Video- A Fall Ride East Gloucester To The Fort

Filmed November 11th 2012

Shot with the $89 Kodak Zx3 and Kayalu nClamp


8 thoughts on “Video- A Fall Ride East Gloucester To The Fort

  1. Joey, this is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for taking us on a Sunday drive and please consider a weekly drive feature. I realize you all see this everyday, but for us it’s a little trip back to Gloucester. Love it! Really special for out-of-town FOBs!


  2. Joey, Thank you thank you thank you. It has been a very long time since I have been able to take a ride through my favorite place. I don’t get back often enough and this was almost as good as coming home.
    My dad, Ike Harvey, used to take me for a ride on the weekend just like this.
    Thank you again.


  3. You took me back home. Thank you so much. I have not been back in almost 25 years, and your video brought back so many happy memories.


  4. When the film first begins you get a shot of a jagged rock of granite on the left just beyond the playground and your turn to Rocky Nect (turned the wrong way there?) But I believe you will see it covered with toys in the nooks and crannies. About 50 years ago or so a girl named Thompson I beleive started displaying her toys this way and then anything of interest she found went up too. Sometimes she or someone took them all down but before too long they were back up. I would think if alive she would be too old to climb but someone keeps the tradition going. These rides could use a commentator if you’re planning to make it a regular feature, I remember how my father would take me around as his father did with him and show me where the cows used to be and stuff like that, lot’s of history to be peeled back, lots of onions to open, and a city with a story for each one.


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