Mike Perrine and his team are on the job, systematically dismantling the collapsed North Atlantic Fish/Channel Fish building. According to Mike, the use of a barge and crane were considered but just the movement alone of the barge would have guaranteed even further damage to the wharf. Considerable expense is saved by manually removing the building. As Mike’s team is pulling the building down, the debris is being loaded onto a trailer on site.

The work area is fenced off and Mike warns that people not try to sneak on site. This is a very dangerous work zone. The dismantling can easily be viewed from I4-C2 and from the Cape Ann Brew Pub.

Michael Perrine

Mike and his son ZacK.

The two mastiffs are Mike’s and they are named Beauty and Beast 🙂 I didn’t catch ZacK’s dog’s names. Dog friendlies may recognize Mike and ZacK as they generously installed the waterlines for Gloucester’s dog park.

Booming off the water on Friday evening to insure debris does not contaminate the Harbor.

View from the Cape Ann Brew Pub Friday night.

For more information on the collapse see the Gloucester Times here. 


The Demolition Of Newell Stadium From The GHS Film Club

Hello All,

 Yesterday the Gloucester High School Film Club uploaded a short video documenting the demolition of Newell Stadium from the fall of 2012. It really is worth taking 4 minutes to watch. Check it out here:

 Shaun Goulart

Social Studies Teacher
Gloucester High School

Editor’s Note From Joey:

You know I scheduled this post before watching the video and then went back and viewed it.  I didn’t think about it til the scenes were unfolding but what history those stands held.  As a player or as a spectator.  All those beams and seats supporting the crowds throughout the years being dismantled.  I’m sure it held a ton of great memories for people.   Thanks to the GHS Film club for documenting the demolition.

The Demolition of a Rockport Landmark

Fred Bodin Submits-

This iconic smokestack is being slowly taken down, in anticipation of a
housing development planned for the site. It’s scary to see how high up these workers are as they attack the masonry. The "Tool" closed in 1987 after almost a century of manufacturing drop-forged metal tools. Sailors will miss the navigational marker, but now we have GPS and cell phones. The black ring marked the very top of the tower. In the foreground is Pigeon Cove Harbor.

These workers have been working hard with powerful and noisy equipment, and this is how far they got. Implosion is not an option because of nearby homes, boats, cars, and its proximity to Route 127, the major and only road that circumnavigates this island of Cape Ann.

I’ll report on this project as things change, including the mandated public access to the shoreline and water.


Where did McDonalds go?

I think it was here on Maplewood Ave. the day before yesterday...

Someone told me that they are going to rebuild, because the building was old and needed a complete renovation. Kind of startling, though, to drive down the road and see this sight instead of the nice little Micky D’s that was there so recently! Anybody know for sure if/when they will reopen? When I will be able to get my yummy McDonald’s apple pies again?

Demolition happening now at Art Haven’s new space – carpets tomorrow!

Here’s a little video of some of the demolition started this morning at Art Haven’s new space at 11 Pleasant Street. They’re looking for some volunteers to come help rip up carpets tomorrow afternoon if anyone’s interested… Great way to get out some pent up aggression! Just call (978) 283-3888 or email su@orenblu.com for more details or just come down at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon!

Paint Factory – A moment with Iain Kerr before the demolition

A man who “Walks the Talk”, is in constant motion, with a vision for the future, and an eye on the past.

Iain talks with Thom Falzzarano and Donna Ardizzoni of GMG