GMG Tech Talk- Google Plus Photo Albums Are Pretty Slick


Paul Morrison hosted his pictures from The Cape Ann Artisan Tour on Google Plus.

The layout of how the photos are displayed in album and slideshow formats are probably the nicest I’ve seen.  So I gave it a whirl creating one from The Bean’s soccer match last weekend. Click on either hyperlink above to see what I mean.


Super easy to create as well. You simply select the photos you want to add and give the album a name.  It allows you to share it by hyperlink as well and people can comment on them.

If you haven’t tried it yet, get to it (it’s free too)

If you don’t have an Google Plus account here is an invite

Hint to GMG contributors- You may want to try this out, it’s an easy way to share stuff.

Chickity Check It! Tiny House Blog


I just love the whole idea behind downsizing and living simply.  Going off the grid and chilling out.  You can see how some people who have been stretched to their physical, emotional and monetary limits may want to go all the way radically to this type of lifestyle.

Obviously with a family having a 15×15 house just isn’t going to work for me but check out the Tiny House Blog and see how these folks are exchanging ideas on how they construct tiny vacation homes or go off the grid.

A Nice Photo

                    A Nice Photo

I thought it would make a nice photo;

a sailboat moored in the tide-flooded marsh,

accented and framed by deep green trees and vegetation.


But what really makes the image intriguing

is not what you see, but what you can’t see.

The backdrop of heavy fog is a curtain

that limits our vision to the present

and forces our attention to here and now.


We can only guess and surmise

what’s beyond this soft and opaque cloud.


It’s a nice photo, I think.


Cape Ann Studio Tour Day 2

Rubber Duck’s feet are worn to a frazzle but the duck crew nailed four more studios today. One more day on Monday to go. Too many studios to describe each one but if you click on the photo you go to a Google Plus album where Rubber Duck makes a comment on each photo.

If you will notice Rubber Duck is sporting a lovely necklace that was a present from Beth Williams. That was the first stop today so RD was styling all day long. What has Homie presented to Rubber Duck beside a bite in the  duck butt? She is starting to rethink her trans-species relationships.

 This was a shot of David Archibald’s pottery (More inside the album). David was so busy ringing up sales Rubber Duck didn’t get any one on one with him.

One more day. Download the map and brochure.

Jon MacAdam Opening Reception Today

Jon MacAdam, brother of Ben MacAdam of Gallery 5 on Madfish Wharf, is exhibiting a collection of his exquisite oil paintings, and will be having an opening reception this afternoon from 4:00-6:00pm.  77 Rocky Neck, Gallery 5 on Madfish Wharf.

End of season gallery sales and Wendie Demuth’s garage sale under the tent at Madfish Grille will continue through Monday, with remaining inventory prices cut dramatically.  Great opportunity to get some early holiday shopping done.

E.J. Lefavour

Sugar Glider On The Loose!

FOB Dani Lubbers Writes-


Last night Kurt and I were walking home from Giuseppe’s (amazing food and entertainment as usual) and I see this tiny squirrel running down the sidewalk. Naturally, Kurt chased it and it froze in the middle of the sidewalk. It was a SUGAR GLIDER! So – heads up – if anyone seems to be missing a sugar glider, we last saw it on the sidewalk just past Cafe Bischo. They are exotic tropical pets and they won’t survive the chilly weather that New England is bringing. Hope someone finds it! :(  -Dani

Artober Opening Photos At Bodin Historic Photo Covered By Fr Matthew Green

Good evening, Joey! I just got back from the Artober opening at Bodin Historic Photo.  It was great to meet Kathleen Miller, who is a wonderfully talented artist. Besides the paintings – which seem to glow with their own light – there was a great selection of photos and other art, and delicious wine and finger food, including some home-made strudel good enough to knock your socks off.
Light in the darknessStorefront

An overview of the galleryP1070270

The refreshment tableP1070271

Visitors peruse the gallery


Fred with his iMac showing historic photos


Kathleen Miller with some of her paintingsKathleen Miller with some of her paintings

The ones I bought:


Note from editor Joey C- “When I popped in to say hey to Fred just a few days ago I met Kathleen and told her I loved the light in that very painting you bought with the lighthouse.  Loved he way she recreated the light behind the lighthouse!

The End of Summer From Patricia Conant

Patricia writes-

This image of my granddaughter walking once more toward Wonson’s Cove speaks of the impending end of summer!  Thanks so much for your wonderful blog and congrats on the award. Well deserved.

A Fan from the Top of Rocky Neck

photo (11)