Al Bezanson Asks- Has GMG hitched its wagon to the wrong bird?

Richard J. King is senior lecturer in literature of the sea with the Maritime Studies Program of Williams College and Mystic Seaport.  In 2004 he published an article in the Log of Mystic Seaport (Vol 55), “The Most Valuable Bird in the World.”  (Domestic birds excluded.)  I was quite astounded when I read it at the time, and have just now enjoyed his new book, published by the University of New Hampshire Press, “The Devil’s Cormorant.”

With all due respect to the beautiful GMG icon, one has to admit its eating habits don’t set a great example for a blog that so often features fine food.  But the cormorant ___ ahh ___ only the freshest fish will do.


Overview from the publisher of The Devil’s Cormorant

Behold the cormorant: silent, still, cruciform, and brooding; flashing, soaring, quick as a snake. Evolution has crafted the only creature on Earth that can migrate the length of a continent, dive and hunt deep underwater, perch comfortably on a branch or a wire, walk on land, climb up cliff faces, feed on thousands of different species, and live beside both fresh and salt water in a vast global range of temperatures and altitudes, often in close proximity to man. Long a symbol of gluttony, greed, bad luck, and evil, the cormorant has led a troubled existence in human history, myth, and literature. The birds have been prized as a source of mineral wealth in Peru, hunted to extinction in the Arctic, trained by the Japanese to catch fish, demonized by Milton in Paradise Lost, and reviled, despised, and exterminated by sport and commercial fishermen from Israel to Indianapolis, Toronto to Tierra del Fuego. In The Devil’s Cormorant, Richard King takes us back in time and around the world to show us the history, nature, ecology, and economy of the world’s most misunderstood waterfowl.

Become a Wine Expert: White Wine

Savour Wine & Cheese ©Kim Smith 2013See last week’s GMG post for the first installment ofBecome a Wine Expert.”

In this week’s “Become a Wine Expert,” Kathleen introduced us to the world of fine white wines. They are her favorites and she believes strongly that white wines will only gain in popularity, for both women and men, as people become increasingly more interested in fresh fish, vegetables, poultry, and pork. She showed us how to taste using the front, mid, and back of the palette, and by trying this technique you really do discover more about the complexities of the wine. It is also fun to do!

Savour Wine and Cheese -2©Kim Smith 2013.

Our first sample of the evening was Rainer Wess Wachauer Grüner Veltliner from Wachau, Austria ($18.99). We looked at the color of the wine by tilting the glass over a piece of white paper. A wine can show a range of hues from clear, sparkling bright white to golden yellow, and also cloudiness if the wine is unfiltered. It is logical that grapes grown in cooler climates are lower in sugar and higher in acidity because the growing season is shorter; the Grüner Veltliner from Wachau is no exception. Its color is clear and bright and Kathleen recommends pairing it with all kinds of veggies, including asparagus, which is not that easy to pair. With its name derived from Veltlin (Valtellina) in northern Italy, the Grüner Veltliner grape is believed to date back to Roman times

Savour Wine and Cheese ©Kim Smith 2013

Savour Wine and Cheese -3 ©Kim Smith 2013I found our next sample, La Monasesca Verdicchio di Matelica from Marches, Italy ($22.99), wonderfully enjoyable. Kathleen paired it with their very tasty Salame Gentile and she recommends it for a wide range of foods including nuts, cheese, antipasto, artichokes, and fish. She feels it is the very best wine to serve with lobster and showed us the beautiful Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Riserva, bottled in a special type of bottle called the Empress. The Verdicchio grape is another ancient variety from Italy and is grown primarily in the Marches region of the central part of the country.

Savour Wine and Cheese -5 ©Kim Smith 2013. jpg

Our third tasting of the evening, Roaring Meg Pinot Gris from Mt. Difficulty Central Otago, New Zealand ($19.99), was also a favorite of the evening. I loved its effervescent, almost sparkling quality, and there is an apt term to describe wines that have this dancing quality; the actual term is “jazzy”! Kathleen cautions against inexpensive wines labeled Pinot Grigio, which are generally Franken one note wines made for the American market. Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are both made from Vitis vinifera; the gray-blue color of the grape lends its name to the grape (gris, meaning gray in French).

Savour Wine and Cheese -4 ©Kim Smith 2013.Judith, Megan, Tracey, and Don

The L’Oliveto Chardonnay from the Russian River, California ($19.99) was interesting and provided Kathleen an opportunity to talk about white Burgundies, which are also made from the Chardonnay grape. The Chardonnay grape is itself very neutral, with the many flavors associated with it derived from such influences as terrior and oak barrels. The Chardonnay grape is vinified in many different styles, from Chablis to Champagne, and is the second most widely planted grape worldwide.

Savour Wine and Cheese -6 ©Kim Smith 2013. jpgKathleen demonstrates the Rabbit, which is a handy gadget if you are having difficulty removing the cork.

The Clos Habert Chenin Blanc from Montlouis-sur-Loire, France ($26.99) was tasted next, and is Kathleen’s unabashed favorite; it is the wine she always keeps on hand. She paired it with Ewephoria smoked sheep’s milk cheese and the combination was fabulous. The Chenin Blanc grape is known for its ability to age well and has been cultivated in France for nearly 1300 years; official French documents mention Chenin Blanc as early as 845. Because they are organic, not filtered, and with no additives, Kathleen is a huge fan of wines from the Loire Valley and believes they are the best and purest in the world. Chenin Blancs are easily paired with a range of entrees including grilled chicken and roast pork.

Our last wine of the evening was Weingut Karl Jostock Piesporter Treppchen Riesling Spatlese from Mosel, Germany, which Kathleen paired with some out of this world bleu cheese, Cambozola Black Label Reserve. The Riesling grape originated in the Rhine region of Germany and it is used to make dry, sweet, and sparkling wines. Rieslings become more complex as they age, often taking on a golden honey color. Tracey, a fellow student, described the Piesporter Treppchen Riesling as having a honeysuckle quality, and I couldn’t have agreed more! There are many levels of sweetness in describing Rieslings; Spatlese is in the mid-range of sweetness, and as the grapes linger longer on the vine, their sweetness increases and becomes more concentrated.

“Become a Wine Expert” Series Taught by Kathleen Morgan

The “Become a Wine Expert” series of classes are held on five consecutive evenings, from 7:00 to 9:00, at Savour Wine and Cheese, located at 76 Prospect Street. Kathleen also  provides each student with a terrific reference notebook full of maps from every wine producing country and region, articles, recommended books and links, descriptions of wine varietals, an interesting wine aroma wheel for describing wines, and much more.

Thinking of Checking out the New Studio Restaurant this Weekend?

Update: Saturday and Sunday open til 11PM for the Sox game!!!


Then please come over on Friday night from 5:00-10:00pm.  Same great buffet and cash bar as you will find on Saturday or Sunday for only $10, but if you go on Friday, your $10 goes to benefit the Rocky Neck Art Colony and Rocky Neck Cultural Center Building Fund.  Thank you Dennis Dyer for such a generous benefit for RNAC.

So please, come on over to Rocky Neck Friday night, check out the beautiful new Studio Restaurant, and help the Rocky Neck Art Colony in the process.  Then, since the place is so beautiful and the price is so right, come back again on Saturday, Sunday from 2:00-8:00pm.  This will be your only chance to check it out this year.  If you miss it, you will have to wait until next spring.

E.J. Lefavour

Grand Finale Last Hurrah Mug Up this Sunday

grand opening mugup 2013_charlie copy

Photos by Charlie Carroll of Grand Opening Mug Up in May

Although I’m sure there will be other Mug Ups scheduled over the winter, this will be the Grand Finale Last Hurrah Mug Up at Khan Studio and the GMG Gallery on Rocky Neck for the season.  77 Rocky Neck Ave. Gallery 3 – Sunday, 10/13 9:30am.  The coffee will be hot and the eggs deviled.  To those of you who have said: “I’ve always to go to a Mug Up at your gallery”, this is your last chance.  Come for some Sunday morning GMG fun and cameraderie.  Bring along something to share.

E.J. Lefavour

Boys Varsity Soccer Manchester Essex plays Hamilton Wenham to Tie

On Wednesday, the Manchester Essex Hornets hosted the Hamilton Wenham Generals and at the end the teams were tied 0-0. A hard fought game neither team could establish an advantage until the Generals were awarded a penalty shot late in the second half. Hornets goalie Alex Taliaferro came up with a big save and smothered the ball. The Hornets (3-6-2 CAL)  will be at home on Friday to take on Masconomet (10-0-0 CAL) at 3:45, Hyland Field.

The last week of this SingerSongwriterShuffle is tonight @ Giuseppe’s Ristorante & Piano Bar 7-10 2 Main Street, Gloucester MA

singer-giuseppses p

This week’s performers are, 

Ric St. Germain, Brian Maes, Marina Evans, Christopher Mitchell, Alexandra Valenti, Deb Hardy, Erick Houde Mary Beth Maes.

Here are some photos from last week …A real to treat to hear all the different songs. So many originals.

Just listen to the audience’s participating with Christopher Mitchell. Oh, the lyrics.

Jake Pardee filled in for someone who couldn’t make it last week.  He shared a few songs that he had never played out before.  Man what a treat!

Ric St. Germain original “Free Spirit Girl”

Two years already?

It’s been two years since we lost Paul.

Here’s the story in case you missed it: Union Leader Hero Award

Paul’s FaceBook Page: Paul the III

This from Paul’s Mom;

“Funny how life works    2 years ago was the saddest day of my life, last year on Pauls 1st anniversary we were blessed with our new nephew Tommy who brought so much joy to our family and this year on Pauls 2nd anniversary we bring my Dad home, healthy, from rehab after a terrible fall with a head injury , Oct 10th– bittersweet.”

Tommy on Paul's bench with Aunty Cathy one year ago
Tommy on Paul’s bench with Aunty Cathy one year ago

From Paul’s FB Memorial Page;

“Two years goes by very quickly but slowly just the same. Please take some time to remember an truly amazing man, son, brother, family member, friend and hero.

Paul Frontiero III, you are an inspiration to us all and will be forever loved, missed and thought about.”

Face Book Memorial Page

From Kathryn Libby, one of the Girls Paul Saved;

“Two years ago today an angel gave his life to save mine. His name was Paul Frontiero. If I could make the world yell hallelujah, I would.”

Paul’s Bench on the Boulevard today


Paul with some of his Friends;

paul patriots

Paul with his adopted Dog "BONE"
Paul with his adopted Dog “BONE”
Paul at the Holy Family Parish Dominican Medical Mission
Paul at the Holy Family Parish Dominican Medical Mission

Sharon St. Clair Shares

From Sharon: "When Chuck and I were there you and I had a conversation about favorite photos from our trip (to Gloucester) so I am sending you two.  I met a lady at the end of Eastern Point who told me she rides her bicycle there every day and walks out on the breakwater.  She said it makes her feel close to the sea.
From Sharon: “When Chuck and I were there you and I had a conversation about favorite photos from our trip (to Gloucester) so I am sending you two. I met a lady at the end of Eastern Point who told me she rides her bicycle there every day and walks out on the breakwater. She said it makes her feel close to the sea.
"I snapped her pic and while at the same spot, snapped one of the Eastern Point Yacht Club across the rocky shore." Sharon and her husband live in Florida. Very nice people.
“I snapped her pic and while at the same spot, snapped one of the Eastern Point Yacht Club across the rocky shore.” Sharon and her husband live in Florida. Very nice people.

Top Of Your Weekend List- Cape Ann Artisans Fall Studio Tour Oct 12, 13 and 14th!



Time to Celebrate!

It’s Been 30 Years … and We’re Going Stronger Than Ever!

Please join us in our closing event of the year; we’ve had a wonderful 30th Anniversary year and the upcoming Fall Studio Tour will be the icing on our cake … you can help us to celebrate in style!

With the holidays and gift-giving season just around the corner, experience the best local hand-made fine craft and art New England has to offer. Enjoy ongoing demonstrations by many of the artisans; pottery, glass beadmaking, mosaics, painting, fabric printing and copper sculpture are just a few of the artforms being demo-ed during the tour.

Plan to spend a day (or two or three!) exploring the beauty of Cape Ann, an area that has captivated artists and craftspeople for centuries. Our rich artistic traditions are woven into the foundations of our history – come celebrate those traditions with us – share our delight in the Cape Ann environment and our joy in the work we do.


Cape Ann Artisans are part of a vibrant, thriving arts community.
We invite you to come visit, explore our exquisite natural surroundings,
and experience the fine art and craft this unique and special place inspires.

Community Photos 10/10/13

Len Burgess submits-

Hi Joey, here’s a few shots from the Topsfield Fair on Tuesday. –Len


Hi Joey,

Twilight at low tide was absolute tranquility in Wonson Cove Tuesday night.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Hi Joey-

We were lucky tonight, The rain stopped just in time for us to enjoy an evening row in our beautiful Harbor.

Best-Janet Rice

DSC00628 - CopyDSC00632 - CopyDSC00636 - Copy - CopyDSC00650

Hi Joey,

I work at Bass Rocks Golf Club and take sunrise pictures every morning.  The members keep telling me to send them to you.  How do I do that?  I have one attached. 

Thanks so much.  Hope you have a great day. J

Michelle Polito


I think Michelle figured it out Smile

Community Stuff 10/10/13


We are beginning to start the planning for our Holiday Fair. We have changed the format this year:

· Friday December 6, 2013 set up 2-4

· Friday December 6, 2013 Cocktail Party/ shopping 5-8

· Saturday December 7, 2013 Holiday Fair 9-1

Please pass along the vendor information to anybody that you think might had to the excitement of the weekend.

All checks need to be mailed to:

Manchester Athletic Club

8 Atwater Ave.

Manchester, Ma 01944

Attention: Marcy Plante


by November 1, 2013

Hey Peoples, 

Mark Stevick’s show runs this weekend at Rockafella’s in Salem. They need attendees because he has the near-impossible task of filling 80 seats per night for the first five nights. 

It’s a very funny smartly written whodunit murder mystery dinner theater thing. And to get people to come, they’re doing free show with the dinner price of $28.  See below for details. 

Pass the below info along, please, if you know people who enjoy laughter.


– Go to

– Choose Fri at 7:00 from drop down menu on left side

– Type In Words As Printed Below in Discount Code Field

“pottage” for show and dinner $28.00

The Gloucester High School Docksiders are holding their 7th Annual Wine Tasting on Saturday, November 9th at 6 p.m. at the Gloucester House. The event will be hosted by Seabreeze Liquors. The band will be performing and there will be a special guest appearance who will sing a few songs with the band. There will also be a live auction and raffles during the event. The band is fundraising for their upcoming April 2014 trip in which they will be the headlining entertainment on a Carnival Cruise. Tickets are $25.00 each and can be purchased in advance by contacting Leah Lovasco at 978-281-4644 or

*Once tickets are ready, they’ll also be available at Jeff’s Variety.

Nov 2, Docksiders Band Electronic/Appliance Recycle Day – GHS Parking Lot

Electronic and Appliance Recycle Day Fundraiser of the Docksiders Band

Gloucester High School Parking Lot, 32 Leslie O’Johnson Road, Gloucester MA 01930

Saturday November 2, 9:00-2:00

Bring these items to the parking lot:

Electronics such as: Computers, Scanners, Copiers, etc…$5 ea.

Appliances such as: Dishwashers, Dryers, Stoves, Microwaves, Dehumidifiers,

Refrig.,AC, Exercise Equipment, Lawn Mowers, Small Engine Items, Snow Blowers,

Lawn Mowers, etc…$10 ea. 

  Tv’s $10-$25, monitors $10

No Fee: cables, keyboards, cell phones, car batteries, etc.

Also included: Bicycle Recycle Day, no fee.

Bring your unwanted old or new bicycle and drop it off, it will be reused again.

Any bicycle is a good bicycle: Mountain, Road, BMX. Cruiser, old/new, kids, etc

Our aim is to keep bikes from being thrown out when they can be reused.

Also wanted is sewing machines( no fee as well)

Any Questions: Please contact Dennis Wood 508-277-7513


Cape Ann Animal Aid will host the Harvestfest Dog Parade on Saturday, October 19th as part of the Rockport Harvestfest. Registration begins at 11am at Cape Ann Animal Aid’s booth in Harvey Park. Parade begins at 11:30am and ends at the end of Bearskin Neck. Friendly and vaccinated dogs are welcome to dress in costume and register to win one of four grand prizes awarded by judges from Gloucester’s TD Bank and Grand Prize Categories are Best of Harvestfest, Most Creative, Darned Cutest, and Cape ‘Annliest’. All participating dogs will receive a ribbon and goodie bag. Registration is $10 per dog and benefits Cape Ann Animal Aid. For more information or to pre-register, call 978-283-6055 x23.