Gotta Love the West End

3 thoughts on “Gotta Love the West End

  1. So lets see if can take you on a journey in time . The West End as I can look back on. Douglases Pharmacy hot Political Spot beSho Shine and Repair Captain Bills , Whitmash Lock & Bike.Tallys Gas Station , Tally’s Lincoln & Mercury ,. Calvay Baptist Church , Passcucci Cobbler Shop , The Strand Theater , Busy Bee , The Dug Out , Kelleher’s Jerry’s Tavern , Joe Latasa’s Auto Repair , Budrows Shell Gas Station . Miamie’s Pizza Parlor , St Peter’s Club , Bens Small Engine Repair , Loui Palmer Shoe Shine Stand . Lets see if anybody can add to this


  2. fats walla’s, teddy barkas pool room, rich’s liquors, west end taxi, bella sandler antiques, sears and roebuck, e.a. greel drycleaners, freddy carbonaro’s barber shop, public finance, mass electric, west end furniture, henry the hatter, mitchell’s driving school, gussie’s roast beef, steverino’s subs. those are in my memory. anybody else? nice shot, marty. not so much where you are as who you share it with .. that doesn’t change..


  3. I have an old slide which I believe if from the 40’s or 50’s. I also believe its Gloucester and I am really really hoping you can help. It has West End Taxi, Franks Service Station, there is a sign for mobil gas with a pegasus on it.


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