Fed Ex Just Delivered 16 Webcams!!!!!

Tim Blakeley from Gloucester Bytes will be starting his installs tomorrow and we should be bringing you more and more online every day this week!

Buckle Up Kids, This Is Gonna Be A Fun Ride.

We will keep you informed of how it goes.

Here’s the list of 24 webcams due to be live within the next two weeks-



Announcing Reception and Grand Prize Drawing of Movalli Oil Painting Benefiting Busting Breast Cancer


(Manchester, MA) Manchester-based non-profit Busting Breast Cancer: Prevention not Profits (formerly known as Know Breast Cancer) is happy to announce their Reception and Grand Prize Raffle Drawing of the Movalli Oil Painting “Gloucester” which was donated in memory of Carleen Muniz. The reception and celebration will take place at the John Archer Estate, 10 North Street, Danvers, MA on October 23, 2011 from 3 PM to 5 PM. Musical entertainment provided by Honky Tonk Women of Gloucester. Area restaurants will be providing food. Wine and green tea will also be served.
Please join us for what will be a fun filled afternoon. Also, hear from Susan Wadia-Ells, Founder of Busting Breast Cancer, who will present inexpensive and healthy ways to lower your risk of breast cancer. Gloucester is top on the list as one of the cities and/or towns ofEssex County that will be receiving free seminars as part of the Essex County Busting Breast Cancer Initiative.
Busting Breast Cancer (formerly known as The National Breast Cancer Prevention Project and Know Breast Cancer), was founded by Susan Wadia-Ells, PhD. The organization is focused is on helping women to stop breast cancer before it starts, rather than focusing on detection and treatment. Wadia-Ells’ forthcoming book “Busting Breast Cancer” is based on international research over the past 5 plus years and will change the way the world thinks of breast cancer.
The Essex County Initiative is a project of the National Breast Cancer Prevention Project. The Website is www.knowbreastcancer.net. Raffle tickets can be purchased online at their website through the 23rd of October.
For further information please contact Volunteer Lisa Vincent at 978-660-0686.

Manchester Art Festival Movalli paintingHonky Tonk Women of Gloucester will perform noon to 2 p.m. at Maritime Gloucester (Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center) 23 Harbor Loop in Gloucester as part of the Schooner Festival weekend.

Am I The Only Person That Thinks That Boston Sports Radio Is COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL?

I can’t listen to local sports talk radio.  They are completely out of control.

I understand it must be difficult to fill hours on end with sports talk but these guys are just an incessant bunch of whining bitches.  They are hypocrites and just wayyy over react to everything.

Did it suck to watch the red Sox collapse?  Course it did.  But the way these guys just hammer away at any little imperfection is BRUTAL.

Wouldn’t it be great if a bunch of pro athletes would start their own radio show and just hammer the bitches behind the mics at the Boston Sports talk radio stations for being completely unreasonable, hypocritical and whiney.

You know how overblown the thing is about the guys having beers in the clubhouse?  You don’t think that Kevin Millar was pounding down budweisers in the clubhouse en route to the 2004 World Series?  Cowboy Up Kids!

Dominic Nesta’s Marine Service Rig From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

I ran into John Nesta and his son Dominic Tuesday afternoon at Sibley’s Boat Yard working on Dominic’s boat.  Dom got the boat from Mark Lacey this Summer and has been gearing it up to do various marine service duties.  She’s up on the rails while they install a pilot house with the help of Larry Dahlmer – artist and boatsmith. I think the pilot house will give the boat the look of an old wooden trawler on a miniature scale.  It’s going to be pretty cool when they’re done…

Keep an eye out, Dom just needs to glass the luan and 2x frame, and he’ll have the boat back in the water within the week!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid