseph Reimersma, gr 7

“As I sit here writing this with my frozen hands, I realize I feel good about the service I did today. I raked the yard of a nice man on Blueberry Lane. It was cold out. I was in charge of holding open the trash bags. I ripped my purple latex gloves and fell into a bush. But in the end, it was all worth it. I did some service that followed Maya Angelou’s advice: “I’ve learned that you can’t go through live with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back.”
Johanna Couture, gr 7

“I was at the Sargent Murray Gilman House today. We picked up leaves and put them in a compost bin. When Huey Lewis says “Some people take and never give”, we did give today. We gave back to the community today by cleaning up a public place that people like to go to. It felt good to give back today.”
Jack Tallgrass, gr 8

“Today I went to the Cape Ann Museum. I helped rake the leaves in the courtyard and clean up around the museum. As I was doing this, I felt proud because our school can make a difference, by helping other people and other community locations. Huey Lewis’ lyrics say that “if we all give a little it could mean a lot”. Today we helped out a little and it meant a lot.”
Mikaela Carpenter, gr 8

“So today, what our school did was service. It was very cold, but my class and I got through it and kept on working. We gave back or said “thank you”- in return for something good that the world did for us. We went out of our way to help clean other people’s yards, and we survived!
Vanessa Rodolosi, gr 8

“Huey Lewis’ lyrics have a lot to do with what we did today. As stated in the song, “We can fight one another/like they do on t.v./or we can/help one another/the way it’s supposed to be.” If we had fought over who did what, then we would have gotten few leaves raked up at the Unitarian Church. By working together, we left the church with far less to do than there was before we came. This felt great. In our world, if we worked more to help the needy, it would make a better place.”
Matthew Smith, gr 8

“Today we raked Mr. and Mrs. O’Neill’s yard. I saw how grateful Mrs. O’Neill was, and I thought to myself that if something as simple as raking could make someone so happy, that if everyone just pitched in, it could make our ‘small world’ a better place.”
Haley Johnson, gr 8

“In the song lyrics of Huey Lewis, he explains how doing something no matter how small can mean a great amount to someone. This is a small world if we help each other. Today, my class went to a home near Manchester. Although today wasn’t the warmest, everyone’s spirits became brighter once we got there. Suddenly we had a lot of energy which we used to help someone in our community and make a difference. We learned to do something out of our own free will and not for something in return. This greatly made me happy.”
Soo Ae Ono, gr 8

“If every class or school in the world did this, then it would really make a difference, because like Huey Lewis says, it’s a small world and we can make a change.”
Ethan Brennan, gr 8

“I think my generation should do more things like this and just notice how it could make life so much better and happier in our ‘small world’”.
Mollie-Mae McGillivary, gr 8

“Today we went to Mrs. Lally’s yard in West Gloucester. She was a former teacher at O’Maley, so she gave a lot to the kids and the community. So it felt great to help her out and give back to her. This service is a very important part of life and everyone should help each other out once in a while, because it feels great and could really make someone’s day.”
Harley Perreira, gr 8

“In the last stanza of Huey Lewis’ lyrics for “Small World”, it is indicating that doing something small for someone means a lot to them because you took the time out of your own day to do it. Something so little can make someone else so happy.”
Brittany Turner, gr 8

“We raked and pulled weeds and fixed her garden. We gave a little from ourselves, and I hope it means a lot.”
Alexis Thompson, gr 8

“When Huey Lewis is saying that “when we give a little, it could really mean a lot”, he is saying that even the little things we do can mean a lot to other people. When I was cleaning, it felt good that I was making someone happy by clearing their yard for them. Because maybe they couldn’t. Giving back to people and to your community is very important in today’s society.”
C.J. Renales, gr 8








Halloween Then and Now From Virginia McKinnon

Hi Joey, Here is my Halloween Story.Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday.

Enjoying your blog. Love, Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon

Bob BD Halloween 2004Bob-Friends 2004 Halloween

Halloween remains a very special holiday, as this is my husband’s birthday
Bob will be 89 years old this year.
Looking back to my childhood, Halloween was a very celebrated holiday in Gloucester. I remember groups of people of all ages lining up on side streets
Gould Court, Mansfield Street, Granite Street, etc.. Grown-ups were given fire torches to carry to light up the way. We joined the magical parade going by on Washington Street,  joining the marching band on to Prospect Street and to the State Armory, now Curtis Clark Elderly Housing.  Everyone dressed up in costumes for a wonderful city sponsored Halloween Party. Prizes were awarded for the best costumes, most original, best for children, best adults, etc. Bobbing for apples, lots of cider and donuts. A live band for dancing and great music. No trick or treating at that time. Later Halloween celebrations  were held at the Gloucester High School, but the wonderful parade was discontinued.  The city councilors are sponsoring a City Halloween Party this year at the City hall.
My children’s Halloween celebrations were also so special. I can remember my children asking me “Mama is this my Halloween?” Comparing Halloween to their birthday, so much better with getting all that candy. They were so excited to get dressed up and I would accompany them around our neighborhood, as they held up their bags, chanting “Trick or treat” I could not afford to buy costumes for seven children, but my neighbors were intrigued to see us all dressed up as ghost. I cut up my old sheets and made our costumes.  One year I made our costumes from trash bags. My children made unique decorations to attach to the bags creating costumes..
When my children were older, I would pick up two buckets of chicken  and all the fixings from Kentucky Chicken on Bass Avenue on my way home from work. Eating off paper plates  my children went off to “Trick or treat” around the neighborhood with instructions to be home at 7 o’clock to celebrate their Dad’s birthday. Birthday cake and ice-cream would be waiting for them to end their exciting day, counting their “loot“ of who got the most candy. Our traditional Kentucky Chicken Dinners continued for many years with great nostalgia of childhood Halloweens. Now Kentucky Chicken has moved too far away to Saugus.

On my husband’s 80th Birthday we had a gala celebration at the Gloucester House with all our families and friends attending. My children presented their Dad with a royal king’s robe and crown. I was dressed as a queen. We are pictured here with our  seven children in costumes. My husband looks at the photograph of his friends, Bob Beard, Elmer Miller, Gordon Hilsey, Charlie Dickman, Joe Orange and Tony Rao. Gordon died a few years ago, Two weeks ago Charlie died and last year around Halloween Tony died. Memories are so precious of this group “the greatest generation” veterans of World War 2 and the former YMCA body builders. Best friends forever.

This year’s celebration was a Family October Birthday Halloween Party at Papa Gino’s on Sunday. Celebrating many October birthday’s my youngest daughter’s 50th, oldest grandson 40th, granddaughters 32 and 34 , great-grandchildren 5 and 4. Many blessings and happy celebrations.  
Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon                   October 2013

Betsy Wall, Director of Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

Betsy Wall ©Kim Smith 2013jpg copyThe Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce’s Coffee and Connections featuring Betsy Wall, the Director of the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism, was very well attended this morning and was hosted by Chamber board member Mat Anzivino of the Rockport Inn and Suites. Peter Webber, Senior Voice President of the Cape Ann Chamber, had arranged for this very interesting and informative meeting. Thanks so much to Joey and Catherine Ryan for getting the word out with several postings on Good Morning Gloucester.

Betsy Wall Bruce Tarr Webber ©Kim Smith 2013Senator Bruce Tarr, Betsy Wall, Peter Webber, and Mat Anzivino

Betsy Wall Harold Burnham ©Kim Smith 2013JPG Betsy Wall and Harold Burnham

See recent GMG post by Catherine Ryan about the 2013 Annual Conference on Travel and Tourism that she attended, and how connecting with the MOTT website can significantly help your business or organization.

The 2013 Annual Governor’s Conference on Travel and Tourism took place in the Hall of Flags of the State House

Betsy Wall ©Kim Smith 2013Betsy Wall and Lisa Simmons, Director of PR and Communications 

80s U.K. New Wave Pioneer Thomas Dolby at CACC on FRIDAY!

Every once in a while you get a rare opportunity to experience an intimate evening with a unique talent that you may not be able to see again within driving distance.  That’s what you’ve got this Friday at Gloucester’s wonderfully intimate Cape Ann Community Cinema when 80s electronic music pioneer Thomas Dolby makes a live appearance at the Cape Ann Film Festival.  Get Tickets here.  Check out this tremendously creative trailer:

Thursday Night Blues party @ The Rhumb Line. It’s Halloween with John Keegan, Mark Earley, Steve Sadler and Forrest “Frosty” Padgett 8:30 to 11:30

dave s

It’s Halloween! This Thursday nite! What better way to celebrate than to ooze out your door and slither down to the Rhumb Line.  We’re offering our own version of corn on the macabre featuring Mr. John Keegan™, a vital ingredient in the recipe of soul. Dynamic leader of Madhouse®, Johnny K. is more than willing to interrupt all neural circuits in his quest for musical retardation.

And we’ve got the band to do it!  Keyboard millipede and jazz snob, Mr. John Hyde, threatens to use both fingers. He’ll be there! Mr. Marque Earley, tenor and barium wizard will reinterpret all known facts. Glitar wonder boy Steve Sadler will be tuning up half the evening. Cataleptic converter, Mr. Forrest “Frosty” Padgett  will thrill you with his timekeeping. I’ll be basest.
You should dress up! There might be a prize or two involved, although the band doesn’t count (only to four!).
Festivities start at 8:30.

R, S, T, Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

Maritime Gloucester Celebrates Halloween 2013

Click Here For The Maritime Gloucester Facebook Page

These sea ravens were photographed in our Aquarium! Local lobstermen often find these bottom-dwelling fish in their traps.


Skeleton shrimp are small relatives of crabs and lobsters. Commonly found along our docks, this creepy crustaceans was photographed in our digital microscope lab.


The highly aggressive terror cichlid lives up to its name, as it will eat any fish that fits in its mouth and will even attack its own kind! This Halloween-colored fish is found in South American rivers.



Ultimate Sox Fan and Photographer

Donna Ardizonni stopped by, and said she was going to try and get onto the HBO set. No luck, but if there was anyone who could, it would be her. She's the little photographer who could, and does.
Donna Ardizonni stopped by, and said she was going to try and get onto the HBO set. No luck, but if there was anyone who could, it would be her. She’s the little photographer who could, and does. She’ll be on Main Street tomorrow dressed as Cinderellla. I’ll be the pirate and we’ll be handing out candy to the young goblins.
Donna shows her Red Sox colors. She is an avid Sox fan. So much so that she gets nervous during the series. I admire how she finds time to give us great photos here every day, and still works full time. Thank you Donna!
Donna shows her Red Sox colors. She is an avid Sox fan. So much so that she gets nervous during the series. I admire how she finds time to give us great photos here every day, and still works full time. Thank you Donna!

Dental Day to Help the Strays


On Friday, November 8, 2013, Harbor Cove Dental at 123 Main St., Gloucester is hosting Dental Day to Help the Strays. Teeth cleanings and teeth whitening will be offered (for humans only) and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Cape Ann Animal Aid to benefit the dental care of shelter animals in need. Dental Day will also feature a guest appearance by the tooth fairy and tarot card readings by Mistitarot. This event is by appointment only and space is limited. Call 978-865-3360 for more information about costs/accepted insurance plans or to make an appointment.

Community Stuff 10/30/13

SPI flyer

2013-10-12 20.39.46

FLYABOUT: An Installation featuring BRAD STORY’S flying sculptures and CAMILLA MACFAYDEN’S textile collograph panels.will be showing at Flatrocks Gallery through November 2nd. Located at 77 Langsford St (Rt. 127)Gloucester, Mass. Open Thu-Sun 12-5pm or by apt. 978-879-4683 or 978-353-9111

Tickets on Sale for Spaulding Education Fund’s NIGHT OF STARS

Annual Youth Talent Show benefits District’s Education Fund

Spaulding Education Fund’s 5th Annual NIGHT OF STARS  talent show is coming right up!  Performances have been rehearsed, the auditions have been held, and there will be two fabulous shows on Sunday, November 17, 3013 at 4pm and 5:30pm in the Manchester Essex Regional Middle High School Auditorium.  This special evening will showcase many young musicians, dancers, singers and more from the community while also raising awareness about the important work of Spaulding Education Fund (SEF).  It promises to be a spectacular evening, one not to be missed! 

Tickets are on sale now on the SEF website, www.spauldingeducationfund.org.  The orgranizers  encourage people interested in attending to purchase their tickets early as this is usually a sold-out show!  

The Spaulding Education Fund is a parent volunteer organization that opens doors to innovative curriculum-based learning.  Its focus is to provide new resources that advance, enrich and enliven the classroom experience.  Through the generous support of citizens and businesses, SEF helps to fulfill the most basic promise of a community – to provide excellent public education for everyone.  To find out more about SEF, to make a donation, or to purchase tickets, visit www.spauldingeducationfund.org.