Gloucester demo on the water

Photos: August 2022 | After 1/31/2023 video clip 50 secs – last push 2 day demo, 2 diggers (4 days including set up and break down). The concrete filled basement of the summer home took a long time. Multi cars will drive atop the rock with the bigger home.


So for those of you who know me you know that for 8 months of the year I wake up for work at 3:45AM 7 days a week to get down our commercial lobster dock.

It’s a grueling year doing a lot of repetitive work and it’s very physical as well.  So when I get home I’m uusually tired.  Getting home usually between 6-7PM eating dinner and then trying to stay awake to spend some time with the family.

The Mrs and I try to get out for dinner once or twice a week and it’s nice to not be falling asleep in my plate.  So I drink lots of coffee and if I’m really really dragging I’ll chug down a red bull to try to help me stay awake past 9PM.

Anyway I saw this online ad for Aeroshot breathable energy and it seemed intriguing.  Instead of having to consume the liquid and sugar of the red bull take a couple of huffs of the AEROSHOT.  On the AEROSHOT website they had a twitter page so I followed it.

Then while on twitter there was a promotion for a free sample so I signed up.  It came to the house about a month ago but last night we had a dinner party to go to and I was pretty beat so it seemed like a good night to give it a go.

In the video above you can see the packaging and how the system works.

Here are my findings after using it last night:

It was very easy to use, you pull it from each end so it opens up and then put it in your mouth and when you close it a certain amount of what seemed like a crystalized powder entered your mouth where it dissolves and gets ingested into your body.  you don’t get all of it with one burst,  I did about 5 or six inhales.

You immediately get a taste of lime followed by a sharp bitterness.  I had just brushed my teeth before so the taste wasn’t all that great to me but I think I would opt for something a little sweeter for a flavor instead of lime.  A berry flavor would probably counteract the bitterness better than lime.

Within a couple of minutes I felt a rush and my heart rate increase.  It was very noticeable that my alertness was heightened and it was more than the rush you would get from a red bull, 5 hour energy or drinking an espresso.

The alertness and heart rate increase lasted about 2 hours.