Bank Of America and What Is Wrong With America -The Rant

It’s the lack of personal responsibility, stupid.

When I was a kid one of the earliest and best pieces of advice my dad ever gave me was about money.

He told me it doesn’t matter how much you make, it’s more important how much you save.  The example he would use was that the guy who makes over a hundred thousand dollars but spends $125 thousand dollars a year is the loser compared to the guy who made $50,000 and saved $10,000.

Back when I was a kid we started out with Christmas Card accounts and passbook saving accounts and you earned interest.  7% interest in a savings account and you could see your money grow.  He told me to always re-invest your dividends and keep separate accounts for your savings, one you use for your bills and one for your retirement and never ever tap that retirement account unless there was some crazy emergency.

People were rewarded for saving back then.

Now you have these Savings Rates taken today from The Bank of America Website-

  • Growth Money Market Savings Rate .08-.30% APY
  • Regular Savings Account Pays You .05%
  • Custodial Savings For Youth .05%

Make note, that’s .30% as in point three percent as in three tenths of one percent

Meanwhile they will gladly lend money

For a thirty year fixed 4% or %2.75 for a variable rate mortgage.

Isn’t that akin to loansharking?  Isn’t that something like they will gladly lend you money at 13 and a half times what they will pay you to keep your money in their bank in a savings account in their most generous of all accounts the .30% APY?????

They put dudes on the street in jail for charging that kinda vig.

So on top of not getting any significant return for keeping your money in their bank they decide last week to charge $5 a month to use a debit card.

Excuse me???  What are they doing now?  Penalizing the folks that don’t want to use credit cards which charge exorbitant interest rates. Oh and thereby making it costly to use an instrument that would teach a novel idea by today’s standards- “Using money you already saved to pay for shit” -a debit card.  Yeah let’s penalize the savers and folks that live within their means.

Using money you already have in your account it seems is wholly un-American damnit!  We need youse guys to be banging your credit cards.  Don’t worry, we’ll let you pay later at god-only knows what percentage rate.  Oh and don’t worry if you can’t pay off your credit some time in the future.  You can blame it all on us guilt free- it’s The American Way.  What were they thinking, giving us access to free money?

Now the business channels scoff at the idea of savings.  They tell you you are being a bad American if you are not doing your part to spend and keep the economy afloat.   Seniors who were taught all along to save and then as they got older to move their money from risky stocks into more conservative investments like cash and bonds get zero return because the Government prints money like toilet paper making the dollar less and less valuable and seniors take bigger risks chasing returns in stocks only to get smoked when the markets swing violently instead of being able to get a decent rate in a CD (remember those) or in treasuries .

Picture yourself as a teenager right now.

What does a parent tell you?  To keep saving in the bank?  For the what, negative return you will get after they get done fucking you up the ass on every fee imaginable?

The investment magazines tell you to take out the largest loan you can afford so you can invest the money in the stock market and get a larger return on your investments than you will be paying in interest.

Trouble is that we’ve all gotten away from what we were supposed to be investing in stocks for in the first place.  The idea behind investing in stocks was that you would participate in that companies’ profits in the form of dividends.  Now hardly anyone pays attention to dividend paying stocks and these companies hardly even give the money back to the shareholders.  They simply pay their executives ridiculous salaries and toss a few pennies or zero dividends back to their share holders.  And why wouldn’t they?  There is no outcry from their shareholders to pay more out, the board of directors of these huge companies are all populated with CEO’s of other huge companies who sit on each other’s boards and approve each other’s exorbitant salary increases and golden parachute exit plans when their corporate plans go to shit.

So again picture yourself as a teenager.

You see all the corruption, you see the banks not paying any interest, you hear about how there is absolutely no way they can get their social security money.  You’re forced to work for a Fortune 500 company or a government job because every small employer can’t possibly afford to pay the insane costs to provide health insurance for you.

So you turn on the TV and what do you see?  A commercial with a lawyer who is telling you not to pay your mortgage because you will make out way better to default on it.  Then on the next channel you see  that there is a massive protest going on in which people are angry because they took out loans they couldn’t possibly afford and the organizers are telling the people who are being foreclosed on to trash the places on the very last day before their eviction.  Smash the plumbing, smear crap on the walls, break the sheetrock (yes this is what the protest organizers are tell people to do).

At what point did we stop taking personal responsibility.  Did you not read the fucking loan that said you need to pay $2000 a month to support this mortgage and you only bring home $2000 a month?  Or did you read it and because just like the banks that get bailed out, you figure that the government would bail you too out?

Every single step of the way what these kids see is a reinforcement that what you should do is to not take any personal responsibility.  What’s the worst that can happen right?  Things turn to shit and the government or the lawyer will bail us out.

When did taking responsibilty for our actions go out the window?

Did it all start with the broad that sued McDonalds for getting fat when she was stuffing down Big Macs like fucking tic tacs?


Or was the dude who sued Dunkies because he couldn’t read that the coffee he was about to drink on the WARNING LABEL SAID THE COFFEEE WOULD BE HOT but he drank it right away anyway.  Who knew the Coffee labeled hot would actually be hot? 

Enough is enough- us working people who are trying to be responsible and have done the right things all along are fucking fed up supporting all this bull shit.  We the working people who go to work early, leave work late and make sacrifices all along the way being responsible are tired of carrying all these idiots who want to blame everyone else but the person in the mirror for making shitty decisions.

No I don’t want my Government to sponsor hundreds of thousands of jobs for which there is no return in making our collective lives better.  No I don’t want our government to give Multi million dollar tax credits to green technology companies who will erect a $2,000,000  windmill  that will end up with energy savings of $200,000.   No, I don’t want to bomb oil fields overseas with bombs our companies make so we can send our oil field repair companies to repair.  You wanna “waste” money?  “Waste” it on educating our children.  “Waste” it on building bridges to get product from here to there more efficiently.  “Waste” our money by paying lawyers to remove barriers to entry for small business instead of erecting them.

No I don’t want a government that will reward waste and irresponsible spending.

How bout looking out for us working folk, the middle class who you’re gonna need to carry us out of the mess you seem determined to drive people toward.


Never mind bailing out these lousy bankers who make shitty loans, how bout instead you clean house and award the banks to existing banks that have demonstrated through strong balance sheets that they know how to asses risk.  Sell off Bank of America for 2 cents on the dollar and if you’re gonna save it so it goes forward in any way shape or form let it go forth with management who have a godamn clue.

The Mrs’ Lobster Corn Chowder- Yep It was Ridiculous! (Edit To Add Link To Recipe)


Here is the recipe from one of The Mrs favorite’s Ina Garten
The Mrs writes-

Lobster corn chowder recipe…compliments of Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa).
A little bit of work but SOOO worth it!

Aileen Kern Steps Up and Makes Grandma Felicia’s Apple Spice Cake! (with pics)

Hi Joey!
You said you wonder if all the people who say they’re going to make the cake really make the cake.  Well, I made it last night and it’s absolutely delicious—see attached photos.  Many thanks to Sista Felicia for all of her great recipes and step-by-step photo instructions–I really enjoy them.
My husband Doug and I are major fans of your blog and read it every day.  We stayed in town recently to attend a family wedding in Manchester and went to the block party and the Joey Show at Lat 43—both were a blast.  We saw you and Felicia at the booth running the Fiesta videos, but you looked pretty busy so we didn’t stop by to say hello.  Next time we’re in town, we’ll be sure to stop by down the dock to say hello.  We’ve been coming to Gloucester for about 30 years and it’s like a second home to us.  We plan to rent an apartment there next spring.  Can’t wait!! 
Take care, and thanks again for providing us with our daily Glosta fix, even when we can’t be there in person.
Best regards,   Aileen Kern   (Glenmont, NY)

Grandma Felicia's Cake & Aileen KGrandma Felicia's Cake closeup

THIS IS IT!!!! Your Last Chance for 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS IT!!!! Your Last Chance for 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow October 4th is the last day you can put a Silent bid on a Great piece of Art during the famous Sawyer Free Librarys Art Auction! But, you still can bid during the LIVE auction October 5th.

 There are so many famous Cape Ann Artists works you can get for a fraction of the price than you could at a Gallery. Get your Butt down there Tuesday and check out your favorite Artists piece in the Silent Auction Bid Book. If you can’t make it down there for the Silent Auction, Get there at the SAWYER FREE LIBRARY Wednesday Night Oct. 5th 2011  for the Vocal Auction! Free Food and Entertainment. Preview, ENTERTAINMENT, FREE FOOD AND DRINK starts at 6pm Vocal Auction starts at 7pm!



Monica Lawton and Artist Ray Crane Check out the Bids for their friends works and make a bid on their favorite work of Art.


Cheesie Mack Is Not a Genius or Anything- Gloucester Based As Setting For Children’s Novel


Steve Cotler Writes-

Why does a California author who had only been to Gloucester one time when he was 11 years old decide to place his series of novels in your town?

My children’s book, Cheesie Mack Is Not a Genius or Anything, the first in a series from Random House, chronicles the adventures of Ronald “Cheesie” Mack, a smart, funny, outgoing fifth grader who attends Rocky Neck Elementary School, my fictional stand-in for a Gloucester public school. I picked Gloucester as the setting for my novels because I wanted something quintessentially American, but not chain-stored and fast-fooded into looking just like every other town from North Dakota to Texas. I wanted a town with a unique personality…and Gloucester surely has that!

Last week I came back to Gloucester at the beginning of my book tour, spending one full day at East Gloucester School and another at Beeman Memorial School. I read selections, autographed books, and introduced hundreds of third- through fifth-graders to a new friend, Cheesie Mack.

So what’s my book about? It’s a story told by a kid who may not be a genius or anything, but he remembers everything that happened before, during, and after fifth-grade graduation, and he’s written it all down in his own unique and hilarious way—with lots of lists, drawings, and splenderful (that’s splendid plus wonderful) made-up words.

Cheesie’s tale is about more than his boring graduation ceremony and the not-so-boring party afterward; it’s also about his ongoing battle with his evil older sister, a Mouse Plot gone wrong, sow bugs, a haunted house, and his best friend Georgie’s discovery of a mysterious old coin that just might change their summer completely.

Cheesie—with a little help from me—writes about family, friendship, and tough choices in an authentically 11-year-old voice. I bet you’ll laugh out loud and end up making your own BLART sandwiches.

Check it out at…or meet Cheesie himself on his own website:

Steve Cotler is a retired Little League catcher who’s also been a shoe salesman, telecom scientist, singer-songwriter, Apollo 1 computer programmer, Hollywood screenwriter, Harvard Business School MBA, investment banker, and door-to-door eggman. He lives with his wife and writes in Sonoma County in Northern California’s wine country. He thinks he is and always will be eleven years old.


World Adventures in Wine Tasting

Brought to you by the Rockport Rotary Club and sponsor Seabreeze Liquors, the World Adventures Wine Tasting event will no doubt be a good time for a good cause, as proceeds help fund the Rotary’s generous community service projects. And besides that you’ll be on the top floor of the Shalin Liu Performance Center for the event, overlooking the Atlantic while you sip your wine and chat with your pals, accompanied by food and music. The Wine Tasting event is on Saturday, October 8th from 5 to 8 p.m. Tickets can be purchased from a member of the Rotary Club or through the Shalin Liu Performance Center box office, 978-546-7391.

Barbara McAllister Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey,

We made it back to Vero Beach last night around midnight.  What a trip!  We had the absolute best time we could ever have – it seems like a dream.  It was so good to meet you and your "Sista" Felicia and your cousin who gave us the Good Morning Gloucester cards,  and everyone else in Gloucester and Essex who were so kind and friendly.  We’ll be thinking of this trip for many years and hope we can come back maybe next year.  I’m attaching some photos.  One thing that distressed us was that we met the guy who owned "Miss Fern" at the Causeway Restaurant a couple of nights before he went on the rocks.  He was such a nice guy and we felt so bad about his misfortune. We don’t have all our photos downloaded yet but am sending some you might be interested in.

I was delighted to see Felicia’s apple cake recipe on GMG and will make it after I lose some of the weight I’ve gained.


Barbara & Jerry McAllister


Anyone Want To Be An Extra In A Movie Shot In Gloucester This Weekend? The Deets-

Letters To Annabelle begins shooting this Sat. and Sun. in Gloucester, MA so if u would like to be an extra or help out with the shoot in any way plz email:

You can contact the Producer on Facebook here

via John McElhenny


26th Annual Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show

The quiet village of Annisquam comes alive each Columbus Day weekend (for the past 26 years!) when it presents the Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show. This weekend, celebrate the spirit of Christopher Columbus by exploring…an ideal starting place is the Village Hall in Annisquam at 34 Leonard Street. Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9 (10AM-5PM). 

Forty local North Shore and New England artists and artisans will be displaying and selling their handcrafted items which include pottery, jewelry, fabric arts, children’s toys, jams, photographs and paintings.

A few of the local artists displaying their special visions are Ann Ziergiebel, Anne Marie Crotty and Laurie Fielding. Margaret Derby will show her luxurious and colorful scarves from unique fabrics while Camilla MacFayden will offer her exotic seaweed printed silk scarves and nature inspired T shirts. Illustrator Penny Neal will share her whimsical animal prints and note cards, and Kenn Tarr – “Gramps in the Attic” – will lure other grandparents to invest in wooden toys for their grandchildren. Fans of ceramicist Helen Beal, can look forward to a new design. Pearce Design will tempt you with their classic and contemporary jewelry designs. These and many other exhibitors’ work will captivate and reward you for your search.  And did you know that Annisquam/Rocky Neck artist and Good Morning Gloucester contributor, E.J. Lefavour will be exhibiting her work there too?

This much anticipated annual event brings you a chance to discover new worlds of art, a new way to interpret the world around you, a sense of adventure, AND a head start on holiday shopping! A portion of the proceeds from all sales will go to the Annisquam Village Church, Cape Ann’s historic Third Parish, established in 1728. There is no entrance fee and the facility is wheelchair accessible.

It’s a great time of year to visit Annisquam, and the Annisquam Arts & Crafts Show is a great reason to visit.

E.J. Lefavour

Can Someone Come Up With An Explanation For The Dreck Walking Around At The Topsfield Fair.

Are they giving out half price tickets to broads that wear painted on skinny jeans.

I hope to god there is some kind of explanation for the crazy amount of trashy folk that congregate at the Topsfield Fair.  It’s downright creepy.  I mean this can’t represent a cross section of the North of Boston section of the Boston Globe populace can it?

…and what’s with these jeans on women that are super super tight?  Like the ones where the openings at the bottom of the pant legs might be 2 centimeters in circumference and then they reverse-taper up to about three feet around at mid thigh.

Jeeze, it’s an agricultural fair for cripes sake.  At least throw on some coveralls and a flannel shirt and call it a day.  Are they throwing an early Halloween party with a white-trash theme and a million dollar prize?  That is about the only thing I can think of that would make sense.  When walking around town or even the mall you don’t see people this trashy.  Yuck.

…and why is it always really pasty emaciated super thin white zit faced guys walking around with these broads with the muffintops?

Man o man, it makes it tough to stuff down my disgusting heaping of greasy German fries as it is without having to witness the dreck walking around the fairgrounds.


Tips to Help Find Your Lost Pet

Mary Lou Maraganis of All Dog Rescue and Co-founder of the Gloucester Dog Park shares some information on the Saber network, and educates us on the Pitbull Breed.

She also shares these tips for helping your find your lost pet. She recommends you keep a copy of this list with your important pet records, incase it ever happens to you, you’ll have the steps to follow:


Pets should always be wearing Collar and Tags

Microchip your pet and update address when you move!!

Get the Word out Immediately. Don’t wait for “Lassie” to come home. Use the
Internet, flyers, posters on cars.

Saber Alert (works much like child Amber Alert)

Call Animal shelters, ACO, Police daily- Don’t give up

Search internet for ‘lost dog site’ ‘how to find my lost dog’ ‘recovery tips for
lost dog’ . There are lots of sites where you can not only list your dog but get
wonderful tips on what to do. Doing something constructive like this can often
times empower you. Tips on where to search, time to search, what to bring with
you, different pet behaviors…

Sites to Ultilize:

Facebook Excellent site with innovation ideas and tips.
Think Lost not Stray- simply not enough time for people to find them. Based in Southeastern Ma- one person show

Expecting grieving, brokenhearted people who are not trained or equipped to
search for their own missing pet does not make sense. Lost dog searchers are
often under an enormous amount of stress and tend to forget advice, ignore
suggestions and waste precious time. Owners behavior is often grief avoidance,
helplessness and feeling alone-simply don’t know what to do.


Kim Smith’s GMG Bloody Mary Contest Photos

Kim Writes-

Lots of fun today–what a great thing you and E.J. and GMG have created!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felicia’s ricotta pie was simply divine!

Action Photos of the Eurodam From Bob Bowles

Joey, pleasure to meet you at Mug Up this morning.  I took some shots
of the Eurodam from Eastern Point and thought I’d send them to you in
case you like any of them.  Feel free to use all or none as you see