World origami days! And, Christmas tree origami?

Here’s an origami lemur reminding me that we are already half-way through this year’s World Origami Days!

World origami days are passing by

I saw a photo of this cute little lemur model on the internet, and the folder was kind enough to send me the diagrams. I aim to post an origami photo every day of the remaining “World Origami Days”. Let’s see if I can keep that resolution…

By the way, all the decorations on my own Christmas tree (with one or two exceptions) are made of origami.  Would anyone be interested in an origami Christmas tree ornament workshop?  I’m thinking about organizing one.  I could teach a variety of designs, like an angel, a Santa, a non-representational geometric ornament, and maybe some ideas for origami garlands for the tree too.  For dates, I’m thinking either late November or early December.

Or, here’s an idea for you. Every year, OrigamiUSA decorates a tree in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City with origami, following some theme.  What would be really cool would be a (modestly sized) Christmas tree decorated with nautically-themed origami in some public (indoor) location in Gloucester.  Whales, fish, lobsters, boats, lighthouses,… That would be a fun project, if enough people were interested in helping.  Am I crazy?

Fr. Matthew Green

4 thoughts on “World origami days! And, Christmas tree origami?

  1. Fr. Mattew Green, great idea. My mother, Dorothy Amdur, used to decorate the origami holiday tree at the Museum of Natural History. Many of her laminated origami pins are at Dress Code in Gloucester, for those wishing to own some — all are beautiful. Also I’ve written a children’s book featuring origami critters (bird, butterfly, lizards), which I hope to publish.


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