BALD EAGLE in the 2011 Schooner Race from Al Bezanson

Joey ….. When you look left from the end of your dock and you may see this schooner on her mooring in Smith Cove.  BALD EAGLE will be racing again this year on September 2nd in the Small Schooners Class vying for the Betty Ramsey Plate along with ESTRELA, GREEN DRAGON, IRENA, LEWIS H STORY AND SUGAR BABE.   Amy Beaudet got this photo from GREEN DRAGON in the 2011 race.  Here are some words from her owner.

“BALD EAGLE was designed and built by two men whose names are associated with sea-kindly and beautiful wooden vessels: Crocker and McIntosh.  Sam Crocker designed more than 300 vessels. Bud McIntosh was a designer and builder of large and small cruising boats for more than 50 years and built many Crocker designs. Her graceful lines were taken from Gloucester fishing schooners.  BALD EAGLE came out of McIntosh’s Piscataqua River boatyard in 1955.  She is 37’ on deck, white oak frames, mahogany planking, fir spars and two tons of iron on the bottom of her full keel.  She is gaff rigged, carrying a Yankee (jib) off her bowsprit, staysail, foresail and mainsail.  Her name, BALD EAGLE, is because she is a bald headed schooner, carrying no topmasts.  Her wheel is from the Lunenburg Foundry, her mast hoops were made by the skipper.  In 2001 she spent 10 months in Harold Burnham’s boatyard in Essex getting an extensive rebuild that included replacement of 80% of her frames, 20% of her planks, new deadwood, cabin house and decks.”

Al Bezanson

Bald Eagle, 2011 GSF

2 thoughts on “BALD EAGLE in the 2011 Schooner Race from Al Bezanson

  1. Just wondering if any of you who are so knowledgable about Gloucester schooners ever heard of the schooner Juneau. My grandfather came here from Newfoundland in the early l900’s and in a very old newspaper clipping, it talks about him fishing on that schooner. I have never seen it mentioned in any of the local books about the fishing industry in Gloucester at that time. Thanks for any help you might give.


  2. I sailed on “Baldy” in the early 70’s in at least 2 schooner races. She was a great boat. I am glad she got a second chance. Sounds like the new owner is passionate about the boat. Nice read.
    Brian J. Killeen


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