Abstract Origami

Each folded from a single sheet of paper following a regular geometric method. I am not sure who discovered these first; I discovered them independently back in the 80’s and published diagrams in the Origami Newsletter of the Friends of the Origami Center of America at that time. I also did a math-based science project about the one in the top middle while in high school; I showed that the spirals in the model are all based on the golden ratio.

Fr. Matthew Green


5 thoughts on “Abstract Origami

  1. Do you have directions on how to make the golden ratio origami? I tried looking it up but wasn’t able to find it. This would be a great lesson for my art students!


    1. I think I have the directions I published back in the late 80’s… I’ll dig them up and scan them. Maybe that would make a cool GMG post: “The Origami Challenge – fold these spirals and send me photos of your work!”


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